Overview of powerful han d-led tractors of the increased resource Patriot Ontario Pro. Specifications, videos and reviews of work

Motoblock Patriot Ontario Pro

Patriot Ontario Pro is a productive han d-led tractor of a wel l-known brand. Its skills include a wide range of 1000 mm, high efficiency from hardened milling cutters. These characteristics enable the equipment to be used on the most difficult soils, including new territory. The han d-led tractor is equipped with a special lever with which you can fix the coupling – this is a very practical solution when using a trailer. Also pay attention to the air wheels that are delivered with the kit. In general, the design of the machine enables the installation of attachments, which significantly increase the functionality of the equipment.

Purpose and design features

Patriot Ontario Pro is a professional technology that belongs to a light han d-led tractor. The prefix pro means an improved version. The broad possibilities of the technology enable use when hilling the floor as well as planting and digging chopping fruits and other vegetable cultures. In addition, the equipment is ideal for transport not too heavy loads, and the journey on heavy terrain is allowed – not least because of the massive “dental” bikes that are already included in the basic package.

The design of the product is simple and easy to care for. The integral components of the singl e-axis tractor are the punch shaft gear, the drive unit and the gearbox. These elements are combined in a single protective cover. The drive wheels can be set and the gear allows you to rotate the steering column by 360 degrees. Also included in the design is a reverse gear to enable reverse, which ensures comfort when maneuvering. Other characteristics are protective fenders and headlights that are already part of the standard equipment.

Functional principle

You do not need specialist knowledge to operate the han d-led tractor – simply read the operating instructions. The functional principle of the model is very simple: if you accelerate, the torque is transferred from the engine to the wheels, and by selecting the positions in the gearbox, the direction is determined and the desired speed is achieved. Please note that the Patriot Ontario has a special geared design – it uses aluminum alloy. In theory, such a solution is designed to maintain strength over many years.

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Consider the advantages and disadvantages of a hand-led tractor against the background of domestic colleagues:

  • Productive and reliable engine with a separate lubricating system. The ideal combination of low weight and size properties and high torque is good for maneuverability, running rest and work efficiency.
  • The device is equipped with a four-speed gear that has two courses for forward and reverse driving. The back enables a 360-degree turn.
  • The lightness and strength of the technology was achieved by using light metals.
  • The walk loss tractor rut can be configured for a specific area and type of fruit and veil crop
  • Overall with the tractor’s Walk behavior, there are wings that hit the operator before ground. If necessary, the wings can be dismantled against the background of the above advantages, the walk behavior tractor has one significant minus – a relatively high price. This makes it uncompetitive, which may explain the low demand for the car. However, not a single owner has complained of serious breakdowns.

Equipment not assembled

  • Patriot GaleLoele – Increases the grip of wheels with soil, increases carrying capacity and stability when treating soil at a greater depth
  • K-C2-an additional set for soil processing. Allows you to perform work related to hilling and plowing the earth. In this kit there is an extension cord, plow, perch and even a cereal
  • Rotor type KKR-5 is an ideal device for mowing fine vegetation. It has a power shaft and a capture width of 800 mm.
  • The Cigns of the I-10 are a hinged device for professional soil processing. For example, this option is suitable for cutting the ridges, hilling vegetation and other tasks
  • Snowman – quickly and effectively removes snow from sidewalks and shipyards. Important components of this product are wedge-shaped transmission and power shaft. The detection width parameter can reach an impressive 500 mm
  • S-24 style petal clamps in all Patriots including the Ontario Pro model. Suitable for loosening medium and high density soil. Has a detection width of 380 mm
  • The Forza 2 trailer turns a walk-in tractor into a full-fledged mini-career. In addition to the cargo platform, this module has a double seat and a foot brake. To unload, you must tilt the body back. Such a body allows you to transport up to 500 kg of cargo
  • MK-111 Plow is an indispensable tool for plowing the soil before planting vegetable and berry crops
  • Water pump – allows you to pump water from a reservoir
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After buying a walk tractor, it must be driven. This procedure takes 8-10 hours and is required to evaluate the performance of all components and units of equipment. To develop the barrel, you should first check the level of flooded fuel and oil. If the indicators are normal, you can proceed to the next stage – starting the engine. It should work idling for 30-50 minutes. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to evaluate the clarity of the equipment and choose the most optimal mode of operation for yourself. After about an hour, you can resume the operation of the walk behavior tractor, but the load on it should not exceed 50% of the maximum level. The final stage of the run – in full maintenance, including loading oil and fuel.

properties and engine

Like its usual version of Standard, the Patriot Ontario Pro weighs only 87 kg. The depth and width of detection reaches 300 and 1000 mm, respectively.

The walk-in tractor is equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a working volume of 0.2 liters, a nominal capacity of 7 hp. Thanks to the fuel tank for 3.6 liters, an 8-hour stroke is provided.

fuel consumption

Patriot Ontario Pro is one of the most economical motblocks in its price category. A fairly powerful 7 hp engine consumes only 1.5 liters per hour due to the light mass. At maximum load, consumption can reach up to 2 liters. In general, most owners respond positively to the economy of the machine. In addition, the real effort in practice is very consistent with official data.

