Overview of motoblocks Khoper 1050 C. Description, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Khoper and its features: an overview of the best models and accessories for the device + reviews of the owners

Working in the garden and in the garden always requires a certain physical strength.

To facilitate the work of gardeners, small walk-behind tractors were made.

They help with plowing, harvesting grass and even harvesting.

The company started producing engine blocks and other agricultural machinery in the 2000s.

From that time, Khoper walk behind tractors appeared on the market and by 2010 already became one of the most popular among consumers.

manufacturer and characteristics

Khoper is a manufacturer of garden tools. Its history began in 1991 when the company started buying agricultural products and then selling them through a network of small stalls.

Today, devices are sold not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries.

However, in the short period of their existence, walk-behind tractors manufactured under this brand have become very popular and recognizable. They assemble equipment at Russian factories in Voronezh, Perm and other cities.

Both foreign and domestic parts are used in production. Motoblocks use gasoline and diesel engines.

The latter are equipped with an air-water cooling system and petrol only air.

Key features of the Khoper Technique include:

  • small size;
  • functionality;
  • complete set with tillers and a plow (some models);
  • headlight equipment (some modifications);
  • continuous work for 4-6 hours;
  • original, recognizable design;
  • convenient location of all key elements;
  • long resource engines.

These walk behind tractors can be used for:

  • soil loosening;
  • dig up fruit;
  • cutting grass and shrubs;
  • hills;
  • transport of small loads;
  • clean up the area.

Overview of Khoper’s lineup

In Khoper you can perform various agricultural works, in particular, chop potatoes with a walk-behind tractor or perform other procedures. According to the characteristics, the model range is similar to the rest of the options of domestic manufacturers, but there are a number of features:

  • compactness combined with functionality;
  • each model weighs differently in kg depending on configuration and class, which allows you to choose the equipment according to the required dimensions and weight class;
  • some models have a headlamp for working in the dark;
  • a cast-iron cylinder liner is often installed, which increases the life of the engine;
  • attractive type construction and special exterior design;
  • Work is possible for 4-6 hours without interruption, since there is a high-quality cooling system.

Important! All key elements such as necks and motor mounts are in a convenient configuration, making maintenance easier. This point is common to all models of the brand.

Check out the Khoper diesel walk behind tractor in this video:

Each model also has its own description and instructions, in which not only characteristics are laid out, but also all the requirements for operation and maintenance. Regardless of the technology class and the selected option, all the rules of operation must be observed, since in the opposite case malfunctions and problems are possible. This is due to the fact that each model develops its own service system, which does not allow details and important elements to quickly wear out.

1000u 7b

Motoblock Hooper 1000U 7B refers to popular petrol options and has a capacity of 7 hp. The standard size of the processed area is 1 ha. The technique belongs to the middle class and has 4 speeds, including one awe. Main features:

  • easy maneuverability;
  • the presence of wide wings to protect against dirt and dust;
  • setting the depth of the bottom;
  • with a powerful engine, fairly economical consumption;
  • There is convenient management.

Important! The model is not provided for hard work. For example, it is not used in the form of a mini tractor to transport significant goods. Motoblock goes exactly like a middle class and does not differ much in capabilities from analogues.

All the main characteristics of the model range are observed, that is, the assembly is quite strong, and the duration of work of an uninterrupted nature is increased in relation to competitors.

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1100 9ds

Khoper 1100 9 DS has a Lifean 177F type engine and is considered to be one of the most powerful diesel options for the model range. A feature is the ability to use both in agriculture and in construction. Advantages:

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  • low noise level in the work process;
  • The presence of a crane covering the fuel supply. It is necessary for comfortable transportation;
  • A cast sleeve is used to increase durability.
  • The standard power is 9 hp;
  • Cooling was noted, which significantly exceeds the quality of the competitive system.
  • The model’s petrol analogue is 1100 9B, which has a more capacious fuel tank.

