Overview of Hiller for Neva walk behind tractors. Its adaptation, owner reviews

Choosing the Best Hiller for a Walk Tractor

Technical characteristics of popular Hiller models

Two-row Hiller OH-2: weight – 4.4 kg. Dimensions – 450x130x45 mm, handle width – 300 mm. It is hung directly on the frame of the Neva walking tractor.

Sliding disc ridger: maximum working width – 700 mm, disc diameter – 370 mm, total equipment height – 625 mm, maximum ridge height – 30 cm This model has the possibility to adjust the discs in width, depth and height. A universal hitch is required for aggregation with the Neva walk behind tractor.

Many other models are also produced that can also be used to work with the Neva walking tractor – the main thing is that the attachment mechanism fits this particular brand of walking tractor. And the simplicity of the design of the Hiller makes it possible to take the factory version as a sample, just to make it with your own hands. But this is a topic for a separate discussion.


If you decide to sow potatoes with a Neva motor cultivator, you need to take care of the correct planting of the material, since carrying out the procedure with this device is possible only with a distance between the rows of 70 centimeters.


Externally, the device looks like a two-wheeled rack with discs. The following parts are included in the scope of delivery of the device:

  • discs – 2 pieces;
  • screw straps – 2 pieces;
  • Racks – two pieces;
  • T-shaped leash.

Racks are needed to measure the distance between the discs. This gives you the opportunity to set the optimum distance, which depends on the type of fruit.

Turnbuckles regulate the angle of rotation of these discs.

The angle of rotation is self-adjustable

The Disk Hiller has the following advantages:

  • smooth and high ridges;
  • good looseness of the soil;
  • economy in energy consumption;
  • easy handling.

With this device, hilling is fast and the quality is precisely due to the discs that evenly cover the potatoes on both sides with soil.

The only drawback of the device is the high price.

Double row plough

Before ridging potatoes with the Neva walk behind tractor and a two-row plough-like ridger, a few preliminary steps should be taken. First you need to pick up a trailer. To carry out the procedure, experts recommend using not those intended for plowing the soil, but special designs. Such devices are generally large in diameter. This is necessary to protect the bushes from crushing, since small soil trailers cannot adequately protect the bushes from the motor cultivator and the potatoes can be damaged.

After a device has been selected, it must be mounted on the machine and adjusted in width. The setting is made so that the hiller falls in the middle of the row. Next, adjust the processing depth. To do this, the device is immersed in the ground to the desired depth and the axis is set perpendicular to the ground.

When the adjustment is complete, we proceed to hilling. In one pass, the device makes trenches on both sides of the row, as well as for the adjacent one. Therefore, the next approach is performed through a series. With this function, you can save enough time in processing.

Single row plough

Ok potatoes with a NEVA motor block with a single villain cigarette glass, floor springs with a smaller diameter. If you apply such a device, the trenches will receive between two lines, and if this distance is too large, you have to do more. If you select the right primers, Hilling is carried out between two furrows on both sides.

After completing the installation, it is necessary to configure the processing depth in the previous case. Next, the engine is simply produced in a row, then we pass to the next.

Such a device is less effective compared to a tw o-rush cigarette glass, but it simplifies the procedure considerably compared to manual work.

The main advantage of adaptation is the saving of time, effort and energy. It also costs much cheaper than the previous type.

User Guide

With the help of a walk, a tractor and cunning, plants, loosening and hills of the shredded culture are carried out. The operating principle of potato collection techniques is based on the uprooting of the root harvest from the ground and the simultaneous view of the earth. The vegetables are collected manually. Potatoes are enveloped in a row. In this case, you can use the vibration technology of the KKM-1 class, which is used on floors with reduced air humidity. The floor itself should not contain any stones of more than 9 t/ha. Let us consider the full principle of the cigarette and the cigarette light in more detail. In total, various methods for preparing the location are assigned before planting potatoes. For this purpose, an adapted type technique and a truck potato beginner are used.

