New Holland B90B LR Excavator – description and properties

New Holland B90B Excavator.

New Holland B90B is a powerful backhoe loader developed in Great Britain. This model has received positive feedback from the workshops and the users themselves. Due to the innovative technology and high potential of the loader which is not surprising in harsh climatic conditions, especially in the northern regions of Russia. The model under review has shown that technical solutions can be tested in various areas of activity, which have been taken into account below. In addition to the capabilities of the new Hollander light, let’s pay attention to its features, cost and functions of the company.

Planned Purpose.

The New Holland B90B excavator is designed for heavy-duty construction and agricultural applications, road construction, and is also in high demand in residential and public construction. This machine contains the best qualities that a forklift in this price category can have. This can explain the significant price of this model compared to competitors. Therefore, the high potential of the B90B can be unleashed in earthmoving operations, land orientation in agriculture as well as for mowing grass and other vegetation. In addition to agricultural work, this machine is mainly in demand for loading and unloading processes as well as transporting freight containers. In particular, it can be sand, soil and other loose materials, as well as various concrete structures. If necessary, the technique is ideal for removing debris, snow, sand and sound. In addition, the model can actively participate in patching and construction of streets, sidewalks, buildings and structures. The New Hollander B90V excavator is designed to perform a wide range of tasks, as the most in-demand options can be connected to it.



  • A concrete mixer is an attachment that replaces a standard bucket to prepare concrete mix for future asphalt paving or other tasks. Loading and unloading of concrete material is carried out with a special shock absorber, and thanks to ergonomic brackets concrete mixer can be easily installed or dismantled, as well as accelerate the process of replacing the attachment equipment.
  • The grader blade is a device that is suitable for summer work. It’s the perfect tool for leveling the ground. In addition, the potential of the grader blade is so versatile that it can be used for Schneepet, for example.
  • Rotary Mower – This tool operates automatically and is designed to work on grass, weeds, bushes and other overgrown areas. In fact, thanks to the mower, you can get a smooth and well-groomed green surface in the allotted time. This option is the perfect tool for treating lawns. By the way, the mowing blades can be set depending on the length of the grass.
  • Dump – bulldozer, planning and snow removal. These three types of dumps have proven themselves compared to other modifications. They can be used for most labor-intensive tasks such as: B. clearing building materials and leveling gravel. In addition, the sign is capable of removing a large number of snow drifts at one time.
  • Brush – jointly assembled version, one of the most popular in the apartment and utility sector. Its purpose is cleaning processes. In particular, the brush is able to sweep away all the dust and dirt – from streets and sidewalks, parking lots, etc. – quickly and efficiently. If necessary, the brush is also suitable for sweeping up loose materials at the construction site. At their best, brush brushes can be tested when removing freshly fallen, dry and loose snow. Depending on the modification, the brush can be street and rotating, and there is also an industrial version of the brush with a funnel. Some modifications have a wetting function that affects loose dirt (sand, dust, leaves) so that it is not blown into the air but rather collected in a pile.
  • A milling machine is a road transport device used for patching the road. The cutter is also suitable for patching.
  • Pallet Forks – This device can be used for loading and transport processes, namely for loading and unloading particularly fragile and brittle items – especially glass containers, refrigerators and appliances. Indeed, pallet forks can turn a backhoe loader into a full-fledged forklift. The width of pallet forks can be adjusted depending on the shape, weight and size of the cargo container.
  • Out – a device for clearing snow in parks, gardens, parking lots, walkways and highways.
  • Concrete mixer – a versatile device that can not only prepare the concrete mixture, but also transport it from one place to another. Inside the shovel is a hydraulic rotor, which takes over the function of mixing the material. It must be loaded through a protective grid, and the finished material is discharged from a corrugated pipe with a diameter of up to 1.5 meters.
  • The hydraulic hammer is a powerful tool for crushing and breaking down hard surfaces. It can be used to drill holes in asphalt or concrete slabs, in frozen ground, as well as participate in the dismantling of buildings and structures to be dismantled.
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Device properties and operation

  • The New Holland B90B backhoe loader is quite fast, and this property allows it to quickly move between construction sites that are 20-30 kilometers apart. The machine is designed to lift particularly heavy loads and is also characterized by its maneuverability and small Wenderadius. These characteristics allow the excavator to move in conditions of limited access – for example, in commercial and warehouse premises with many obstacles. The depth of the excavation with the standard working tool can reach 6000 mm.
  • Features and functions of the New Holland B90B backhoe loader:
  1. Floating bucket function, which is activated on the joystick with a button. Makes it easier to level the ground.
  2. Glide Ride function to avoid hitting the excavator tilt lever. This feature has the best effect on the safety of the load.
  3. Powershift transmission is a new generation transmission with downshift function for quick and precise shifting.
  4. Automatic return of the attachment to its original position. The function is activated by a special button on the dashboard.
  5. 100% differential lock for good off-road traction.

