Overview of lawnmowers, lawnmowers and trimmer of the ECO brand

Overview of lawnmowers, lawnmowers and trimmer of the ECO brand

Overview of lawnmowers, lawnmowers and trimmer of the ECO brand

Eco is a young brand that was founded in 2007. As part of the ECO Group Group, the company has a wide profile in production and offers the consumer a wide variety of construction products. Under the variety of the range, heating and air conditioners as well as welding equipment, compressors, lawnmowers, lawnmowers and other garden tools are differentiated.

ÖKO technology

The company has Italian roots, but over time, all industrial plants have been moved to China to reduce product costs. It should be noted that the management has not lost control of the quality of the goods and mult i-stage controls enable defects to recognize defects before they are sent to the dealer network. Production uses modern devices with which you can adhere to all quality standards.

The company’s products are exported and successfully sold to many countries in the world, since consumers have got used to the quality and comfort of the work with products from the ECO brand over the years.

In order to go over time, the company maintains its own design and research departments that take care of the generation of new ideas and their implementation. All requirements on the comfortable and secure operation of all devices manufactured in ECO workshops are taken into account.

Model palette of lawn mowers

The range of ECO petrol lawn mowers is not very large, but the models have good technical properties that enable them to effectively cope with the task.

Petrol engine ECO 159 CC Elektromotor ECO 2.5

The company offers a selection of gasoline and electric models that are designed for the needs of consumers. Powerful engines enable you to manage a large area in a few hours without getting tired during operation.

Petrol models

Lawn mower are presented in the form of sel f-driving units that are designed for mowing grass on large areas of up to 20 acres. The dimensions of the devices enable you to successfully maneuver between trees, flower beds and other obstacles.

Öko-LG-532 lawnmower

Popular petrol models:

  • Self-driving lawnmower ECO LG-632;
  • Self-driving lawnmower ECO LG-532;
  • Self-driving lawnmower ECO LG-4635 BS;
  • Lawn mower ECO LG-4640 BS;
  • Lawn mower ECO LG-5360 BS.

The mowing width is 46 to 51 cm, which enables quick and efficient processing of the construction site. Thanks to a large fuel tank, the owner can work for a long time. Lawn mower have spacious tanks for mowed grass that can be mulched on request. The tank full display shows when the tank is full. The cutting height of the grass is adjustable so that you can choose the desired value yourself. The setting button is on the body and does not require any effort to switch.

Lawn mower ECO LG-632 lawn mower ECO LG-5360 BS

The handles are adjustable in length and can thus be adapted to the individual preferences of the owner. The front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels. This ratio increases the maneuverability and stability of the unit on the ground. The metal housing perfectly protects the power supply from mechanical damage.

How can you plant trees and shrubs with bare roots?

Electric Models

An excellent and economical alternative to petrol models are electric units, which also perform personal mowing and have economical energy consumption. 5 mowing height regulation modes allow you to create an indescribable design on the site.

Eco LE-3213 Bass Bay Eco LE-3816 ECO LM 3817 M LM 3817

The small size of the units increases the ability to maneuver between obstacles, which will be very useful when there is a landscape design.

Popular models of an electric series:

  • Self-propelled lawn mower Eco LM 3817 m;
  • Eco LE-3816 lawn mower;
  • Eco LE-3212 lawn mower;
  • Eco LE-3213 lawn mower.

Having bought such a mower, you get rid of the need to breathe with toxic gases. It is not necessary to carry out maintenance as a gasoline model, since all actions are reduced to cleaning the cutting part of the grass sticking.

Thanks to the power supply of the network of alternating current, the time of work with the lawn mower is almost unlimited, but it is recommended to take breaks to prevent the engine from overheating.

The only thing you need to follow is the availability of sockets with an electrical network. In various technical characteristics, you can choose the most convenient and suitable lawn mower for the needs. A strong plastic case is resistant to mechanical damage.

Model for motorcycle and trimmer

No less popular than legislators are used by gasoline motorcycles and trimmers, which are also intended for mowing grass. Unlike large and impressive lawn mowers, trimmers are more effective, as they allow you to pull out the grass on the slopes and inaccessible places. For example between bushes, flower beds or trees. Distinguish between petrol and electric models.

Trimmer Eco GTP-185H Trimmer Eco GTP 187f

Top models can be determined by consumer needs, which is due to various indicators such as engine power, fuel consumption and the dimensions of the device. ECO GTP-185H and ECO GTP 187F trimmers are the most popular, which have an engine power of 2.5 hp. and equipped with a light start system.

petrol cutter

The use of a petrol trimmer offers the owner special privileges, namely freedom of movement and independence from power sources. The power of the engines varies in the units, allowing the owner to choose for himself an acceptable device in terms of technical characteristics.

Eco GTP-90H Trimmer Eco GTP-145f Motoko’s Eco GTP-185C

Convenience of operation is achieved through the use of a shoulder strap and a comfortable bicycle handle. A little motorcycling is also beneficial as the operator does not get tired during operation.

