NEVA MK-80 motor cultivator. Review, characteristics, equipment

Review: NEVA MK-80R-C3.5 SUBARU EY15 positive for the entire application period

Japanese engine with high quality. Compact and easily transportable unit. Removable. Gear. Relatively small weight of the cultivator.

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Today I would like to share my own observations for the entire operation and operation of the NEVA MK-80R-C3.5 motor cultivator. This cultivator is equipped with the Japanese Motor Subaru EY15, the power of which is 3.5 liters. With.

Subaru EY15 Motor (3.5 l.

Such agricultural devices were acquired in relation to 2007.

NEVA MK-80R-C3.5 Motor cultivator with the Subaru EY15 engine (3.5 l.

Essentially, the NEVA-MK-80 cultivator is a technically compact and slightly transported type of agricultural machines that can even be transported in the trunk of a car. The plus in this case is that it can easily be raised alone because there is a small weight within 55 kg, but this is without additional equipment.

This unit can be compared with a mini agricultural tractor for everyday garden and summer tasks. Since additional devices are removable and some elements of the cultivator can be quickly and easily separated or folded, this cultivator of the class of universal agricultural unity can be assigned. In general, NEVA MK-80R-C3.5 has been awarded for a small area of ​​processing the property. There is also a comfortable folding handle with which you can maneuver and control the cultivator if necessary.

The main heart of the NEVA MK-80R motor cultivator is the 4-stroke Japanese single-cylinder petrol engine Subaru Robin Ey15 with an inclined cylinder location and an upper trip. With a maximum output of 3.5 liters. With.

The EY 15-3D Robin-Subaru engine is a four-stroke in-cylinder petrol engine with an inclined cylinder location and an upper drive

Type of starting the motor manual. The crankshaft – horizontal. The volume of the oil crankcase is 0.60 liters. Motor volume 143 cm3. The only small minus for this device is that there is only one speed forward and vice versa. Nevertheless, this is a class of cultivating, not a walk tractor, so this is an uncritical minus. Due to compactness and maneuverability, this type of motorcycle technology is currently most important for us. The width of the land extension is between 60 and 90 cm. The country is the manufacturer – Russia.

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Essentially there are only positive impressions for the entire operating time. Neva MK-80R was tested after the time, so this is the best friend for us. In truth, this agricultural unit can be noted every summer and gardeners. For fifteen years, the cultivator of the present serves us faith and truth. At the time of writing this assessment, there were no serious malfunctions. With the exception of the exchange of the belt and the clutch cable. Certainly without alcohol work during the entire functional period of the right technical diagram of agricultural devices.

If you are looking for the most optimal option for garden and operations and are in the phase of choice. A video review of this motor cultivator was created for them on the “The Abc of the Life of the Life of the Kuban” channel.

We wish all summer residents and gardeners cheap weather and record plants!

NEVA MK-80 engine. Description of the model. Technical characteristics. Operating characteristics

The cultivating NEVA MK-80 is used in small and medium-sized areas to carry out various agricultural work. I have established myself well in Inte r-Row processing, in greenhouses, greenhouses and garden.

The machine must be aggregated with additional sound devices and effectively leads plowing and growing the soil, hills of plants and weeds, sizes, sizes potatoes.

NEVA MK-80 motor cultivator

The installation of the motor types

The NEVA MK-80 motor cultivator is available in various modifications with engines from different manufacturers: Briggs & Stratton RS750, KASEI 168F, Subaru-Robin, GX120 Honda. Landplots owners can optimally select their own inquiries and needs.

Machines offer identical soil processing parameters, which, however, have some differences in the functions of the functionality models MK-80C5.0 and MK-80-C5.0, which only have one front wheel without reverse. The version with the American engine B&S and Kasei are equipped with a gear. At speeds 1-Forward/1 Nazad. In addition, models with a KASE engine are available in two equipment variants – with 4 million and 6 mills.

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NEVA MK-80 B5.0RS motorcycle

NEVA MK-80 B5.0RS motorcycle

The device is characterized by a wel l-covered device, a fixed quality assembly and reliable work.

