Overview of Kamaz 53501: workplace, technical characteristics, main faults

Kamaz 53201

The Kamaz 53201 is a large-size multi-purpose military vehicle. Designed for seasonal use (winter/summer), it is equipped with a passenger or cargo module. The prototype of this model is the famous Kamaz TTX5350. The truck’s platform is equipped with special containers. Years of production: since 2003 up to now. This is one of the most popular models in the domestic auto industry. It comes with an armored cab. Read also: Overview of Kamaz 5320.

It can be used to transport both people and cargo. A massive vehicle with excellent power and handling on the road.

Technical characteristics of the vehicle

A list of the main technical characteristics of the Kamaz 53501:

  • There is a crane unit, excavator unit and beam.
  • frames specifically designed for transportation of heavy loads;
  • The frame length is 5.3 m;
  • There is watertightness from the technical units, the machine can overcome water obstacles to a depth of 1.75 m.
  • Mass of the full military truck is 21 000 kg;
  • Overall dimensions: length – 8,6 m; width – 2,55 m, height – 3,29 m;
  • Maximum weight of the transported cargo – 10,000 kg (carrying capacity);
  • simple and convenient operation;
  • The dashboard has a laconic design, all the gauges are conveniently located.

Parameters of the Kamaz 53501 engine

  • turbocharged diesel;
  • Power 260 hp;
  • 8 cylinders;
  • torque 1400 rpm;
  • fuel consumption 29 liters per 100 kilometers;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 125L + 175L.

Transmission, clutch KAMAZ 53501.

Transmission is mechanical, ten-speed. It is a dry single-plate clutch.

This picture shows the diagram of gearbox for Kamaz 53501:

The driver’s workplace: what does it look like?

Kamaz 53501 cab without a loft is equipped with a sleeper. Features of the cab: panel construction, armor protection. There are two seats: passenger and driver. Classic upholstered seats with fabric upholstery. Flat dash leaves plenty of legroom. Glass with vertical partition (but there are cars without it, depending on the year of manufacture). Good visibility, ventilation and heating. The latest models have a control and diagnostic panel. The display shows malfunctions of the engine (if it happens).

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Given the characteristics of technology (military vehicle), it is impossible not to mention the following options:

  • It is possible to install the “Bears” module with protection class 6 and armor.
  • Seats are arranged along the walls, the capacity of the module – 6 people;
  • There is heating and air conditioning from the modules, there is an intercom;
  • There is a reusable exhaust system. The wagon is suitable not only for transporting people, but also containers with non-degradable bulk materials. See also: Kama z-Saddle o-Tractors.

The cabin has an additional place for storing drinking water. There is noise insulation and dust protection. There is a radio station on the floor. The bed is raised and attached to the rear wall.

Electrics KAMAZ 53501.

Kamaz 53501 wiring diagram is shown in the picture:

What components often fail and need to be replaced?

The main malfunctions and ways to prevent them:

  • Engine does not start (possible cause: lack of fuel, fuel filter not warmed up, clogged air filter; remedy: check fuel and filter condition);
  • Low oil pressure (cause: clogged inlet port; solution: flush inlet port);
  • Coolant temperature higher than normal (cause: cooler core clogged; remedy: cleaning required).

In case of a serious malfunction, contact the service department. Be sure to put the manual at the beginning of the car operation or go through it under the guidance of experienced drivers. Have your vehicle serviced by a service center in a timely manner.

Where can I buy spare parts for Kamaz 53501?

Points of sale of spare parts:

  • official seller;
  • Internet-shop;
  • Automobile markets;
  • Junkyards with spare parts;
  • Spare parts stores for gas stations and service centers. Read also: Overview of Kamaz 4326 technical specifications

Kamaz 53501 Photo Gallery

A few pictures of what the Kamaz 53501 looks like in operation:

Cost for a new and used vehicle, what are the equivalents for the same money?

The cost of the Kamaz 53501 is $15,000 for a used vehicle. The cost of a new vehicle is between $47,000 and $50,000. To clarify the price it is recommended to contact the official manufacturer of the Kama Automobile Plant.

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Kamaz 53501. Technical specifications and description. Video reviews

Kamaz-53501: all-wheel drive truck of the “Mustang” family

Production of a universal vehicle Kamaz-53501 began in 2003 and continues to this day. The main purpose of the truck is transportation of personnel and army cargo. Taking into account the requirements for military equipment, the model has a particularly strong frame for six bikes and all cyclists (wheel configuration 6×6). The vehicle is designed to work in different climatic zones. According to witnesses, the engine is easy to start in temperatures fro m-45 to +45.

Power plant of Kamaz-53501 is located on the front end of the frame, all-metal, hinged and silent cabins for the driver and two passengers with a sleeping compartment for rest. Most military vehicles are equipped with armored cabins with bulletproof glass, reinforced with special sheets. The interior of the truck is quite ascetic, but it has everything you need to drive and monitor its technical condition. We find quite an ergonomic and informative body.

On the platform of the Kamaz-53501, a variety of additional structures are very often installed: an armored module, for personnel transportation, excavator installation, tank, various manipulators. In addition, the vehicle can transport large-sized cargoes, including containers.

