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Trimmer Parma reviews

Trimmer Parma customer reviews, advantages and disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages

Trimmer Parma TK-1250R reviews

Alexander O. ★★★★AVER: Performance, Comfort Disadvantages: Staming coupling Comment: After a short selection, we bought an electrical one again. Yes, petrol engines are good, but a similar petrol engine costs at least three to four times more. And to get the normal appearance of the lawn, you also need a bike mower. The engine power is usually the weak point of electric trimmer. And in the event of overload, i.e. with intensive use in the high grass, overheat and aging the engines. This mower has a lot of engine power. Either we learned to mow or the overheating problem is really solved. But in any case, the engine practically does not “close”, that is, it almost does not lose speed under load. Let’s just say the belt. Can be worn over the shoulder or diagonally. We should try to find and compare old straps from large restaurants. The charm of a separate handle is something that we have not yet recognized, but it seems to be flimsy. This means that the “horns” for which they hold the braid are separated and connected in the middle. The vibration is low and actually only comes from the imbalance of the fishing line or the knife. Nevertheless, it is better to switch your finger on the button from indexing to middle finger. The defense is good, but glasses are a must anyway. The only serious disadvantage – the rotary level moves when the protective cover touches the ground. It turned out that the connection of the main stick in the middle was made extremely inaccurate. At least one locking button is missing there and the bar can rotate along the axis. “Edit with a file after assembly.” You have to do that yourself. A functioning tool. It makes no sense to lay a fishing line thinner than 2 mm. Unless you have to tell me. The role itself seems to be normal, but when the fishing line is replaced, assembling is a real torture. The spring with the washers falls out, does not rest down due to clogged grass. Since the coil is also a component, a normal coil must be bought by another company. Bracket – M10 with left thread. We haven’t tried a thick 3 mm fishing line yet, but that’s the best option. Normal knife – asterisks mowed high grass well. With a thick knife with a thickness of 3.5 mm, an inadequate rigidity of the structure can be felt and it is possible to break the entire transmission on a stone. But also shrubs and trees up to 2 cm cut well

Andrey Serbin ★★ Pros: Price, performance, possibility of cutting Cons: Quality of workmanship Comments: Bought to nip raspberries and plums in the bud, so to speak. Putting it together was no problem, all the spares were there + a knife disc bought for the occasion and I put it in place. The first impression is that this is a serious unit, but it still needs adjustment, and ambush #1 begins – during normal assembly, the knife’s protective sheath turns out to be contaminated by 15-17 degrees the plane of the knife. What to do? under the right fastening screw, between the housing and the fastening strap I put 2 washers of 1.5 mm each, roughly aligned uff! Shoulder strap, I decided that it would be more comfortable over my head, with my 176 it turned out at the top of the belt, for those who are taller you need to think how. I was happy with the pants in the back of the motor, two wires, first an extension cord, then a braid, nothing falls out during the robot. Raised, let’s go: the beast! and suddenly the engine shoots, but the disk does not rotate! Turn the assembly into the hands of the launcher, it works, and again the bang disc and motor live their own lives, and you’re on his side. We take off the dishes and begin to understand. I disconnect the rod and catch the lower drive shaft, maybe it’s necessary so that it falls out freely ?! It looks like it should work, but in reality it doesn’t. I remove the gearbox from the rod and the head of the rivet that attaches the guard mounting shackle falls into my hand! I collect everything in place … and it turns out that without this head all the fasteners are shifted by 4 mm! If you leave it like that in the connection of the rod, the slots pop off and “shoot” again so that the screws are in the spare kit, I assemble it like this, on tension, it finally worked! Now it’s up to you, take the size and unscrew a regular clamp to connect the rods and the inner sleeve, so you don’t make an accordion out of these rods, by the way, it’s too thin on the left handle In the fold, the aluminum was from burst the nose, I’ll find a shrink tube, I’ll close it so that it is not visible and not scratched It seems that the Chinese do not assemble this unit according to the drawings, but pinned and drilled in place, hence all the crap in the bars Conclusion: I brought it to slaughter, when buying for leisurely work, it is better to pay extra for the brand, at least “collective” is not necessary. Buy at a discount

