Oleo Mac 937 chainsaws, review, features, reviews

Oleo Mac 937 chainsaws, review, features, reviews

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Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw

Oleo Mac chainsaws are manufactured by the Italian company EMAK SPA. This is a commonwealth of manufacturers who specialize in the production of garden equipment and gasoline tools. The name of the device came from the manufacturer Oleo Mac, which was founded in 1972. In 1992, the company merged with another major manufacturer, EFCO, which quickly increased its potential. Today, Oleo Mac products are one of the company’s margins of global significance.

Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw

The Oleo Mac 937 is available in two variations – the standard model and the Oleo Mack 937 Powersharp. This model is practically the same as the standard chainsaw in terms of technical parameters. At the same time, the saw is equipped with a quick sharpening system, which greatly simplifies the work with the equipment.

The Oleo Mac 937 can be used for:
  • For tree maintenance;
  • In the construction of buildings;
  • For cutting firewood and felling trees (up to 30 cm in diameter).


The Oleo Mac line of chainsaws begins with this model. Oleo Mac 937 belongs to the class of household chainsaws. Due to its reliability and quality, the manufacturer recommends using the chainsaw for construction work.

Oleo Mac 937 Powersharp

Oleo Mack 937 has a small weight – 4.1 kg, which makes it more convenient to work at height. It is worth noting that the bar length of this chainsaw varies from 34 to 41 cm. As for productivity, this characteristic is slightly lower than that of analogues from other manufacturers and is 1.62 kW.

Advantages of the Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw model:
  • availability of the Oleo Mac 937 Powersharp modification;
  • the ability to install a bar length of up to 41 cm;
  • Noise reduction system;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • Inertia brake.

For ease of use, the manufacturer put a short plate on the body, which shows the basic rules of operation and safety precautions.

Herb cleaning in the garden
Oleo Mac 937 basic configuration:

Czech saw attachment – tire wrench for chainsaw assembly

Country of manufacturer: Italy, China. The company EMAK SPA has several production plants in China, which significantly reduces the cost of garden equipment. This factor slightly reduces the quality of products, but makes repairs more difficult.

To determine if a chainsaw is original, look at the bar code on the product packaging. The manufacturer’s land is also listed in the instruction manual.

To buy a quality tool, it is recommended to buy only from official representatives or dealers.


Engine capacity 35.2 cu. m.
Power, kW / hp. 2,2
Fuel tank capacity 400 ml
Fuel tank capacity 220 ml
Chain pitch 0.325
tires 35 cm
Weight 4.1 kg

Owner’s Manual

Before use, the manufacturer recommends that you familiarize yourself with the operating and safety regulations. For people who are inexperienced with the chainsaw, it is best to practice for a while. To protect against possible injury, the operator should wear special headphones and tight clothing while working.

Clothes for chainsaw work

After emptying the tank, it is recommended to suspend work for 15-18 minutes. This reduces the temperature of the unit and the rate of wear of parts.

A full fuel tank is enough for 2-3 hours of continuous work.

The safety instructions describe the basic operation of the Oleo Mack chain saw. The manufacturer does not recommend that you repair your chainsaw yourself. It is also highly discouraged to repair or replace parts while the engine is running.


Maintenance of the Oleo Mack chainsaw:
  • Timely oil changes;
  • Visual inspection of the product before and after work is done;
  • Cleaning the chain, tires and structural elements;

Chainsaw storage option

  • Observance of the rules of operation and storage of the machine;
  • Timely replacement of parts.

Parts for Oleo Mack chain saws can be purchased on the official website of the company. It is not recommended to choose analogues of other manufacturers, it can lead to more serious breakdowns.

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The main malfunctions and their elimination

If one of the following malfunctions occurs, it is necessary to immediately stop working with the device and contact a service center. If necessary, the chain can be sharpened independently.

The main faults can be singled out:
  • A buildup of fouling on the spark plug and failure;
  • Filter clogging;
  • Removal of the chain or tire;
  • Rack of fuel tubing.

If there are problems with the carburetor, the carburetor must be adjusted.

Casera adjusting screws

Adjusting the carburetor:
  • Take the saw, turn the high and low adjustment screws as far as they will go and turn them back 1.5 turns.
  • Warm up the saw for about 10 minutes. Set the idle speed with the idle speed screw.
  • Check that the saw is working at an accelerated rate.

Video review

How to evaluate the Oleo-Mac 937 chain saw

Owners reviews

Vladislav, Kiev:

“Bought Oleo-Mac 937 5 years ago, it still works regularly. In all that time, twice went to the service center to replace the worn chain and filter. I found no design flaws in this price range, everything is satisfactory. “

Alexander, Irkutsk:

“If you choose oleo mac, more modern models. Purchased oleo mac 937 for my parents 2 years ago. A good tool for domestic use. Warms up quickly with prolonged use. If you plan to use industrial scale or construction oleo mac 937, it is better to buy a more powerful tool. “

Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw – a budget option for the private sector

Easy to handle and affordable household chainsaw Oleo Mac 937 contributes to the complete mechanization of household chores associated with cutting firewood, construction of wooden houses and landscaping elements, as well as the care of ornamental and fruit trees.