Overview of the motor Motobes MB-900. Operating instructions, photos, videos, reviews

Method number 1

Cultural planting is as follows:

Liesieglings bikes, a windscreen hirring, the formation of symmetrical grooves are worn on a walk;

The root harvest is planted manually in the finished holes;

The wheels are replaced by standard rubber, its width is set, it should be equal to the width of the route.

Soft rubber does not shave the structure of the root harvest and enables you to easily fall asleep and fit compactly with a vegetable.

Method number 2

Plant culture with a walk tractor with assembly devices. This method is used in large sowing areas. Before the start of the work, it is necessary to prepare a property in advance: Plow the floor, create furrows and coat of arms, moisten the floor. Potat o-Anland is set on the hiking behavio r-tractor, tinctures of the cigarette and the perch and at the same time potato plants, the creation of grooves and a falling asleep of culture are carried out.

After a few weeks, when seedlings appear, the country on the site is relaxed through a motor block and pedestrian rows are generated between the bushes. Helper provides oxygen and additional moisture to the stems of plants that have a positive effect on the growth and development of potatoes. Frozen is uprooted. Two, three or individual sitting plates are used for these procedures. In the course of work, fertilizers are applied to the ground. The cigarette lights are also carried out by temporary weeds of the earth between the cultural series. When the potatoes are matured, standard work on potatoes and harvesting is carried out with a special cigarette tissue with dandruff.

Review of the Neva Walk behavior tractor with a hard disk cigarette Bonnom, look at the next video.

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Types of Cummer

The hip is a special equipment designed for the processing of the floor furrow. The essence of his work is that the earth is evenly distributed on both sides of the furrow. Therefore, the summer resident has the opportunity to carry out the procedure much faster. Another advantage of the design is that it can be done independently.

The NEVA Motor note gives different types of Cigns: hard drive, Rotary, Doubl e-Row. Consider every type more in more detail.


The disc strap for the Walk behavio r-tractor NEVA is similar to a tw o-man with regard to the operating principle. In it, the main parameters determine the distance between the discs and the angle of attack.

In this video you will learn how this Walk tractor runs around:

The regulation of the last parameter is necessary to ensure a high processing of a series. This device is designed in such a way that a number of potatoes and not two like the previous one. As a result, more time takes more time. However, the design has its advantages, it is a higher processing efficiency.

Working with such a device should be followed by the following rules:

  1. The procedure is carried out on the wet country.
  2. Weeds must be removed before the operation.
  3. The distance between the potato rows should be more than 70 centimeters.
  4. It is necessary to work at the first speed.
  5. The Nev a-Disk cigarette s-Bellowns should be configured as intended in the coupling design, the processing efficiency increases.
  6. It is better to carry out measured work, otherwise you can damage the bushes.


Such devices use two types of forces – rotation and progressive movement. The rotation hill requires a walk tractor for two gears and a power selection wave. The quality of processing is much higher than other types, but costs more.

Motoblock Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S. Review, features, reviews

Such a model can also be made independently. Only one metal of high quality is required. The assembly of such a cigarette and the NEVA motor block consists in welding parts with arc welding and the regulation of the corresponding parameters.

The main advantage of the device is multifunctionality. When executing the operation, the corridors are not only solved, but part of this country in a different row.

Double series

If you apply a two frame strap, you have to wear special hilling floor plan t-Den neva engine block on an extension cable. The diameter should be large, which is required for the processing of bushes. Otherwise, the bushes will crush the bushes for themselves during the work of the walk tractor.

If the primers are installed, the next step is to set the cigarette bolshon on the Neva walk tractor along the processing width, each device should be in the middle of the row. Then the structure is deepened to the required depth and the axis is determined perpendicular to the ground. Such a trick enables you to enchant unwanted vegetation, the most qualitative.

Don’t forget to regulate the net level

Now you can continue directly to the procedure. The bushes must be treated alternately and all rows drive past. When carrying out work, you will receive furrows on both sides of the series that you hand over and a furrow from the neighbor’s side. The next period is only processed on one side.