Popular models of petrol cutters:

  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-143F;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP 145F;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP 145c;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-183F;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-189f;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP 185f;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP 187f;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-185C;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-90H;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-145H;
  • Motoko’s Eco GTP-185H.
Benzokos Huter GGT 2500S. Review, characteristics, reviews

In some models there is a quick start system, which makes it easier to start manually and does not require additional efforts.

All benzocos are air-cooled, so you don’t have to worry about the engine overheating.

Depending on the complexity of the alleged work, you can cut both a roll with a fishing line and knives to mow a bush and thick growth of tall grass.

Electric trimmers

The use of electric trimmers is advisable when there is free access to the AC network. An environmentally friendly model with no harmful exhaust gases will also effectively dig up all the grass on the site, as well as petrol units.

Trimmer Eco GT-805 l

It should be noted that electrocos are much simpler than gasoline analogues, since the device does not require a fuel tank and, accordingly, a gasoline mixture. Therefore, such models prefer women.

Popular models of electric trimmers:

  • Trimmer Eco GT-905 LT;
  • Trimmer Eco GT-805 L

The handle in the form of a D-shape shape is made in this way to facilitate the operator with a handle. The spit offers protection against overload and pulling a fork from a socket. To make work easier, the mower can be hung on a single belt. The width of mowing the trimmers is about 35 cm.

User Guide

The maximum operating temperature is 40°C and the humidity should not exceed 95%. Gasoline cutters use a fuel mixture that is 1 part oil to 40 parts gasoline. Oil may only be taken for 2-stroke engines. Accordingly, it is advisable not to change the ratio.

Important! Do not use water-cooled oils.

Refueling is carried out only in a ventilated room and after the engine has completely cooled down. Gasoline is used clean with a minimum octane rating of 92. The container comes in the kit where mixing is required.

First start, runnin g-in

In order to extend the life of a gasoline engine, it is necessary to perform running. The event does not take much time, but the need for its implementation is not in doubt, since all the details are rubbed to each other and calibrate the gap in work. Running is done within 5 hours and incomplete speeds.

The manufacturer recommends using L8RTC /Torch spark plugs. The candle should be equipped with the correct clearance (0.60-0.70 mm) and without carbon.

Important! When motorcycles are first introduced, it may be necessary to perform several movements in order for the fuel to enter the engine and make it land.

The runnin g-in consists of the following actions:
  • Turn on the motorcycle for incomplete power.
  • After 30 minutes, the work should be completed by a 10-minute break to prevent the motor from overheating.
  • After 2 hours of operation, it is necessary to check the reliability of all fasteners and make sure that there are no leaks.

The main disorders and methods of elimination

The main malfunctions of the lawn mower:

  • The engine stalls or starts poorly. It is necessary to clean or replace the air filter.
  • The engine works, but does not gain momentum. It is necessary to clean the electrodes of the candle, dry the candle and, if necessary, replace it.
  • If the engine does not start, you need to contact the service.
Garden tractors stiga park - how can you use them effectively?

Technical service

Preservation of motorcycles for the winter period:

  • Before conservation, you must discharge all fuel.
  • Place a benzoco on a flat surface, warm up the engine and stop it;
  • Open the tank cover and drain the fuel into a prepared container.
  • To fully pump the fuel, squeeze the primer of the pump.
  • Rotate the tank cover.

video ratings

Overview of the petrol trimmer/moto r-Coat Eco GTP 187f

Assembly of Eco GTP Trimmer assembly 185c

Reviews of the owners


“The Motokosa ECO GTP 145C fully justifies the money spent. Bought 2 years ago and no problems with it. Initially, the consumption of the fuel mixture was high, but then I increased the speed and the efficiency increased, and the consumption decreased. The disadvantages include an uncomfortable belt. When you work hard, your back starts to hurt.”


“The power of the Sense ECO GTP 185F is sufficient to mow even small trees, as long as a blade is used. During operation, the bracket holding the connection between the handle and the bar broke. I had to come up with something myself. The candle that came with the kit didn’t last long so I had to replace it with a Bosch after 3 refills.

Echo lawnmowers: an overview of the model range

Buying a lawn mower or trimmer is an important step in creating a beautiful, manicured piece of land or lawn. Depending on a person’s needs, you need to choose the right lawnmower model: not too powerful, but not too expensive. Below you will find the best lawnmowers and trimmers from the well-known Echo brand, specializing in agricultural equipment, with detailed characteristics.


In 1947, a company appeared on the market that began manufacturing equipment for agriculture. The first products were well-known sprayers used for pest control. This product became a hit as the company produced several innovative sprayer models with innovations that amazed farmers.

By 1960, the company produced the first shoulder brush cutter, which gave the company impetus on its way to dominating the market.

The preparation

The company is diversified and offers the user to decide for himself how much money he wants to spend on a lawnmower: in the shop you will find both budget options and high-quality, powerful lawnmowers. Below are several options, the first of which is the cheapest, the second is the middle link, and the third is the expensive model with the best performance.