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Trimmer Parma TK-1200RM reviews

Compare prices for Trimmer Parma

Lyubov V.L. ★★★★ Pros: Power, acceptable weight for a woman Comments: Bought because Elitech ET 1000 was repaired. Those who write in the comments that it is too noisy – strong vibrations – it is difficult to hold the button, etc. You need to level the lawn and buy a self-propelled mower. Well, or get a gardener, depending on what you can afford.At Parma, the knife mows very well, coping neatly with grass, thick-stemmed weeds and small shrubs. A couple of times I collided with stones (you can’t see it in the grass), the knife squeaked, but kept working. The line is excellent overall. During the entire period of operation (2 hectares in 3 hours with breaks for collecting grass), the gearbox slightly warmed up, after some time of operation the vibration is felt more (let’s write it off as fatigue).

Valery S. ★ CL E-Rating: The engine is not heated even after a long work. The gearbox heats up slightly (40-45 degrees). Not hard. It works with a 3-4mm fishing line without any problems. There is no caliber error 1700. Oscillation results from different lengths of fishing line. Perhaps the best electrifier, but there are small things that need to be changed. Cons: 1. The COOHA is attached to the pole with an aluminum rivet that falls off after five minutes of work. The problem is solved by tightening the clamp through a thin rubber gasket. 2. Cutting the fishing line on the case turned out to be of the unknown material to the outside of steel, dents and azabrina located from the fishing line. 3. The elastic button to turn on a finger. With a mowing of 2-3 mornings, a finger begins to hurt. I had to twist to fix the lever on the button of all fingers. 4. The left handle is the same length as the right one, although for a small difference in price (10-20 rubles) it is possible and more authentic, which will significantly improve the comfort of the mower. 5. The Chinese trimmer head is weak, the corps moved with the fishing line in several places. Comment: If you eliminate these shortcomings, the trimmer is excellent. Buy a discount

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Trimmer Parma BTK-520 reviews

Serge. P. ★ Cle Dignity: Simplicity and ease of assembly, starts effortlessly, works clearly, does not require additional adjustments. Cons: has not revealed yet. Comment: This is my first experience with such a tool, but very positive. The braid is “beast”, if you use a disk mill, a shrub and small trees, you are already mowing in a rage! Cool. Buy a discount

Review of motorcycle and lawn mowers Parma

ROZETKA | Parma PGT-2000 electric trimmer. price, buy.

The Parma brand was born in Italy in 1980, when the garden and agricultural equipment market was already very competitive. Due to the unsuccessful marketing policy, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy in the mid-1990s. Perhaps everyone would have long forgotten about such a manufacturer as Parma, if the brand had not been bought by Russia’s UraloptinEstrument concern. Today, after acquiring Italian companies, production capacities have been transferred to China, where today trimmers, lawn mowers and other Parma equipment are manufactured.

All brand devices are manufactured on factory equipment under the control of experienced engineers and technologists. Production uses not only Russian and Chinese, but also Japanese components (for example, Walbro carburetors). Parma brand products meet all modern quality and safety requirements, as evidenced by the relevant documents. Note that the manufacturer has a suspended pricing policy: any consumer can purchase a lawn mower according to their financial ability.

Parma motorcycles

In recent decades, devices for mowing grass, shrubs and weeds have gained great popularity. Of course, the greatest demand is observed for portable trimmers (motorcycles). Parma produces many petrol models with different technical characteristics. About the most popular tools of this type should be discussed in more detail.

Parma petrol trimmer

Parma BTK520. One of the most popular models from this manufacturer. The device is powered by a two-cylinder single-cylinder petrol engine. In the basic configuration, the trimmer comes with a disc blade for cutting large weeds and small shrubs. Since the main cutting element is the fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm, which comes with the simple cartridge. Operator safety is ensured with an enlarged housing that reliably protects the user from flying grass and weeds. Quick start of the cold engine is facilitated by the presence of primer.