Why do you need a magician for a walk tractor?

The specified element is used to plant vegetables and to take care of them. It works very simply: After installing and starting the tractor of the walk behavior, the part drives the car in the processed area with planted seeds, which sprays the future vegetation with the necessary layer of wet and slightly relaxed soil

Such an operation is of considerable importance, since they protect seeds from negative atmospheric effects that increase oxygen saturation and stimulate growth

Experts point out that the hill with a han d-led tractor also helps to free the earth of excess moisture in order to avoid putrefaction. After processing, the sun’s rays penetrate the ground much better, and some harmful insects land on the surface, where they are “cleaned” by birds. Some weeds are also destroyed, so that elementary processing can certainly be seen as a partial replacement for the use of herbicides.

It is important to note that Hiller are most frequently used to process potato plantings.

Types of Hillers for a han d-led tractor

The Okuchnik to the engine block is the equipment necessary in agriculture. It is third according to such structures as a plow, a wind. If you learn to deal well with it, it will bring many advantages. There are different types of Hiller and each has its own purpose, your own functional principle and your own device.


This is one of the simple structures installed on a han d-led tractor. It has a firm working width. The equipment consists of two solid wings that are connected and moved slightly apart. Since the elements are stationary, it is not possible to set the furrow width. It is therefore impossible to adapt the technology to the size of the row distance.

  1. Products are offered for sale with a working width of 25-30 cm, which is not the most convenient option for Hillen. The standard for the technology of planting and growing potatoes requires a parameter of 50-60 cm.
  2. Depending on the configuration, the presence of thin frames must be observed, which prevent overloading of the cultivation when the device is immersed in densely layered soil.
  3. Many models have an ergonomic, streamlined shape, which is recognized as an advantage. So the knives turn out less and do not dry out the floor.

When buying devices, check the declared technical properties and gost standards.


Even if you look at the photo, you can see a number of advantages. The tool fits the tool. Can be used on cultivation at low speed. With its increase, the starting performance also increases. This affects the efficiency of plowing and the duration of the work on the construction site.

Chain Electric Saw Caliber EPC 1500 14. Review of technical characteristics. Operating instructions, maintenance functions

High ease of use:

  1. It doesn’t take much effort.
  2. The design gradually moves forward, without additional pressing from behind.

Versatility and large scope. The tool is suitable for planting tubers, for processing growing potato bushes and other crops during the active growth of the air part.

On a note! Models are popular with the production of hig h-alloy steel with additional rolling bearings. You have replaced the sliding sockets and have a large diameter.


The Hiller type is suitable for arranging a mugber or a hand-led tractor. It has two forwards. This helps increase the power to 180 rpm, provided the vehicle is in second gear. The tool is determined for:

  • Loosening;
  • Transfer of earth from the area between the rows to the bed.

The device is really useful, but only if you follow the instructions for installation, later operation and maintenance.

Types of Cummer

Look at the most popular device models.

Ond tw o-row

Such a device is designed for the processing of soils such as gardens, greenhouses and small gardens. The maximum depth of work is 12 centimeters and the minimum is 8 centimeters. This parameter can be set. The width of the wing of the model varies between 25 and 45 centimeters.

This magician has its advantages and disadvantages of

The design has the following dimensions (in centimeters):

  • Length – 72;
  • Width – 35;
  • Height – 54.

Its weight is relatively small – 9.5 kilograms.

STV is two RUW

Such a model is popular with its multifunctionality. The weight of the models of this type is 10-13 kilograms. The maximum width reaches one meter. The distance between the lines can be set within 20 to 65 centimeters. The maximum processing depth is 15 centimeters.

The main advantage of the design is that every owner can adapt it to his needs.

STV NPD is single

These models are used to process fields. On average, the weight of this design is 5 kilograms. The processing width varies between 20 and 36 centimeters, and the maximum depth can reach 15 centimeters.

With such a technique, you reduce the risk of damage to the bushes.

