Overview of potato rolls and potato leafers for MTZ engine blocks

Overview of potato rolls and potato leafers for MTZ engine blocks

Every country resident knows what potatoes plant and harvest potatoes and how difficult it is. In the past, entire families moved out to clean it. Now manual work is replaced by automated work. And if you have a hand-led tractor MTZ-09N, that’s no longer a problem.

MTZ is compatible with a variety of different attachments, including potato rotoders and potato fabric.

Rotating potato harvester KM-2 for engine block MTZ-09N

From manufacturer

The official website of the Belarus manufacturer offers the following options.

Rotation potato rotor km-2

It is mainly intended for harvesting potatoes, but can also be used for the blinds of beets, onions or garlic. The cultures are not damaged and remain intact.

At work, she digs a number of potatoes up to a certain depth, then it breaks open piles of earth with the help of rotating iron bars, and the minced fruits are next to the potato rotor. It is therefore possible to edit large areas with harvesting without damaging the harvest.

Features of the rotating potato rotor KM-2:
  • Thanks to its mechanism, a rotary potato roter can work on any floor, even on hard.
  • The potato rotor is directly connected to the pfwelle, while the speed of the hand-led tractor MTZ-09N should be about 3.8 km / h together with this equipment.
  • Motoblock Belarus can be excavated at 600 m 2 per hour.
  • The maximum immersion depth of the knife is 18 cm.
  • The weight of the potato rotor is 85 kg.
Overview of the KM-2 potato rotor for the hand-led tractor MTZ
Rüttelsieb-potato rotor km-1

The functional principle is to dig out a number of minced fruits, then crush the soil with the help of vibration strips and to seven and throw out the fruits from above onto the floor.

Vibrating and sieving potato harvester KM-1 for engine block MTZ-09N

The basis of the construction is an active knife (for cutting the floor) and a vibration system (for seven of the soil).

Feature of the vibration and sieve potato rotor km-1:
  • The immersion depth of the knife is adjustable. Usually it is about 15 cm, the maximum knife is immersed by 18 cm.
  • The width of a single knife handle is 36 cm, which is sufficient to edit a campaign series. The frame of the potato rotor should run parallel to the floor and the shaker should be approximately 2 cm to the rear.
  • The recommended speed of the PTO is up to 500 rpm.
  • The weight of the KM-2 potato rotor is 40 kg.
  • In addition, it is equipped with eyelets in the following sizes: 16 cm diameter and 4 cm width.


Basically, vibrating potato rotoders are in demand for humans. And many manufacturers rely on it. However, their properties are similar to those of KM-2, and it makes no special sense to consider them.

However, there is another model that is located between Schwingsieb and rotation sieve due to design.

Potato rotor KK-1

This potato rotor is mainly designed for working with the hand-led Argo tractor, but is also suitable for MTZ thanks to a special adapter for the pawn that is included in the kit.

Feature of the potato rotor KK-1:

This type of potato digger picks up soil with potatoes first, then the potatoes fall on the first needle auger, which breaks up large piles of soil. After that they go to the second screw of the same type, but which works twice as fast. This allows you to break up smaller and harder mounds of earth. Then the potatoes just lie on the ground behind the MTZ-09N two-wheel tractor.

  • KK-1 can dig up 100 meters of potatoes in 2 minutes.
  • The size of the grip is 34 cm.
  • The weight of the potato harvester is 25 kg.
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Homemade option

A rotating potato harvester is quite difficult to build yourself. It’s much easier to make a vibrating screen.

Scheme of a homemade potato digger

The simplest option is to take the plow as a base and attach metal bars to it. Some people use the plow themselves to dig up potatoes. But at the same time, potatoes often remain in heaps of earth. The metal bars break up these piles, leaving the potatoes on the surface.

The forums have a large number of various diagrams and drawings on how to make a do-it-yourself excavator for the MTZ-09N walk-behind tractor.

video ratings

Overview of the operation of the KM-1 potato harvester with the MTZ-05 walk-behind tractor

Potato harvest with a hand-held MTZ tractor converted into a mini tractor


The forums actively discuss the operation and modernization of various potato harvesters. Here are some of them:


“When making a potato harvester, you shouldn’t just use steel rods, but vibrating ones. Spiral them several times, this gives them elasticity, you will end up with this effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzbaDnMTOw4 . As a result, the mass separation is much better. I also used normal steel rods before, and when I replaced them with this option, the result is much better. ”


“I was planning to build a potato harvester with a moving blade, but as always, summer wasn’t enough. So I made a trial version for testing from a conventional plow and welded a mustache to it. In conclusion, I would like to say that on my soil it is rather problematic to work with him, a lot of heaps remain. And by not cleaning the welds, I got a lot of shredded potatoes too. I think I’ll keep that in mind for next year, and in theory it should work like clockwork.

potato planter

But potatoes must be planted first before digging. It takes a long time to do this with a shovel because of the need to automate this process. This requires a potato planter.

