Organic garden: a natural remedy for plant protection

Organic protection: Choosing organic products for the garden and vegetable garden

Tending the garden, growing vegetables in the garden – and then some kind of disaster: aphids attacked, caterpillars eat vegetables, powdery mildew found … How frustrating is that? And how!

It is very unfortunate when pests and diseases spoil the harvest.

It is very annoying when pests and diseases spoil your harvest.

All gardeners deal with such problems in different ways. Some prefer folk remedies, some prefer “heavy artillery” – a variety of pesticides. But maybe we should take a closer look at modern biological preparations for protecting plants from diseases and pests?

What are the advantages of organic products?

Perhaps the main argument of supporters of biological products is the safety and harmlessness of these means for nature and people. Growing vegetables, fruits and berries in the country house, we want to get organic products with no signs of pesticides and dangerous substances. Yes, and our brothers are not useless, but many pesticides are toxic to insects, destructive to fish (if they get into the water) and can disrupt the balance of nature.

Folk remedies – all kinds of decoctions and infusions – do not have such unpleasant side effects. They are also environmentally friendly and safe, but not every summer residents have time to prepare their own natural remedies. And, unfortunately, they are not always very effective, because it is quite difficult to achieve an optimal concentration of active ingredients, even with adverse compliance with the recipe and preparation technology.

Using biological preparations is simple and convenient

It is easy and convenient to use biological products

Industrially manufactured biological products are simple and easy to use. They have a balanced composition, specially selected and tested in scientific laboratories. If you follow the simple instructions, the result will be predictable and the action of the product will be effective.

Organic products do not harm the environment and do not disturb the ecological balance. Vegetables and fruits from treated plantations are safe for health. But that’s exactly what we want!

Prevention is a priority

The phrase that disease is easier to prevent than to treat, probably everyone has already seen it in their teeth. However, it is true. And this explanation applies to plant diseases and pest control as well.

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It is better to prevent to take action in time

It is better not to take action in time

Any shrub or blade of grass, like you and me, has immunity that helps resist disease. And pests often cause serious damage to crops when plants are weakened or grown with gross violations of agricultural techniques. And preventive biological preparations presented in the online store of seeds, play a role of a kind of “vitamins”, strengthen the immune system and healthier both the soil and the plants grown on it.

For example, a biologically active preparation Micorade Micorade 1.1 MICORAD from fungus Metarhziu m-Anisopliae production Bi o-Anisopliae provides effective protection for plants from soil mites and suppresses the development of pathogenic microflora in the soil. It stimulates plant growth and development, serving as a kind of probiotic for the plants.

Biological preparations help to prevent diseases and strengthen the immunity of plants. Photo from

Organic products help prevent diseases and increase the immunity of plants. Photo from

Another complex preparation from the same manufacturer – MIKORAD MALSANO 2.1 – contains mycelium of the soil fungus Trichoderma viride, which is known for its ability to accelerate the breakdown of organic matter and enrich the soil with nutrients in a form accessible to plants. This product simultaneously reduces the negative effects of phytopathogens and stimulates plant development and increases plant productivity.

Many gardeners are already familiar with the popular eco-friendly product HB-101, a completely natural stimulant for plants that helps strengthen their immunity, normalize growth and increase productivity. The product is based on plant extracts and is absolutely safe for humans and the environment.

The preparation NV-101 is known to many gardeners. Photo from

HB-101 is a well-known preparation for many gardeners. Photo from

No less popular are GUMI preparations from BasInCom, which contain humic substances, micro- and macroelements in an optimal combination for plants. Products of this line (for example, GUMI-30 Super-Universal or GUMI-K Olympic) are very easy to use, economical and effective.

Gumi is a natural elixir of fertility, an effective prophylactic agent. Photo from

GUMI is a natural elixir of fertility, an effective prevention. Photo from

You may already be familiar with these remedies, but if not, you can find more information about GUMI fertility elixirs and how to use them in the video below:

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At Seedspost’s online store, you’ll find a full range of preventative organic products and fertilizers. And how to use these products correctly, how to avoid mistakes when using them, read the article What not to do with organic products: 9 mistakes when using them

Biopreparations against plant diseases

If prevention still did not help, and the plants got sick, it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible. This is where biopreparations come in handy.

Perhaps first of all we should mention the well-known and popular biofungicide Fitosporin – a simple, reliable, effective and safe drug that helps protect plants from rot, fusarium, late blotch, powdery mildew, rust and other common fungal and bacterial diseases.

For more information on this biofungicide and its proper application, watch this short video:

Proven preparations against fungal and bacterial diseases of plants. Photo from

Proven Products Against Fungal and Bacterial Plant Diseases. Photo from

Biofungicide Alirin-B is based on the bacterium Bacillus subtilis 10-VIZR and is designed to combat root rot, powdery mildew, late and early blotchiness, ascochytosis and grey mold. Gliokladin biopreparation is also used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent against these diseases.

Additives make biologicals more effective and reduce their consumption. Photo from

Biofungicide Trichoflor contains live cells of fungus Trichoderma viride and is used to control fungal diseases on fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants in both open and protected ground. The drug has a long exposure time and high efficiency, as evidenced by the reviews of dacha owners. Adhesives make biopreparations more effective and reduce their use. Photo from

And to make biopreparations even more effective, there may be special means – bioadhesives. They help reduce the consumption of biological fungicides and insecticides by fixing them well to treated surfaces, while protecting plants from moisture loss and sunburn.

