Overview of a powerful cultivator with reverse gear Patriot Dallas-2. Description, benefits, how-tos, videos and owner reviews

Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2. Features of the application, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2 is a unit suitable for work on small and medium-sized plots up to 30 hectares. Its main advantage is a four-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp, which allows you to perfectly cope with processing dense soils. The gearbox has only 2 gears – 1 forward and 1 reverse, but this is quite enough for a small device.

Motoblock Patriot Dallas 2

The use of various attachments makes the Dallas Patriot walk-behind tractor even more functional and allows you to use it not only for cultivation, but also for plowing, loosening, heaping, planting and picking potatoes, as well as performing other necessary household chores .

The convenient handle is height adjustable, allowing the operator to customize the controls. All important controls are on it. Also, the kit comes with a transport wheel that allows you to deliver the walk behind tractor to the place where the work is planned.

Technical characteristics

Direction of rotation of the knives: direct
Blade rotation speed: 80-160 rpm
Number of cutters included: 8 pcs
Engine type: Petrol, 4 stroke
engine volume: 196cu. cm
Engine power: 6.50 hp
Transmission: without gear
clutch type: Belt
Drive (reducer): Chain
Number of gears: 1 forward, 1 back
Turning back: There is
Rated capacity: no data
Weight (kg: 55kg
Plow depth, mm: 260mm
Fuel tank volume, l: 3.6L
Direction of travel: Back and forth
Begin: Manual
Field width, cm: 85cm

usage characteristics

Below is a guide where you will find a description of all the work necessary to keep the walk behind tractor in working order Download the Patriot Dallas 2 Operator’s Manual

To avoid premature failures, it is recommended to use only high quality lubricants such as Supreme HD SAE30, Expert SAE 10W-40, Specific SAE 5W-30 for Arizona walk-behind tractor engine. AI-92 gasoline is used as fuel.

Patriot Supreme HD SAE 30 4T Oil SPECIFIC SAE 5W-30

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Also, the key to avoiding premature failures is regular maintenance, including every shift.

Before starting operation, it is desirable to carry out a break-in procedure, which will increase the life of the engine. The device works for 6-8 hours at reduced power for grinding and lubricating all parts. After that, the speed increases and the two-wheel tractor can be operated at full power.

Be sure to drain used oil and fuel.

Subsequent fluid changes are performed after 25 or 50 hours of operation. The instructions describe in detail the correct oil change.

Before each use of the device, you must:
  • examine it for possible malfunctions;
  • check the presence of the required amount of oil and fuel;
  • Clean the air filter and tighten all screw connections.

After completing field work, the two-wheel tractor must be cleaned, greased with grease to prevent corrosion, drained of fuel, covered and stored in a dry place.

Patriot Dallas 2 video review

Below is a video review

Reviews of the owners

On the forums, the owners note its functionality and ease of management.


During the first plowing he suffered quite a bit because the engine kept stalling and had poor soil processing. But things got more fun after the secondary oil replacement. It turned out that the oil sensor blocks the operation of the engine at a low level of lubricant. Only 3 liters of petrol were spent on 30 hectares. I think it just can’t be more economical. A year later, Motoblock Patriot Dallas wasn’t at all. The case turned out to be in the floating chamber – the valve froze in one position and did not respond to anything. I fixed the problem on my own.

Overview of a powerful cultivator with reverse gear Patriot Dallas-2. Description, benefits, how-tos, videos and owner reviews

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The Patriot Dallas-2 motor cultivator belongs to the class of powerful breeders to perform work in areas up to 20 hectares.

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With this device you can carry out ploughing, loosening of the soil, cultivation as well as harvesting of potatoes.

The device is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine with air cooling function.

The weight of the walking loss tractor is 55 kg.

Directly when ordering a walk from the Patriot manufacturer, you can place an order for the purchase of attachments for the device, e.g. B. Cigarette light, ploughing, soil or potato digger.

These are types of additional devices that are used more often than others. Without them, the car cannot fully realize its direct functions.

Patriot Dalas-2 works with air cooling on a four-stroke gasoline engine, the power of which is 6.5 hp. The volume of the engine is 196 cm3. The fuel consumption is 0.75 l/h, the fuel tank capacity of 3.6 liters. The motorcycle block can move at two speeds (one front and one rear gear).

The ignition of this model is electronic. The diameter of the grinder is 30 cm, the soil depth in the mills is about 28 cm.

completion and instruction

  1. two pneumatic wheels;
  2. two protective discs for wheels;
  3. transport wheel (1 pc);
  4. school with mount;
  5. set of mills; by operation in Russian.


engine power 6.5 L.S.
The width of the capture 85 cm
transmission Chain
The diameter of the milling cutter 30 cm
speed 1 forward/ before 1 forward
The weight 55kg

distinguishing features

The Patriot Dallas-2 walk-behind tractor has such advantages over the analogues of other companies:

  1. powerful motor, reliable, factory assembly;
  2. low fuel consumption;
  3. high power and speed;
  4. the presence of an adjustable sashnik height;
  5. fortified hardened mills for each soil;
  6. Maneuverability and easy control due to the average weight of the Walk behavior (only 55 kg);
  7. four steering positions (adjustment for operator growth);
  8. the presence of backwards – convenient when hilling and plowing;
  9. Transport bike for transporting a walk in a garage or place;
  10. stable wide wheels;
  11. an acceptable price compared to motor blocks equipped with similar power supply motors;
  12. The presence of a large number of available fastening devices.
Distance between grapes

Technical service

A operating instructions are included in the scope of delivery of the singl e-axle tractor. According to this document, only high-quality mineral oils for air-cooled 4-stroke engines have to be used for Patriot Dalas, for example: Supreme HD SAE30, Expert Sae 10W-40, Specific Sae 5W-30 or oil from other manufacturers with the same performance.

Use a special oil such as Hypoid Patriot or another with a similar composition for transmission.

When maintaining scheduled, pay attention to the following key components of the han d-led tractor:

  • Air filter;
  • Drive cable;
  • Starter;
  • Engine;
  • Cylinder ribs;
  • Drive strap;
  • Spark plug;
  • Transmission;
  • Cutter.

Clean the machine regularly, in particular: cylinder ribs, engine housing and knife from earth and dust. Pollution of these parts affects the performance and reduces the performance of the device.

Clean the fuel and oil filters every 50 hours and replace them if necessary.

Video review

There are many reviews on the Internet for this model. Users notice its functionality and low fuel consumption. From the minus points there are problems with the processing of hard soil and the difficulty of purchasing additional attachments for a han d-led tractor.

Nikolai, Penza: “The han d-led tractor drives perfectly, it is easy, it was used to plow a parcel of 10 hectares. You have to hold the handles, but it runs forward quickly, in thick areas it happens that it slips. Here the reverse gear is saved, they apply it, straighten it and continue working. The cultivation depth is low, almost 28 cm, I measured it, but it is definitely better than digging by hand. A great machine for the price! “

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