  • The vehicle went into production in 2008 and was produced until 2012. The model is still relevant today thanks to various modifications. In addition, this vehicle is considered one of the high-tech models in the New Holland line. The quality of components and units does not cause any doubts and guarantees reliable and trouble-free work throughout the entire service life. In confirmation of this, we would like to note its high maintainability and easy access to the engine compartment. The hood lid opens at an angle of up to 90 degrees and is held in place by gas-filled supports. All components and assemblies are located in easily accessible locations. Fuel and air filters can be changed quickly, oil and fuel are refilled or combustion engine components, cylinder-piston group, etc. are replaced as needed.
  • The New Holland B90B backhoe loader consumes on average 10 liters of fuel per hour and has a fuel tank capacity of 125 liters. This guarantees a long range on refuelling and means that you don’t have to worry about unscheduled refuelling. A 68 kW turbocharged, mechanically injected unit is responsible for the power output. Environmental performance of the power plant corresponds to Euro-3 or higher emissions standards (depending on the model year). The mechanical regulator does not prevent the engine from developing maximum power. The low cost of this engine guarantees low operating costs, and the tilting hood provides excellent access to the engine components.
  • The machine is equipped with a Powershift transmission, which guarantees maximum comfort and easy shifting. The low and high gears work automatically and several operating modes allow you to adjust to specific loads. Working cycle times are considerably reduced, making it easier to move equipment. Notably, the simplified version of Powershift is the prerogative of the basic equipment.
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  • The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system that includes two gear pumps connected in series. The total capacity of the system reaches 160 liters per minute and can vary depending on load level. The hydraulics work economically, and thanks to modern technologies it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 10%. The box section boom manipulator is particularly rugged and resistant to heavy loads.
  • The interior of the new Hollander B90V is designed in accordance with the latest standards and norms. Of course, this opens up a number of advantages – in terms of safety, comfort, convenience and functionality. Pay attention to the ergonomic arrangement of the working bodies and do not reach for them. In addition, note the presence of air conditioning and heating, which makes it easier to set the optimal temperature in the cabin at any time of year. The additional lighting is present both inside and outside the cab and is one of the elements to adapt the machine to work in the dark. The seat and steering column can of course be adjusted over a wide range. High-class visibility is aided not only by the additional lighting, but also by the slim body shelves and the wide range of glazing.


  • Transmission – PowerShift
  • The bucket volume – 1 cubic meter.
  • Engine brand – FPT Industrial
  • Displacement – 4.5 L
  • Dis Dis: Turbocharged, 2200 rpm, 400 N/m at 1250 rpm, 97 hp.
  • Hydraulic pump capacity – 150 liters per minute
  • Pump type – double gear pump
  • Hydraulic pressure – 205 bar
  • Battery parameters: 12 V, 95 Ah, 900 A
  • Weight with backhoe and shovel bucket 6b1 – 7970 kg
  • Weight with backhoe and bucket 6v1 – 8200 kg
  • Swing radius width – 4300-5600 mm
  • Parameters of front tires – 18 inches
  • Rear tire dimensions – 28 inch
  • Fuel tank capacity – 135 liters
  • Cooling tank capacity – 24 liters
  • Internal/external noise – 77/102 dB.
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The average price of New Hollander B90V excavator on the Russian market is 4.5 million rubles. We are talking about a new car, while the replacement of the helper will cost 3.2-3.5 million rubles. The price is given for the 2012-2013 version.

New Holland B90B LR Excavator

The New Holland B90B is a powerful backhoe loader developed in the UK. This model has received positive feedback from the factory testers and users themselves. This is not surprising, given the innovative technology and high potential of the blower, adapted to the harsh climatic conditions, especially in the northern regions of Russia. The reviewed model demonstrated that the technical solutions can be tested in various areas, which will be discussed below. In addition to the capabilities of the new Hollander light, let’s pay attention to its characteristics, cost and operating functions.


The standard excavator and front-end loader functions can be extended by adding various pick-ups or a hydraulic shaft. Again, the new Holland B90B LR has a telescopic arm, which increases the depth of the ditch to 6,000 mm and allows loading of high-sided dump trucks.

As a loader, the model is endowed with a number of advantages

  1. The floating bucket function, activated by a joystick, makes the leveling operation extremely easy.
  2. Sliding options virtually eliminate impact to the loader bar, increasing load safety.
  3. A standard downshift function and the latest PowerShift transmission maximize bucket capacity.
  4. Automatic ditch return button shortens work cycles.
  5. The 100 percent differential lock provides good traction even in difficult off-road terrain.