From manufacturer

Officially, the manufacturer of potato planters is not provided by the Smorgon plant. However, due to the versatility of the MTZ-09N, you can always source products from other manufacturers.

KSP-02 potato planter for MTZ Motoblock


Here are universal potato planters that combine well with any walk-behind MTZ tractor.

Potato planter KSP-02

The working principle of this potato planter is based on the front plow digging furrows for planting potatoes, then after a certain time step, the conveyor belt puts the potatoes in the ground, and then two discs at the end dig the furrow. This allows you to plant potatoes of any size at a fixed depth.

Features of the KSP-02 potato planter:
  • 20 kg of potatoes can be loaded into the bunker, which is almost the equivalent of two buckets.
  • The depth of planting is adjusted by plunging the front plow from 5 to 18 cm.
  • The transport chain can handle potatoes with a size of 2 to 5 cm.
  • The landing step can be adjusted to 19, 21 or 28 cm.
  • Potatoes are planted thanks to an elevator chain with special baskets for potatoes.
  • The track width is adjustable from 52 to 62 cm.
  • The potato planter is supplied with knobs with a diameter of 34 cm and a width of 11 cm.
  • The working speed of the han d-led tractor MTZ 09n with potato mooring machine should not exceed 4 km / h.
  • This device weighs 27 kg.

The KIT contains a universal coupling with which you can aggregate the potato clip machine with the hand-led tractor MTZ-09N and set the size of the plow stone for angle and position the potato mallet at an angle to the hand-led tractor.

Potato planters KS-1

This is a different type of potato mesh, the functional principle of which is similar to the previous model.

Potato planter KS-1 on the MTZ engine block

Characteristics of the potato mesh KS-1:
  • Larger potato tank (40 kg can be loaded at the same time).
  • Instead of rotating slices, the ditch is covered with conventional steel plates.
  • The distance between the planted tubers is firm and is 25 cm.
  • The performance of the hand-led tractor MTZ together with KS-1 is approx. 0.2 ha / h.
  • The clutch, on the other hand, takes place directly without an adapter with the mz-09n single-axle tractor.
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video ratings

Overview of the operation of the KSP02 potato

The operation of a potato compartment machine together with a fertilizer container on an MTZ singl e-axle tractor


Here are some reviews from the forums for the operation of a potato planter with a hand-led MTZ-09N tractor.


“The main thing is to set the depth of the plow correctly. Usually a shovel 8-10 cm is immersed in the floor, so the plow should also be lowered to the same depth. First, this depth extends to the normal germination of potatoes, and secondly (if there is no potato rotor) it is easier to get it out of the ground.


“I bought a potato planter, but I have to dig with steel plates on the back. As a result, I had to make it new on rotating windows, because the plates only acted as an anchor and I had to lift them all the time, and with the weight of my MTZ, more than 150 kg, plus this 20 kg carat planter, you don’t stretch yourself a lot of. I built metal slices, fastened them with bolts and turned with a bang “

Potato rotroder and planters for the MTZ engine block. Homemade options, video reviews and reviews

A potato rotor is a device that has been developed to facilitate the collecting of minced fruits and especially potatoes. The advantage of these devices is that the collecting of vegetables takes place in the shortest possible time and practically without human exertion. More and more landowners are trying to facilitate and reduce their physical work by using han d-led tractors and attachments.

KT-5 potato harvester for MTZ Motoblock

Due to the name, one might think that the device is only suitable for a function, but it is not. This allows you to prepare the floor, cut planting and sprout bushes. There are many models on the market that differ not only in shape, but also in size and functional principle. Many craftsmen modify models purchased from manufacturers and make them perfect devices.

There are two types of excavators that can be used both by the Belarus MTZ 09n Motoblock and another model:

Active potato roters are divided into:
  • Vibration that can still be referred to roaring or trembling. The action principle includes cutting the floor with a depth of up to 20 cm with a knife and the width of the work area is about 40 cm. The structure and thanks to the vibration are separated from the ground. The design of the device includes one or a few eccentricity. The latter option is considered the best because vibrations are bombarded with nozzles and are not transferred to the operator. There are only these, the use of two eccentricians enables them to seven up the increased layer of the earth and to separate the tubers. Excavators with an eccentric are also effective, but cause discomfort for the operator due to vibrations.
  • Funding devices, which are also referred to as supporters or adhesive tape. The main element is the adhesive tape that sits the floor when moving, and the tubers are thrown over the layer of earth. The device carefully shakes the country node with tubers and does not damage the harvest. The only nuance that has to be taken into account is the cleaning of the harvest with a dried country. The effectiveness of such a trench is so large that the harvest is only 2%.
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Passive potato interruption for the MTZ Motor note differs in the price and design features. They are simple and do not require any special skills when used. A suitable option for economic landowners. This fastening equipment is also referred to as fan ditch. The device looks like a small shovel with welded poles.

