Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia

Overview of chain power units of the manufacturer Energia

The Energia Group is a domestic manufacturer that has been operating in the engineering and industrial equipment market for over 75 years. The production is a part of the commonwealth of the German company Sturm (Sturm). Power saws Energomash are very popular among farmers and gardeners.

The range of electric saws produced by the company is used in many industries, such as:

  • in the garden;
  • In the industrial scale (protocol company);
  • For personal purposes in private households and workshops.

Varieties and features of electric saws

The scope of electric saws Energy is characterized by high performance and mobility, which allows you to expand the scope of their use. In contrast to the products of German partners, electric saws Energy are presented to buyers in the affordable price segment. The cost of these models varies from 3 000 to 5 000 rubles (1300-2500 thousand rubles).

It is possible to distinguish the main features of the model range:

  • the use of wear-resistant materials in production: aluminum, high ramps;
  • increased electrical safety;
  • Availability of all additional parts, replacement is possible;
  • The high quality of the saw’s components, which are made taking into account the experience of foreign counterparts.

A side note! If you compare saws Energomash with Western models, you can highlight your availability in the domestic market. This also applies to parts and their cost. According to the owners, parts for Energy saws are easier to buy, their cost is much lower than their foreign counterparts.


The company produces several versions of electric saws. Some of the chainsaws on the market have become flagships due to their functionality and relatively low cost. The entire line can be divided into: electric saws in the home, professional and industrial, which can be used in production.

Energy PC-99160

The PC-99160 electric chainsaw is based on the Sturm CC9916 model. It is used in the agricultural sector for cutting firewood, during construction work, making wooden elements of various structures.

The model is characterized by the following parameters:

  • reduced sensitivity to changes in voltage;
  • low weight (2.9 kg), which reduces the requirements for operating conditions;
  • higher energy isolation;
  • The optimum level of performance – 1600 kW;
  • Length of rail – 300 mm;
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort and safety during work;
  • Features automatic lubrication and braking quapi, as well as locking the mains switch.

DAW Energomash 99160

According to reviews, one of the most popular products is. The model is great for work in the workshop and in the garden, has a small size and weight. Reviews about this device are mostly positive, as evidenced by the statistics and the popularity of the electric saw.

Energy PC-99220

Another flagship product is the Energy PC-99220 chainsaw. This model is ideal for both professional use and domestic applications. The model is equipped with a soft start system that improves engine performance and reduces stress on internal components in various conditions. Comfortable handles and ergonomics allow to make the work process as pleasant as possible.

  • Longitudinal positioning of the motor, which provides compensation;
  • Oregon’s professional-grade chains and saws;
  • Fastest chain stop, 0.15°C;
  • Aut o-Maks system with immediate refill capability;
  • Power 2200 kW, which also operates from the domestic mains.

DAW Energomash 99220

Among the advantages of this model, we can also highlight the absence of exhaust and unnecessary noise, which significantly improves working conditions.

Energy PC-9924

The Energy PC-9924 electric chainsaw has a 3.62 hp or 2400 watt motor; Chain speed: 6 m/s. The length of the bar is 405 mm. Features automatic lubrication and quapi brake. The weight of the electric saw is 4.65 kg.

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Saws Energomash 9924

Energy PC-992202

The Energy PC-992202 chain saw is equipped with a 3 hp or 2200 watt motor; Chain speed: 13.3 m/s. The length of the bar is 400 mm. There are functions of automatic lubrication and braking of the quasi, as well as locking the mains switch. The electric saw weighs 7.6 kg. This model is characterized by the longitudinal direction of the motor and a low level of vibration, which greatly facilitates working with it and relieves stress on the hands.

Saws Energomash 992202

Energy PTS-99260B

The Energy PTS-99260B chainsaw model is equipped with a 3.7 hp or 2600 W motor; Chain speed: 14 m/s. The length of the bar is 405 mm. Features automatic chain lubrication and mains switch lock. The electric saw has a weight of 5.42 kg. It is ideal for carpentry and carpentry work indoors and where it is extremely difficult to work with a circular saw, as the technical parameters and functions allow the above-mentioned work.

DAW Energomash 99262b

Energy PC-99200

The Energy PC-99200 chainsaw is equipped with a 3 hp or 2000 watt motor; Chain speed: 13.3 m/s. The bar length is 400 mm. Features automatic chain lubrication and mains switch lock. The weight of the electric saw is 7.6 kg.

DAW Energomash 9920

Main disadvantages

Like all products, the electric chainsaw Energomash can fail. This occurs for two reasons: improper use and maintenance, wear and tear of design parts during prolonged use. According to the ratings, the most common wear and tear are: engine parts, saw chain, brake system.

