No wires and no exhaust. Lawn care with batteries

No wires and no exhaust. Lawn care with batteries

With cordless devices, you can easily and efficiently garden, including professional lawn care, without long preparations or fear of disturbing the quiet. They are efficient and designed for extremely comfortable use despite long periods of use.

A well-maintained lawn, one of the main decorations of the house, requires well-organized work as well as appropriate equipment to facilitate individual activities. Very quiet, totally mobile and environmentally friendly, yet multitasking Mowers, trimmers, mowers and blowers powered by an efficient lithium-ion battery are modern devices that provide fully environmentally oriented lawn care. They mow, cut and trim the grass, remove bushes and weeds, and fertilize the lawn.

Low Speed Wireless Devices

The PowerPack 24V series is designed to do small jobs in the garden so you can devote yourself fully to your hobby of taking care of your home herbs. The cordless system consists of five powerful devices, a built-in lithium-ion battery and charger. The lightweight battery provides easy and comfortable operation, with enough power to thoroughly perform all the scheduled maintenance procedures that will keep your lawn healthy in the summer.

With the Powerpack 24 battery pack’s ease of use, you can satisfy your passion for creative gardening.

Accumulator Sgt 24 ae.

Compact trimmer for cutting and mowing medium-length grass in the home garden and trimming lawn edges. The soft prong makes it easy to maneuver the unit, allowing you to accurately remove grass lips in hard-to-reach areas between beds, around trees or under ornamental shrubs. Thanks to the Tap & GO system, the trimmer head advances automatically after a simple push on the line from below.

The SBL 24 ae ventilator holes

Handy cordless blower for clearing small areas in the private domain. The blower has practical features: infinitely variable speed control (up to 60 m/s). The handle with the switch and its lock is a handy detail that makes it easy to control the machine and allows you to get full control over it.

Ramp tools for medium sized lawns

The PowerPack 48V series will interest you if you are looking for devices that meet certain requirements: power, smooth operation, intuitive operation. The versatile garden care system consists of 11 wireless devices, 3 lithium-ion batteries and matching chargers. Despite their performance, these powerful and quiet machines are very lightweight. This ensures that lawn care won’t be difficult and arduous, and will become one of your favorite places to relax.

The Powerpack 48’s versatile and handy battery packs make gardening easier while increasing efficiency.

Champion 118 14: Description, Specifications and Rules of Use

cordless mower

You have the advantage of an ergonomic design that reduces problems when maneuvering and storing the machine. Models with a folding steering wheel and transport handle are particularly easy to handle, with which you can easily take the machine to a workshop or storage after work, such as the B. SLM 4048 AE.

Cord brushes and electric or gasoline mowers are equipped with a central cutting height adjustment, by which it is set to a non-standard height when mowing the grass on the lawn, that is, depending on the species that are sown on the lawn. They are also multi-purpose machines:

  • 2 in 1 – SLM 3448 AE. When mowing, it can collect the grass in a large basket or, conversely, distribute it evenly over the entire lawn. The first option makes windrowing unnecessary and thus reduces time. The second option is practical if you do not want to interrupt mowing due to the need to empty an overflowing garbage can, and in particular if you do not want to leave freshly mowed grass alone.
  • 3 in 1 – SLM 3648AE, SLM 4048AE. They are also equipped with a mulching system that allows you to use Schwade as an organic fertilizer (50 kg of grass clippings supply about 2 kg of nitrogen, about 1 kg of phosphorus and about 2 kg of potassium to the soil and cover about 25% of the annual lawn fertilizer requirement). Mulch reduces water evaporation from the soil, which means it helps maintain optimum temperature and moisture levels in the deeper soil layers. It also prevents soil erosion and slows weed growth.

Cordless mower SBC 48 AE

Lightweight mower with high cutting performance for grass and thick shrubs. It has a robust double threaded tap & go cutting head that also guarantees smooth operation and very precise mowing, even on heavily neglected lawns.

Cordless trimmer SGT 48 AE

Ergonomic trimmer for trimming: Trimming and thoroughly smoothing the grass along obstacles the mower can handle, for example: B. garden paths or a decorative green island with flower bed on the driveway in front of the house. Adjustable steering wheel allows you to fully control the device and thus maneuver the cutting head, i.e. avoid ornamental plants when mowing.