Prices in Russia

Patriot Ontario on the Russian market can be bought for 30,000 rubles. There are so many simple devices. Together with additional equipment, the final price of the product increases by 5-10 thousand rubles. Motoblock can be seen as an economic option for demanding managing directors who need a quick and hig h-quality cultivation of small country.

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Patriot Ontario Pro is a classic motoblock that does not differ particularly against the background of the competitors. The main qualities are reliability, maneuverability and solid functionality. With regard to the price, the model can only be compared with budget motor blocks of the Aurora Country 800 HD and Patriot Pobeda.

Overview of powerful han d-led tractors of the increased resource Patriot Ontario Pro. Specifications, videos and reviews of work

Recommend: 50%



Patriot Ontario Pro is the popular model of the Patriot Motor Block with a petrol engine from Ontario with a capacity of 7 hp.

It belongs to the class of heavy motor vehicles, the weight is 97 kg.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to use this model for domestic purposes rather than industrial purposes – for processing small and mediu m-sized properties, gardens, houses and personal areas. This unit is perfect for areas with an area of ​​up to 50 hectares.

Use Patriot Ontario with interruptions in areas of larger areas, which means that the engine is planned every 2 hours after work. Remember that continuous work with a lengthy tract can lead to quick wear, overheating of the engine and the way out of the engine unit.

The installation of Patriot Ontario Pro is installed an installed chain gear.

The connection is connected to active fastening devices with the device via the pulley. Cup on this model strap, number of gears: 4 before 2 before 2. For the convenience of the operator, the clutch lift is installed on the device wheel. This function is particularly comfortable if you use a trailer for a tractor for walks.

Despite the lack of reversal, as with some other Patriot models, the unit is perfectly controlled and goes through perfectly through loose floors. Such high cros s-country skills are given by the wheels 4.00-8, their diameter is sufficient to give motoblock stability and maneuverability.

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To recharge the engine, gasoline from the AI95 or AI92 brand is used. The fuel consumption is moderate and is 1-2 liters per hour, depending on how much the tractor the hinge is loaded.


  1. The presence of a clutch lock lever
  2. Coupling suitable for many types of adhesive devices
  3. Adjustable steering wheel – control lever are displayed directly on the steering column
  4. The presence of protective wings over the wheels (the probability of dirt occurs during operation) in the operator)
  5. A powerful factory engine (China production, factory assembly)
  6. Product guarantee 12 months
  7. With the transfer of belt on the belt disk you can get an increased or reduced gear
  8. Cast iron gear, cast, without seams
  9. The width of the covered floor is 1 m. For less time, the operator can process more land traces
  10. Tempered mills make it possible to process the virgin
  11. The installation of fastening devices on the engine unit due to the availability of power selection shaft
  12. The presence of a transport bike for transporting a motor block or its stable position
  13. You can run the Ontario Patriot every season
  14. Available costs

To pair with the device, you can use the Zarya Rotary Mower, Zykov Plow, Snow Blower, or Snow Brush. If desired, the two-wheel tractor can also be equipped with sand-filled weights, for example for working with a plow or hiller.


  • walk-behind tractor in box;
  • Pneumatic wheels with embossed tires;
  • eight knives (disassembled state);
  • Instruction manual for the device in Russian.

Maintenance and basic operating instructions

Before operating, ensure that the Patriot Ontario walk-behind tractor is assembled according to the instructions, all moving parts are fastened, and bolted connections are tightened.

Only use recommended oil brands and fuel types, this will extend the life of the device.

Use handlebar pads to reduce vibration during operation.

Please note that the unit with gearbox and motor is supplied without oil! Refueling must be done prior to break-in – the first 5 hours of operation with the unit. According to the operating instructions, the manufacturer recommends selecting HD SAE 30, SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40 or similar oils for refueling the engine. For gears: HYPOID gear oil.

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Recommended conditions for the technical inspection of the Patriot Ontario PRO walk behind tractor:

  1. Break-in at 2/3 power for first 5-10 hours, then oil change;
  2. Operation with any load after running-in period of up to 50-100 hours, then inspection, re-oiling of gearbox and motor;
  3. subsequent maintenance every 200, 300 or more hours;
  4. Clean fuel and oil filters as necessary.


engine power 7 hp
coverage 90cm
transmission 4 forward /2 back
reducer Chain
coupling Belt
Connecting an active towbar role
Pneumatic wheel type 4.00-10.00
The weight 97kg

Video review


There are many reviews on the network about Patriot Ontario walk-behind tractors. Users note its performance and functionality, the ability to cope with areas of any complexity and low gas consumption. However, the two-wheel tractor with this power is difficult to handle and not suitable for beginners.

Ilya, Norilsk: “It’s hard to work on heavily frozen ground. According to reviews on the Internet and the advice of a consultant, I bought Patriot Ontario, in principle, I took our domestic so that it would be easier to get to the service and find attachments. Used walk-behind tractors of other brands, also domestic. It’s safe to say Ontario is a strong machine indeed. The knives are hardened – they work the ground even where it seems like nothing will do. Fuel eats moderately, the engine is really strong. In winter, I remove the site from the snow with the help of an aggregate. In the summer he harvested from the dacha. Looking forward to the next gardening season, we will be back to work! »

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