Another type of malfunction is a problem in the car system. Early diagnosis of this problem can lead to early wear of the chain, tire and engine.

A side note! If you have problems with the car system, it is recommended to contact specialists to diagnose the cause of the breakdown. The cause can be both bad oil and longer service life.

Prolonged uninterrupted operation can also lead to, for example, a short circuit inside the device.

However, it is not advisable to repair electric saws on your own, just like any other power tool.

Video review

Energy power plants Energia: Reviews

You can find a lot of reviews on the network about electric saws of this manufacturer. In most cases, they are defined by their functionality and ease of operation.

Maxim, 32 years old:

“I’ve wanted to leave my review of the PC-99220 for a long time. Bought this saw in 2014, it has served flawlessly for 4 years. Before the breakdown: Once the automatic lubrication system failed. The problem was quickly fixed, I found all the necessary parts online. Easy to use, I recommend it.

Ivan, 46 years old:

“I want to tell you about my acquaintance with the PTS-99160 Energomash power unit. I bought it at the market last year. In summer I live out of town, there are a lot of things to do, so I always need an assistant, the PC-99160 became it. Good with small branches, firewood and cuts the z. B. Problems without problems in the fence. About the disadvantages I can say one thing: quickly heats up when working intensively, sometimes not enough performance, but for a small dacha it is simply indispensable.

Power plants: models of their properties

In many cases, the saw is necessary in the private household. Hand saws have been replaced by electric and gasoline tools. Chainsaw energy – one of the many helpers of the owner-owner. It works well in the garden, where it cuts branches and small trees. The tool has a compact size and many conveniences. The saw is equipped with an instant chain brake, easy to start, the chain is lubricated automatically. It is recommended to have a model in every home.

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Features of use

Energy chainsaws are identical to the best examples of Sturm brand counterparts in terms of their main characteristics, but differ significantly lower cost.

The advantages of the entire lineup:

  • Increased adaptation to operation in cold climates;
  • Replacement of many spare parts and consumables;
  • High torque range of drive units and the whole construction.

The whole model range is equipped with modern fuel supply systems and electronic ignition. If the Energy chainsaw does not start or does not enter the working mode, the cause of malfunction is usually the lack of competent maintenance or the use of replacement fuels and lubricants.

This is evidenced by the presence of European certificates for each type of manufactured tool, numerous positive feedback from ordinary users.

Unit: 2/6 | Number of characters: 850 Source: https://opilah.com/benzopily-i-lektropily-energomash-obzor-modelnogo-ryada/

Energy” RS 99220 chainsaw

Electric chainsaw Energy will be an effective helper for gardening or interior repair work, as well as for making firewood for the fireplace. It works steadily and for a long time, which is facilitated not only by the electric motor, not afraid of overloading, but also by the bus-chain complex, represented by the excellent set from the American supplier Oregon.

A pleasant discovery will be the functions of the safety unit – protection against tool kickback, which blocks the chain within 0.15 seconds after the bar has touched the tree and the saw is thrown to the side, as well as spontaneous activation. The latter ensures the safety of the device for others and especially for children.

The only thing to consider when working is the dependence on a power source. Therefore, it should be planned near the place of connection to the power grid, or buy a portable device to be able to saw not only near the house or yard, but also at a distance.

  • The power of a residential grade saw;
  • Aluminum alloy body, which is not susceptible to warping and cracking;
  • It comes with a toothed tip – it helps you hold the saw at a precise angle and make the cut as accurately as possible;
  • Rubberized handles to prevent the saw from falling out of your hands or slipping out of your sweaty palms.
  • Side screw for breaking the chain mechanism. The tensioner just needs to be turned by hand without the need for additional tools.
  • The electric cable is secured with a special latch.
  • Automatic oil supply to the chain;
  • Convenient control of the lubrication bridge in the crankcase through a special window on the housing.
  • Output level – 2200 W;
  • Number of links – 57;
  • Step – 3/8;
  • Guide – 400 mm;
  • Blade speed – 0,8 km / min;
  • Weight – 7,5 kg.

Owner’s Manual

When working with electric chainsaws, it is necessary to observe the relevant safety rules.

Safety rules when working with an electric chainsaw:
  • Perform work only in dry weather to avoid getting moisture on the electric chainsaw.
  • During work, you must put the wire in one place to prevent it from falling from branches or logs onto the electric saw.
  • The operator must wear a special protective outfit consisting of coveralls, gloves, goggles, safety signs and closed-toe shoes when working.
  • Before operation, make sure that the power tool is in good working order and that the cable is not jammed.
  • Particular care should be taken when working on brush. At the end of the cut, the power saw may lean heavily toward the operator and there is the possibility of losing your balance.
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The high chain speed on the electric saw greatly increases power while at the same time reducing the outgoing load on the motor.


