Multifunctional Dakota Pro motor cultivator from Patriot. Rating, video, model reviews

Multifunctional Dakota Pro motor cultivator from Patriot. Rating, video, model reviews

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Patriot Dakota Pro belongs to the class of Motoblocks with medium weight, has a unique series of characteristics and is used to process country diagrams of up to 30 acres.

The weight of the hiking tractor is 77 kg.

A petrol engine with four more often (power supply 7 hp) is installed on the device.

The type of cooling of the engine is air, the volume is 207 cm3. With a fairly large weight, the motorcycle block consumes about 0.75 liters. Petrol per hour with a tank of the fuel tank of 3.6 liters.

In this model there is no connection of the fastening equipment through the pulley, there is no power shaft.

Listen Typ e-Adhesion, chain gear. The Patriot Dakota Pro Motoblock works at six speeds: four front and two behind.

Due to the rear speed, the device can be paved into the floor while working with tailors.

The spectrum of the stored devices in Dakot is very extensive, and the main devices such as the plow, the cigarette piston, the primer, the operator can easily connect to the corresponding strap.

Factory equipment

  1. Candle key;
  2. Screwdriver;
  3. Key for fastening elements;
  4. Pneumatism wheels (2 units);
  5. Transport bike (1 unit);
  6. Soshnik;
  7. Sushnik Mount;
  8. Protective wing (2 PCs);

You can also connect caterpillars, snow machines and a mower with this model.

Rotor Shnemobil e-Prefix module module for cleaning snow on a wal k-Tractor

The delivery is specified directly with the manufacturer or sale and paid separately.

Despite the average weight, the diameter of the milling system in Dakot over a fairly large one, it is 34 cm, as in heavier professional motor blocks.

With strengthened mills you can process this device and this goal. However, it is recommended to carry out such processing in several approaches so as not to overload the engine.

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Distinction features

The characteristic characteristics of Patriot Dakota over include the following:

  • Steering wheel setting (three provisions);
  • a comfortable handle of the speed switching near the steering wheel;


Engine power 7 PS
The width of recording 90 cm
transmission Chain
transmission 4 forward /2 before
Connect active hitch role
Pneumatic bikes type 4.00-8
The weight 78 kg

Maintenance – basic moments and instructions

After assembling the tractor of the walk behavior, the first start of the device must be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions.

Before the start, make sure whether the fuel tank is filled and whether the oil is flooded into the required containers.

Check the oil level every time you start the work of the tractor of the walk behavior. The belt transmission should be closed by a housing, with open belts an engine block cannot be operated.

The transport bike in the position of readiness should be raised and recorded in parallel to the ground.

The voucher is certainly attached with pins and crap. The deeper the voucher goes into the ground, the slower the motoblock will move slower. Adjust the position of the couch manually before starting the equipment.

Use a high-quality Patriot Hypoid transmission oil or a similar viscosity for the gearbox. For the engine-high-quality semi-synthetic patriot oils (Supreme HD SAE30, Expert Sae 10W-40, Specific Sae 5W-30) or other well-known manufacturers, similar to viscosity and type.

Half-synthetic 4-stroke oil Specific Half-Synthetic 4-stroke oil Expert 4-stroke mineral oil supreme hypoid transmission oil

In the case of planned technical inspections, take the following manipulations every 50, 100 or more hours:

  1. Check the condition of the engine and gearbox, keep outdoors clean;
  2. Clean the cylinder slats of dirt;
  3. Remove excess oil, dust and dirt from the starter grill.
  4. After 25 hours of operation, screw out the spark plug and clean them from carbon deposits.
  5. Check the wear of the drive belt and replace them every season.
  6. After the first start, change the engine oil after 5 hours of operation and then regularly every 50 hours of operation;
  7. Check milling and fastenings before each start and clean after the work of adhering soil.

Video review

Owner reviews

There are contradictory reviews on this model on the Internet. The advantages are high performance and performance of the device. From the minus points – problems working with grass and new territory.

Vasily, Rjasan:

“I recommend the Dakota Pro everyone I know after getting this car! I am satisfied with the motoblock, I’m happy like a child. A heavy han d-led tractor with many functions for moderate money is difficult for those who do not understand what is what is. He would need more bikes, I know that some craftsmen set up others themselves, but I don’t risk it yet. Petrol needs a little more than indicated in the document. Here it also depends on the speed and the degree of stress, I like to work on the limit. I haven’t tested it in winter, I shovel the snow by hand. I will save for a snow blower and check how my Dakota clears the snow next season!

Motoblock Patriot Dakota Pro. Application features, properties, owner reviews

The han d-led tractor Patriot Dakota Pro is a model of the middle class that is suitable for processing small household parcels. The petrol engine is powerful and tractio n-capable, which plays an important role in the processing of dense soils. A special feature of the model is the presence of a pulley that enables the use of various attachments. With the help of the universal coupling, the connection of attachments from other manufacturers is possible.

Motoblock Patriot Dakota Pro

The belt drive consists of two straps in parallel. As a result, the reliability of the device is significantly increased even when the load is heavy. The gearbox has 4 forward and 2 reverse gears, whereby the lower ones are taken into account, which enables excellent maneuvers. The Patriot Dakota Pro is supplied with air-tired wheels in size 4.00-8, which give the device stability. So there is an additional transport bike that is attached at the front.

Motoblock Patriot Dakota Pro

Relatively low weight of 78 kg. And practical design enable proble m-free transportation of the han d-led tractor. The main difference of the Patriot brand is the orange color of all models, an adjustable steering column and the presence of protective wings that prevent earth lumps from falling on the driver.

Motoblock Patriot Dakota Pro

Technical characteristics

Engine power 7.0 PS
Type of the engine 4 tact
Editing 75cm
coupling Belt
transmission Chain
Connect active tools role
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
air wheels 4.00-8
The weight 78 kg

usage characteristics

To prolong the life of your Dakota PRO gas powered walk behind tractor, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Therefore hypoid oil should be used for the gearbox and Supreme HD SAE30, Expert SAE 10W-40, Specific SAE 5W-30 oils for the engine.

Before use, it is advisable to break in the oil, after which the used oil must be drained.

This procedure facilitates break-in of parts, thereby extending the life of the walk-behind tractor.

  1. Turn on the device and let it run for 30 minutes.
  2. Gradually change gears and increase speed.
  3. The run-in is considered complete after 10 hours of operation.

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Maintenance is necessary after each shift in order to detect possible failures in good time. In addition, it is necessary to clean the fuel filter and tighten all screw connections.

Follow the link to learn more about the service features of the Patriot Dakota PRO walk behind tractors.

After completing field work, the two-wheel tractor must be cleaned, greased with grease to prevent corrosion, drained of fuel, covered and stored in a dry place.

Video review of work

Below are video reviews of the Patriot Dakota Pro Walk-Behind Tractor

Owner reviews

Many owners in their reviews note the performance of the device and the ability to cultivate the soil well. However, there are opinions that the Dakota Patriot walk behind tractor does not cope well with dense soil.


I was happy with my purchase of the Patriot Dakota walking tractor because it made my work on the job site so much easier. Of the minuses – expensive maintenance and small transport wheels. I know that some owners independently replace them with others, but that’s not so critical. Fuel consumption up to 3 liters per hour at maximum load.

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