New Universal Gasokos Husqvarna 535rx. Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, video, reviews

Trimmer petrol husqvarna 535rx

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We will show all the advantages and disadvantages of the trimme r-zi n-Husqvarna 535rx that was identified when using users. We do not hide anything and place all positive and negative honest reviews of customers about the trimmer petrol Husqvarna 535rx and alternative goods analoga. It’s worth buying it – the decision is only yours!

The most profitable trimmer offers petrol Husqvarna 535rx

Reviews of Trimmer Petrol Husqvarna 535rx

Advantages: electricity, equipment, packaging

Disadvantages: price, noise

Comment: Before I bought this petrol station, there was a Dnepromas from the Deshovs. She worked for me a little more than three years. When buying a new network, I watched that it fits powerfully, not very difficult and fits in the finances. Let’s say when buying, we don’t say 100 at all, but at work it suits me. A little loud, but it’s tolerant. I have an action of 25 hectares in my Dacha – he practices with a bang. Consumption 4-4.5 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Comment: Consum for 3-3.5 liters for 8 hours, powerful, after running around, it can work for 1 hour without ramp need metal protection for the fishing line for the fishing line and stretch the pen

Advantages: weight, fuel consumption, electricity after entering, small pleasant, wel l-though t-out little things, a special cartridge that is dressed in front of a trimmer head (prevents the grass winding from being very comfortable)

Disadvantages: I came across a defective defect (creak through the shaft by hand, the sound of the wave before the gear, vibration due to this resonance during extra time) very not pleasant, which for a money the marriage is)

Comment: Before that of the Texac CG430B Trimmer 42 Cubes like! With regard to the Husqvarna force, something more powerful (according to my sensations) is. The 3-mm angle line is a 3-mm fishing cord after the motorcycle cheering around the Motokosa has been added to the comment

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Advantages: The equipment is comfortable, the shoulders are not tired.

Disadvantages: broken on the first working day (carburetor). Waiting for a third week, a spare part for the complaint!

Comment: You will be repaired.

Advantages: a powerful trimmer.

Disadvantages: strong vibration. The barbell turns with the shaft. Brak.

Comment: refused to replace the sleeve as part of the guarantee. And there are no stores.

Advantages: 1) Powerful, 2) Light, 3) Comfortable, 4) Very comfortable belt devices!

Disadvantages: The price (but it’s worth) did not find others.

Comment: Last summer I bought a 1000w quiet electric trimmer, as soon as I started the plot (15 hectares) it couldn’t cope and then only a manual scythe, it took almost a day! Yes, you still have to constantly monitor the wire and drag it from place to place! and so I started the plot. nettle and so on. this summer I decided to buy some strong gasoline. I chose either a trimmer or a lawn mower because I come at the weekend and sometimes even over the weekend the lawn mower is gone because they mow the overgrown grass badly and it’s huge (there’s no barn but for Home wear. and place and dirt.) after long and painful deliberations and comparisons the. Choir-zu The choice fell on this one, what distinguishes it from others, I wrote in the VALUES. The mowing time is now 1.5 hours with a break to refuel)))

Pros: Comfortable steering wheel, easy start

Disadvantages: price, weight higher than indicated, very heavy, noisy, high fuel consumption, weak spring immediately consumes the line, very large and uncomfortable protection, some parts are poorly fixed, I had to make and mount a gasket so that the protection does not dangle , the gearbox is designed in such a way that dirt can get in.

Comment: I bought the trimmer to replace an old Komatsu Zenoah. I was seduced by the advertising, the declared performance and 2 reviews available on the market. I used it for 3 years (a plot of 8 hectares), as a result, the gearbox broke, a new gearbox costs half the cost of the trimmer. The old Komatsu Zenoah trimmer has been working without failures for 10 years.

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New Universal Gasokos Husqvarna 535rx. Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, video, reviews

This mower model is a universal lawn mower with an engine displacement of 35 cm3.

Husqvarna specialists have developed it specifically for continuous use in difficult conditions for 8 hours or more.

This trimmer is durable, reliable, powerful and has an organic look.

basic equipment

The Husqvarna 535 lawn mower comes with the following equipment:

Trimmer head, grass blade and special harness.

Comfortable handles with soft grips A high stand for ergonomic handles increases freedom of movement when working on slopes.

Technical characteristics

The working volume of the cylinder, cu. cm 34.6cc
fuel tank volume 0.6L
output power 1.6kW
Sound pressure at the operator’s ear 95dB(A)
weight 6.1kg


This model is equipped with a new generation belt – Balance 35, which allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the machine not only on the shoulders, but also on the chest and back.

The handle is equipped with additional soft pads that provide the operator with maximum working comfort.

A fuel priming pump is installed to make starting the engine easier.

The ergonomic carrying strap Balance 35 effectively distributes the weight of the tool between the shoulders, chest and back. Fuel priming pump makes starting easier.

application features

Before starting any work, make sure that the machine is in good condition and that the fuel mixture is present.

Care should be taken when mowing grass as the trimmer head rotates at high speed and there is a high probability of stones and other hard objects flying off into the distance.

Engine with X-Torq® technology reduces emissions by 75% and saves fuel by 20%. When the device is turned off, the stop button automatically returns to the start position, allowing for an easy restart.


The Husqvarna 535RX mower does not work on pure fuel, but on the mixture.

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For the preparation it is necessary to use gasoline and company oil from the manufacturer.

Specially designed for a garden tool, it prevents the formation of soot for pistons, which greatly increases its service life.

Oil and gasoline must be mixed in a 1:50 part.

Adjustable ergonomic handle for maximum comfort. LowVIB® (Anti-Vibration System) Effective anti-vibration mounts absorb vibration and reduce the load on the user’s hands and forearms.

User Guide

Before starting the operation of Benzcosa Khuskvarna 535RX, new owners should familiarize themselves with the operating instructions, which will help to understand the principle of motorcycle operation, starting and safe operation.

Электронная версия инструкция по эксплуатации приведена здесь—>

A combination protective cover can be used with a grass knife or a trimmer head. The optimized length of the beam and the gearbox, which delivers increased torque, make work easier and allow the cutting equipment to work parallel to the ground

advantages and disadvantages

Despite the opportunity to apply to utility companies and work for a long time, the overwhelming majority of the Khuskvarna 535RX benzokos is used privately.

The advantages of this model include:

  1. Small consumption of oil and gasoline;
  2. small mass;
  3. The ease of repair.

The disadvantages of the Husqvarna 535RX mower include:

  1. night costs;
  2. The need to carry on the shoulders;
  3. Narrow strap length adjustment.

Video assessment of work

Here is a video review of the girl on a gas tanker Khuskvarna 535RX:

Reviews of the owners

Here are some reviews from the thematic forums about the Husqvarna line of motorcycles:

Alexander: “Recently acquired this trimmer. I don’t have much time to tend to a suburban lawn because I’m only coming for the weekend. Therefore, I often encountered a large grass and the lawn mower did not suit me. Advantages: power, ease of use, comfortable belt. Cons: price but worth it”

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