Hedge trimmers - which should you choose?

Parma BTK330. Another requested model. It is equipped with a gasoline two-stroke engine with a function of forced air cooling with a capacity of 1.4 hp. The maximum spindle speed is 7,600 rpm, which allows you to control not only with herb cover, but also with a small bush. The piston group of the Parma BTK330 Trimmer engine has a chrome spray, which significantly increases its durability. Benzokos is equipped with a comfortable handle on which all controls are placed. In the basic configuration, the Parma BTK330 model comes with a disc blade, fishing line and shoulder strap.

Parma BTK521. The peculiarity of this trimmer lies in the fact that it provides a return strap that offers operator comfort, even with prolonged use of the tool. Motokosa is equipped with a motor with a power of 2 kW. The maximum speed of the spindle is 7,600 revolutions/minute. We also note the presence of a capacious fuel tank (0.95 liters) and a large protective sleeve. An additional advantage of the Parma BTK521 model is the fact that most parts of the piston group have chrome spraying, which significantly increases the engine performance. Quick start of the cold engine is achieved through the use of primer for pumping fuel.

Parma BTK430. Motokos can be used in both personal economy and public utilities. The high speed of spindle rotation (7,600 rpm) allows the user to cope not only with grass and weeds, but also in small bushes, but also with small shrubs. The engine, whose piston group has chrome spraying, is adapted to intensive use. Like the rest of the trimmers of this manufacturer, the Parma BTK430 is equipped with an enlarged protective cover, a V-shaped handle and a QuickStart system, which tightens the start of the engine.

Parma practice BTK052. (Photo) The trimmer is equipped with a single cylinder, two-stroke engine of medium powe r-2 HP with a working volume of 52 cm 3 . The maximum spindle speed is 7,600 revolutions per minute. Such technical characteristics allow you to remove weeds and a small bush from the site to align the grass cover. The comfort and safety of the user are provided by a rope type shoulder strap and a large protective case.

The Parma model BTK052 comes with two types of cutters: a disc knife and fishing line, 2.4mm with a diameter of 2.4mm. Starting a cold engine is made easier by the presence of a QuickStart system. The potential buyer can only be happy that the trimmer pole is made of high-quality, high-quality materials. The manufacturer also took care of the durability of the engine, with all the details sprayed.

Parma practice BTK-033. A modern lawn mower (photo) equipped with an electrical starter and a lithium battery (12 V / 2000 mAh). The aggregate is powered by a 1.2 hp petrol engine, which develops a speed of 7,600 rpm. The trimmer is suitable for mowing weeds, small bushes and for the leveling of the grass blanket on the construction site. For the safety of the operator, a large and durable protective cover is attached to the lawnmower.

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With one battery charge, the operator can carry out up to 120 motor starts. It takes 180 minutes to fully charge the battery, while the battery is designed for 300 cycles: charging / unloading. The battery has no memory effect, its capacity practically does not change over time.

Unpack and make the trimmer Parma ready for operation

  • When buying a tool, make sure that it is complete and in good condition. Ask the seller to run the engine trial. Follow the correct filling out of the guarantee card;
  • Before you continue installing the tool, read the manual carefully, study the assembly order, the operating instructions and the safety regulations;
  • Install the cartridge on the trimmer, make sure that it turns freely and the fishing line does not stop;
  • Check the reliability of the fastening of all parts and assemblies again.
  • After installing the lawnmower, pour the fuel mixture into the tank and make sure that there are no stains.
  • Start the Parma trimmer engine in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;

Fuel mix for lawnmowers Parma

Parma grass mower are equipped with modern single-cylinder-two-tact burning engines with air cooling. The parts of the piston group of such engines are lubricated by the oil added to the fuel. Today, a variety of oils for tw o-stroke engines are sold on the market. Use only hig h-quality oil from trustworthy manufacturers when preparing the fuel mixture.

Important. Under no circumstances should oils for fou r-stroke engines (both diesel and gasoline) be added to the fuel. This leads to premature wear of the piston group parts and engine damage.

