NEVA MK-70 motor cultivator. Review, operating instructions

NEVA MK-70 engine. Description of the model. Technical characteristics. Operating characteristics

The cultivating NEVA MK-70 is available from CJSC Krasny October-Neva and belongs to the group of light minutes. MK-70 is intended for the effective cultivation of floors of different quality and other agrotechnical work is to be carried out in small and medium-sized farms in summer houses.

This is a simple and reliable unit for the implementation of ordinary garden work that can be operated under different climatic conditions.

KASEI or Briggs & Stratton Brands engines can be installed on the NEVA MK-70 engine.

Technical characteristics

perfomance 5.0 L.S.
The weight 44 kg
The width of processing 66.5-97 cm (4/6 mills)
coupling Belt
transmission Chain
Turning back no
Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
Engine model RS750
Engine type 4-stroke with air cooling and manual start
Engine volume 163 cubic meters
Cylinder liner cast iron
Fuel tank 3.1 L
The capacity of the oil crankcase 0.6 l
Type of lubricant in the gearbox consistent
Number of programs 1 forward
Type of fuel Pure AI 92 petrol
The diameter of the grinding cutter 320 mm
Mills sales 80-115 rpm
The normative processing depth Up to 20 cm
Belt A40
Country of Manufacture Russia-Ssha
warranty 2 years

Description of the model

Light cultivator NEVA with a capacity of 5 hp. It is characterized by great technical skills at a fairly affordable price.

  • It can be equipped with an economic engine KASE (168f) of the Budget Group or the American Motor B&S750, which is equipped with a cylinder with the upper ventilation location.
  • The gearbox consists of a tw o-stage, oi l-filled gearboxes that offers a gear. The car has no opposite, but this is not a special disadvantage – with a small equipment of 44 kg. The worker operator is also easy to manage with moderate physical training in order to manage the cultivating person.
  • Thanks to the tw o-stage reducing layout, a high traction is provided, the maximum is 115 rpm. The speed adjustment lever is ergonomically withdrawn to the control handle.
  • A reduced center of gravity facilitates the management of the machine.
  • The motor cultivator is not only used for the cultivation of the earth, but also to the weeds of the beds made of weeds, hillin g-agricultural cultures and ditch potatoes.
  • With the ergonomics steering wheel setting, you can configure the cultivator under the growth of the operator – the steering wheel is regulated in three positions.
  • Thanks to the small mass of the machine, high maneuverability and comfort in management are ensured, which is particularly important when the agricultural work is carried out in limited rooms – a greenhouse, a greenhouse, on narrow beds, near garden trees and bushes.
  • With the front transport bike on the folding frame, the movement of the motor cultivator is greatly simplified.
  • Modest dimensions enable us to conveniently transport the cultivator to the workplace in the trunk of a car.
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Motor cultivator NEVA MK-70

Unmounted equipment

Power 5 hp enough for aggregation with attachments, which significantly expands the functionality of the equipment. According to the instructions, additional equipment can be installed on the MK-70 motor cultivator: a soil cutter, a plow, a weeder, a hiller, a potato digger, metal eyelets of various modifications, pneumatic wheels, an adapter with a seat. When connecting a minicart, the cultivator can carry loads up to to carry 66 kg.

Plow Hiller Grousers cutters

mill assembly

Adjustable tillers, supplied as standard, provide a tillage width of 35-97cm to a maximum depth of 16cm. In addition, the device works great with other modifications of tillers. The Rototiller is assembled and disassembled according to the instructions using removable plugs.

Depending on the number of knives installed, you can set the desired working width during tillage. High-quality processing is possible by taking into account the soil conditions – new land, sandy soils, black earth and by adjusting the speed. Difficult fallow land requires double or multiple tillage.

Monta scheme of the cutting device for a han d-led tractor

Features of operation, instruction manual

The Neva motor cultivator is easy to operate, even if not very experienced in the technique, the owner can effectively control the equipment with additional connected devices. A wide service network, inexpensive spare parts and consumables are available in many Russian cities.

According to the instructions, the cultivator consumes AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline, SAE 10W30 engine oil and 10W40 gear oil. For stable operation, systematic maintenance of the device is carried out, which consists of daily tests and after a certain time – after 20/50/100/200 hours.

Machine oil SAE 10W30 Oil Expert SAE 10W-40

During operation, it should be noted that after 2 hours of continuous operation, especially on a heavy surface, a 10-15 minute break must be taken.

The Neva Motor-Cultivator is sold with motor oil filled, fully checked and tested. It is necessary to start the device on a flat, horizontal surface, gradually moving from a minimum load to a higher speed. Before long-term storage of the Neva cultivator, fuel and oil must be drained.

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Video review

Motor cultivator Neva MK-70 for processing virgin soil

Neva MK-70 – work with a plow

owner reviews


“I have known the Neva motor cultivator for more than 20 years. My father still has a Soviet Neva MV-1 walk-behind tractor with an output of 5 hp. Therefore, I decided to take the same model for myself, but modern. Light, manoeuvrable and powerful at the same time. I bought a hitch – an adapter, a trolley, eyelets are sometimes required, a hiller and a weeder. I am satisfied with the car, I recommend it.

Overview of the motor cultivator Neva MK-70

Recommendation: 50%


Motor cultivator Neva MK70-B5.0 RS

Motor cultivator NEVA MK-70


The motor cultivator Neva MK70-B5.0 RS belongs to a series of agrotechnical devices of the light class with high traction. This model can perform a variety of agricultural work both on dense soils and virgin soil, and on already cultivated land.

