Neva walk-behind mower: work with rotary, segmental and hay mower, reviews, video

Choosing a mower for the “Neva” power tiller

The mower for the “Neva” motocultivator refers to the auxiliary equipment of the multifunctional agricultural unit “Neva”, which is in great demand among dacha farmers and agricultural producers. This power tiller is insignificant by itself, but when used with a trailed or articulated implement allows you to carry out agricultural work on the ground. Folding mowing devices are connected to the engine drive of the motocultivator, with which it is driven. There are 2 basic modifications of mowers: segmental and rotary.

Segment mower

These mechanisms are widely used on large overgrown plots, as well as for mowing when harvesting straw, hay. The mower is easy to operate on flat terrain as well as on areas with difficult terrain. With travel speeds of up to 4 km/h, the grass is cut very cleanly, then laid gently and evenly on the ground. The segment mower around the rotary cultivator is outstandingly productive and easy to operate. The working principle of the mechanism is based on the reciprocating motion of the blades from the power drive of the power tiller. One of the finger mowing segments is a continuous movement (left and right), the other is a random movement. When the grass gets between the fingers, its stems are cut evenly.

The Hayfield mower passes through and is attached to a front-mounted motor cultivator. The design stands securely on the wheels, and there are special slopes on the sides of the cutting system to adjust the height of the cone.

Segment mower has the following positive features:

  • controlled shut-off mechanism;
  • absence of mechanical vibrations (oscillations);
  • regulation in a certain degree;
  • cutting operation directly on the roots of vegetation;
  • production of blades of hot steel;
  • wear resistance of the protective housing;
  • long lifetime;
  • availability of spare parts;
  • usability;
  • comfort during work;
  • Safety.

In addition to the positive qualities, this device has disadvantages:

  • large size and weight;
  • Difficulties in servicing;
  • high price.

An example of such attachments for motor cultivators brand “NEVA” is the installation of KN-1.1.

Super Highwood rotary type

Rotary devices for motoblock “NEVA” are suitable for mowing dense grass, low-growing bushes, any hard vegetation with a diameter of not more than a centimeter. It is suspended in front of the “Neva” power tiller.

The principle of operation of the device is simple: with the help of a gearbox equipped with pulleys and belt transmission, the haymower takes the torque of the engine, which feeds the discs with the expansion of the blades. Basically, everything is based on the force of inertia. The blades under their influence work constantly, and the engine – the engine of the cultivator – runs.

Tractor'serator: types and peculiarities of selecting the unit

The disadvantages of this modification are mainly due to the unreliability of the power drive and its rapid wear and tear. After the re

The chopper is especially sensitive to the structure of the grass: it perfectly mows legumes (e.g. clover), but the gray

behaves well in countries with cereals (especially with bonfires).

For normal functioning of the spinner it is necessary that the crankshaft makes the greatest number of revolutions per minute. Grass acts in this role. In order not to “torment” the engine, the master came to all hands a simple solution: to install a larger diameter pinion on the tractor. In addition, the rotary device would not even affect the terrain, as the rotor unit very often rests against small obstacles (moths, anthills).

Model Range

The name of the devices may vary depending on the manufacturer, but the brand remains the same. The cost of all manufacturers is different – it depends on the materials used in the creation of this model.

Rotary mower “Zarya”

Hay for motor cultivator “Zarya” NEVA can be Russian and Chinese. The domestic one is produced by “Kaluga Engine”. The Chinese device has a darker color.

According to the estimates of the owners, who have carried out disassembly of the Chinese-made “Zarya”, there is a small amount of grease in the gearbox. With longer operation (more than 3 years), there are no signs of wear on the pinion. As a result, high quality steel is used in the “Zarya” of Chinese manufacture. However, before using the Chinese version, it is better to open up the pinion and add grease.

We will not talk about the quality performance of the “dawn” of domestic production. It has won the hearts of a large number of users of the motor cultivator “NEVA” and the like. We only state that the patent for the production of this modification lies exclusively on the Kaluga engine, and everything else looks like a popular and relevant device.


