Overview of motor blocks with a capacity selection wave NMB-901. Operating functions, photos, videos, reviews

Motoblok Virgin NMB 901

Vilitary NMB 901 is a compact and inexpensive motblock with a variety of advantages. The advantages of the technology are obvious against the background of competitors, and this can be assessed among the decent technical parameters and the optimal ratio of the price production. In addition, the model undertaken received a large number of positive reviews, which says a lot. In favor of the virgin countries, NMB 901 speaks of supporting a wide range of attachments that can reveal the potential of technology for almost the boundary of its abilities. In this article, the advantages of Virgin Cutting Unit NMB 901 as well as their technical specifications, functionality and the basics of the first use are discussed.

General information and design

The virgin countries of NMB 901 are produced by a company with a global brand. “Virgin Lands” is one of the largest units of the Perm Company “Academy of Tools”. This domestic brand initially produced consumer goods, and since 2006 the publication of garden and parking equipment has been mastered under the Virgin Ground brand. At the same time, the facility began to produce the abandoned options for their own development. It is worth noting that the tool’s academy is today the official Russian distributor of the Chinese company Lifan. Chinese and Russian engineers work closely in the area of ​​care and the creation of components for their hiking injuries.

As for the Virgin Model NMB 901, this tractor has a classic, tim e-driven design. The machine is equipped with a gear reducer – compared to a less durable chain mechanism. Thanks to stiffening, this technical node is characterized by an increased resource that gives the product special strength. It is noteworthy that the gearbox resource is 3,000 motorized hours. Due to the high strength, you can work long with a gear without losing the power supply and without having overheating. This element applies especially to the goal of NMB 901 in China. The transmission includes a mult i-disc clutch that is considered more reliable compared to the cuneiform transmission. However, the latter has the best maintenance and equity of components. Nevertheless, Mult i-Disc coupling is an improved and modern mechanism. The clutch works in the s o-called oil bath.

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The performance of the motor block of Brait 135 is presented by the Chinese development victory, which was reliably and unpretentious in lon g-term use. Most engine parts are carried out in accordance with the scheme tested. The scope of the BRAIT 135 is extensive and diverse. Therefore, the machine is actively used in gardening, agriculture and is also very popular with summer residents and supply companies. The skills of the tractor of the walk behavior are only limited to the needs of the owner as the potential of the walk tractor itself. The manufacturer knows a huge list of the device functions and decided not to equip the machine with connected devices. This means that the options of hinges are only bought separately so that the buyer can select the correct option himself. In this case, it is recommended to only buy brand options that are also compatible with a certain model. For example, there is a brand virgin that is one of the main options. It must be admitted that the equipment of the Virgin company is only developing. So far, an accessible option is under the target brand of the SP-56 Snowmaker and the improved version of the SP-70. The rest of the stored options can be bought from other motoblocks. They are also quite high quality that confirm the ratings of the owners.

The advantages of technology

  • Large pneumatic bikes. The diameter of each wheel is 180 mm. This is best
  • Ergonomic steering column with altitude tuning and horizontal
  • Universal design with the possibility of connecting all the options existing today that are present today
  • Durable gears
  • Mechanical box with clear gear shifts
  • Support of hinge devices by house manufacturers
  • Product resource – 3000 motorized hours and more
  • Additional protection of the equipment – provided with wide wings and fenders
  • Motoblock can be equipped with the front headlight so that you can work comfortably in the dark yourself
  • Electrical start of the starter
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Fundamentals of the first use

The motorcycle block must run before it is an enormous load. If you do not carry out the runnin g-in, you can encounter premature wear on the details and its other mistakes. With the runnin g-you can adapt the details to the local climate. It is therefore possible to increase the reliability and strength of the structure, and the tractor of walking lasts as long as possible. In the current mode, only partial is permitted. Before rolling, you should check the condition of the equipment, ensure that the adhesion of all screws and fastening elements is reliable, check the lower part of the walk tractor for the presence of oil subtexts and check the maintenance ability of all functioning and moving elements. In particular, the diagnosis of the transmission must be carried out. Then you can carry out the run by doing hilling, cultivation, transport goods and other work as in normal operation. The difference is only in the degree of load. For example, only 50% of the maximum load can be loaded when transporting loads of walking behavior. The ru n-In is carried out within 8 hours, then the machine is driven into the garage and the maintenance is carried out. The next day, the device is ready for full operation.

