Overview of lawnmowers, trimmer and Procraft lawnmowers. reviews

Overview of lawnmowers, trimmer and Procraft lawnmowers. reviews

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Overview of lawnmowers, trimmers and procraft lawnmowers

This company is based in Germany, but the assembly and production of its tools takes place directly in China. This is done to reduce production costs due to cheap workers and spare parts. The attitude of many of our citizens towards Chinese technology leaves a lot to be desired, since this is often the case, which is not the case with Procraft trimmer and lawnmower, since the product quality is checked in every phase of production German pedantry and accuracy.

Conveyor technology

ProCraft offers a number of your machines to satisfy every customer. Let’s look at the most popular and sough t-after models of lawnmowers from a German manufacturer.

Top Procraft models

All of Procraft devices are intended for professional use, but the question of which trimmer or lawn mower is the best cannot be answered. After all, everyone has their own needs. Based on the number of sales, the powerful T-4200 and T-5600 are the most popular among buyers.

Benzocosa Procraft T-4200 Benzocosa Procraft T-5600

You can work for a long time without interruption and cut bushes up to a diameter of 5 cm, which makes you ideal helpers for private and municipal use.

Petrol trimmer

To keep small parking or garden areas in order, you can safely use Pro-Kraft brand. They are characterized by comfortable rubberized handles and the presence of a primer for pumping fuel.

Trimmer angle line

The length of the shoulder strap of the lawn mower can be easily adapted to the respective body size of the operator.

ProCraft trimmer and lawnmowers are cooled by the air flow.

When working with young vegetation, a fishing line is used that turns into a knife if necessary to cut young trees or shrubs with a diameter of up to 2 cm.

Procraft T-4200

This lawnmower has a 2-stroke petrol engine with 5.7 hp. The largest diameter of the thread is 2.5 mm, which is sufficient to cut most weeds and other undesirable plants.

Benzokos Procraft T-4200

The pro force T4200 Motokosa is delivered with a fishing line, a knife, a cutter and a shoulder strap.

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Procraft T-4350

This lawn mower weighs 5.5 kg and has a tw o-stroke engine with an output of 5.8 hp. The fuel tank has a volume of 1.2 liters. The engine can develop up to 9000 rpm. A bar that cannot be folded up is installed here.

Benzokos Procraft T-4350

Procraft T-5600

This lawnmower has a 4-stroke engine with 7.6 hp. A comfortable bike handle with rubberized handles makes it easier to control the course control of the lawnmower.

Benzokos Procraft T-5600

The cutting width can be set in the desired area: 415, 254 or 230 mm.

Electrical trimmer

Procraft GT-20000

This is the first electrical trimmer that is operated via a power grid. Its engine power is 2.0 kW (2.72 hp).

Trimmer Procraft GT-20000

He has a D-shaped handle with which you can operate the electric trimmer with one hand. The main advantage of this model is the low noise level.

Procraft GT-2100

This is a more powerful model of electrocos. It has an engine with an output of 2.1 kW. The highes t-developed rotary speed is 11,000 revolutions per minute.

Trimmer Procraft GT-2100

The width of the mowing is 23 or 38 cm.

Brochure GT-2300

This is the most powerful model for motorcycles in the model area of ​​prospectives. Its strength is 2.3 kW. The largest diameter of the thread used is 2 mm.

Trimmer Procraft GT-2300

With a telescopic handle you can control a machine without shoulder strap. The length of the steering rod electrics of the recruiting 2300 can be adapted to the specific growth of the operator.

mowing machine

If it is necessary to take care of the area of ​​a larger area, the trimmers do not help, because when working with them there is a quick tiredness in your hands and shoulders due to belt equipment. In such situations it is recommended to use lawnmowers.

Ercrect does not offer petrol models, but there are two electrical ones.

They differ in a lower level of exclusion of harmful substances in atmospheric air, reduced noise and vibrations.

Brochure NM-1800

This model of an electric lawnmower has a 3 5-liter grass collector. It is made of soft fabric so that it is slightly removed and cleaned. The height of the mowing is defined in 3 positions: 25, 40 and 55 mm.

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Lawn mower of prospectus stalls NM-1800

The detection width is set and is 320 mm. The power of the engine in this machine is 1.8 kW.

Brochure NM-2100

The height of the diagonal of this electrical lawnmower can be defined in 5 positions: from 20 to 65 mm. The width of a time recording is 38 cm.

Lawn mower from Prokess NM-2100

The blades are made of hig h-quality hardened steel that can withstand intensive loads.

User Guide

Technical service

The percentage technology is designed for longer operation. However, in order to maintain it in the work state, the condition must be monitored and maintenance must be carried out regularly.

At the end of all work, it is necessary to clean the trimmer or the lawn mower from the residues of dirt and dust.

Depending on the type of engine, you should select the appropriate engine oil. The SAE 4T classification should be used for 4-bed engines, and for two bars.

Proper preparation of the fuel mixture

In order to prepare the fuel mixture for trimmer, gasoline and engine oil must be mixed in a ratio of 1:25. Fuel should be used with high octane, AI 92 or AI 95 brands.

Rules for the use of electrical trimmers

Electrical lawnmowers did not occur relatively long ago, and many potential buyers are afraid of reliability and use r-friendliness.