This Rotary Heu product is produced by the manufacturer of motocultivator-red October “NEVA” (city of St. Petersburg). It was created directly for this type of motocultivator. Prototypes and other manufacturers of such articulated devices simply do not exist. This is quite a small instance with a mass of less than 2 disks of heather. It is suitable for gardeners and people who have the size of the “Kosba” is insignificant. The equipment is quite mobile. Neither rocks, anthills, nor thick branches are terrible for the device. Kosba is quite robust and is tested on very neglected areas. In addition, grain crops and individual bushes are used for the device of the Scythe.

The design of the model includes a large hard drive. It moves effortlessly on the floor and lightly mows the grass in hard-to-reach places.

Agromash 85TK tractor - description and characteristics

Haymaking segment for the “Neva KN-1.1” power tiller

This mower is designed for the MB1 and MB2 power tillers. This mower is used for mowing grass for feeding the cattle. The mower does not chop the grass during the operation and lays it in even rows. It has been tested in hard-to-reach wooded and swampy areas. This sample has a place at many enterprises in the Russian Federation.

  • Selection Recommendations
  • When choosing an attachment for hay harvesting with the Neva-MB 2 power tiller and use as a lawn mower, it is necessary to take into account:
  • The type and landscape of the area;
  • The structure of the grass station and its change;
  • own material capabilities;

capabilities of the motocultivator when installing attachments;

The required engine power.

Rules of safe operation with mounted mowers

When working with any type of machine (rotary or segmental), it is extremely important to follow safety rules.

Review of mowers for tractor Neva Walk behavior. Reviews of owners

To date, there are only two variants of mowers for the walking tractor: rotary and segmental.

They differ in the principle of operation and mowing the grass. Let’s consider this type of attachment in more detail, using the example of working with the Neva Walk tractor.

segment mower

The segment mower is a wide design, with two rows of triangle-shaped blades mounted on the underside.

They move horizontally and cut the grass. This very simple device is driven by a drive belt.

The result is a wide, even and neat grass.

However, this advantage is a disadvantage. This type of mower is designed exclusively for working on surfaces.

The video above shows an example of a segment mower for power tillers.

rotary mower.

This is a more practical and convenient option of equipment for work.

The rotary mower creates a beard of grass with the help of blades that rotate at the bottom.

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At the same time the body knives protrude a little and make it possible to produce a safe grass beard, immediately forming “wolves” at the same time.

The compactness of the model allows you to work even on uneven surfaces.

The official manufacturer of “Neva” equipment offers a variant of mower – rotary model KR-0,5.

Rotary mower KR-0,5

Its construction includes a disc with blades. In addition, a special protective block is installed behind the disc. It allows to protect a person when working with a mower from flying stones, grass stalks and other foreign objects.

The mower, like all attachments, is attached to the walking tractor with a hitch. Therefore, there will be no problems with installation. The video shows an example of the NEVA motoblock with a rotary mower KR-0,5:

  • Technical characteristics
  • The weight of the construction is about 30 kg. However, the Neva is designed to work with more weight.
  • The maximum grass mowing speed is from 2 to 4 km/h, depending on the density of the grass. At this speed, 0,09 to 0,15 ha can be mowed in one hour.
  • Blades on the KR-0,5 are set at a height of 4 cm from the ground, i.e. the remaining grass is of the same size.
  • Width of the knives is 56 cm.

This mower is practically square: 70 cm high, 70 cm wide and 68 cm long.

Knives for the KR-0.5 rotary mower

Particular attention should be paid to the blades. They are the main cutting element of all machines. They are made from high quality steel. Then the cutting parts are additionally hardened and ground. As a result, they are durable, sharp and inexpensive. They can be used to cut not only grass, but also large saplings of trees or other shrubs.

Over time, the blades will dull. However, don’t throw them away right away. They can be removed and sharpened in a convenient way. In this case, the performance characteristics will not change in any way, and the service life will be significantly extended. The only thing is that you should not get too involved in this activity, because in case of a large depletion of metal, it is still better to buy new ones.

