Overview of chainsaws Sturm: description, characteristics and rules of use

Sturm electric saws: the range at a glance

In recent years, the rating of electric saw equipment has increased significantly. This is evidenced by an increase in sales and the entry of brand-name models into the European and Asian consumer markets. The list of the most popular designs includes the Sturm chainsaw, available in several models.

Sturm chainsaw.

Power-driven domestic and semi-professional saws successfully participate in the creation of:

  • The advantages of the classic layout;
  • New solutions of industrial design;
  • Developments of our in-house design office.

Design features

By the quality of equipment Sturm chainsaw is in no way inferior to the best developments of European brands. The systems for starting, fuel supply, lubrication of the saw unit and safety are on the high technical level.

In the production of a number of electric saws used high quality raw materials and modern European level equipment.

Economical and reliable in daily work, the chainsaw Sturm made in China favourably differs from similar projects of other manufacturers:

  • democratic cost;
  • unpretentiousness in service;
  • maintainability;
  • Resistance to work load and voltage fluctuations in the network.

Owners of brand name chainsaws do not have problems with the lack of spare parts and consumables, high quality and durability of the model range reduces the dependence of users on the service and repair structures.

Sturm chainsaws – a brief overview of the company’s range

The performance characteristics of the presented models are focused on a wide range of productive sawing jobs for household and construction.

Storm CC9916

Sturm CC9916

Lightweight, compact and easy to use saw CC9916 series is designed to work with commercial and construction wood up to 30 cm in diameter.

The tool costs 2600 rubles and is equipped with:

  • reliable starting device;
  • economical saw mechanism lubrication system, working in automatic mode;
  • effective brake to stop the chain in case of kickback.

In the list of operational advantages of the model weighing only 2.9 kg:

  • Easy access to chain tensioners and adjustment points;
  • Key lock for starting the 1.6 kW engine;
  • Productive 350 mm long headset.
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The transverse positioning of the electric actuator allows it to use its pulling power with minimum loss.

Storm CC9920.

Sturm CC9920

With up to 1.8 kW of longitudinal engine power and up to 40.5 cm of bar length, the Oregon brand extends the capabilities of the technically sophisticated CC9920 series chainsaw.

  • The more powerful Sturm chainsaw from 7,400 rubles has received a significant power reserve, which has been successfully realized by increasing the working speed of the chain from 9 to 12 m/s.
  • The saw equipment is lubricated automatically;
  • Safety in demanding sawing operations is guaranteed by the minimum operating time of the emergency stop braking device.

An optimized lubrication system on the clothing ensures full cooling and lubrication, while at the same time saving up to 50% on chain oil consumption.

Storm CC9922.

Sturm CC9922

The 5,300-ruble model features an updated body ergonomics, whose power has been increased to 2.2 kW with a standard electric drive with a universal headset from the Oregon brand.

  • The longitudinal section of the Motor has had a positive effect on the compactness of the tool.
  • The ability to quickly adjust the chain tension insanely provides easy access to the screw of the tensioning mechanism.
  • The pulling properties of the powerful drive determine the ability to work productively with wood of up to 40 cm cross-section.

Efficient cooling system with an updated fan rubber configuration eliminates overheating of the engine with longer operation in the summer season.

Sturm CC99222

Sturm CC99222

The commercial success of previous models allowed us to focus on developing a more advanced electric version, while improving productivity and operator relationships.

The increase in saw chain speed to 13.5 m³ sec. increased productivity. The design has been supplemented with an emergency stop with inertia activation.

  • The model was redesigned to reduce vibration and negative noise levels.
  • Balance is improved.
  • Handles have anti-slip pads for secure hold on the saw when working in non-standard positions.
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Versatile length of 16″ saw mechanism makes this model suitable for household and construction works of general and special purposes.

advantages and disadvantages

Receipts received by consumers show the compliance of the parameters of the entire model area by the manufacturer in accordance with the operational requirements.

Owners indicate a positive assessment of the quality of materials used, insulation efficiency and traction stability in case of mains voltage deviations up to 5% of the value.

The list of shortcomings includes the lack of overheating and short-range protection in the electrics. There is also an unreasonably high price for post-warranty repairs. Before buying, we recommend comparing the Makita with electric saws.

Owner reviews

The SS9922 SS9922 has been almost three years since it was first launched. A full-fledged headset did not work long, perhaps affected by the lack of saws, in particular the constant control of the lubrication system. The tool works properly on a compact gasoline-powered generator when the saw chain is properly sharpened and sawing hard and tough wood. Routine maintenance consists of cleaning the manifold and the lubrication of the rubbing parts with lithol. Igor

As a rule, the budget cost and quality of electric saws are anything but perfect, but the product of this brand is an exception. In a year and a half, not a single failure, bought for small money model Sturm CC99222 fully recouped its costs and is still in working order. Practice has shown that the Chinese Oregon longevity indicators are very different from the branded products, so in my work I use the stims analog. Boris Vladimirovich

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Storm Group has been known in the technology market for more than 15 years with high-quality devices for domestic and professional use. In addition to electric saws in the range of the brand – heating devices, welding machines, various machines – woodworking, sharpening and rotary, gasoline and electrical equipment.