Nuances of one and tw o-day devices

Depending on the variety of the model, it can be single and double series. The adhesion of the second type is good because the operator processes two gears in a pass at the same time, increasing the soil to culture and forms furrows.

In fact, a tw o-rest enlargement is similar to the clip stand attached to the clutch and contains 2 racks with envelopes, which are connected by screws.

A single option for the passage can only be treated 1 line. In principle, this is convenient because the operator has to spend less time in order to monitor the progress of the work done. The position and movement of the unit is therefore more correct, which reduces the percentage of damage to the culture in the Hilling process.

The screw hill is considered low and is characterized by a high energy intensity of the technological process of setting up agricultural plants.

With regard to the Dutch models, their wings can rotate in vertical and horizontal levels. This determines the hig h-quality cultivation of the earth with a reduction in energy consumption. These models are available to most buyers and are good enough to work.

Overview of Hiller for Neva walk behind tractors. Its adaptation, owner reviews

A characteristic feature of the NEVA walk tractor is compatibility with almost any kind of fastening device.

The Cigns are intended for the formation of furrows for the other plants of agricultural plants. With their help, a soil deletion and leaning of grass are sometimes made from the corridors to the roots of cultures.

Hilling with a Neva walk behind tractor

The official website of the Red October system manufacturer offers 4 models. Let us find out what the differences are in every model.

They are all similar in their purpose and the end result. However, they differ from manufacturers, structures, sizes and functional purposes.

With two dash cakes you can process two courses with cultures at the same time. It is a bracket stand associated with the clutch. And two racks with censors that are attached to it with screws. You can set the width of the Censer and adjust it to the necessary conditions.

Minitor Rusich T 12 - description and properties

Two options are presented on the manufacturer’s website.


This hill is produced by NMZ Energia CJSC.

It is intended for the work of light and prepared soils. Especially for the cultivation of land in gardens, greenhouses or small gardens.

  • The maximum depth at Hilling is 120 mm, the minimum is 80 mm.
  • The depth of penetrating the unit into the ground can be set manually.
  • The width of the ond wings can be in the range of 25 to 43 cm.

The Hillock double has the following dimensions:

  • 72 cm long,
  • 54 cm height,
  • 35 cm wide.
  • With such sizes, the weight of the ond is up to 9.5 kg.

The operating principle of a BICO M-ROW cake is given in the video:

Doubl e-Row STV

It is produced by the Volga Company VRMZ CJSC.

This company offers two options for the production of cakes for the NEVA Walk behavior tractor. The main difference in them is the width of the wings and the distance between the buildings. This means that everyone can choose the option that suits them more.

  • A mass of models can be 10 or 13 kg.
  • The width is 86 cm to 1 m. The length of the model may be between 39 and 46 cm and the height is between 46 and 68 cm.
  • The distance between the Leemen is adjustable and can be between 21 and 65 cm.
  • The maximum plowing depth can reach 15 cm.

Okuchnik double-row STV

As we see, this model represents a wide range of settings. Therefore, every owner can be able to adapt the Hilling devices for their needs. If your two Rieger cigarette s-Bonsery skyscrates can use a solution with modernized soil rooms as an option:

A single ROW STV NPD

They are designed in such a way that they only process one field line. This is more effective if you look at the page of simplicity in management. Since working with a cigarette light of two rollers, it has been necessary to monitor the work of two lines at the same time. And that is not always possible and it is possible to carry out the wrong movement and damage the saturated plants.

In addition, the location of the beds is not always even and there are unequal lines when landing. In this case, there is a great probability of damage to plants. A Ru h-Cigns for the NEV A-Wal k-Tractor is much easier in management than two carriers.

Therefore, CJSC VRMZ offers its customers a large selection of singl e-stroke cigns. Different configurations and sizes. There are more than 15 different models and configurations in total.

Here are their average properties:

  • The total dimensions are 46 cm long, 21 cm wide and 65 cm high. The average weight of the structure is 5 kg.
  • The Hilling depth can reach 15 cm.
  • And the width of the Censer border is 21 to 36 cm.
How do I use it correctly?