The release of the cabin of the lawn mower

The only nuance is an electrical cable that should always be behind the device during operation. Before starting the work, it is necessary to ensure that the cable and its isolation are required. The adhesion to the electrical network makes the area of ​​application somewhat limited, but on the other hand, they are more economical. Therefore, most owners of electrical lawns and trimmers are satisfied.

First start

Before you start working on the gas troops and lawn mowers, the instructions for the operation must be examined and the nuances of the treatment of the device must understand.

Before the first start, gasoline and oil must be poured into the corresponding compartments (or prepare the fuel mixture).

The operating instructions do not recommend starting work on machines with test specimens. It is necessary to carefully grease the car and work overall. Let it work without a load in the first 2-3 hours.

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The main disorders and their elimination

If the engine doesn’t start:

  • There is no fuel in the tank (inspect and, if necessary, share);
  • The switch is located in the off position (transfer it to the setting);
  • Excess fuel (drain excess);
  • Malfunction of the ignition system (convince the performance of the starting system);
  • Improper proportion of the fuel mixture or the votes of the carburetor;
  • Other motor class function (contact the service center).

When the engine unstable curves, stands or hardly begins:

  • Low fuel quality (replace them);
  • Funeral malfunction (carry out the setting of the fuel mixture);
  • Fuel or air filter is closed (cleaning);
  • Improper interelectric clearance (behavioral adjustment);
  • Back up of soot (replace the candle);
  • Electrical wiring misalignment (contact the dealer).

Video review

Review of PROCRAFT T4200 petrol motorcycles

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Overview of the Benzokos ProCraft T5600

Reviews of the Benzokos owners

Here are some opinions that were collected from the thematic forums about the experience of using trimmers and lawnmowers of the Oxtu:


“I bought my Benzo coat of the outfit about 3 months ago. He worked on it several times. The engine has a sufficient performance to deal with vegetation of height and diameter. Sometimes it is even too big and the fishing line breaks. Therefore, I only use hig h-quality fishing that breaks less frequently. The land manufacturer is Germany that already speaks of the high quality of the components. Nowhere has nothing broken, does not hang around, does not creak and does not have Phonon. It is very simply disassembled and becomes compact. You can even transport a bike. “


“The benzocos are excellent. It is easy to work in hard areas such as near the fence, the walls, shrubs, trees and pedestrian paths. Power is sufficient with a lead during every work. The delivery set not only includes the fishing line, but also two knives: one for three blades and the other for eight. The benzoco gear is made of hig h-quality steel and can withstand intensive loads. He worked on it for more than 5 hours without stopping raspberries, Rosemien and other bushes in a very overgrown area. He mainly worked as a fishing, put only a knife in which the shrub had more than 1 cm diameter. “

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Reviews by Trimmer Procraft T4350

Trimmer ProCraft T4350 ratings can be familiar. The ProCraft T4350 trimmer has many negative and positive reviews of the owners.

The bleaching agent of the teeth is at home

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– 5, Annyas G.

Professionals: I recently bought a cottage and the question was to buy a trimmer. For the weekend he took from work that Patriot mowed well, but he cannot be compared with about craft. In the first half hour I thought that I would be wrong with the choice, but then it mowed it wonderful. I am very happy.
Minus: For no
Review: The good ones

– 5, Rafael A.

Professionals: Quality quality, equipment,
Minus: I haven’t revealed yet.
Review: A good powerful trimmer.

– 1, bs.wave

Professionals: no
Minus: I came without an entire bar, wrote an objection

– 5, Nika V.

Professionals: The device is what you need! It’s powerful, comfortable!

– 5, hidden data

Professionals: Powerful
Minus: Unmistaked

-2, cool-alexvol

Professionals: Only power.
Minus: The carburetor is not stopped in the factory. The assembly as a designer, since the bar and everything else only gather with the engine on the housing. After a short lifespan, it failed. They condemned the Piston group and the rings, although it was not really mowed at all, and on recommendation everything was done from the first start to the current start. The system has never exceeded running and is not known or not or not.
Review: It is better to buy expensive, but of high quality. Not very satisfied. Let us see the result of the examination
Last cleaning - overview of the work in the late autumn house garden

– 5, Sergey.

Professionals: Productive and economic trimmer. I mowed grass 30 acres in 3-4 hours for hay, spent 4 liters of the mix. The delivery rate contains 4 nozzles. Practical speed control regulator on the handle.
Minus: The handle is poorly determined

– 5, Alexey Maksimov

Professionals: Good trimer. I am happy

– 4, dmitry petunine

Review: I liked the device. There are defects, there were no two screws with nuts, and the measured container is defective with the hole in the case

– 1, Oleg

Professionals: I never felt the trimer.
Review: This Yandex market is even susceptible. I ordered a trimer with payment, waited for a week and asked for work early. And I get a notification from you that something was not abolished with my order. I bought a lot of things here, I was always pleased. But that’s already full pigs on their side. It should have been a gift from me to good people, they just threw me and smeared me. I will not order anything here.

– 5, Aleksey Garrugew

Professionals: Strength, convenience, gas fixation
Minus: I have not yet found
Review: I advise everyone who is mower, but since the load is distributed over 2 shoulders to extinguish it, it is easier than simple.

Trimmer ProCraft T4350 Reviews:

Would you like to buy a ProCraft T4350 trimmer? Read the reviews written by visitors to the website. The management of the website has no vision for the possibly strict content of the reviews via the Procraft T4350 trimmer.

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