Overview of a petrol-walking tractor with an electrical start of Virgin Lands MB-602F. Properties, functions, instructions, videos, reviews

Motoblocks virgin: device, models, properties, video

The Virgin Lands brand itself is a division of the PERM organization “Academy of Tools”. In 2005 the company founded the first meeting capacity, and a year later the agronomists liked the agronomists with a debut machine from the garden plan.

Today, many owners of landplots know firs t-hand via Virgin Mops, which were famous for reliability, perseverance and excellent performance.

Features of Motoblocks Virginar: General moments

Devices have:

  • Wide wheels with a diameter of 18 cm, which guarantees a high degree of continuousness even under difficult conditions;
  • the possibility to supplement the devices by headlights, electrical shoes, batteries, etc.;
  • a rotation steering column that is characterized by the ability to adapt the vertical and horizontal level;
  • Wide fenders that protect the technology from dirt and additional objects;
  • an reinforced plaice;
  • Accessibility of the connected devices and simple installation;
  • Extended speed circuit;
  • an impressive motorcycl e-pack – 3,000 mothers;
  • A simple design that you can use to repair with your own hands.
  • Accessibility of spare parts and their reliability;
  • Excellent assembly;
  • profitable costs.

Despite the fact that all virgin blocks of virgin countries can hardly be described as incredibly powerful, they show themselves perfectly in small areas and are ideal devices for personal use. To ensure this, you should get closer to getting to know some models that are most users.

Review of the attached devices

  • Freak – used to process the floor. As a rule, it is delivered in the kit and installed instead of bikes. By adapting the couch, you can change the processing depth. Such a nozzle enables you to quickly finish working
  • Adapte r-developed to facilitate control of the Walk behavio r-tractor operator
  • The trailer is required for the transport of goods. The trailer is connected by fastening elements and the freight is transported to 400 kg
  • Silents – There are two types: Rotary and segment. Thanks to rotating knives, cut grass and are designed for mowing young low grass. And segmented, cut off the grass thanks to knives that move in a horizontal level and are able to get ready even with small bushes
  • Mass rooms. In the event that the bikes skip the surface of the earth while grinding or slipping the goods, they can be replaced by metal primer. Instead of a profile, you have steel plates that significantly improve adhesion on the surface during movement. You can be bough t-manufactured or manufactured yourself
  • The plow is when the floor is heavy and the milling cutter is not sufficient, then you can use a normal plow to mix the upper layer of soil. For light models it is necessary to take additional weighting
  • Snow milling – useful in areas where winter are accompanied by strong rainfall, as it is easy to free the area from the snow. The steel snail in the snow plow cultivation device of the hand-led tractor Tselina SP-60 grossed self-frozen snow and throws it up to a distance of 20 m. When a shovel is connected, the snow is simply accumulated by the side
  • A potato rotor is a separate device that makes it much easier to plant and harvest vegetables. The potato mooring machine makes narrow furrows, and a special nozzle placed seeds after a certain distance. The excavator undermines and lifts the tubers, which are then lying away from the unit
  • Sympics – are used on dense soils if the weight of the han d-led tractor is not sufficient to carry out effective plowing
  • The snowmobile attachment is a novelty in the area of ​​modernization of handmade tractors. It is used to facilitate the passage of the device through snow drifts. The photo shows the appearance of a device equipped with rails
Weima WM900 Motoblock. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

The preparation

In the model range of Tselina engine blocks there is a division into

  • Category MB;
  • Category MB R;
  • NMB category.

Celina also produces a diesel model of a han d-led tractor – M B-400D. This is one of the most popular models among farmers, since diesel fuel is more economical than gasoline according to some reviews.

Motoblock Celina MB-400D

The manufacturer is currently presenting the following models on the website in the category of MB-Nachstractors: MB-501, MB-600, MB-601, MB-602F, MB-701, MB-802F, M B-900, M B-901, MB-13301. The maximum power of motoblöcken of this type is 13 hp, the minimum power 5 hp.

Motoblock Celina MB-902F

The MB R category includes the following models: MB-610R, 710R, 910R, 611R, 711R, 911R, 912FR, 812FR, 612FR. Their output is in the range of 6 to 9 hp.

Motoblock Tselina MB-612FR

The NMB category includes the following models of hand-led tractors: NMB 601, 901, 903. Your performance is 6 to 9 hp.