A special trailer coupling is used to connect it to the tractor of the walk behavior.

After liability, special screws should be used to adapt the processing depth and the width of the cigarette light. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the soil to be planned.

The Hilling depth itself is regulated due to the change in the body’s inclination angle.

If a angle of inclination is required, it is possible to easily adapt to agricultural work.

It is recommended to use special bikes with a single villain cloth with a single villain. You can give the Walk behavio r-tractor additional stability.

Here is a video about how a single cake is operated:

Hard drive singl e-row

This species is a design of a rack, a disc and a shaft. The drain is attached to a special bracket with a bracket. With this bracket you can place finding the rack in any direction. The wave is equipped with the sector and enables you to set the angle of inclination of the hard drive. The discs are installed on the wave, which is set in motion with plain bearings.

Powerful stihl fs400 features and characteristics, video and reviews

CJSC VRMZ offers the following properties:

  • The weight can be between 5 and 10 kg.
  • The length of the hiller ranges from 24 to 27 cm.
  • The width can be adjusted from 33 to 66 cm.
  • The height is set in the range from 54 to 70 cm.
  • The maximum height of the comb can reach 20 cm.
  • The angle of inclination of the discs can be adjusted from 27° to 35°.

CJSC VRMZ does not offer its customers to use what they have. They offer their customers a wide range of mounted Hiller settings. So that you can adapt his work for beds of a certain size.

setup and operation

First, he pairs up with a walk-behind tractor. Then the distance between the bodies of the hillers and their width are adjusted.

The width can be adjusted by spreading or narrowing the wings.

And the working width is controlled by loosening the bolts and rearranging the body of the Hiller. After installation, securely fasten again at the required distance.

IMPORTANT! After the adjustment, the housings must have a symmetrical distance to the axis. Otherwise, the walk behind tractor will constantly lead in one direction and the work will be impossible.

Before use, it is first necessary to couple the hiller to a two-wheel tractor.

Then adjust the angle of inclination and the distance between the slices to get a comb of the required height. To do this, use special screws according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The discs penetrate deep into the soil by squeezing the handle of the walk behind tractor while driving.

The angle of inclination and discs as well as their spacing can be adjusted directly during work if required.

Here is a detailed video review of the Disk Hiller for the Neva walk behind tractor and an example of his work:

Homemade options

Motoblock Neva is compatible with all attachments. All that is required is to connect it to the body of the gear.

The Hiller is a relatively simple design that many people can build at home.

The easiest type of hiller to assemble at home is the disc. All you need is:

  1. t frame,
  2. 2 hard drives
  3. 2 shelves for her.

Any steel with a thickness of 2 mm or more is suitable for the production of discs. However, they must be given a convex shape.

Holes are made on the frame, which are necessary to change the distance between the disc racks. They are attached to the frame with special screws.

Here is a detailed video tutorial to help you figure out how to build a do-it-yourself mound for the Neva walk-behind tractor:

owner reviews

Before buying a product, people use the Internet and various forums where the owners of hillers express their opinions about their work.

We managed to collect some of them:

Igor writes:

“I thought long and hard about which one to buy. After several days of scrolling through the website and comparing features, I decided that a double row hiller would be an ideal option for me. This saves you time and you don’t have to walk through the garden twice. Health allows you to do this. And those who say that with such a hiller you can damage the beds, just plant them evenly and everything will be fine.

Here is what Paul says:

“I thought I would buy a Hiller. After all, my Neva two-wheel tractor has been standing for a long time and is my best friend for various jobs. Looking at its design, I thought. Or maybe do it yourself? Luckily I had a lot of scrap metal at home. Searching google I found drawings and instructions on how to build a hiller at home. The whole manufacturing process took about a week and then slowly) And now I’m successfully using it for the second year.

You can also help other readers of our site with your feedback on the application and use of this type of attachment.

If you are the owner of this model of walk-behind tractor with one of the attachments described above, you can also leave a review about your experience of operating this device or ask questions on this topic that interest you in the comments.

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