Replacement is also quite simple: the lower part of the mower is removed, the old blades are screwed on, and new ones are attached in their place. This. According to the manual, it is quite possible to assemble and disassemble it yourself

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Senger dawn mower

Since a large number of different attachments are suitable for the NEVA hand tractor, it is not only produced by Krasny Oktyabr.

Kaluga Motor Plant offers its own model of rotary mower – “Zarya”.

It has a different design. It has two rifles with knives on the frame.

You can even buy separate Zarya mower mounting clutches from the NEVA manufacturer, which look like this:

Installation kit for Zarya mower on NEVA MB1 mower installation kit for Zarya mower on NEVA MB Compact power tiller

That is, outwardly it looks like a segment mower. But instead of two rows of knives it has two shear blades. You are at such a distance that the knives can completely edit the surface.

Its construction includes a disc with blades. In addition, a special protective block is installed behind the disc. It allows to protect a person when working with a mower from flying stones, grass stalks and other foreign objects.

  • The mower, like all attachments, is attached to the walking tractor with a hitch. Therefore, there will be no problems with installation. The video shows an example of the NEVA motoblock with a rotary mower KR-0,5:
  • Technical characteristics
  • The maximum processing speed is 2 to 4 km/h.

The cutters rotate at a speed of 2000 to 2400 rpm.

The maximum height of the grass for mowing should not exceed 1 meter.

  1. Operation and safety
  2. The instructions for use of the sickle mower contain some simple rules, which should be observed when working with this device:
  3. Before putting it into operation, check the connections, you must be securely fastened.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to stand in front of the mower during operation.
  5. If a malfunction occurs, stop the mower immediately.
  6. Troubleshooting should only be carried out with the engine switched off.
  7. Belt tension should be checked every two hours.
  8. Do not drive faster than 4 km/h.

Make sure that no stones fall into the mower blades.

When working continuously, dismantle connections every 12 hours and lubricate bearings with any lithium or calcium grease.

Assembling a hand-powered tractor mower with your own hands

Let’s see how you can make a mower for the tractor NEVA with manual drive with your own hands. The video contains detailed instructions on how to make and attach the blades when making a rotary mower with your own hands:

This. The basic material – two knives from an ordinary grain saw, as well as a chain and a chain saw gear.

Cultivation of the maiden grape

On each cut should be placed 4 knives. For their manufacture, high-quality hardened steel is used. This metal eliminates the possibility of the knife snapping and flying in a chaotic direction and possibly even at one person.

Special bars are used to assemble the knives. They allow the knives to be held securely in place. The clearance between the shaft and the knife should be about 1-2 mm.

When the motor is turned on, the centrifugal force drives the knives in the vertical position, and they cut the plants. The knife should rotate 360°. When hitting a hard surface, it turns in the opposite direction and remains intact.

The knife must be mounted on an axle. It shall be made of wear-resistant carbon steel. The diameter of the axle should be at least 8 mm. This is done to ensure that the slices have room for free rotation.

These slices are mounted on the frame and their connection to the pfwell drive is mounted.

The slices should rotate toward each other. Eventually the grass will take a neat shape in a row.

We would like to remind you that the main factor for the collection and operation of the mower is safety at the factory and homemade mower! Do not neglect the safety devices

Before you put your homemade mower into operation at home, you must make sure that it is safe for you and those around you. After all, unreliable blade attachment can lead to considerable health damage. Therefore, the first starts should be carried out with extreme caution.

What do the forums say?

There are a large number of different reviews on the forums about the performance of walk-behind lawnmowers. Here, people are actively discussing different models and give recommendations on the choice.

For example, Oleg writes:

“I spent a long time choosing a mower. I studied the characteristics of each model and its properties. As a result, I stopped at the rotary variant. It’s more practical in terms of operation. After all, my plot is not exactly flat and there are slopes and hills. Therefore, the ideal option was a single-disc rotary mower. I decided to settle exclusively on the official equipment from the manufacturer of my walking tractor NEVA. And it became the model KR-0.5. Since then there have been no failures. The only thing was the knives knocked a few times. “

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