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Windowsill Garden: 25 Healthy foods that you can grow at home

We choose the residents of the home garden. We get to know the special features of growing vegetables, fruit, berries and herbs.

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To try yourself as a gardener, you don’t need a separate property for garden beds. You can arrange a garden at the window. Even a beginner who has never dealt with seedlings will cope with it. This article is a selection of “successful” plants for cultivation at home and a collection of useful tips.

What you need for a window garden

The first step is to increase inventory for setting up a house garden. The exact list of the necessary depends on the selected seedlings. Here is the basic list:

  • Primer. Suitable universal or especially for each selected plant. It is better to buy earth in shops because the road has to be cleaned first. If it is not possible to win “fertile soil”, ignite the earth in an oven at temperatures up to 90 ° C. However, such a soil will still be worse than bought in terms of the properties.
  • Sämling tank. It is practical to use mini-greenhouses with cells of different sizes. A simpler option is plastic cups, for example from yogurt. However, do not forget to provide covers. Mini greenhouses are already being sold, so there is less trouble.
  • Seeds or seedlings. Choose specimens that are suitable for cultivation at home. Such information is usually given on the packaging with seeds. As far as the grown seedlings are concerned, you have to inquire about experienced gardeners or at special locations.
  • Rechen and mini uprising. These supplies are needed to prepare the floor. If you plan to plant in cups or mini-greenhouses, you can replace the spatula with wooden or plastic sticks.
  • Watering can. It is convenient for you to pour the seedlings. A more reliable and more expensive option is an automatic water supply system. Easy if you cannot always pour the mini garden on the windowsill in time.
  • Herring. You will prove to be useful when it is time to bind adult plants. Ordinary wooden skewers or chopsticks are suitable for young plantings.
  • Container for stopping liquids. It is needed to prepare water for irrigation of plants. It is not necessary to buy a special container – a normal cup or a deep bowl is sufficient.
  • Phytol lamp. An indispensable attribute for the organization of sufficient artificial lighting. Some plants get enough sunlight, but it is better to prepare yourself thoroughly in any case. Especially when they grow “capricious” plants or organize improvised beds in a slightly lit room.
  • Fertilizer. They are needed to improve the properties of the soil. You can also acquire compositions for neutralizing pests.
  • Gloves. They facilitate the handling of seedlings and avoid skin contact with fertilizers.

If you are serious about gardening at home, you can stock up on more advanced tools: reflectors, greenhouse mats, intelligent greenhouses, mini-greenhouse shelves. Do not forget the pots – you will be useful for transplanting tire plants.

Advice! If you grow cultures for sale, buy autonomous landscape systems. Professional inventory makes plant care significantly easier.

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Where is it better to organize a room mini ogorod

The easiest way to answer is that it is better to organize a home garden on the windowsill. In most cases this is true. In order to choose the location, however, it is important to take the four parameters into account:

  • Lighting. Depending on the culture chosen, light needs 6-10 hours a day in the middle plant. The most phot o-help copies are cucumbers and tomatoes. Therefore, it is better to put them near the windows on the south side.
  • Temperature. The optimal range is 20–26 ° C. Do not install any systems in the battery and follow the microclimate in the room. If the room is too cool, use a heated mat. In the opposite case, water the planting with water.
  • Ventilation. The room should be enough fresh air. Avoid designs – you do not affect the condition of the plants. The appearance of mold and fungus is also dangerous.
  • Humidity . The perfect parameter is 60-70%. However, make sure that the mold does not start in the ground.

It gets dry in the heating season in the rooms. So use humidifiers. If you are not there, put the water tank in the rooms. And often spray the plants out of the spray gun.

If you have a homemade greenhouse, you cannot worry about humidity. Condensate is formed under the lid and the plants “breathe”. However, a humidifier in the air still does not harm.

Garden on the windowsill in winter for beginners: practical tips

Tomatoes on the windowsill

Tomatoes on the windowsill

In winter I want really fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Modern technologies make it possible for beginners to organize a garden in the windowsill in winter.