A new KAMAZ-53501 with the simplest configuration will cost a buyer 3,450,000 rubles. The vehicles with the mileage of 5 to 20,000 kilometers taken out of military service are in great demand. The price of such cars starts from 2.3 million rubles.

Technical characteristics and description of Kamaz-53501

Dimensions and payload

  • The length of the military vehicle is 8,600 millimeters;
  • Width – 2,550 millimeters;
  • Height – 3 290 mm;
  • Curb weight of the vehicle – 10 540 kilograms;
  • Carrying capacity – 10 tons;
  • Weight of the truck on the street – 29 tons;
  • Outer turning radius – 11,3 meters
  • Depth of ford – 1,75 meters;
  • Maximum speed – 100 km/h.
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Engine and fuel consumption

Depending on the year of manufacture and modification, the vehicle is driven by one of the domestic power plants:

Kamaz 740.30-260. V-shaped eight-cylinder turbodiesel with an upper arrangement of valves and a working volume of 10.85 liters. Nominal engine power is 260 hp and weight is 885 kg. The engine has a system of forced air treatment with its intercooling. According to environmental parameters this engine meets Euro 2 standards.

Kamaz 740.622-280. The engine is similar to the previous engine, but has a large displacement (11,76 liters) and more power (280 hp). Also it should be noted that a Common Rail fuel system is installed, which improves fuel combustion and reduces consumption. The engine meets Euro 4 standards.

KAMAZ-53501 is equipped with two fuel tanks of 170 and 125 liters, and with some modifications is installed a tank of 350 liters. Average seasonal (summer-winter) fuel consumption when driving on solid road is 28.5-32.5 liters.

Transmission, braking and power

Today the vehicle is equipped with a modern domestic ten-speed mechanical gearbox KAMAZ-154. Unlike other gearboxes this one has reinforced synchronizers, improved multiplier control and more reliable gear assembly. Like any all-wheel drive vehicle, KAMAZ-53501 is equipped with a transfer gearbox with lockable center differential. Front-wheel drive of this truck works all the time.

As on most of the KAMAZ trucks, it is equipped with a single dry diaphragm adhesion with a hydraulic drive and hydro-pneumatic crank. The brakes are drum brakes with pneumatic actuator and drum diameter of 400 millimeters. In addition to the main brake system, the truck is equipped with backup and parking brakes.

The vehicle’s electrical system is powered by two 190 Ah batteries, and it has a 28-volt, 2 kW power generator.

Detailed technical and performance characteristics of Kamaz-53501 is available here:

Additional equipment Winch, drawbar hitch (TCU)
Weight parameters and loads
Gross vehicle weight, kg 20560
Gross weight of the road, kg 29000
Gross weight of the trailer, kg 8000
Curb weight, kg 10540
load-carrying capacity, kg 10000
Model: 740622-280 (Euro-4)
Type: Diesel turbocharged and air-cooled medium supercharged
Maximum useful power, kW (hp): 206 (280)
At rotational speed of crankshaft, rpm: 1900
Maximum usable torque n m (kg cm): 1177 (120)
At crankshaft speed, rpm: 1300
Cylinder arrangement and number of cylinders: V-shaped, 8
Working volume, L 11.76
Cylinder diameter and stroke, mm 120/130
fuel system common rail
compression ratio 17
power system
Fuel tank capacity, l: 210+210
electrical equipment
voltage, V 24
Batteries, v/a h: 2×12/190
Generator, c/f: 28/3000
Type: Diaphragm clutch, single disc, mod. ZF & Sachs MFZ 430
drive train: Hydraulics with pneumatic capacity
basic equipment
Peak Ratio: 5.94
actuator pneumatic
Drum diameter dimensions, mm 400
Brake pad width, mm 140
Model CP IF 9S1310
Type Mechanical, 9 speed
control Mechanical, remote
equipment in programs 1-9.48; 2-6.58; 3-4.68; 4-3.48; 5-2.62; 6-1.89; 7-1.35; 8-1.00; 9-0.75; ZX-8.97
wheels and tires
wheel type rim
tire type chamber, pneumatic, pressure-controlled
flange size 10.00-20.00 or 12.2-20.9
tire size 390/95 R20 or 425/85 R21
Type: located above the engine, with a high roof
Design: sleeper
Type flatbed, with folding metal side panels, tent awning is possible
Internal platform dimensions, mm 5430×2470
side height, mm 750
Total weight of the vehicle
Maximum speed, not less than km/h: 100
The maximum angle of inclination, which the vehicle can overcome at full load, % (degrees): 60 (31°)
Total outside turning radius of vehicle, m 11.3
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KAMAZ-53501: video review on YouTube

An overview of the interior of the military KAMAZ-53501:

KAMAZ 53501 with Soosan 514 manipulator:

KAMAZ-53501 off-road test:

Reviews of KAMAZ-53501 owners and drivers

Alexey Boldyrev, 41, Novgorod region:

I bought KamAZ 53501 flatbed three years ago – from the army preservation, during this time the machine has worked well on different roads. The large voluminous body is 6 m long (can carry loads of any size and volume) and the engine is reliable. I service the car in the service center, replace all consumables according to the instructions – maybe that’s why for these three years there were no serious failures.

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