Despite the moderate cost, the budget model is in many ways identical to the professional models.

The Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw is the budget option for the private sector

Photo: Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw

Designation of Kamaz 6350: model changes, application, functions, price

The 937 series differs from similar analogues of domestic and foreign production:

  • The quality of the materials used;
  • Modern design of the construction;
  • Increased power and torque of the engine;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • Long service life.

Oleo Mac technology – feasibility of use in the private sector

Italian Kettensa w-oleo Mac 937 saw belongs to the category of products with high demand. The technical and performance properties have been praised by ordinary users and experts.

  • The compact, easy to operate and maintain model meets the requirements of current standards and regulations in terms of ergonomics, environmental friendliness and operational safety.
  • The power of the economical and inexpensive engine with a runoff and lubrication ensures felling of old trees up to 30 cm in diameter, full wood processing, sawing of firewood and fuel preparation with minimum working time.

Technological and operational differences

The operating parameters of the oleo Mac 937-16 version have been extended by installing alternative bars with a length of 34 to 41 cm. The product design provides for the use of an effective anti-vibration damper, noise suppressor and inertia brake.

For additional information a protective quick-release plate is attached to the body.

Technical Data

The saw is a compact, ergonomic device weighing 4.1 kg, designed for continuous operation without long cooling breaks. The standard 35.2 cc two-stroke engine is rated at 2.2 hp.

model Oleo Mac 937
Manufacturer Oleo Mac
Production (assembly) Italy
Brand location Italy
Visible use Homework
Sump aluminum
Power, PS (KW) 2.2 (1.62)
Engine displacement, cm3 35.2
Engine type Gasoline, 2-stroke
Chain division, custom 3/8
Chain strength, mm 1,3
Number of members, STK 57
Volume of fuel tank, l 0.32
Volume of oil tank, L 0.22
Tire length, cm (inch) 35 (14) / 41 (16)
Weight (lbs) 4,1
Instruction manual Download

Engine Constructive features

  • The full compression piston group has two piston rings, the cylinder liner has a special treatment, which has a positive effect on its wear resistance.
  • The saw runs on a mix of gasoline and semi-synthetic oil, the 0.32-liter tank has enough capacity for several hours of engine work.
  • The carburetor is simple in construction and reliable in operation, it provides stability of the device operation at high revolutions and idling.
  • The three-element clutch mechanism realizes the drive of the working part of the saw without slipping and with minimum torque loss.
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Engine options include a built-in decompressor and an air filter design that is suitable for quick cleaning.

Oleo Mac 937

Operating equipment

The 350/410 mm bar consists of low-friction metal, and the chain is automatically lubricated by a 0.22-liter oil reservoir. Manual and semi-automatic sharpeners are used to restore the cutting edge of the 0.375″ chain.

advantages and disadvantages

The chainsaw meets the technical and performance requirements of current standards. With timely maintenance and proper operation, the product can operate for 10 years or more without overhaul.

Advantages of this tool:

  • Critical engine parts are forged steel and high-tech cylinder level cutting;
  • Magneto design provides stable spark formation in all types of engines, contributes to fuel economy and reliable starting at low temperatures;
  • Automatic oil pump realizes nominal oil flow rate at idle;
  • Successful location of the air intake and its design allows reducing the maintenance time by 1.5-2 times.

Among the disadvantages most often mentioned are high lubrication costs and weak threads of the side cover fasteners. According to many users, it is necessary to improve the circular tensioning assembly.

Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw price

In the central regions of the country, the price range for this model varies up to 17-19 000 rubles. In the range of online stores you will find offers worth 15.5-16 000.

The budget cost is not conducive to stable demand for used products, so there are relatively few offers for the sale of this model and its modifications.


Identical working properties are characteristic of other models of the brand for the imported and domestic range. Formed a fairly steady demand for inexpensive DAEWOO DACS 2500E, Forte FES 24-40B, Bosch AKE 35 S, Hitachi CS33EB and other amateur models.

Owners reviews

Cheap and economical Italian chainsaw a-Olo Mac 937 was bought for a unanimous project, in particular for the construction of a home pool in a wooden house. The intuition did not let me down. Two weeks of intensive use – enough time to be convinced of the merits of European equipment. The machine has a perfectly balanced buttstock, even after several hours of work it sits well in my hands and I feel virtually no fatigue. Gennady Alekseyevich

Review of the Walk behavio r-tracto r-Keimgt 715 SK. Description of the model, operation, video work

I have been running the Oleo Mac for the second month. During this time I drilled all the stock of firewood, left a few old trees in the garden and cut another window in the log cabin. The engine is not heated, the speeds are stable, the traction is excellent, the length of the tire is enough for the entire list of household and construction work. For all time of work the chain has been stretched out only 6 mm. The only disadvantage – in our area oil is practically not delivered. Have to use more expensive semi-synthetics for two-stroke mopeds. Sergey

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