For beginners there are many practical tips from specialists and lovers from Hausringen.

After studying the right approach, you can spoil yourself with juicy vegetables and herbs all year round without leaving the house.

Organization of the garden on the windowsill

To create a small small garden in the window in winter, you need careful preparation:

  • Plastic containers (cut bottles, glasses) or flower pots are suitable.
  • Polyethylene to organize a mini party.
  • High floor and fertilizers that are designed for vegetables and herbs.
  • UV lamps to create daylight.
  • Thermometer to control the temperature regime of the house garden.
  • A little empty chest to pour the garden.

The floor can be bought in any special gardener shop. Then you have to fill the prepared containers and water so that the earth is wet. Then the seeds or seedlings sit down. When planting seeds, containers must be placed in a warm place and covered with a film to achieve a greenhouse effect until the culture begins to germinate.

Only the sprouts will appear, polyethylene must be removed to ensure air circulation and transferred to the windowsill, where access to daylight has access to plant.

The key to plants with high quality and a successful home is promptly, fertilizers and access to daylight. Since there is little natural light in winter, a daily lamp is required.

If there is no wish to plant seeds, you can already buy crops in the shop and simply transfer them to containers at home.

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Growing greens

Greens are not only tasteful spice for many dishes, but also a source for vitamins that are necessary for every body, especially in winter. You can grow absolutely any kind of green on the windowsill.

Consider the most popular plants that are very easy to plant at home.

Bow on a spring in winter

Bow on a spring in winter

Spring onions probably grow on the windowsill in 9 out of 10 apartments.

For mini beds on the windowsill, this is the ideal greening option that does not require special care, grows very quickly and is an integral part of many culinary dishes.

As a basis for growing green onions, ordinary onions are taken.

It can be planted both in the ground and just in water so that it takes root.

The main thing is not to completely immerse the onion in water, as it will quickly rot, but to navigate so that only the root is in the moisture.

Smaller fruits spoil faster, but greens give juicy and tender. The larger ones offer a longer harvest, but the spring will be harsher and sharper in flavor.

space saving

space saving

When planting in the ground you need a special hydrogel that will provide the bulb with the necessary moisture.

For a home garden, a container of 10-15 heads is perfect, or you can cut off a canister or plastic container (5 liters) at the top and end up with two nice vertical containers for onions.

You don’t have to plant everything at once. It is enough to plant 7-10 heads, after 2 weeks the same number and so on.

This way, you can have an uninterrupted supply of spring onions all year round without cluttering up the window sills.


Like scallions, watercress is not whimsical and doesn’t require much attention in an indoor garden. It grows very quickly, which is important for a home windowsill, already 2 weeks after planting you can enjoy greening.

In addition to taste, this type of salad has many beneficial properties for the body:

  • improves blood circulation
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • contributes to the production of hemoglobin
  • Saturates the body with vitamins A, B, C, E

Cress does not require special light or temperature conditions. Temperatures from +15 degrees are considered the perfect environment for him. The main thing is to water it constantly, as the plant will die from a lack of moisture. For a constant harvest of greens, it is recommended to plant portions of seeds once a week.


Juicy salad

Juicy salad

According to experts, two types of lettuce are suitable for a vegetable garden on the windowsill: Lollo Rossa and Lolla Bionda.

But these plants, unlike onions or watercress, need additional lighting.

In order for the leaves to be juicy and soft, it is important to adhere to neutral humidity, dryness or excessive watering will lead to bitterness.

When the seeds begin to germinate, it is important to puncture them at a distance of 1-1.5 centimeters.

As the plants grow stronger, the distance between them must be increased to 4 centimeters. In cramped conditions, the lettuce weakens, forming juicy carpels.

Given the compactness and tinyness of the garden, you should not wait for the leaves to reach their full size. You can delight in young leaves, cutting them off in time and allowing new leaves to appear.