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The products are manufactured at VR China plants under the supervision of Russian specialists. The same factories produce products of the famous brands Stiga, Ryobi, AEG. All products are a storm! It is reliably characterized by exemplary technical characteristics, ergonomic design.

Sturm motor saw

Area of application of electric saws

Electric saws brand storm are designed for domestic use – woodworking, sawing wood, branches of trees and bushes, construction work. The design rationally used the advantages of the classic layout of similar devices of the world’s leading brands, used modern materials and components of high quality.

Characteristics of strength-strength storm saws:

  • Budget price with sufficiently high technical characteristics;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • optimal resistance to network overloads;
  • high maintenance costs;
  • Inexpensive spare parts and consumables.

The family of electric scythes consists of several modifications with capacity from 1.6 to 2.3 kW. Comparative properties of the equipment are shown in the table.

CC model/properties 9916 9920 9921 9922 99222 9923
Engine power, kW 1,6 1,8 2,1 2,2 2,2 2,3
Speed of chain movement, m/s 6,0 12.0 14.0 13.3 13.5 6,0
Busbar length, cm 30.5 40.5 40.5 40.5 40 40.5
Weight of sawn timber, kg 2,9 5,7 5.42 5,2 5,0 4.65

As you can see from the table, the list is very diverse – from ultra-light modification with moderate working parameters to quite productive electric saws. The SS9916 electric saw is quite a suitable option for occasional use for about 20-30 hours a month, since you won’t have to overpay for a more powerful shift. For intensive productive work, owners prefer the top models SS9922, SS99222, which can handle thick tree trunks and dense wood.

The Electric Magic Storm! SS9922

Based on the younger models, the SS9922 electric jigsaw has been enlarged and ergonomically designed. It has proven itself in the construction of various wooden structures with a shaft of wood, sawing trees with a diameter of 40 cm. Due to its low weight and modest dimensions, the saw is easy to transport to the place of work.

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Sturm motor saw ss9922

Design features and advantages of the model
  • This modification is characterized by reduced vibration loads and noise, improved compensation.
  • Working handles are equipped with special antiskid pads.
  • Operation and maintenance of the saw is not very difficult.
  • The teeth of the saw chain are lubricated automatically.
  • A tension adjustment screw is used to adjust the voltage.
  • The electric chainsaw Storm is equipped with the original Oregon bar and chain.
  • The safety of the operator is provided by a start-up lock, a safety sign, and a chain brake, which protects from kickback.
Tension, C 220 vector
output 2200 W
Busbar length 40,5 cm
Chain pitch 3/8 “
Number of chain links 57
Speed of chain 13.3 m/s
Chain brake Yes
Oil tank capacity 0.39 l
Automatic chain oil feed Yes
Noise 107 dB
Length of mains cable, M 0.25 m
packaging carton box
Dimensions in package 580x193x235 mm
Net Weight / kg 5.4 kg
Warranty, months. 24

The storm electric saws require only minimal service – checking the oil level for chain lubrication and correct chain tensioning. The lubrication system of electric saws storm is automatically equipped with a special control mechanism with built-in display. The manufacturer recommends the original all-weather Sturm Mos-Cs oil, which has excellent lubricating and feeding properties, greatly extends the life of the chain and reduces the heat of the tool when sawing.

Sturm Mos-CS

Important: Check the oil level systematically – do not operate your saw if the oil level is below the minimum mark.

Important: The Sturm SS9922 chain saw should not be operated continuously for more than 15 minutes, after which it should be disconnected from the power supply for a 5 minute break.

Major malfunctions and repairs

Sturm electric saws are not characterized by typical malfunctions or breakdowns, malfunctions are often due to improper use of the devices. If some malfunctions occur, the manufacturer gives practical advice on how to fix them:

  • If the motor won’t start, check the mains voltage; Condition of the cable and plug; Carbon brushes; Brake key.
  • If the saw chain won’t move, check the brake.
  • The chain is not sawing well – check the chain for: correct voltage, sharpness, and proper installation.
  • The chain is moving too hard on the bar – too much tension on the chain.
  • Chain is overheating – poor lubrication or lack thereof.
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For acquaintance with the device, features of operation, current maintenance, elimination of possible malfunctions it is recommended to get acquainted with the instruction manual of a chainsaw.

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Electric pruning saws storm

The brand line of electric appliances is also presented by electric scroll saws Storm with power from 0.6 to 1.0 kW, which are designed for sawing different materials – Storm MF5660, RS8810P. The tool works on the principle of an electric saw, depending on the type of material to be sawn, it is supplemented by a set of different saw blades. Compared with chainsaws, the possibilities of the saber saws storm, of course, are limited.

Sabre saw STORM MF5660 Sabre saw STORM RS8810P

Video review

Sturm cc9923 chainsaw

Review of Sturm CC9922 chainsaw

Owner reviews


“Sturm 9916 electric chainsaw made it easier to cut firewood. Yes, and I do clearing in the garden, sawing perfect boards, no thick tree trunks. I work rarely, so the saw is almost like new. It is unusual to rely on the cable, I used to have a chainsaw. But on the other hand the advantage that the air is not dirty, sometimes I have to work in the workshop.

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