Motoblock Tselina NMB-603

Special features of Tselina engine blocks:
  • Petrol engines “Lifan” (China) or “Vympel” (Russia), performance of 4 to 13 hp;
  • There are also devices with diesel engines (MB-400D);
  • Easy localization of key nodes;
  • recognizable design;
  • 3 year guarantee (models of the last years of publication);
  • Some models, for example from the MB-01 series, are equipped with a protective bump catcher on the front of the structure.
  • All han d-led tractors are equipped with a noticeable relief with air tires;
  • affordable price compared to foreign analogue;
  • A wide network of dealer and service centers across Russia, sales in neighboring countries;
  • Exchange of spare parts in different models.

Scharrow: 3/7 | Number of characters: 1567 Source: https://proogorod.com/selhoztekhnika/motobloki-kultivatory/motoblok-tselina-obzor

User Guide

Instructions are also delivered with the hand-led Tselina tractors. This document must be kept during the entire operating time.

Tselina Motoblock device

Based on the instructions, you can build the han d-led tractor together and start it for the first time. In addition – more about commissioning and operating the han d-led tractor.

Pruning peculiarities of grape pruning in spring

First run and enema

The first commissioning of the singl e-axle tractor Tselina takes place after the unit is installed. Use the tool set (if included) for assembly. After assembly, the han d-led tractor should be filled with gasoline and oil should also be poured into the gearbox and the motor crankcase. Switch on the han d-led tractor and let the engine run without a load. After 15 minutes you can start working with attachments.

The period of engine production from the moment of the first start is called operating room. Runnin g-In in the rule usually takes up to 20 mothers.

After entering, you can use a walk for hard work, for example to open virgin countries or transport heavy loads. Do not exceed the maximum of support for your technology model.


The manufacturer newly represents some Motoblocks models in production. Like the recommended ukzano tenol oil for petrol/diesel four stroke engines.

For the gearbox: only a few TAD17 or analogue of viscosity. AI 92 or AI 95 petrol like other petrol engine blocks. Do not use cheap gasoline, such a fuel has a negative effect on the quality of the engine and increases the likelihood of collapse.


If the motoblock is not used in winter, winter memory is called “nature conservation”. We make sure that the virgin areas “Jungfrau Land” are created in accordance with the instructions for operating in temperature mode from minus 5 to plus 35 degrees.

Important! Do not use the device with heavy frost so that there are no problems with the start of the engine.

In addition, at a temperature below zero you can start a walk in a warm room in a garage and only then go to work on the street.

The main disorders and their elimination

The table shows the main misalignments of the virgins of Virgin and opportunities to eliminate these problems.

Plants, with which your child can be poisoned while playing in the garden

The main disorders and their elimination

Block: 5/7 | Summer figures: 2153 Source: https://proogorod.com/selhoztekhnika/motobloki-kultivatory/motobblok-tselina-obzor


The key to the long service of the tractor of the walk is a t-in. It must be carried out in accordance with certain rules after purchase or lon g-term downtime. In this case, a gentle mode is used, which implies average curves and operation by 60% of the maximum performance in the first 10 hours.

Motoblock Jungfrau MB 801

In this modification, the manufacturers easily improved the design – added a bumper. The configuration also includes protective wings and fenders, and enlarged massive wheels contribute to the best cros s-cal e-Cros s-Cros s-Cros s-Crosse. The steering wheel can be adjusted in two levels. A powerful motor of the walk with hinge devices helps to carry out tasks such as plowing, cultivation, hilling, transportation of goods, snow cleaning, etc.

Technical characteristics:

  • The engine power is 8 liters. With.;
  • The volume of the fuel tank – 3.5 l;
  • Plowing depth – up to 300 mm;
  • Width of the processed area – up to 1130 mm;
  • Length – 1100 mm;
  • Height – 900 mm;
  • Width – 500 mm;
  • Weight – 110 kg;
  • Fuel consumption – 3.7 l/hour.

The main disorders

As a rule, the designs of motor blocks are not particularly different, so that the malfunctions are similar. The following can be among the most common:

  • The engine current falls off
  • Complete termination of engine operation
  • Working with interruptions
  • Possible smoke of a motor block
  • Starter makes uncharacteristic sounds
  • The belt is wrongly stretched

If the engine does not begin, the following measures should be carried out in search of malfunctions and their further removal to identify the reasons:

  1. Switch on the ignition
  2. Check the presence of fuel in the tank
  3. Check the carburetor air dampers (if the cold engine is started, the damper should be closed).
  4. Check the fuel intake in the carburetor.
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The operating instructions describe the possible possibilities for eliminating breaks and the addresses of the service centers if the owner himself is unable to deal with the malfunction.