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This type of green is one of the most non-choosy and fastest growing. There are several ways to plant parsley:

  • sowing seeds. Seeds previously soaked in guma are sown in a container with moistened and fertilized soil. They are then covered with a layer of soil from above and placed in a warm place to germinate. With the advent of greenery, it can be rearranged on the windowsill. With this planting, you need to know that parsley seeds germinate very slowly.
  • Plant distillation – prepared roots. This option is a little easier because you don’t have to sow the seeds. Mediu m-sized roots are planted in damp soil. A plastic box, a container or a flowerpot is suitable as a container.

Parsley does not require a lot of water or lighting. It is sufficient to moisturize the soil as required. This plant also does not have to be thinned out.


So that the chives are satisfied with a juicy harvest throughout the winter, it is necessary to prepare preparation in autumn. Onion jackets should be planted in a container and sent to the balcony or basement. If it is time to plant it onto the windowsill, the blanks are brought into a warm space. Springs grow very quickly.

As practice shows, two harvests can be obtained from a fruit, according to which the plant deteriorates. Therefore, several containers have to be prepared for the winter.

It is not necessary to fill the chives with water, but you shouldn’t let the earth dry out either. When they are dry, the springs become bitter and flower stems form. For a hig h-quality harvest, it is recommended to add a hydrogel to the ground before planting.


Flower pots with basil

Flower pots with basil

Basil is planted by cuttings or sown by seeds.

An excellent harvest is achieved in both the first and the second case.

At a temperature of +18 and above the seeds on the 6th-7th Day.

Coats root for 10 to 15 days.

At basil it is better to use the sowing method.

This plant loves loose soil, and to create favorable conditions for it, coconut fibers are placed in a container with soil. They can be bought in garden shops.

You have to pour the basil as required so that the earth does not dry out. A natural light regime is sufficient for the lighting in winter.

Mint is the easiest to grow on a windowsill because it is not moody in terms of light, moisture or soil quality. Different types get along well, even if they plant minting plates in a pot.

It is not recommended to sow mint with seeds at home – it’s too long. It is better to buy seedlings with roots in a shop or on the market. Mint roots up to 12 – 14 days and then starts growing quickly and spreads an incredible aroma in the whole apartment.


The rosemary stem is immediately planted for rooting into the earth. It is not necessary to plant it in water first. You have to create a greenhouse from above – a film or a glass vessel is sufficient. The root becomes stronger in 2 weeks, then the “greenhouse” must be removed.

The drainage should be placed on the bottom of the container with soil. Rosemary loves fresh air, but is afraid of drafts. There are no special instructions for watering this plant, but you have to spray the leaves with water from time to time.

Growing vegetables

In addition to vegetables, you can grow vegetables in the garden on the windowsill in winter. For beginners, the lighting should be of the highest quality so that there are no problems with plants. Those who have already practiced cultivation of crops already know from their own experience which vegetables that light is needed.

Prepare your garden for winter!


It seems that the cultivation of cucumbers in an apartment is unrealistic. With the right approach and the right care, everything is real! Cucumber are not very bizarre, so you can enjoy a fresh salad in December and March.

Advantages of planting cucumber on the windowsill:

  • It is not difficult, even a beginner can easily manage this task
  • Already a month and a half after planting you can enjoy juicy and healthy fruits
  • All year round you can supply the table with delicious fresh salads

Before breeding cucumber in the apartment, it is important to know that not all varieties are suitable for it. It is better to prefer yourself to prefer bush and shadow. The following varieties are suitable for this:

  • Legend F1
  • Marinda F1
  • Connie F1
  • debut
  • athlete
  • Babylon
  • Claudia F1

Beginners are recommended to select a variety from the list, then the harvest is guaranteed.