The usual cost of the diesel option in the standard configuration does not exceed 40,000 rubles, but with additional attachments the price can vary greatly. Despite the fact that the model range belongs to the budget class, some modifications are the same with competitors.

Important! The model is considered full for creating a mini-actor and is used for work of any type, given both the required power and the ability to hide with additional equipment.

First, the diesel option gained fame due to overall reliability and economy with increased functionality.

series of motoblocks

To date, the manufacturer offers several episodes of floor processing:

  1. Khoper 900 – A range of engine blocks with petrol engines. The maximum speed of such machines is 8 km/h, the depth of processing is 15-30 cm, and the width is up to 120 cm. The models in this series are quite compact and weigh relatively little (75-90 kg).
  2. Hooper 1000 – This series is more advanced and new versions of the 900 series models. Such units can operate in areas up to 70 acres. In almost all modifications installed Lifan gasoline engines.
  3. Khoper 1050 – these walk-behind tractors are even more advanced than the previous ones and allow you to work in areas up to 90 hectares. However, their cost versus the 1000 series models is practically the same.
  4. Khoper 1100 – walk-behind tractors of this series are among the most powerful. You can see both diesel and petrol options. The Lifan engines installed in the units are characterized by excellent endurance and a large high resource.
  5. Khoper MT – this series is a walk behind diesel tractor. They are of the professional type, they are characterized by high performance and rather impressive dimensions.

Description of the walk behind tractor

1100 series motoblocks are among the most powerful from the manufacturer of the Khoper brand. In this line there are models with gasoline and diesel engines, in addition, diesel is especially popular among farmers. Four-stroke Lifan (China) engines are installed on motoblocks of this series. Engines are characterized by increased endurance and good service life.

Motoblock Diesel Khoper 1100 6D

The series includes the following modifications:
  • Khoper 1100 6DS (diesel, power 6 hp);
  • Khoper 1100 9B (petrol, power 9 hp);
  • Khoper 1100 9BS (petrol, power 9 hp);
  • Khoper 1100 9DS (diesel, power 9 hp);
  • Khoper 1100 9B MQ (petrol, power 9 hp).

All modifications outwardly differ from each other only slightly. The main differences are in performance and the type of fuel. The general purpose of the Motoblocks Khoper 1100 is universal, household. They are primarily intended for tillage and agricultural use. You can work on lots of up to 80 hectares or more.

Mini-tractors "Stavropolets". Overview of the series, properties

Khoper 1100 9B engine block

Appointment of motoblocks Khoper 1100

  • Agriculture;
  • cultivation;
  • staggering;
  • hills;
  • planting and harvesting potatoes;
  • Fertilizer;
  • Sowing;
  • Irrigation;
  • Transport of goods, building materials, crops;

By connecting the adapter, the walk-behind tractor can be transformed into a kind of mini-tractor. Some farmers even convert walk-behind tractors into mini-tractors with their own hands, allowing the machine to transport not only cargo, but also an operator.

Motoblock Khoper 1100 9BS


  • Compatibility with the mass of attachments, additional attachments from motoblocks Oka, Neva, Salyut, Ugra, Cascade and others are suitable for them;
  • compact dimensions;
  • the choice of a car with a gasoline or diesel engine;
  • a small number of breakdowns;
  • large wheels on all models in the series;
  • comfortable control handle with jumper.

The average cost of 1100 series motoblocks is about 59,000 rubles. Used models can be purchased at a price of 40-50 thousand rubles.

Rating TOP-3 of the best models

location Surname Price
TOP 3 of the best models from Motoblocks Khoper
1 HÖPER 1050 C 26 000₽
2 HOPER 1000U 7B 23 000₽
3 HOPER 900 PRO 25 000₽

The best models from Motoblocks Khoper

We suggest to consider the most popular among consumers models of walk-behind tractors from the manufacturer Khoper.

HÖPER 1050 C

This walk behind tractor is a great helper for those who need to work small areas up to 1 ha. The comfortable grip makes it easy and effortless to operate the machine.

