Overview of Patriot Chicago, a slight moto r-grubber for the processing of new territory. Application, maintenance, owner reviews, video work

Motoblock patriot chicago

The Chicago Patriot is a powerful, professional han d-held tractor. The machine has universal properties and can thus satisfy the needs of any very demanding managing director. This model is in great demand due to its advanced design, which consists of proven materials. This makes this invention unique. Gradually, Patriot Chicago is getting more and more new updates with every next upgrade and is becoming increasingly reliable and persistent at the same time. Large fastening support, low weight and small dimensions make the Patriot Chicago one of the most popular in its class.

General information and design

The motoblock is subject to every agricultural work, including the processing of fields of different complexity. But it is important to consider that the maximum potential of the handled tractor can be developed if you have the necessary attachments for certain tasks. Depending on the one or the other option, Patriot Chicago is able to harvest, cultivate hill, transport goods, dig earth and to plant root fruits, to pump, struggle, work with virgin soil, etc.

The han d-led tractor is perfectly assembled and does not require frequent maintenance that is carried out strictly according to the regulations. High demand for the model and excellent driving characteristics confirm the effectiveness of this American development. We also notice the high loa d-bearing capacity of the Patriot Chicago – mainly due to the installation of a trailer that can be loaded up to 500-600 kg.

Powerful engine with wel l-coordinated soundproofing, makes almost no noise and vibrations. The mechanical box has a clear recording, works quickly and efficiently and thus reveals the potential of the power plant 100%.

The possibility of a steering column is another element for the comfort of using a han d-led tractor for a long time. The column can be adjusted in height and horizontally. This allows you to adapt the technology to any size and physique of the operator. This means that the car can be recommended to all summer residents and farmers without exception. The han d-led tractor is even valued by women. After all, Patriot Chicago is not difficult to handle, as dragging devices through the garden with the help of the supplied front transport bike could be facilitated.

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The motoblock control elements are on the handle. As a result, the operator does not have to grab a lever or the other lever to press the gas or brake or insert the desired gear. As you say, all controls are at hand. Comfortable rubberized handles on the handles ensure a comfortable handle – this is another comfort element, thanks to which the operator becomes less tired with long and hard work.

We determine the main advantages of the technology:

  • Powerful 4-stroke engine-medium-strong, economical and environmentally friendly
  • The possibility of installing a trailer and other attachments, which significantly increases the functionality of the product
  • The device has a manual start system that is much more reliable than electronic technology. Demanding electronics often fail in rough environments such as low temperatures
  • The cutting tools of the han d-led tractor are optimized for the processing of soils of all complexity.
  • Good off-road performance, mostly thanks to the standard air tires
  • Special transport bike attached to the front of the product
  • Ergonomic control system without failures, vibrations and noises
  • Rit coupling, chain gear – integral components of the han d-led tractor, which give it a high performance
  • Longevity of all components, the quality of which meets all international requirements
  • The outstanding performance of the hand-led tractor was confirmed by many years of testing and positive feedback by real Patriot Chicago owners.

First-use rules

The manufacturer recommends operating the han d-led tractor. This is a necessary procedure, without doubt that the car will serve its owner as long as it takes. If you do not drive in and continue with the company, load the han d-led tractor “completely”, this has a negative effect on the reliability of the internal components and can lead to their premature failure. Recring is usually carried out in Schonlast mode, which enables the parts to be entered and thus adapts to the climatic conditions of a certain region. The entry process includes several elementary steps that do not require a separate view. This is the usual operation of the han d-led tractor, but only in Schonlast mode. Different types of work are allowed, including soil processing, hills, goods transport, etc. After 8 hours, the entry phase can be completed and then the handling of the handled tractor can be carried out. If necessary, oil, filter must be changed, new gasoline filled, etc. The next day the car can be fully loaded.

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  • plow
  • Hiller
  • Potato excavator
  • Potato
  • Holds
  • water pump
  • Havoc
  • Dare, trailer
  • mowing machine
  • Bump

For the basic equipment of the Patriot Chicago, the manufacturer dispenses with a single fastening option, which benefits buyers themselves. After all, you have the opportunity to select the right set of options based on your needs.

Motor and specifications

The han d-led tractor Patriot Chicago is equipped with a singl e-cylinder engine with a hand start. The 0.2-liter engine produces 7 hp. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.5 liters. Reduction – chain type. Cup – Riement type. The gearbox is a three-speed manual transmission with two forwards and a reverse gear.

The han d-led tractor is designed for the processing of floors with a width of up to 850 mm in one pass, and the permissible processing depth is 320 mm. The weight of the device is 78 kg.

Fuel consumption

The average petrol consumption of a Patriot Chicago single-axle tractor is 2-3 liters per hour. This indicator is relevant in increased stress mode, for example when transporting heavy loads or when working with floor handles. There is support for petrol varieties AI-92 and AI-95.

Prices in Russia

The average costs for a hand-led Patriot Chicago tractor on the Russian market are 23,000 rubles without attachments.

Competitioners: Maxcut MC 750, Champion BC 9713, MB-1D1M10, AGAT HM 6.5, Hauter GMC-7.5.

Overview of Patriot Chicago, a slight moto r-grubber for the processing of new territory. Application, maintenance, owner reviews, video work

Recommend: 100%


General information

The motor cultivator Patriot Chicago is a device for the treatment of country diagrams of small and mediu m-sized areas (up to 25 hectares). Refers to the class of the motor blocks of lightweight. Popular among owners of summer huts and greenhouses.

Patriot Chicago is equipped with a petrol engine with air with the ai r-cooled.