To produce the fuel mixture, the manufacturer recommends using AI-92 petrol. Also add different additives to increase the octane number. It is not recommended to use gasoline when producing the fuel mixture, which has been stored for more than 60 days. The procedure for preparing fuel for the Parma trimmer does not require any special skills and knowledge, it can be carried out at home:

Important. Do not mix fuel directly in the trimmer tank.

  • Find a large measuring cup with a volume of one or two liters;
  • Be careful and pour in the required amount of gasoline;
  • With a medical syringe, add oil in an amount of 1/33 (30 grams per 1 liter of petrol), unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. A syringe is required for the exact dosage. After entering it, it is not recommended to change the proportions for the same engine;
  • Stir the fuel thoroughly and pour it into the tank;

To prepare the fuel mixture for the gastrimer, the use of motor oils is recommended:

  • Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T;
  • Stihl HP;
  • Echo Jaso FD with donor;
  • Husqvarna HP;
  • Master Jaso FD

First commissioning and entering Parma lawn mowers

After assembling the lawnmower, you can continue with the first start of the engine. First you have to carry out a few simple manipulations:

  • Remove the spark plug and fill 3-5 grams of two-stroke engine into the cylinder;
  • Gently pull the starter grip toward you without using excessive force. Do the movement 8-10 times. Thanks to this, the parts of the piston group are lubricated, which increases their service life and makes it easier to start the engine;
  • Screw the candle tight;
  • Double check that all parts and assemblies of the Parma lawn mower are securely fastened;
  • Set the throttle to the “closed” position;
  • Pour fuel into the tank and pump fuel into the carburetor with a primer.
  • Set the accelerator switch to the “Start” position;
  • Pull the starter handle toward you until it engages the ratchet, then pull firmly toward you. After “grabbing” the engine, move the throttle stick to the “open” position;
  • Start the engine operating at high speeds. Squeeze and release the throttle trigger, then the engine will idle. At normal idle speed, the trimmer blade attachment should not rotate;

Important. The manufacturer generally advises against idling the engine. Instead, it is necessary to develop 2-3 tank fillings in a gentle mode: without overheating and without overloading the engine. With such an engine run-in, we add not 30, but 35-40 grams of engine oil to the gasoline.

The main malfunctions of Parma lawn mowers / petrol trimmers and how to eliminate them

tool error probable cause Possible solution
Mower motor will not start Fuel mixture missing

Remove the spark plug and use the starter to purge excess fuel from the cylinder

Clean the candle of carbon deposits and scale or replace the part with a new one

Clogged air filter

Video review of Parma lawn mowers

Parma BTK43 – Trimmer Installation and Owner Rating:

Motokosa Parma BTK052:

How to choose the right trimmer:

What they write on the forums: reviews of the owners of the Parma trimmer / lawn mower

Dmitry Zakharchenko, Chernihiv region, 29 years old

Trimmer Parma BTK052 bought six months ago. I assembled the tool myself according to the instruction manual. At first the consumption totally annoyed me, but over time the piston got used to it, the engine became more economical. There have been no problems for six months of operation, the lawn mower is satisfied.

Gennady Volkov, Smolensk region, 47 years old

I have been using the Parma BTK520 petrol trimmer for the third year. The plot is about 8 hectares, lots of raspberries and various shrubs. The scythe takes a bang. Before buying it, I studied the reviews for a long time, and with good reason: the tool met my expectations.

Anatoly Kvyatkovsky, Kyiv region 34 years old

My Parma Praktik BTK052 has been serving me for the fourth year. During the operation, both the advantages and disadvantages of the trimmer were revealed. The engine power is not only sufficient to level the grass cover, but also to remove weeds, small and medium-sized bushes. The engine is not particularly economical, but starts without problems. Often you have to change the cuffs on the gas tank. It is made of a material that is easily destroyed by gasoline. The detail is cheap but uncomfortable.

Advantages: powerful, reliable engine, comfortable handle design, no problems starting the engine;

Disadvantages: consumes a lot of fuel, some parts are made of poor quality materials.

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