Wireless units for large lawns

Voltage 80 Series offers everything you need to keep your lawn looking its best and looking natural: performance for maximum uptime without downtime and productivity to minimize mechanical wear and tear. It consists of 11 units, 2 batteries and a battery charger.

Powerful and efficient, Voltage 80 cordless gadgets help you maintain order in difficult areas and restore the natural beauty of even the most neglected lawn.

Minitractor Rusich 184. Overview, characteristics, equipment

cordless mower

Maneuverable cordless mowers for demanding conditions. They are in no way inferior to internal combustion engines in terms of efficiency, due to the extremely efficient battery. It is characterized by high efficiency with short charging times, which in practice means uninterrupted operation without unnecessary interruptions.

The Combi 50 s ae, Combi 43 AE are 3 In 1 multi-taskers. When mowing, they also work in one of the following modes: basket collection, rear discharge or mulching. In this way, they ensure comprehensive lawn care without additional work (e.g. rolling the bale off the surface of the lawn) and unnecessary costs (e.g. buying fertiliser). Comfortable work is provided in particular by: a central adjustment of the position and height of mowing (5 settings in the range from 25 to 65 mm for the tensioned Combi 50 s AE, 5 settings in the range from 27 to 80 mm for other models). ( The switch that provides the safety start and height adjustment functions folds down.

Cordless mowers are also easy to maintain as they require no seasonal maintenance. To get them ready for use, all you need to do is charge the battery.

Cordless Mower

Powerful cordless mowers for large areas of tough grass – the SBC 80 AE, SBC 80 d ae. Modern shaped steering wheel with an on/off switch for easy and quick starting. The Tap & GO system ensures safe operation and the double line cutting head is efficient, coping well with dense and overgrown weeds.

Ramp SAB 80 ae.

Handy cordless blower for professional use. The functional handle with an on/off switch makes it easy to start the machine and ensures safe use. The air speed control function (up to 56 m/s) allows you to achieve the most satisfactory results.

Cordless tools are the ideal solution if you are looking for tools that make gardening easy, simple and enjoyable while being environmentally friendly. With them, you will take professional care of your lawn: mow, trim and level in difficult areas. If necessary, you can feed the roller as a fertiliser. In this way, you will bring your native plot to the desired perfection without additional efforts and funds.

How to choose a battery for lawn care

Summer in our strip is getting hotter every year, the lawn needs to be mowed more often, and sometimes in the very heat. Modern cordless lawn mowers help simplify this work. How not to get confused in the sea of proposals and choose a cordless lawn mower that is right for you?

Evergreens decorate the conservatory


In the past, mowing the lawn was a labor-intensive activity that required sophisticated equipment and patience. However, modern technology has given us a lot of new gardening equipment that is easy to use but extremely effective. One such garden helper is the cordless lawn mower. This equipment has quickly become a trend and has firmly taken the niche of one of the most popular types of lawn mowers among gardeners around the world.

What are the advantages of cordless lawn mowers?

Lightweight. No one likes lugging around a heavy tool. A cordless wheeled lawn mower weighs much lighter than its counterparts.

The Kärcher LMO 36-40 Battery Set weighs 18.6 kg, while the average petrol wheel mower weighs between 20 and 35 kg. If you have to constantly watch the power cord, throwing it from place to place, it takes you out of your comfort zone. Wireless technology with a modern lithium-ion battery pack rivals the efficiency of gasoline and electric models, and the lack of a cable is simply invaluable in terms of safety: the battery technology reduces the chance of breaking the power cable to zero.

Cordless mowers are lighter and more maneuverable than their petrol counterparts

Be quiet. When you’re outdoors, you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The noise of lawnmowers is hard to bear. Cordless technology is many times quieter than petrol technology and much quieter than electric: you can work in the cooler temperatures or in the evening after work without worrying about disturbing your sleep. Battery technology does not pollute the atmosphere, does not create gasoline flaps and exhaust fumes, does not make noise and consists of environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled.

Modernity. Most professional models tend to be slightly more expensive than Chinese chain mowers because of the advanced technology used. Buying equipment from a trustworthy brand is always inexpensive: it uses the latest advances. At the same time, cordless lawnmowers win due to the ease of maintenance: no manipulation of gasoline, release during storage, dirt, etc. With a single battery, everything is easier: put it in the shaft and you’re done.

How to choose the right cordless mower for your “wow grass

In order to keep your wow grass without bumps and bad edges as a result of your work, it is necessary to deal with the choice of the device. Let’s look at the most important parameters to consider when choosing a cordless lawn mower.