Technical features of the MK-80 B5.0RS model
  • Equipped with a powerful economic American engine B&S 5 HP. With the upper location of the valves that enable them to economically output the fuel, the lifespan of the engine extends.
  • The NEVA motor cultivator is equipped with a reliable gear that delivers 1 speed forward and 1.
  • Due to the constructive decrease in the size of a thre e-stage gear with a reduced noise level, it was possible to increase the lumen between the floor and body.
  • Thanks to the placement of the rear gear in the gearbox, the installation of an additional belt is not necessary, and the reliability of the gearbox is significantly increased.
  • The NEVA engine cultivator is rationally balance d-it is characterized by good stability, it does not push on the side during operation.
  • Thanks to small dimensions and low weight, it is convenient to maneuver with a cultivator in limited rooms.
  • Construction characteristics – The “Parking position” option offers a quick replacement for soil committees with metal primers. For this purpose, the device is installed on the front transport bike and the steering wheel transmission to the extremely lower position.
  • Due to the high torque, the soil is treated very well – it is saturated with oxygen and loosened to the condition of the powder.
  • The presence of protective slices protects the plants from damage to tailors with knives.

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NEVA MK-80 R-S5.0 engine

NEVA MK-80 R-S5.0 engine

The machine has long been characterized by effective, troubl e-free work. A light compact unit with a capacity of 5 hp. It enjoys success among owners of small and medium sections when performing plowing, loosening, weeding, having, hilling.

  • The Japanese Motor Subaru-Robin S-5.0 is installed on the cultivating one
  • Due to the low center of gravity, the machine is characterized by high stability and good maneuverability.
  • The gearbox with gears 1 forward/1 backwards enables you to rationally work with attachments and choose the desired work pace.
  • Thanks to the double front wheel, the cultivator is conveniently driven to the site with mounted cutting plants.
  • Adjustable redotillers with a diameter of 33 cm offer a working width of 60-100 cm to a depth of 16 cm for soil processing.
  • With the adjustable steering wheel you can adjust the device to the body size of the operator.
  • Thanks to the “Parking position” option, a quick change from tunnels to knife and vice versa is possible.
  • The moto r-grubber is practically when it comes to now between rows, near trees, shrubs, in greenhouses and in other areas that are difficult to access.
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Technical properties of the MK-80 R-S5.0 model
Type of: Murderer
Class: Average
Rotation speed of the knife: 80-120 rpm
Motor type: petrol
Engine volume: 183 Cu. cm
Engine power: 5.03 hp
Transmission: without gear
Number of gears: 1 Next
Turning back: There is
Rated capacity: 3.70 kW
Weight (kg: 50 kg
Engine: Subaru Robin C-5.0
Fuel tank volume, L: 3.8 l
Direction of travel: Direct
Begin: Manual
Plow depth, mm: 160mm
Ackerwidth, cm: 100 cm


Motorgrubber NEVA MK-80 are aggregated with various attachments: plows, Hiller, Developer, Eggen, Potato Roder, shovels, metal eyelets, protective panes, universal couplings, transport bikes. Loads can be transported with adapter and trolley.

The most common attachments:

Schneider – assembly, work

In the basic equipment, the Grubber is supplied with 4 milling, an optional installation of two more is provided. Rototillers are quickly and easily mounted with split. The Motorgrubber NEVA can not only be equipped with earth’s cutters from the original production, but also with other brands.

When the engine refuses to start, pay attention to it:” width=”300″ height=”103″ />

With attached plow, the device effectively plows every floor. The installation of various plow models is planned – mole, singl e-row, tw o-row.

! The assembly of attachments takes place when the engine is switched off, with the cultivator being horizontal on a flat, stable surface.

Operating characteristics

The NEVA engine Grubber consumes AI-92, AI 95 petrol. Motor oil in the SAE 10W30 class is used for the engine, in winter a synthetic analogue is used. The maintenance of the mugber is not difficult – before each use you should check the amount of oil and fuel, clean the equipment of dirt after completing the work and check the reliability of the fastening elements. The presence of an oil level sensor reliably protects the engine from failures.

Protecting garden equipment from frost

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Motor oil SAE 10W-40 motor oil M-10G2K

Moving parts and mechanisms must be regularly lubricated with universal lubricants. Another preventive work is to check the filters – air and fuel – after 100 hours. Around 500 operating hours, it is necessary to sort out and clean the engine, which increases its lifespan.

Possible malfunctions, repair

Grubber is characterized by reliable operation, but as with all devices, some disorders are possible during operation that the owner can fix.

If the engine refuses to start, make sure:

  • Fuel and oil levels
  • The reliability and correctness of all connections
  • Correct start: mandatory heating of the engine at idle.

Further information on the characteristics of the company, prevention measures and personal safety rules can be found in the instructions for the operation of the MK-80 motor cultivator by link:

Video review

Reviews of the owners


“The cultivating NEVA MK-80 with the Subaru engine has been working for me for 3 years. Plot 22 tomorrow. Absolutely all work on Earth does it with him, does not fail. I didn’t have to use in winter. “

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