The processing depth is 15 to 30 cm, the row width is adjustable. With the Hopper 1050 C you can process both narrow and fairly wide beds.

Also, the model is equipped with a manual gearbox with three gears – two forward and one reverse. This increases the maneuverability of the device and allows a quick return to the missed section.

The Lifan 168MT engine produced in China is quite powerful and air-cooled.

Characteristics :

  1. Displacement – 196 cubic meters. cm.
  2. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.
  3. Engine power – 6.50 liters. With.
  4. Cup – belt.

Advantages :

  • Multifunctionality;
  • compact dimensions;
  • Large pneumatic bikes;
  • comfortable steering wheel;
  • Maneuverability.

Defects :

  • Drive straps wear off quickly.

HOPER 1000U 7B

This model is driven by a 7 hp 4-stroke petrol engine. With . This version is perfect for processing areas to a hectare.

The switching transmission is equipped with four gears – three forwards and a reverse gear, which means that the soil can also be processed at the most inaccessible places.

Comfortable steering wheel and swivel mechanism enable the operator an effortless maneuvering. With the relief protection, you can also move the han d-led tractor via rough areas and of f-road.

In addition, this model differs in that you can set the depth of soil processing, which increases the functionality.

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 7 liters. With.
  3. Cup – belt.
  4. Weight – 78 kg.

Advantages :

  • Sparing fuel consumption;
  • powerful engine;
  • Comfortable pneumatic bikes;
  • Comfortable administration;
  • User friendliness.


  • Low maximum weight of the transported goods.


This model is equipped with a powerful Chinese Lifan 168f-2 engine with a displacement of 196 ccm. cm. They are ideal for the cultivation of all kinds of soil, including virgin soil.

In addition, the singl e-axis tractor is equipped with a metal holder that makes it easier to transport devices. The protective cover protects the operator from earth and stones that fly out under the wheels.

This model has excellent functionality because different attachments can be installed.

Garden tractors stiga park - how can you use them effectively?

Characteristics :

  1. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.9 liters.
  2. Engine power – 6.5 liters. With.
  3. Cup – belt.
  4. Weight – 85 kg.

Advantages :

  • relatively low weight;
  • calm work;
  • long uninterrupted work;
  • Large motor resource;
  • Many types of attachments.

Defects :

  • Too bulky protective shield.

Model KHOPER 1100 9B MQ

Model KHOPER 1100 9B MQ

Motoblock KHOPER 1100 9B MQ is the flagship model that is used in large areas. The petrol engine does not require frequent maintenance.

Large dimensions, an impressive weight of the entire device and wide wheels with a shaped profile make it easy to overcome difficult terrain.

The cost of the gasoline version is much lower than that of the diesel counterpart and start at 47,000 rubles.

The classic design enables the assembly of various attachments. The maneuverability of the han d-led tractor KHOPER 9B MQ is based on the presence of 2 forwards and reverse gear, which makes it possible to process areas with increased complexity quickly and efficiently.

Motoblock in work with cutters in a video evaluation:


The powerful 4-stroke petrol engine Lifan 177f is characterized by reliability and long lifespan because it is an analogue of the Honda GX270. Despite the fact that the power is 9 HP, the engine is relatively quiet and does not cause the operator any inconvenience.

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Lifan LF177 engine Honda GX270 engine

The fuel consumption specified by the manufacturer varies between 2.1 and 2.3 l / h, although the tank volume is 6 liters.

Lifan 177F engine properties:

Working volume: 270 cubic meters.
Rated capacity: 6.8 (9) KW (L.S.)
Maximum torque: 15.5 nm
Number of cylinders: 1

Unmounted equipment

Devices that have not been installed enables you to significantly expand the functionality of the funnel’s funnel. The main equipment includes:

Motoblocks Hoper 900 MQ, 1000U 7B, 1050 C, 1100 9 DS, MT-100E: Technical features, reviews, prices, prices

The Hopper motor block is a small device that was developed for the implementation of shared and agricultural work and is manufactured by a Russian manufacturer.