Benzokosa Echo GT-22GES

Benzokosa Echo GT-22GES – household lawn care. With a low price, the trimmer 22GES is in no hurry to disappoint its owner with low build-up or mowing rates – even in the budget version, the workmanship is top. A simple, ergonomic design combined with an easy-start technology allows even a girl or an elderly person to work with the device. As for the technical part, we can say about the good build quality. Digital ignition, a semi-automatic mowing head and a curved Japanese blade shaft do everything to make the job comfortable and productive.

Overview of the Caiman Vario 70S plow TWK + single-axle tractor. Specifications, reviews

Main features:

  • Fuel tank displacement – 0.44 l;
  • weight – 4.5 kg;
  • power – 0.67 kW;
  • Fuel consumption – 0.62 kg / hour.

Motokosa Echo SRM-265TES

The main benefit of the mid-range 265TES is its bevel gear technology. With High Torque you can increase cutting torque by more than 25% and reduce fuel consumption during operation. The model belongs to the class of commercial lawn mowers because it can mow large areas without any problems. A quick launch system is also present so you don’t have to suffer when launching the tool.


  • Fuel tank displacement – 0.5 l;
  • weight – 6.1 kg;
  • power – 0.89 kW;
  • fuel consumption – 0.6 l / h;

Brushcutter Echo CLS-5800

This is the most expensive, but also the most powerful device. It is an advanced trimmer. In addition to the trimmer, it is also a bush, and even small trees can cut off. The area of ​​the mowing location is not limited, so the CLS-5800 model is a professional unit for long work. Protection against accidental pressures on the trigger is produced in the form of a stupor, which prevents pressing. A thre e-point rain belt gives the user a uniform load on the upper body and shoulders.

The vibration suppression system is also pleased: thanks to four rubber buffers, the vibration is almost impossible during operation.

Main features:

  • Fuel tank is 0.75 liters;
  • The weight of the unit is 10.2 kg;
  • Power – 2.42 kW;
  • Fuel consumption – 1.77 kg/h.

The difference between the legislator and the trimmer is that the lawn mower is equipped with two or four wheels, which means that they can mow the right amount of grass quickly and without loading on the shoulders, and then quickly the wheel shimmer to its place. The list shown below describes three models. It is worth adding that cheap devices often differ from the older colleagues.

Echo WT-190

The fou r-stroke engine enables the lawnmow to carry out the work quickly and combine large volumes of the locations in a few minutes. The model has an intuitive, understandable control, ergonomic performance of a handle with a rubberized use for anti-slip. The WT-190 does not take up a lot of space during the memory, and a great weight will not be felt at all during operation.

Main features:

  • Weight is 34 kg;
  • Body material – steel;
  • The engine is started manually;
  • The width of the grass protection is 61 cm;
  • The nominal performance value is 6.5 liters. With.

Echo hwxb

The model has some differences compared to a more expensive option. For example, it differs in less weight and engine power. The device is equipped with a comfortable fuel filling system, so that you don’t have to recharge your fuel for a long time.

Motoblock Zubr PS-Q70. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Main features:

  • Weight – 35 kg;
  • Body material – steel;
  • The engine is carried out manually;
  • The width of the grass protection is 61 cm;
  • The nominal performance value is 6 liters. With.

Echo bear cat HwTB

The model is good with bumps and with slopes and small foils. With a lack of free space, there are no problems with a curve: a comfortable design enables you to quickly expand the Mitch in the desired direction. The case can bend in three different provisions for comfortable operation. The wheels of a petrol mesh are equipped with ball bearings, and replacing the cutting tool does not take longer than 5 minutes. The device is made in convenience and strength at a high level.

Main features:

  • The weight of the unit is 40 kg;
  • Body material – steel;
  • The engine is started manually;
  • The width of the grass protection is 61 cm;
  • The nominal performance value is 6 liters. With.


For each model, the instructions for the operation of devices and precautionary measures are their own. For this reason, general provisions are presented that relate to all Echo devices.

  • The operator must have safety glasses and shoes with hard toes and long pants. If devices are used for a long time, it is also recommended to use Belons or headphones that stomach the sound.
  • The operator should be sober and feel good.
  • Before you start with a motorcycle, you have to examine the main parts of the equipment. During a visual inspection, the fuel tank and all components of the engine should be in good condition: the fuel should not flow out of the tank and spare parts should work properly.
  • Work can only be carried out in the open space with good, bright lighting.
  • It is not allowed to run in a dangerous area during the equipment. The dangerous zone is described as a zone within a radius of 15 m from the unit.

The choice of oil

It is not recommended to choose oil for the device regardless of the device. In order to maintain the guarantee and maintenance of the mechanisms, you must use the oil that is specified in the technical documentation of motorcycles or lawn mowers. As an oil, the company recommends wel l-known brands. It is noteworthy that the oil should not contain a lead with an octane number that differs from the declared value. The ratio of gasoline and oil in the production of the fuel mixture should be 50: 1.

The company has been producing oil for its products for a long time under its own brand, which simplifies working with the tool because they cannot search for a suitable option, but can buy a company product from the same manufacturer.

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