Features of the motor cultivator “Neva” MK-70
  • high stability despite relatively low weight (44 kg);
  • increased traction (66 kg);
  • powerful 5-litre American-made Briggs & Stratton engine;
  • maneuverability and ease of control;
  • low center of gravity;
  • height-adjustable steering wheel;
  • increased angle of inclination of the gearbox;
  • oil filled gearbox;
  • There is no need to level the device with your hands – the motor cultivator easily goes along the surface of the soil.
  • The lack of reverse crop is not a minus – the weight of the motor cultivator is small, even a woman can turn it manually.

Another important advantage of the model is a wide network of service providers performing technical and repair services.

For the NEVA motor cultivator MK-70 is not difficult to find . A simple and understandable instruction in Russian will allow you to independently understand the main nuances of the work of the motor cultivator.


The brand of the engine Briggs & Stratton (USA)
engine RS750
Power, L.S. (KW) 5.0 (3.7)
fuel tank, l 3.1
mass, kg 44
Number of programs 1+0
Working volume, CM3 163
Type of fuel Oil-filled gear box in an aluminum housing
transmission 2-speed chain transmission
The width of cultivation, cm 35-97
The number of revolutions of the shaft 80-115
Processing depth, CM 16
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Unmounted equipment

The NEVA Motor-Cultivator MK70-B5.0 Rs works forward in the same gearing, there is no opposite. Thanks to the high traction efforts, the motor-cultivator can perform such types of work with soil as: plowing, weeding, digging potatoes, hilling, cultivation, creating furrows, weeding.


Plug mole mouth sac for mounds of ground storage for a plow disc protector on the Cutter Potato Cutter OKunchik I-2

The NEVA motor-cultivator MK-70 has a wide range of attachments:

  • potat o-resident;
  • potat o-kumber;
  • Plow;
  • Hiller;
  • Harrow;
  • pollen;
  • trolley (in the presence of an adapter), etc.

Any sound or trailer equipment is purchased separately separately from the motor cultivator.

With the NEVA motorcycle cultivator MK70-B5.0 Rs, the operator can sheathe land on the beds, in greenhouses, and also in a summer cottage.

mill assembly

Scheme of installing cutting devices for the han d-led tractor NEVA 70 b

The assembly of the grinder on the NEVA motor cultivator MK-70 is carried out without special tools. They are fastened with quick-release stoppers. To adjust the width of the attack of the exciting floor, it is enough to separate the extreme segments or install an additional grinder on each side.

In the standard configuration, according to the instructions, the motor cultivator is equipped with four grinders, but if desired, the operator can additionally install two more, having received six workers.

Important! Do the assembly or rent a Para with a motor cultivator turned off.

a brief description of
  • The number of revolutions of the milling cutter-cutter: minimum 80, maximum – 115;
  • The variability of revolutions allows you to work with floors of different hardness.
  • The cultivation width in the standard configuration with 4 mills is 35 cm, increased with 6th-97 cm;
  • Accessible immersion of grinding cutters in the ground – to a depth of 16 cm;

Smoke processing using MK70-B5.0Rs requires repeated through the floor, at least three times.

video ratings

General overview of the NEVA MK-70 motor cultivator
Work of the Neva MK-70 motor cultivator with a plow

operating rules

The key to long-term operation of the motor cultivator is timely maintenance. There is a normal and planned.

  • Runs the operator periodically after each job;
  • Planned after 20-50, 100, 200 or more hours of work.
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With a Briggs & Stratton motor, the first oil change is carried out after five operating hours (after the very first start). In the future, the oil will be changed at least every 50 hours. If you only use the culprit in the warm season, let off the oil when the machine is standing and fill in fresh oil before starting the season work.

Check the oil level before every start of the hatperer and after 8 hours of continuous operation.

Oils recommended by the manufacturer for the transmission and the engine of the NEVA MK-70 B 5.0RS motor hoe:

  • For the Motor – Standard SAE 10W30 API SF / CC, SAE 30 API CD / SF;
  • For the gearbox – gear oil, for example ZIC 10W40.

Wel l-known manufacturers: Lukoil, Ravenol, Mobile, TNK and others.

The best type of fuel is petrol AI92, AI95.


Before every commissioning of the Grubber, check the attachment of the screw connections, the fuel and oil level. Start the device on a horizontal area without immediately loading the engine with full power.

Remember that Grubber of the light class must be stopped from time to time and the engine has to be cooled, especially if you work with dense soil or virgin floor. After two hours of uninterrupted work, take a break of 20-30 minutes.


Leave the oil from the engine and gear before bringing the han d-led tractor to a workshop. Starting after a long break should take place with a full fuel tank and sufficient oil level. Leave the culprit after a standstill of 10-15 minutes. Then start the agricultural work with a maximum of 2/3 of capacity and gradually switch to full capacity.

owner reviews

What feedback did the NEVA MK70-B5.0 RS engine pitcher receive from its owners? Let us find out by reading the opinions of farmers who have already bought and tested this technology.

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Anton, su b-carpaties:

“I bought the MK70 because of its compactness and small size. In the season even my wife worked with it, she says that it is easy to control and her hands do not hurt after use. Our property is small, only 10 acres, but you plowed it with a bang. The cultivator does not invite you to the ground, it goes to the surface without distortions. There is no backward speed, but that doesn’t bother me – I turn the device itself, the weight of the device allows it. I recommend buying a good, powerful and excellent han d-led tractor for its price.

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