Russian engine block

The preparation

Several models are presented on the market:

  • 900 MQ;
  • 1000U 7b;
  • 1050 s;
  • 1100 9ds;
  • MT-100 E.


The 900 MQ model is a universal walk tractor on which you can also install a wide range of fastening devices, e.g.

A motorcycle block can be completed with the following tasks:

  1. Solve plowed soil.
  2. Magic roots.
  3. Mow grass and little shrubs.
  4. Transport small goods.
  5. Do the work to clean the territory.
  6. Dig the tires root plants.

Universal singl e-axis

The design of this technology offers a function of setting the depth of soil processing and the adhesion of the belt type. Massive bikes enable the migrist to handle the street so that it can be used when processing icy soil.

A fou r-stroke engine is installed here that works on gasoline. The fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters and the fuel consumption is 1.8 l/h. This technology weighs 75 kg and its dimensions – 1.3*0.55*1.1 m.

With a powerful engine you can process heavy soils, including virgin countries. Due to the fact that 900 MQ 7 PS weapons can be installed on the wheels of the engine unit of the KHOPER, the performance of thick floors increases significantly. The engine power, combined with weighting agents, delivers the tracts with a large traction, which is very important when working with hinge and followed up devices.

The 900 MQ model contains many positive reviews of the owners. The plus points of this technology include:

  • Small fuel consumption
  • Hig h-performance
  • Long life
  • Aggregation with different attachments
  • Large pneumatic bikes
  • The small size is convenient for transport
  • Motor protection and operator of airstones
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There are no obvious disadvantages of the 900 meter motorcycle block. Some owners are assigned the costs for the servic e-an oil of high quality is required for a fou r-stedic engine, which is expensive, but its consumption is low.

Motoblocks of this brand have a hig h-quality assembly and most of the breakdowns result from the violation of the operating rules. Among them you can highlight the race that should be carried out as follows:

  • Be sure to check the oil level at the first start
  • The engine should work for a few minutes while idling
  • The first hour of work takes place at minimal speed
  • The next 7 hours to avoid high loads (plow etc.)
  • Change the oil after running

All of these measures are necessary to configure the operation of the engine, running and gearbox. By playing you can extend the service life of the equipment.

Hooper 1000U 7b

This version is equipped with a petrol engine of four stroke, the performance of which is 7 liters. With. The tractor of the walk behavior is designed in such a way that the area is processed up to 1 ha.

A mechanical type of gearbox is installed here: 3 front speeds and 1-rear, which helps to cope with the back of the hand in hard places.

The rotation mechanism on the steering wheel helps the driver to maneuver easily. A relief step is installed on the wheels, which facilitates work in off-road conditions. Wide wings additionally protect the PSU and a driver from dust and clumps of dirt.

Petrol model

Here you can also adjust the depth of soil processing, which will help increase the functionality of the technique.

Thanks to user reviews, the following advantages and disadvantages of this model of walk behavior tract can be distinguished:

  • Sparing fuel consumption;
  • powerful engine;
  • comfortable steering;
  • The ability to work with heavy loads is not provided.

Khoper 1050s

Technical characteristics of the 1050c model:

The configuration includes operating instructions that contain all the rules for handling these technical and safety measures that must be observed during work.

Mult i-purpose model

Such a tractor for walks can be used to solve the following problems:

  • a grass grass or other small vegetation;
  • transport of goods;
  • fragmentation of feed;
  • Carrying out joint work on cleaning the territory from garbage and snow;
  • pump water.

You can additionally attach a brush, shovel-liner, rotary-type shovel, rotary-type shovel to the walk-on tractor.

Khoper 1100 9ds

Khoper 1100 9ds is equipped with a Lifan 177F diesel engine. This model of the walk behavior tract is used for work on construction and garden platforms. Among the advantages one can note low fuel consumption and reduced noise level during work.

Lifan engine model

The engine has a fuel valve that blocks diesel fuel. This helps protect the equipment during transport.

