Overview of Hitachi Saber surveys: description, characteristics and rules of use

Electric saws Hitachi: types and features

For work on the personal plot and in the garden, as well as for carpentry and uncomplicated construction work, electric chainsaws and circular saws are used. The manufacturer Hitachi offers users a wide range of equipment, including high, maximum performance electric saws Hitachi at an affordable price.

Features of the Hitachi C7SS circular saw

Hitachi circular electric hand circular saw is convenient and easy enough to use. Such equipment is indispensable for carpentry, construction and blanking work. Hitachi C7SSs circular saw is used for domestic purposes, in private workshops and small industries, as well as for various works with wood. The configuration allows you to work exclusively with this material. To remove sawdust from the surface in a timely manner, thanks to a vacuum cleaner, a dust quilter is provided, it is also possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Hitachi Daw Hitachi C7SS HitachiDesign of the C7SS Chitachi model

  • C7SS Hitachi disc has a very modest size, its construction has more than sixty elements.
  • There are open access components that provide a convenient and correct adjustment of the circular electric hand saw Chitachi to the necessary working characteristics.
  • Ergonomic design and low weight make it comfortable to use and allow to work without interruption for a long time.
  • Protective elements are provided, such as a lower housing that replaces the blade and equipment storage.
  • The Hitachi electric tenoning chain has a number of accessories that create additional convenience. For example, a hex wrench can be stored directly in the unit’s handle.

Circular saw properties

  • The circular saw Hitachi C7SSS has a power of 1050 watts, and a domestic power supply with a voltage of 220 V is enough. To avoid unpleasant consequences associated with voltage fluctuations, it is sufficient to use a stabilizer.
  • Hitachi C7SSS electric saw is light enough, its weight is 3.4 kilograms, not counting the cord, which can be additionally lengthened.

The blades can be changed as needed. The presented Chitachi electric saw is suitable for sieves with sizes from 185 to 190 millimeters. The depth of cut depends on the size of the blade and the angle of cut. If the tilt angle is forty-five degrees, the depth is forty millimeters. The standard position of ninety degrees provides sixty millimeters.

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Characteristics of Hitachi CS40Y electric saw

Hitachi CS40y Hitachi Electric Sägen

The Hitachi CS40Y electric saw has a 2.0 kW motor, which has been located for a long time. The forty centimeter bar is suitable for gardening and construction work. The compact and practical Hitachi CS40Y electric chainsaw will easily cut logs up to seventy-five centimeters. The cable length is five meters. The handy speed lever is equipped with a soft start option. It is worth noting that no special tools are needed for tensioning and installing the chain.

Features of Hitachi CS40Y Electric Crawler

The Hitachi chainsaw is very popular due to the following features:

  • Powerful engine for productive operation.
  • Chain lubrication is automatic.
  • There is a mechanism for adjusting the amount of lubrication.
  • The chain tension is adjusted by means of the handle on the body.
  • There is an overload protection.
  • You can visually check the oil level through the transparent inspection window.

With Hitachi CS45Y

Hitachi Electric Spot Hitachi CS45Y

Despite its heavier weight compared to the previous model, the Hitachi CS45Y electric chainsaw has a number of advantages that make it indispensable for a variety of jobs:

  • Power and maximum performance.
  • Equipped with a large handle, whose grip is comfortable even when working with thick gloves, with its help you can adjust the chain tension without a wrench.
  • The function of the oil pump is also quite easy to control, to avoid under or overfilling.
  • The cord is five meters long, eliminating the need for an extension cord.

The medium weight and ergonomic design ensure that you won’t feel fatigued for long periods of time.

With Hitachi CS35Y

Electil Postich Hitachi CS35yy

We would like to say right away that the Hitachi CS35Y electric chainsaw can also be operated in unventilated rooms, as it does not emit exhaust fumes. The model has the following advantages:

  • Inertial chain brake provides maximum safety.
  • Hitachi CS35Y chain saw is easy to hold, it does not slip out, as the handles have soft rubber coating.
  • The SoftStart option ensures smooth engine starting.
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The electric saw presented by Hitachi is equipped with a powerful motor with overload protection, which allows you to fell trees and their individual falls, trim branches and limbs, as well as perform some construction and cleaning work.

Hitachi Puzzle. Overview of the line, characteristics, reviews

The Hitachi brand was created in Japan in 1910. The name was chosen in honor of the city where the first factory was built to produce electric motors. If you translate the word “Hitachi” into Russian, you get “rising sun,” which creates an association with the country of origin of the company.

Puzzle Hitachi

Initially, the factory produced transformers, galvanometers, voltmeters, water turbines and fans. The company’s engineers were actively involved in new developments, and in 1924 the first locomotive appeared in Japan. The company’s engineers mastered various fields and created the first electric refrigerator.

Today there are a large number of industries in which the Japanese company Hitachi shows its best side, and is actively involved in the development and production.

The scope of Hitachi jigsaws is:
  • Information and telecommunications sector;
  • Electronic and industrial;
  • Energy;
  • financial sectors and services;
  • air conditioners;
  • Household appliances, construction tools, etc.

Hitachi production is established in many countries, for example, power tools are made in China, TV sets – in Turkey, and refrigerators – in Japan.

Advantages of Hitachi jigsaws:
  • The possibility of changing the saw blade without a wrench;
  • The tool is equipped with a special sawdust blower, which facilitates the work;
  • It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.


Hitachi brand presents a wide range of electric plugs, which are characterized by low power consumption and high performance. To make the right choice when buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the important properties that you need to pay attention to.