Unmounted equipment

  • plow
  • Hiller
  • Potato cap
  • Potato
  • Hook
  • Hayfield
  • Cultivating mills
  • Dare, trailer

Motor and technical properties

The virgin land of MB-901 is a powerful motoblock, suitable for operation in cities, settlements, and also for land processing. The machine is designed to process areas ranging in volume from 20 to 80 acres. The walk-in tractor is equipped with a 4-speed mechanical transmission with two front and two rear speeds. The basic version is equipped with a sprocket drive. The design also includes cuneiform clutch. You can choose a version with the front headlight and an electric starter.

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The dimensions of the virgin lands are MB-901, length/width/width with wings/height, MM: 1600/460/770/1100. Clearance – 140 mm, weight – 110 kg.

The tractor of the Walk behavior is deep for soil processing of up to 300 mm and the processing width is 1130 mm. Vilitary NMB 901 is presented in the market with a reliable Chinese 4-stroke 4-stroke type. It has a working volume of 0.3 liters, as well as the upper location of the valves. Power – 9 hp, torque – 15 n/m. Each cylinder is 77mm in diameter.

fuel consumption

In the increased load mode, the fuel consumption in the nunfrauen Boden-NMB 901 is in the range of 2.1 to 2.4 liters per hour or 374 g/kW per hour. The fuel tank can hold 6 liters.

Prices in Russia

The average cost of the NMB-901 virgin cuts in the Russian market is 40,000 rubles, without a set of connected devices.

Motoblock Virgin Ground NMB 901: pros and cons of choice

Motoblock Virgo

Every summer resident or owner of a personal plot with the advent of spring is faced with the need for planting. Talking a bed with a shovel under the carrot is easy, but the potato field of three or ten hundred parts is already a task.

It is not always possible to treat the soil with a tractor. An assistant in this matter can be a cultivator or motblock. Both are designed for soil processing and not just soil processing. The difference in technical characteristics.

Motoblock Virgin NMB 901

Consider the Virgin site of the NMB901 of the garden equipment manufacturer “Academy of Tools”, Perm. This model is equipped with a Chinese Lifan brand four-stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 9.0 hp/3600 rpm, with four speeds being two and two back. start manual.

The advantages of the virgin cutting unit NMB901

Virgin Hall NMB901

First of all, it is worth noting Has wide wheels with a diameter of 180 mm, which makes it stable. Thanks to the powerful engine, the motorcycle block can open both light and heavy soils and easily matched with the cultivation of virgin lands.

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Typically, additional attachment equipment is purchased for the Virgin Ground unit, greatly expanding the capabilities of the unit. Equipment uses both original and other manufacturers. Thanks to this, the motoblock will become an indispensable assistant not only in the garden, but also in the entire personal plot at any time of the year.

  • The plow that is revolutionary or reversible, for plowing firm, virgin soil and single claim for softer soils.
  • Potato and Potato Coat solves the problem of sowing and cleaning potatoes in a large landing area.
  • The hip is used to cultivate the furrows for planting potatoes and other things. It is also used for hilling.
  • Ground spaces are metal wheels that facilitate the work of the walking loss tractor on soft soils. The device does not allow the dog’s tractor to be buried in the ground.
  • The mauweil for the grass and the rotary lawn mower will instantly set the lawns and eyebrows along the road and site.
  • The snow machine and a hollow knife become indispensable in the winter season to clear the entrance road and paths from snow blocks. Difficulties do not arise with wet snow or with colored and compacted snow.
  • Due to different radius are used both for destroying weeds and for loosening the soil and for deeper plowing. This also includes Harme: Rotary and Zahn.
  • By adding a wagon to this mini tractor, you can use it as a means of transport, including for transporting small goods such as bags of potatoes, fertilizer or seedlings with seedlings. He develops decent speed, which is again a plus. It is noted that the tractor of the Walk behavior starts perfectly both in the positive ambient temperature and a t-20 degrees Celsius.

Disadvantages of the virgin cutting unit NMB 901

Civilian NMB 901

The disadvantages include the fact that the Walk behavior’s tractor works quite loudly, despite the fact that the instruction authorizes the opposite. The mass of the engine block is 115 kg without a body kit, not everyone can cope with such a unit. Some users find that in the work of the motorcycle block it falls on its side and it is necessary to keep it balanced. Opinions are divided, but there are more positive words.

Scythes and trimmers or how to create the perfect lawn

How to choose a tractor for walks

It’s worth saying that when purchasing a tool for your website, you need to think about both your physical abilities and your needs. Cultivators and motboblocks firmly occupied their niche in personal and transnational farms. There are enough cultivators in a small summer house. Its difference from the Walk behavioral domain in strength, weight and dimensions.

Motoblock “Virgin Soil NMB901” will be a good solution for price and quality. The technical characteristics of the unit allow the processes of large land areas in area and complexity. And complemented by various attachments will completely turn life into pleasure. Human artisans modernize and find new areas for farming implements.

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