Production of this model began in 2008 and ended in 2012. Now the brand offers modified variations of the New Holland B90B LR.

The following equipment is offered for special rates:

  • Grapple;
  • Support legs;
  • Fast-acting component-emerges;
  • Charger.

The New Holland B90B LR is one of the versatile models in the brand’s product lineup. In addition to versatility, it has a significant quality of components. The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on this equipment.

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The dimensions of the backhoe-loader:

  • Length – 5825 mm;
  • Width – 2325 mm;
  • Height – 2940 mm;
  • Radial base – 2175 mm;
  • Street freedom – 394 mm.

The model has a four-by-four bicycle formula.

New Holland B90B LR Performance Features:

  • Front bucket capacity – 1 cubic meter;
  • Backhoe capacity – 0.2 cubic meters;
  • Digging depth – up to 4358 mm;
  • Maximum outreach when unloading – 785 mm;
  • Maximum working height – 4330 mm;
  • Angle of tilt of the bucket – 40 degrees;
  • The maximum angle of discharge – 45 degrees;
  • The maximum height of discharge – 4330 mm;
  • Turning radius – 4400 mm.

Load capacity of the equipment is 3550 kg, separator on the bucket is 6900 KN. The backhoe loader can operate at temperatures from t-29 to +40 degrees Celsius. Maximum speed of the New Holland B90B LR is 40 km/h. The operating weight is 8040 kg.

Fuel consumption

The fuel tank capacity is 125 liters. The backhoe loader requires approximately 10 liters of fuel per hour.

Technical characteristics of the loader

A Reach of bucket to floor level, mm 1500
B Unloading depth, mm 75
C Angle of slope to the ground 40 °
D Maximum reach at unloading, mm 785
E Maximum angle of unloading 45 °
F Maximum working height, mm 4330
G Height to bucket hinge axis, mm 3500
H Maximum height of discharge, mm 2780
Load capacity at maximum height, kg 3550


The latest Holland B90B LR is equipped with a 445t/m3 turbocharged engine. It is produced by the well-known FPT brand, one of the leading companies in the segment of engines for machinery. The engine output is 68 kW.

Other older versions are equipped with a modern CNH 445TA/ML5 diesel engine with mechanical injection. This unit is turbocharged and meets Euro 3 emission class. The Tier 3A engine combines high efficiency and simplicity. The presence of a mechanical regulator does not prevent the engine from consuming more electricity. It is no coincidence that CNH 445TA/ML5 is considered as one of the most efficient units. The power unit is again characterized by low operating costs. The unit’s elevators provide excellent access to its components.

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CNH 445TA/ML5 engine properties:

  • Working volume – 4.5 liters;
  • Nominal power – 72 (98) kW (hp);
  • Maximal torque – 400 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 4.


The New Holland B90B LR is equipped with an advanced PowerShift transmission, which guarantees the operator maximum comfort. Depending on load and speed, the gearbox shifts up or down automatically. This shortens cycle times and makes it easier to move the machine. The simplified PowerShuttle transmission is already available in the basic version.

When using front-mounted attachments, the operator can disengage the transmission with a special button on the control lever. This allows you to transfer all the power of the power plant to the attachment for maximum efficiency and productivity.

The 4-speed transmission allows the operator to switch smoothly and quickly between reverse and forward modes, reducing the shock load on the components. This increases gearbox life and ensures more accurate and safe loading and unloading. The Powershift transmission communicates effectively with the vehicle engine, reducing response times. This results in maximum breakout force and shorter cycle times.

This backhoe loader is equipped with an integrated hydraulic system consisting of 2 gear pumps connected in series. Their total flow is 160 l/min. Their operation depends on the degree of load. The hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption by 10%, which has a positive effect on the payback period of the machine. The New Holland B90B LR has a powerful box boom. This allows you to carry out many jobs and operations with a heavy load on the boom arm. The linear-mounted cylinder guarantees the most efficient use of hydraulic power and good visibility.

The New Holland B90B LR cab is equipped with many features and offers many benefits to customers. Its dimensions are best described by the term “space cab”. The large glazing area provides an improved all-round view. The side windows can be partially or fully opened by the operator as desired. Air conditioning is also available. The controls in the cab are ergonomically located, within easy reach and in the form of simple joystick controls.

For the driver’s comfort, the cab has an adjustable seat, which provides maximum comfort when working with equipment. Safety is guaranteed by FOPS protection and a specialized ROPS rollover protection system.

The presence of rubber pads on the stabilizer legs provides an average noise level and reduces damage to the working surfaces.

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