The sleeve installed in the cast iron Walk behavior box extends the life of the unit.

engine Lifan 177f with a system of air cooling
Number of front-line programs 2
reversal 1
Turning back Да
The volume of the fuel tank, l 3,5
perfomance 9 l. With.
The number of cylinders 1
Torque, Nm 13.6
coupling Belt
compression ratio 8
mass, kg 78

On the market there is a variant of an engine block with a gasoline engine. The device, working on gasoline, has a larger volume of fuel tank (6 l) and low cost.

Hoper MT-100e

The Hope MT unit is characterized by large dimensions, which makes it look more like a mini-tractor. It installed an engine system R-180 with a water-cooled water system. The engine works with a diesel engine, the consumption of which is from 1.6 to 9 l/h.

Motoblock Weima WM1100. Overview of changes, properties, reviews

The design and reinforced type body allow to work with wet and loose soil, as well as in a large area. With the constrained design, you can simplify the curves in areas with complex geometry.

Heavy handmade tractor

Such a model of a walk has a number of advantages, including:

  1. The presence of headlights, which makes it possible to work in the evening and at night.
  2. Manual launch or by an electric steamer.
  3. The entire control panel is in one handle.
  4. profiles on wheels.
  5. Six speed gearbox.
  6. Rea r-I n-Laut is installed.
  7. The kit includes grinders.
  8. Power – 7 l. With.
  9. The width of acquisition and depth of soil processing is 75 and 30 cm.

Unmounted equipment

The following attachment devices can be attached to the Motorlog Hoper:

  • milling. It is used to loosen medium and dense soils and remove weeds by moving them on itself. Such additional equipment allows you to speed up the process of soil processing.
  • Team. It is necessary to increase the mass of the technique used and improve traction characteristics.
  • Plow. It is used when plowing, sowing, planting and digging root crops, a grass treasure and other unwanted vegetation on the site.
  • Adapter. It is necessary for the convenience of the user so that you can turn a han d-led tractor a min i-tractor.
  • Snow mill. Developed for cleaning freshly fallen or not yet compressed snow in the courtyard, in front of the house. It will help to clear the way for pedestrians and the passage of the car.
  • Grouser. This additional equipment helps to increase the mass of the equipment and to improve the grip of the handled tractor.
  • Mower. Helps get rid of grass, small shrubs, etc.
  • Follower. It is intended for the transport of agricultural, construction and other loads.

Owner reviews

Vladimir, 52 years, Murmansk: “I bought Khoper 2012, the device works perfectly, without complaints. I can determine the high processing quality and good maneuverability. This is a reliable han d-led tractor, I recommend it.

Yuri, 37 years old, Astrachan: “I bought a model 1100 9ds for agricultural work. It was only repaired once for 2 years of operation, there were problems with the pulley. This is a fairly powerful unit that is worth your money.

Viktor, 47 years, Moscow: “I’ve been using Khoper for 3 years now. This is a compact, small technique, so I recommend buying symptoms immediately. In the beginning there were problems with the clutch, but it repaired in time, now everything works without failures.

Taras, 39 years old, Volgograd: “I bought Khoper for the use in a summer house. The device copes with all agricultural tasks. I have been using it for 3 years before I have repaired it.

Anatoly, 41 years old, Taganrog: “I bought a unit for processing virgin soil, but Khoper turned out to be easy to carry out such work, so I had to buy additional weights. I can find that the engine that starts well works properly. “

Prices and analogues

The costs of the Khoper Motoblock models:

900 MQ From 26 thousand rubles
1000u 7b From 30 thousand rubles
1050c From 26 thousand rubles
1100 9ds From 43 thousand rubles
MT-100e From 27 thousand rubles

Among the analogues you can highlight the OKA MB-1MM10 and UGRA NMB-1N7 units. These models of handled tractors have similar properties, but differ in the costs.

Which model of the hand-led Hopper tractor did you use? What did you like about working with this device?

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