The operating principle is recommended: the motorcycle block pulls the potato interruption, the shovel cuts the layer of the earth and thanks to the poles, the root cultures stands as sieved and fall on the surface. There are some nuances at work that are clearly visible in the following video check. First, the potatoes can sprinkle with the earth and when collecting, you have to switch off the lumps to collect all potatoes. Second, the uncertain tops are constantly confused in the rods.

Types of potatoes for the MTZ Motor note

On the market, potato coal models are not only presented by the manufacturer, but also of the appearance and efficiency of the work. As a rule, they are universal and not only suitable for MT Z-Motblocke, but also for devices from other companies.

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Below you will find the most popular and popular models.

  • NEVA is compact dimensions, the average weight of 34 kg, the width of the work area 36 cm, digitated up to a depth of 20 cm.
  • The roof of KKM-1 in its properties, similar to the previous option, only the width of the recording is 39 kg and the weight is around 40 kg.
  • Vibration KVM-3-dig in China, the height of the unit is 90 cm and the width of the work area 39 cm. The weight is small, only 34 kg.
  • The Ukrainian “Poltava” model exceeds its analogue in dimensions, but the weight remains 34 kg, more efficient in the size of the trench depth – 25 cm and the width of the processed area in a passage of 40 cm.
  • The KT-51 conveyor-proof-Bigger is much larger, but due to the use of light materials, 36 kg weighs. The detection width is increased to 53 cm so that you can quickly process the website.
  • MTZ KFT-02 company device

Potato cutters for the KKM-1 walk-behavior potato potato excerpt “Poltava” potato coat KFT2-01

The advantages and disadvantages of working with potato packs on MTZ Wal k-Aaround

The advantage of using a potato rotor can hardly be overlooked – through its use, working hours on the construction site is significantly shortened and the forces of the farmer is spared. In addition, not only potatoes, but also other root fruits – beets, carrots, etc. – can be collected. However, all of this is possible, provided that the model of the excavator is installed on the existing han d-led tractor. Therefore, be sure to check the connection option before buying a trailer coupling.

It can be noted as a disadvantage that some losses and damage to minced fruits occur during the harvest. Despite the fact that the design of the device is well thought out to the smallest detail, 2% losses can be present.

Self-made versions of a potato rotor for the hand-led MTZ tractor

With patience, welding skills and lust, you can build a potato roll with your own hands. The easiest is the finger type. You will need:

Leads to actions in turn:
  • Drill 2 holes for attachment to the frame in the middle of the plu g-in group;
  • Weld the poles to the extended part of the knife. The length is selected individually, but usually within 50 cm;
  • Screw the plu g-up and the frame.
  • For the later connection of the device to the singl e-axle tractor in the upper part, a bracket weld to the rack;
  • The lower part of the plu g-in crowd must be strong so that you can reinforce it with metal.

This type of potato roter is the strongest and lasts for many years.

Video review

Below is a video view that clearly shows how comfortable it is to use a potato rotor that is attached to a hand-led MTZ tractor

The Motorblock MTZ 09n becomes a multifunctional helper when using attachments, namely a potato rotor

Owner reviews

There are many reviews in the network on the effectiveness of potato roters and everyone is positive.


With the purchase of the KKM-1 potato rotor, life was more fun, in the sense that it has made it easier to do field work. Now you no longer have to bend your back, but simply go with a han d-led tractor and harvest. From my 30 tomorrow I collect potatoes a day. At first I sorted the floor, suddenly a bit lost, but the excavator works well.


It made no sense to buy a large unit to collect potatoes from 6 hectares, so I built a fan excavator myself. Drawings, descriptions – everything is freely available, so my son and I quickly assembled it. If the floor is soft and sandy, the work is easy and quick. But when the floor is tight, then you have to tinker all day.


You can’t pick potatoes with your hands on 2 hectares, so I bought a KT 51 conveyor belt. The process is almost completely automated, so that the harvest takes place quickly. There was no damage, which was very gratifying because I was afraid to lose the harvest.

Potato planters for the MTZ Motoblock

From manufacturer

The creation of a potato planter made the labo r-intensive work of farmers considerably easier. The designers have ensured the versatility of the assembly, so that the device can be mounted on both a han d-led tractor and on a mini tractor. There are many models of planters. Everyone has a different functional principle, other forms and accordingly a different use r-friendliness.