The assembly of the factory engine, the manufacturer China.

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Patriot Chicago is rightly considered one of the most powerful in his weight class. The engine power is 7 hp. (5.15 kW). Models that are similar to power often have a lot more weight. This model is light, weight 78 kg and so suitable for women and older people.

In order to control the walk, the Patriot from Chicago does not have to make excessive efforts. It is enough to control it with the help of handles. The steering column can be configured via the height of the operator.

The width of the floor strip that the motor cultivator can capture is 85 cm. In view of the weight and dimensions of the model, we can say that its performance is very high.

p> There is no current transmission for active fastening devices, ie to use this model as a mower, or snow cleaner does not work. However, the entire selection of seasonal work with the Earth Patriot Chicago will work quickly and efficiently.

The Patriot Chicago is best used to use the direct cultivation of the earth for plant cultures, cultivation, loosening, plowing and harvesting. Use the soil with your help for better processing of the earth, motor blocks with a small and medium weight that fully realize your technical skills.

Distinction features

What are the characteristics of the Motoblock Patriot Chicago? Continue reading more about this:

  • Overcomes complex soils thanks to a large protector on tires and moves slightly along the shaped surface
  • Protective wings over the wheels protect the motor operator from earthen comments or residues of plants that fly out of the wheels during the operation of the unit
  • Powerful engine (7 hp)
  • Adjustable handle with rubber lofter to reduce the vibration
  • The presence of a voucher enables you to adapt the degree of immersion into the ground
  • Rapidly refueling is possible due to a wide artificial neck of a tank with fuel
  • All important controls are located on the handles (clutch lever, speed, switching on and off)
  • The belt drive is protected by a special housing
  • The motorcycle block is equipped with a silencer to achieve a more comfortable function
  • With the front support wheel you can leave the device in a stable position
  • The gear lever is displayed from the side of the steering column
  • Electronic ignition
  • Low fuel consumption per hour (with a fuel tank capacity of 3.6 liters, the gasoline consumption is 0.75 l)

Engine equipment

The factory supply of the motor block patriot chicago contains the following elements:

  1. Moto block in cardboard packaging;
  2. Set of Rings key;
  3. Candle key;
  4. Screwdriver;
  5. Pneumatika wheels (4.00-8);
  6. Disassembled mills;
  7. Soshnik and cling to him;
  8. right, left wing;
  9. Instructions in Russian;
  10. Pendant (1 unit).

When ordering a walk tractor, directly from the suppliers of Patriot, a dedication of the hinge devices of any kind is possible.

Motoblock Patriot Chicago works with such trendy devices as plow, cigns, floor, supporting, potato graves, mowing. With a universal coupling, you can connect the additional equipment of many Russian manufacturers with the motor of this model.

A light tractor clas s-g o-t o-injury tractor, since a car connected to the device is to be loaded not more than 250 kg.

Information on maintenance and operation

Motoboblock instructions Patriot Chicago

Perform the first start of the device after assembling the tractor for the walking behavior in accordance with the instructions.

Make sure that fuel and oil are completely flooded on the desired level.

To fill the engine, Use Original-certified oils for four-stroke air cooling engines Patriot Supreme HD SAE30, Patriot expert SAE 10W-40, Patriot specifically SAE 5W-30.

For the gearbox, it is recommended, hypoid oil or other gear oil of the corresponding properties.

Use Patriot during the planned Arsenal Aerosol.

Gearing oil hypoid oil 4x clock mineral top oil 4x clock hal f-synthetic expert 4x clock semosynthesi s-specific

When carrying out a technical inspection, pay special attention to such important parts of Walk behavior Patriot Chicago as:

  1. Air filter (replacement every 50 hours or every 10 hours of work if it is very contaminated);
  2. Set the clutch cable, the voltage should be moderate, but the cable should not cut through.
  3. Clean the starter with a brush or a cylinder with compressed air;
  4. Clean the engine of the remains of the earth, dust, oil every time after the end of the work with the hiking loss tractor (if the cylinder and the cylinder ribs are dirty, there is a risk of overheating the engine).
  5. Change the worn drive belt in good time;
  6. Check all 25 mothers the condition of the spark plug, if necessary, clean or replace the gap between the electrode-The pubic rate is 0.6 to 0.7 mm.
  7. Complete the oil for the first time after 5 mothers in the engine;
  8. In the future, oil changes will be carried out every 50 hours.
  9. If the load is strong on the walk tractor or the weather conditions are unfavorable (strong heat), the oil change is carried out more often – all 25 mothers;
  10. If there are oil spots on the gearbox, contact the service center.


Engine power 7 PS
The width of recording 85 cm
transmission 2 forward /1 before 1
transmission Chain
coupling Belt
Connect active hitch
Pneumatic bikes type 4.00-8
The weight 78 kg

Video review

Reviews – We examine the opinions of the owners of the motorcycle unit

Patriot Chicago received many reviews in the forums. Users are satisfied with the performance and lightness of managing the tractor of the walk behavior.

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of the possibility of combining additional attachments, which significantly reduces its functionality.

Ivan, Saransk: “My action is small, 10 acres. I plan to make a garden on it, so I lure the earth. I used the third year while I am satisfied with the work. Even after constant operation, the engine works perfectly, no foreign noise. On the ground, on local mills of the plant to this day, until today. He didn’t pull and didn’t change them. The speed of the work suits me, there is enough strength. If the tractor of the walk is difficult, it is not about the Patriot of Chicago. Due to the small weight, it works pretty leisurely when I move forward, I only easily hold one hand. I worked with heavy motoblocks in feasts, I use it without feasts. “

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