Hitachi - Puzzle at work

Important properties when selecting plugs:
  • Addition tax setting. This feature is especially necessary for beginners in domestic applications. The more revolutions, the better the cutting line, but for fine shaped wood carving you should use a lower revolutions.
  • The presence of the pendulum stroke and its adaptation. The principle of operation is to move the surface of the saw up and down and simultaneously forward and backward. Thanks to this movement, energy and force are significantly saved.
  • Keyless setting of the sawing surface. Only professional models have this function, as a rule. This saves a great deal of time when changing files.
  • Saw angle adjustment. The angle can be changed using a key or locks that the model can be equipped with. With this adjustment you can reduce any complexity of the art cut.
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All models are made in a comfortable ergonomic shape, the handles are covered with rubber bags that prevent the operator’s hand from slipping. There is a protective shield to ensure safe work with the tool. Models are adapted for sawing wood, chipboard, steel sheets and plastic.

Hitachi CJ90Vast

Hitachi CJ90Vast has 705W power and speed from 850 strokes/minute to 3,000 strokes/minute. It can dehumidify wood up to 9 cm in thickness. There is a function to adjust the speed. The weight is 2.1 kg.

Jigsaw Hitachi CJ90Vast

power 220V
performance 705 watt
Frequency of movement 3000 strokes per minute
Deep notching in metal 8 mm
Deep saw in wood 90 mm
Tilt angle Up to 45
Weight 2.1 kg

Hitachi CJ90VST

Hitachi CJ90VST electric saw is made with a D-handle and rubber jets. It is possible to change saws without a key. There is a sawdust collection function and, if necessary, a vacuum cleaner can be connected.

Jigsaw Hitachi CJ90VST

power 220V
performance 705 watt
Frequency of movement 3000 strokes per minute
Deep notching in metal 8 mm
Deep saw in wood 90 mm
Tilt angle Up to 45
Weight 2.2 kg

Hitachi CJ65V3

Hitachi CJ65V3 400-watt electric type has all the features of a professional tool. The ability to adjust the speed, shave off sawdust and connect a vacuum cleaner makes the model ideal for domestic use.

Jigsaw Hitachi CJ65V3

power 220V
performance 400 watt
Frequency of movement 3000 strokes per minute
Deep notching in metal 6 mm
Deep saw in wood 65 mm
Tilt angle Up to 45
Weight 1.5 kg

Hitachi CJ120V

The Hitachi CJ120V electric jigsaw is a portable tool, which makes it much more convenient to use. There is a revolutionary control function, and you can turn on the sawdust delay if necessary. The comfortable rubberized handle does not slip in the hand. The weight of the model is 2.3 kg.

Hitachi CJ120V jigsaw

power 220V
performance 740 watt
Frequency of movement 3000 strokes per minute
Deep notching in metal 10 mm
Deep saw in wood 120 mm
Tilt angle Up to 45
Weight 2.3 kg
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Hitachi CJ110MV

Hitachi CJ110MV has 720 watts of power and LED backlighting. A number of basic functions make the tool handy and practical. The depth of cut of the wooden blade is up to 110 mm.

Hitachi CJ110MV jigsaw

power 220V
performance 720 watt
Frequency of movement 3000 strokes per minute
Deep notching in metal 10 mm
Deep saw in wood 110 mm
Tilt angle Up to 45
Weight 2.2 kg

All models are AC powered and do not include a battery. The highest models in the series are Hitachi CJ65V3 and Hitachi CJ120V, as they have the features necessary for quality performance of the assigned tasks.

Hitachi CJ120V Jigsaw Hitachi CJ65V3 Jigsaw

User manual

In order to avoid premature breakdown of the jigsaw, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of operation. The most important thing is not to use the tool for a long time at low speed, as this leads to overheating of the motor. You can not cut wood scantlings with a thickness of more than 10 mm. And metal screen more than 1 mm thick. At low RPM.

Maintenance includes the following steps:
  • Inspection of the blade;
  • Checking of fastening elements reliability;
  • Check technical condition of motor;
  • Inspection of carbon brushes;
  • Checking the integrity of the power cord.

You can read the manual in Russian here: Your browser does not support frames downloading the company manual for the Hitachi CJ 90VST blade blades machine.

Typical errors of the Hitachi windrower:
  • Heavy-duty operation;
  • Irregular maintenance causes excessive wear on parts;
  • Failure of the start button;
  • Long hours of operation leads to abrasion of engine surfaces.

Replacement of worn parts usually solves all problems.

Hitachi saws

For sawing wood, chipboard, plastic and steel, various saws adapted for sawing chips are used.

Jigsaws Hitachi

Sawing devices, depending on the use:

  • For wood, professional JPW30, Hitachi JW40, JUW10 file saws are used.
  • For steel Hitachi Jum11, JM10B, JM20, JM40.
  • For tungsten carbide Hitachi JC20, Ja10.
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Video overview

Hitachi CJ90VST reviews by electricians

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Owners reviews

In their reviews, owners note the presence of useful features in the electric jigsaw, but a significant disadvantage of the sawmill owner considers a weakness in the Chinese models.


“I have a model CJ110MV power of 720 watts. An excellent unit with a number of functions necessary for work. However, there is a significant drawback – weak file holder. It lasted about 2 months. In terms of repair costs it was very expensive, but you can not use analogues, as they do not fit. By the way, I have seen many comments on this topic, so I can not say that I was not satisfied with this or that puzzle. “


“Bought the CJ65V3 400 watt because of the inexpensive cost, but was not satisfied as it was very weak and didn’t see it nearly. Needed to cut a board by 50mm, but missed the task of getting the hang of it. Advantages: low cost. Disadvantages: Flimsy sawmill mount will not hold for a long time. I want to write a positive review, but there are no words. “

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