Potato planters are classified:
  • The method for feeding the minced fruit;
  • Tank shape;
  • Availability of bikes for transport;
  • Plant several or a row as possible;
  • The ability to make fertilizer at the same time with the tubers;
  • Fully automatic and sem i-automatic units.

Read more: Motor Grubber NEVA MK-70. Description of the model. Technical characteristics. Operating characteristics

Methods of feeding root crops are what, in the main degree, distinguishes the devices from each other. There are different types as they practice planting whole bulbs, halves, sprout and not.

  1. The spoon supply system consists in capturing the root crop with a nozzle in the form of a spoon and supplying the soil. With such a unit you can perform several functions, e.g. B. Cutting furrows, planting seeds, feeding fertilizers and forming a ridge from the soil of the desired height.
  2. Flat prime feed is characterized by the use of belts with a V-shaped shape, located horizontally. Therefore, potatoes are delivered alternately and the probability of two potatoes in one hole is eliminated.
  3. Gontiles Food is crafted when the Vegetables have already flown. Due to the combination of a flat repres and spoon system, located horizontally, the efficiency of capturing and supplying potatoes increases. However, the operator must constantly control the process.
  4. The multimix supply performs a two-rough landing, so it gains significantly compared to previous views. The belts located in the center serve potatoes, and the rest form a row to facilitate capture.
  5. The stabbing system is designed for plant halves.
  6. The finger feed looks like a conveyor, which, thanks to the progressive movements, catches potatoes and attracts the hole for landing.

Models of potato adaptations for the MTZ Motornote

As a rule, all devices are universal by the method of connecting to the tractor of the Walk behavior, but when buying, you should pay attention to this nuance. Below are models produced by domestic manufacturers:

  • KSM-1A-A total weight of 33 kg, has a 34 liter tank. Such a device allows you to plant 5 tubers in one Epistermin meter.
  • KSM-1 – designed for planting potatoes in a row with a pitch of 25 cm. Landing is generated to a depth of 50 cm. The capacity of the tank is 40 liters. The weight of the model is 40 kg.
  • KST-1T represents a compact vape with a total weight of 33 kg and a tank capacity of 34 liters. Provided that it sits 5 tubers per meter, the output is 0.2 ha per hour.
  • KS-1 produce many countries. Against the background of its analogues, potatoes are characterized by a significant weight of 190 kg and a small landing of 12 cm. Landing is carried out to a depth of 60-150 cm.

Potato Resident KSM-1Sets Potato Resident KST-1T Potatozeriyer Single-Row DTZ KS-1

Work with potato residents for the MTZ Motornote

Working with potato residents is quite simple. It is necessary to load potatoes into the tank and land. Baki can differ in shape and volume. Typically, the volume contains 2 buckets of potatoes. When the potato transport wheel has the movement, the movement is performed faster and the maneuverability increases significantly. Depending on the appearance and design, the soot can be single and double. The equipment is not carried out through more rows, due to this weight and the convenience of operation, the weight will decrease.

Not all, but many models provide the function of simultaneous supply of tubers and fertilizers. In this case, the device comes with an additional tank that needs to be filled with fertilizers. The supply is automatic and strictly dosed.

Automatic models are performed on their own, therefore they do not require any intervention from a farmer. And the semi-automatic ones are less functional, since they require the direct participation of the operator, who should manually serve tubers.

plant tubers

It is advisable to plow the soil beforehand with a rototiller or plow. To oxygenate the soil and dry the top layer, it must be harrowed. Prepare the potato planter and place the potatoes in the tank. If your hitch doesn’t support furrow cutting, you’ll need to use a hiller first. After planting, the tubers are covered with soil.

Homemade potato planter options for the MTZ walk behind tractor

The photo shows a detailed drawing that allows you to make a potato planter for the MTZ walk-behind tractor yourself.

video ratings

Planting potatoes is much faster and easier. How exactly is demonstrated in the following video review

Owner reviews

The owners, who preferred to automate the planting of potatoes, note in their reviews that the labor time has been reduced due to the quick and smooth delivery of tubers.


By using a potato planter for the MTZ two-wheel tractor, the work has been significantly simplified and planting made easier. This device does everything by itself, I only have to guide the two-wheel tractor. The rows are even and the shrubs grow evenly spaced through the clear tuber supply. I also carry out excavations with a Belarusian two-wheel tractor and a corresponding hitch.


Now I can’t imagine how to plant potatoes without this attachment. I loaded the tank and set off to conquer the fields. She does everything herself – sits down, rakes. If someone has not yet purchased such a device, then I can only warmly recommend it. My digging is also automated.

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