The oil level in the Energy electric saw is easy to check thanks to a special clear visual window.

The anti-vibration system on the Energy reduces fatigue and stress on the human joints.

The automatic lubrication system greatly extends chain life and reduces chain friction and heating. It is recommended to use Sturm Company Oil for electric saws as a lubricant.

Basic misalignments and how to fix them

If the motor does not push, the following causes can lead to this:

  • Insufficient output of the electric saw;
  • The chain brake is engaged;
  • The carbon brush is worn out.

When the engine is running but not seeing well:

  • Chain clipping;
  • Poor chain tension;
  • Incorrectly installed chain.

The Energiach electric saw is powered by an electric cable, which tends to kink and fail. Its condition should be checked every time you start it up.

Unit: 4/6 | Summer Numbers: 2093 Source: https://proogorod.com/selhoztekhnika/sadovaia-tekhnika/elelktropil-energomash-obzor

The best professional electric chain saws

In order to use an electric tool for a long time, it is important to choose the right power and technical features of the electric unit.

As for electric chainsaws, there is a standard power of 1900-2000 watts for the category of professional devices. Below are the best models according to user ratings.

Bosch ake 40-19 and elegance

The model is characterized by a powerful motor of 1900 watts. This is enough for full-fledged work all day long. The design is characterized by a comfortable handle for the right hand and a two-stage handle for the left hand. With the 400 mm long bar, you can cut thick tree trunks and massive branches.

Work can be performed at high chain speeds of 12 meters per second. Due to these bends, the driving part of the tool is not in the wood. If the cutting blade or replacement, no additional equipment is required when the cutting blade is transferred again. All manipulation is done by pressing on the right side of the body.

Power saws are characterized by the possibility of changing the bar and a longer set-up time. This is especially convenient when working with thick trunks of trees. Despite this length, the tool can make accurate cuts, as the thickness of the connection is only 1.1 mm.


  • powerful motor;
  • Easy maintenance when stretching and changing chains;
  • High productivity due to the speed of the blade;
  • Cutting precision;
  • Instant stopping of chain due to sliding brake;
  • Comfortable handles;
  • low noise;
  • You can work the full depth of the bar.
  • Automatic blade lubrication.


  • Thin tire that’s easy to bite into when you bite into it;
  • High price;
  • Difficult to find a new chain, except for the original.

Stihl MSE 230 – Electricity and speed

Against other models, it loses out to a very powerful motor. Its output is 2300 watts. Compared with the rest of the tools of the same series, even the Makita brand, this is the undisputed leader. Despite the power figures, the developers managed to maintain a relatively lightweight design, which is 4.8 kg. This helps to work for eight hours without overloading the hands.

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The chain pitch is made in the professional standard – 3/8 inch. Vibration is felt in due measure, but this is compensated for by the cutting speed and the ability to take more hand breaks.


  • Super powerful motor;
  • Long tire change when needed;
  • Brake for an instant stop;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • 4-meter long cord;
  • Relatively light weight.


  • Feels a strong nose bounce, so you need to hold the tool firmly in your hands.
  • Right-handed holding position;
  • high price.

Skil 0708 RA – compactness and convenience

A good compromise between cost and performance is Skil’s product. The second line from the world-renowned Bosch features an affordable price and powerful motors. In this model, a 2000-watt motor provides the chain rotation. The bar is slightly shorter than the more expensive saws, at 35 cm.

The unit is characterized by an economical consumption of oil, in which for 1 liter is about 150 minutes of sawing for the construction of a single frame house. The model has a compact, crack-free body and good chipsters in both handles for protection.


  • A powerful model that outperforms more expensive saws;
  • inexpensive;
  • Chain brake;
  • Automatic lubrication;
  • Rubber noise, in the cold is not free;
  • Chain installation without tools;
  • Economical oil consumption;
  • Robust and compact body;
  • Easy chain replacement.


  • Shortened tires;
  • Oil leaks in the hover;
  • Requires a minute of idling to lubricate the chain.
  • No oil flow adaptation.

Interskol PK-16/2000-A worthy domestic analogue

On the background of foreign products, there are quality models of Russian production. Interskol P K-16/2000 – a professional electric chainsaw with an engine power of 2000 watts. With a standard bar length of 40 cm with the help of the tool can perform all kinds of works.

The model is characterized by a soft start, which easily holds it at the beginning of operation. In case of a warning of an unauthorized start, the electronic motor protection is provided. In addition to stopping the circuit itself, the braking of the electric unit is activated, which gives instant results and eliminates injury.