Performance: When choosing a lawn mower, pay attention to the battery run time and the area you can mow in a certain amount of time.

Growing Reton grapes

The Kärcher LMO 36-40 Battery Set, for example, can mow between 275 and 550 m 2 on a single battery charge.

Options: Ideally, many people want to be able to mow their lawn without having to recharge the battery. You can buy a spare battery at any time and replace it if necessary. But it makes sense to know this option so it won’t be a surprise in operation, as there are several options available: no memory / ACC and with memory / ACC. You can (1) choose if you already have Kärcher wireless units, and (2) if not.

Today’s lithium-ion batteries are durable and powerful. Kärcher cordless lawnmowers have, for example, a replaceable universal battery.

The universal battery is suitable for the entire range of Kärcher appliances with a 36-volt battery platform and quick charger: from professional lawnmowers to household vacuum cleaners. All run on a single battery, and there are 18-volt and 36-volt ranges. The large battery (5 AH) charges 80% in 100 minutes, the small (2.5 AH) in 50 minutes. One charge is enough for 15-30 minutes of work, some devices can work longer: the trimmer – up to 70 minutes, and the 36-volt cutter – up to 170 minutes. The battery is quick and easy to install

Battery charger quality: It is practical to have a battery charger for the entire line of devices. For example, the battery pack for the LTR 36-33 lawn trimmer and LMO 36-40 lawn mower, the battery pack for the HGE 36-60 shrub and large branches, and the CNS 36-35 cordless chainsaw for cutting firewood. … You have a one-stop service center, so you don’t have to search long for a handyman and carefully select a replacement charger for each “newbie”.

Cutting width: The size of your lawn is a crucial criterion when choosing a cordless mower. Pay attention to the mowing width in the description, as it makes lawn care much easier. For example, if the mowing width is 40 cm, you can cut a strip of lawn of 40 cm in one pass. The bigger the garden, the larger the cutting width should be.

Consideration of vegetation: Compared to professional petrol mowers, cordless models may not be suitable for certain types of dense grass and shrubs in areas where mowing has been neglected for a long time.

By deciding in favor of Kärcher, they cover almost all their lawn care needs: On large levels they have the LMO 36-40 Battery Set (40 cm working width), on difficult corners, paths, behind the fence, next to it is the LTR 36-33 Battery Set.

Wheels and bridges for the Neva recreational tractor. Review, description, purpose, reviews

Mowing functions: If you choose a mower for all occasions, check whether you can change the section of grass and how the model copes with obstacles.

Depending on the season, you should change the cutting height: shorter in the spring, higher in the summer. Kärcher lawnmower allows a simple movement of the handle to set 5 levels of cutting height: from 20 to 70 mm.

Height adjustment

A great option: with special combs, you can mow grass growing on the edges of the lawn – you won’t have any uncut grass protruding on the border.

With this technique it is very easy to mow around the edges of the lawn.

Mowed grass: An important parameter when choosing a lawn mower is the volume of the grass catcher box.

The Kärcher LMO 36-40 Battery Set bicycle mower has 50 liters, which is more than enough for comfortable operation. The level indicator gives a signal to empty the grass collection basket. The collection basket is foldable and consists of textile material, so the mower takes up little space when stored.

Mulching function (2-in-1 function): You may have already watched caring owners patiently rake the grass clippings off the lawn. Some cordless lawn mowers only have the ability to collect the grass clippings in a spill box or bag. Modern Kärcher models with a mulching function allow you to leave the grass clippings on the lawn to further nourish the lawn, protect the grass and chop it into the desired fraction in a dry state.

Mowers with mulching function allow you to leave fine grass on the lawn as a fertilizer

Threading: This point is essential if you’re buying a trimmer. Many trimmer users, to put it mildly, hate them because of the … The fishing cord. It keeps getting ripped off, cut, pulled in. This feature has earned it a bad reputation. However, the LTR 36-33 Battery Set trimmer is equipped with an automatic cord extension feature that ensures efficient operation at all times. The cord does not solve all wishes, so the trimmer set also includes blades that complete lawn care.

Ergonomics: It is up to you to operate the lawnmower, so think: is it easy to handle, is everything clear to operate?

With the LMO 36-40 cordless set, the handle can be adjusted to different heights: bend down or tip up. The trigger is located on both sides, so left-handed users will be comfortable. Handle adapts to your comfortable height

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