With cucumbers you have to create favorable conditions so that the plant is quickly saturated with vitamins and soon gives fruit:

  • Light. Cucumbers are photophils, so that natural light is not sufficient for them. It is necessary to buy daylight lamps to illuminate the plant when it darkens on the street or clouds.
  • Warm. It is important for these plants to provide a mode from +20 to +24 degrees. In smaller temperatures, the fruits ripen for a long time and are not juicy and crispy.
  • Humidity. Cucumber tolerate Dürren neither in the garden nor on the windowsill. It is necessary to strictly monitor the moisture of the soil.

Buschhybrids are best planted in a plastic container or flower pot. Sämmen are planted immediately. It can be bought or prepared in advance since autumn.

You can see how you can grow cucumbers and tomatoes on the windowsill in the video:


A tomato on the windowsill is the dream of every lover. Bushroom tomatoes are not bizarre for moisture and temperature. You have to water it when the floor dries and a temperature from +17 to +24 degrees. The room in which the tomatoes are located can be ventilated because, unlike cucumbers, they are not afraid of designs. Sämlings of the following varieties are best suited for a home garden:

  • The balcony miracle
  • A room surprise
  • Betta
  • Bansai
  • cherry
  • Florida
  • Talism

As a rule, seeds show that this variety is suitable for growth in the apartment.

So that the tomato bush is beautiful and even, and the fruits sang evenly, it is recommended to turn the pot with different sides to the window with the tomato every day.

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Sweet pepper

Bulgarian peppers

Bulgarian pepper

Bulgarian pepper is one of the simplest vegetables for growth at home.

It does not require special heating or lighting.

But the first fruits appear 6 months after the sequence of the seed.

In order to supply yourself with peppers, you can plant several bushes every month, which is why an uninterrupted harvest.

Varieties of the interior purpose:

  • Patio-IVo-Bright Yellow Juicy fruit
  • Jupiter F1 – gives red and green fleshy peppers
  • Oda is one of the most productive varieties of peppers

At first you have to sow the seeds and create a greenhouse for you. After sunrise, the sprouts move into a container with fertilized soil to a “permanent residence”. Pepper is unpretentious, but needs sun and heat. The best mode for you is +22-26 degrees. Additional lighting should also be available because it is finally a southern plant.

Make sure from time to time to scare the floor near the pepper. If the sprouts are already quite high, it has to be tied. It is important to process pepper from parasites and aphids.

It is better to protect peppers from Gorky. Otherwise, a hybrid pollination can occur, with both varieties deteriorate.

The pepper is sharp

Acute inner pepper result in fruit, regardless of the temperature and the presence of light. 3-4 hours a day of the sun or artificial lighting is sufficient. After sunrise, the fruits appear after 8-10 weeks. A plant can bear fruit for up to five years. In addition, the bitter pepper is very nice and becomes added to every interior. Varieties that are suitable for the windowsill:

  • Carmen
  • Sweets
  • Ukrainian interiors
  • Kite
  • Indian summer

The most important requirement for hot peppers is good soil. The plant loves fertilizer, loose soil. As for the light, 4 hours a day is enough, but this does not mean that it should be deprived of lighting if possible.

How to harvest

Harvest from the windowsill

Harvest from the windowsill

In the home garden, it is very important to harvest the crop correctly so as not to damage the plant.

Whatever one may say, it is still impossible to create the same comfortable conditions on the windowsill as in the garden or in the garden.

The greens can therefore not be plucked under any circumstances.

Parsley, dill or basil are neatly cut into a bunch.

Onions and lettuce leaves can be cut with scissors so the knife doesn’t damage the remaining stems.

The main thing is not to damage the outlet so that the plant continues to bear fruit.

As for vegetables, you must also cut the fruit very carefully so as not to damage the stalk, leaves and unripe fruit.

In conclusion, I would like to note that a year-round garden at home is quite possible. All you have to do is be patient while watering and fertilizing the plants. It is by no means necessary to be a gardener with many years of experience. Organizing a garden on the windowsill in winter for beginners (photo) is not difficult. The main thing is to provide lighting and temperature not lower than + 17-18 degrees.

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