  • Comfortable straightforward design;
  • Functional left hand loop handle;
  • Motor protection before accidental start;
  • Motor brake;
  • well-thought-out balance;
  • Soft start;
  • Relatively reasonable cost for professional equipment.


  • The chain extends only with a wrench;
  • Weight of 6 kg, which makes your hands tired faster;
  • The weak point is the oil pump, which may have to be repaired;
  • The tank lid comes off a bit.

Block: 3/5 | Summer Numbers: 4859 Source: https://vyboroved.ru/elektroinstrment/945-luchshhie-tsepnye-elektropily.html.html


Energyh is a Russian company purchased by German company Sturm. The assembly process is located directly at VR China’s facilities, which allows the price to be kept consistently low.

The cost of a new power seeder from Energyh in the store is about 4,500 rubles, and in good condition it costs about 3,000 rubles.

Energyh power net devices:

Energy PC-99220

The model Energyh PC-99220 has a 2.2 kW flow motor, which is quite enough to perform a wide range of works in the household, regardless of whether we are talking about a fast-building or log house or firewood.

Electric Mower Energy ПЦ-99220

Features Energy PC-99220
Power, kW 2,2
Busbar length, cm 40.5
Number of links 57
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8
Oil tank capacity, l 0,1
Weight (kg 7.05
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Energy PTS-99202

The Energy PTS-99202 is an exact copy of the previous Performance-Aaw model in terms of technical characteristics.

The Power Station Energy PTS-99202

The only difference is the smaller volume of oil tanks (only 100 ml), i.e. you have to take a long break to refill. And the overall dimensions and weight are a little less.

Features Energy PC-992202
Power, kW 2,2
Busbar length, cm 40.5
Number of links 57
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8
Oil tank capacity, l 0.39
Weight (kg 6.42

Energy PC-99160

The PC-99160 power packs have less power, only 1.6 kW. This power is enough for making firewood for the winter and sawing various types of wood.

Electric mower Energy PTs-99160

Automatic chain tension is not provided, so it has to be tightened manually on a regular basis.

Features Energy PC-99160
Power, kW 1,6
Busbar length, cm 30.5
Number of links 46
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8
Oil tank capacity, l 0.065
Weight (kg 3,7

Energia PK-30

This is the simplest electric saw Energomash. It weighs only 5.8 kg. A 2.2 kW motor is installed, but has nothing in common with the PC-99202 or PC-99202 PC-30.

Electromagnetic Energy PC-30

The length of the bar is only 30 cm, and the number of links – 45. And if you have to take it out occasionally to make firewood, then this is exactly the ideal model.

Features Energia PK-30
Power, kW 2,2
Busbar length, cm 30.5
Number of links 45
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8
Oil tank capacity, l 0.11
Weight (kg 4.09

Energy PC-40

This model is similar to the PC-30 model, but has increased power up to 2,6 kW and is designed to work with large trees.

Energy PC-40 electric mower

Features Energy PC-40
Power, kW 2,6
Busbar length, cm 40.5
Number of links 59
Link thickness, mm 1,3
Chain pitch 3/8
Oil tank capacity, l 0.11
Weight (kg 4,9

Block: 3/6 | Summer performance: 2793 Source: https://proogorod.com/selhoztekhnika/sadovaia-tekhnika/elelktropil-energomash-obzor

Video review

Reviews and prices

Leonid, Izhevsk: “The BP-45 chainsaw has been a regular part of my personal household. There is nothing superfluous about it. It cuts well along and across fibers. Compression has decreased a little and gasoline consumption has increased. The piston needs to be replaced.” “

Fedor, Syzran: “I saw PT-9937B comfort and saw reliably. Its advantages: reliability, small weight, comfort when working. Disadvantages: Warming up the engine takes a little longer. “

Dmitry, Dimitrovgrad: “About a year ago I bought PT-9937B manufactured by “Energomash”. For almost a year it has never failed, although there are comments to it. It is good that there is a case to protect the tire length of 40 cm. Convenient handles make the work easier. The chain stop system works well. Convenient approval of the carburetor and air filter. The tool is lightweight, weighing only 4 kg. I recommend the product to every consumer. “

It stays at the price of some manufacturing products for power devices. Make a small table.

Make a mark Price in rubles Make a mark Price in rubles
TSP-50186 3840 PO 7327P 24352
TO-5525C 8846 PD-13125P 4200
TSP-50161 3540 PC-99160 3690
CP-185 3450 LB-408606 2560
PK-40 3384 BP-37 3845
BP-45 3941

In different regions of the country the price may be different.

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