Video review

Below you will find an official video check from the company “Zeadina”

Video check of the work of the Motor note Virgin Soil MB901:

Video reviews of the work on the MB-600 Virgin Ground

Number of blocks: 13 | General number of characters: 9698 Number of used donors: 4 Information for each donor:

Motoblock Jungfrau Boden MB-602F. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Virgin Grounds MB-602F belongs to the category of hearing hearing units for household. It is equipped with a petrol engine for 6.5 hp. The device differs positively from analogue into force with its dimensions, functions and simple control. The engine installed in the Virgin Lands MB-602F is the Chinese factory assembly unit Lifan, the brand LF168F-2D.

Motoblock Tselina MB-602F

The purpose of the Virgin Block Virgin MB-602F:
  • Work in the garden (trimming branches, haircuts of lawns);
  • Agricultural operations using attachments (hilling, grinding, plowing);
  • Cleaning plants, including root plants;
  • Grow house work;
  • Irrigation;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Grind branches;
  • Mulchen;
  • Spraying diagrams using parasites;
  • Cleaning the areas next to the house, working together on the street.
Employment of the Virgin Blocks Virgin MB-602F

Protective wing pneumatic wheels of the headlight halogen grinding

Technical characteristics

The guarantee for MTBlock MB-602F is 12 months. This technology not only combines Zelevine brand attachments, but also other domestic units from the list of the necessary attached.

Properties of the Virgin Blocked Jungfrau MB-602F:
  • The size of the release in the machine is 14 cm, the engine is four cylinders per cylinder.
  • The diameter of the cylinder is 68 mm.
  • The volume of the cylinder is 196 cubic meters.
  • The gearbox is standard, chain mechanics and not improved.
  • The dimensions of the Wal k-Fehind tractor: The length is 1470 mm, width 580 mm, height 1000 mm taking into account the control handle.
  • The motorcycle block is already delivered with tank buildings liquids. Use equal oil oil to pour in the crankcase. Nothing of the same manufacturer is recommended for the transmission. Petrol: High cleaning, AI-92, AI-95 mark.
  • The total weight of the car without trust is 100 kg.
  • The basic configuration contains no mills.
  • Work in four gears, 2 of which are in front.
  • The dimensions of the bikes are 19×7-8.
  • There is a manual start and an electrical function.
Review of NEVA MB-2 engine blocks. Reviews of the owners

Tselina Motoblock control scheme

From additional technical options:
  • Halogen headlights of good brightness;
  • Comfortable adjustable handles;
  • Mass, also optimal for working with Tselina;
  • Classic location of the engine and fuel tank;
  • Bumper to reduce the likelihood of damage to the walking tractor during operation;
  • Protection pads over the wheels to block the flying country and the dust;
  • Hig h-quality assembly in the factory.

Read more: Review of the engine Block Sschenli 500. Technical features. Device. User Guide

Application and device

Reviews about the hiking loss tractor show how high the farmers appreciate this model. Zeleeen MB-602 is a universal assistant in every place, garden, in the garden. Due to the wide wheels, the clutch with the floor is perfect, the unit can also pass on excavated areas or uneven soil.

Tselina Motoblock device

Features of the Motobobobe Virgin MB-602:
  • The front and backward lever are covered with a comfortable, not left coating.
  • The speed control system is based on the accession of flexible cables. In this way, the gear shift shifts smoothly.
  • The throttle has a built function “stop of the engine”;
  • an electric starter with a capacity of 12 volts;
  • The battery is protected by a sealed coating;
  • The headlight protects against damage to the bumper.


Run the walk behind tractor for at least 5 hours after purchase. Total running time: 20 hours. After that, the use of equipment for all work with attachments is permitted.

Important! Choose oil for 4-stroke gasoline engines, do not mix oils for different seasons.

Perform scheduled maintenance according to the instructions once every 100 hours, annually – preventive maintenance of the engine. In winter, store the equipment in a warm room so that the two-wheel tractor does not freeze. After long periods of storage and inactivity, inflate the wheels to the correct tire pressure.

Video review

Overview of the video review of the walk-behind tractor Tselina

owner reviews

Maxim, Rostov:

“I use this model as a snow blower in winter, we have a lot of snow, it is difficult to clean both the yard and the terrain outside with a shovel. I can’t say that the walk-behind tractor has super qualities, but it does its job – and that’s the main thing. The Russian congregation here is lucky, I read that they come across a marriage, but in general the device is not bad.

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