Of course, it is impossible to list all the useful biological preparations against plant diseases in one review, but you can easily find them in the catalog of the Seedspost online store.

Biological preparations against parasites

A large army of pests can cause serious damage to future crops and noticeably worsen the appearance of ornamental plants. In addition, insect pests are often carriers of dangerous diseases that literally stick to weakened plants. It is therefore not surprising that Gärtner and Gärtner Schaklingen are announcing a real fight.

Overview of the champion snow-chill range

Pests cause serious damage to crops and spoil the appearance of plants

The pests cause serious damage to crops and spoil the appearance of plants.

The range of modern bioinecticides is very wide, you can use both specialized, narrowly focused preparations, focused on the fight against a certain type of insects, and universal, complex means. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

A proven remedy – tar – helps expel aphids, mites, butterflies and even rodents from plantings. And against ants, nematodes and phytopathogenic fungi protects black soap – an environmentally friendly and biodegradable product based on fir, alder and fir resin.

Tyre and black soap - preparations against pests. Photo from

Tyre and black soap are protectors against pests. Photo from

Organic insecticide pirbio destroys more than 200 pests. Photo from

Organic insecticide Pirbio (Purbio) naturally destroys more than 200 species of pests, including whitefly, potato beetles, aphids, nematodes, wireworms, thrips, mole mushrooms and others. This drug is absolutely safe because its main active ingredient is an extract of Dalmatian chamomile. Fruiting plants can also be treated with this preparation – in 12 hours after spraying, the crop is suitable for human consumption. Organic insecticide pirbio destroys more than 200 species of pests. Photo

The protective properties of mustard are not news to most gardeners, but sowing mustard as a green fertilizer has a number of unpleasant “side effects”. However, preparations based on this plant are devoid of such disadvantages.

If you are bothered by snails, snail eggs, caterpillars, thrips, gallnematodes or aphids, use the biopreparation “Gorchin” based on wood ash and mustard. Among other things, it is fungicidal and bactericidal and can protect plants from various fungal and bacterial diseases.

Mustard-based products get rid of pests and prevent diseases. Photo from

Biological preparations based on mustard get rid of pests and prevent disease. Photo

Even more extensive sphere of application has a mustard cake. It destroys bears, potato beetles, wireworms, thistles, snails, onion and carrot flies, sex nematodes and beetles; helps against grass rot and fusarium, suppresses root rot pathogens; improves soil structure; can be used as mulch; serves as a natural fertilizer.

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Visit the online store Seedpost to pick up bioinecticides for your dacha – the choice of products in the catalog is very large, and you are sure to find the right product.

Why does the dacha farmer need biological preparations?

Let’s summarize. Modern biological preparations help horticulture and gardening, environmentally friendly, safe products and maintain the garden without damaging the environment. This increases the yield of fruit, berry and vegetable crops and improves the quality of fruits. This is confirmed by observations made during trials by semidachniks: How Popular Biological Products Affect Yields: A Summary of Summer Trial Results

Using biological preparations increases yield and improves fruit quality

Using biological products increases yields and improves fruit quality

Biological products are not only therapeutic but also preventive. They help to strengthen the health of plants, and thus reduce our costs and the release time that would have to be spent on fighting diseases and pests. By the way, these preparations are used very simply, do not require time-consuming procedures and “dancing with tambourine”.

Do you use these wonderful “preparations”? What biological products do you use, do you like the effect of their use? Why and why do you use organic products at home? Tell us, share your experiences!

organic plant protection. Natural plant protection products

Plant protection in harmony with the environment. Natural Plant Protection Products

Many garden owners do not want to use chemicals to protect their plants. Luckily, more and more natural products are now available. Discover natural plant protection products.

Natural plant protection products are not harmful to humans or animals, do not accumulate in the plant and break down quickly. They do not require finesse, meaning that some time elapses from spraying to harvesting. They are selective, that is, they destroy only certain groups of insects. Natural plant protection products may contain plant extracts or live forms of predatory organisms (such as bacteria or nematodes and larvae of beneficial insects) that are parasitic on certain pests. Although they usually do not work as quickly as synthetic pesticides, they are effective – especially in gardens grown organically.

Lawn after winter: 10 basic care tasks

Synthetic pesticides and fungicides are poisons that people and the environment are indifferent to. It is better to use natural products instead, such as:

  • Biobit – a bacterial preparation against butterfly caterpillars;
  • Biochicol – made from the shells of sea creatures. It fights various fungal, bacterial and viral diseases;
  • Biosept – Grapefruit seed extract with pulp. It can be used against bacterial and fungal diseases, including the so dangerous powdery mildew and gray mold;
  • Dipel – a bacterial that kills butterfly caterpillars;
  • Grevit – Grapefruit seed extract and grapefruit pulp have similar effects to Biotept;
  • Himal Cubes and Himal Soap with Garlic Extract – Garlic, Bioczo s-Erb preparations. They counteract many pests and diseases. Cubes are also used to expel moles. Himal soap with wormwood and tansy is also used to control parasites.
  • Larvanem – contains parasitic nematodes that kill gadfly larvae and larvae;
  • NEM services – contains parasitic snail nematodes;
  • Nemasis f – contains parasitic nematodes that control sprouts, thrips and mini-excavators when grown under cover;
  • Podsed – Its component is paraffin oil. It is designed to control barnacles, house worms, aphids and other plant pests.
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