mulch the lawn. Why and how to fertilize the lawn with … swaths?

Lawn mulching: We analyze the topic of the garden

A classic lawnmower or ride-on mower is not enough to create a well-kept garden. The versatility of the technology is often a competitive advantage over other brands. But it also happens the other way around: the model works in mono mode. One of these modes is mulching. Mulchers on the market are positioned as a novelty, but users have already managed to evaluate the advantages. Why is mulching necessary and is it worth buying this option for your garden?

Mulching in the lawn mower – what is that?

Mulching is a common farming practice that involves adding mulch to the topsoil. Mulch is made from leaves, sawdust, bark, sand, fine gravel, paper, and even plastic and rubber.

Gardening tools only mulch grass. The mown vegetation is additionally shredded (combined or interchangeable cutting blades are used) and thrown back onto the treated area.

A thin, even layer of mulch is not visible on the lawn, but it performs a number of functions:

— preservation of nutrients and moisture in the soil;

– protection from extreme temperatures (frost, heat), which is especially important in the off-season;

Mulching with grass prevents the growth of weeds and unwanted vegetation. Plants kept on soil with mulch strengthen the root system;

– Humus formed from grass fertilizes the soil.

The lawn mower’s mulching nozzles act like a plug, protecting the grass from being ejected outwards and directing it into the blades of the shredder blade.

Despite the obvious advantages, mulching has several disadvantages:

– load on the engine. Devices with a mulching mode are equipped with engines of greater power, which leads to an increase in the cost of the model.

– increased fuel and energy consumption. For quality mulching it is necessary to mow the lawn more often than usual;

– the mowing speed is reduced;

Overview of powerful han d-led tractors of the increased resource Patriot Ontario Pro. Specifications, videos and reviews of work

— Only a dry lawn is suitable for mulching, since wet grass sticks to the blades and forms clumps, which leads to unstable and energy-consuming operation of the equipment.

– Organic grass mulch attracts various insects and worms and needs to be replaced regularly;

– Too thick a layer of mulch impairs air exchange in the soil and promotes mould.

Pros and cons of mulching

The purchase of special equipment is not justified if you have to mulch 2-3 times a season. Another thing is if you buy a device with all mowing modes. In this case you have the choice: mow in the grass catcher or mulch. In addition, in an overgrown area, gradual mowing is required before mulching.

Another option: the purchase of devices with an additional mulching connection. Having gained the necessary experience, it will be easier to make an intelligent decision.

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How to choose a lawn mower

The lawnmower is indispensable when large summer houses have to be looked after. The makers are best shown in open relief and large locations. In our article, we will analyze how you select a lawn mower with optimal characteristics and not lose.

What is the lawn leaner for

The ventilation of the lawn is a seasonal process that promotes rejuvenation and restoring the freshness of the lawn. The easiest way to carry out the processing with special garden equipment – ventilation, about the design and the skills that we will talk about in the article.

Variator in garden technology

With the variety of garden maintenance techniques, you can select the model that makes working on earth easier as much as possible. If you do not want to make unnecessary efforts and want to press the lawn mower in front of you, you can choose a sel f-propelled model that is much more convenient to control. Additional comfort is provided by models with speed adjustment, since the gearbox enables the devices to be fully controlled. However, the gearbox complicated the design and increases the final price of the product, the outcome of this dilemma – the variator.

Minitor Scout T-12. Review, specifications, manual

How can you mulch with a lawn mower and why is it necessary?

Cosyl methods are also used by residents. In the presence of technology, mulching can be carried out. What it is and why this technology was introduced is easy to understand.

Why do you have to have the lawn?

Mulching contains a haircut of herbs through a lawnmower and a fertilizer of a mowing area. This is necessary that herbs and plants are processed in the lawn mower and return to the place in the form of nutrient fertilizers. The used grass delays moisture in the soil in hot autumn or frosty weather.

A grass layer mowed with a lawn mower has a protective function with which you can slow down the growth of weeds in the ground. The lawn treated with mowing function is protected on the floor from drying grass.

In the autumn season, processed grass develops properly with a lawnmower. By carrying out the procedure, dried leaves that were not processed on the construction site and irrigation can grind.

The use of a lawn mower with mowing mows aims to develop simple vegetation. It is easy to decorate with a lawnmower, and cutting grass is a fertilizer for treated lawns.

It is often not worth using a lawnmower. Otherwise, it overfeeds the soil and grass instead of the protective function of the mowing process.

The mulch with a lawnmower provides nutritious ingredients and processes dried leaves and weeds and fills the bottom of the property with moisture without irrigation.

To work with a mowing configuration for mulching grass, you have to use a popular lawnmower. Simple lawnmowers can work when mowing plants, but they cannot grind them. Switching lawn mowers for mulching should have high performance.

In advance, the lawnmower should be equipped with a mowing collector that works on the basis of a simple plug. So grind the grass and catch fertilizer with a lawn mower easier. The use of the mowing melting function in the lawn mower is that the processed grass falls evenly.

Minitor Rusich T 12 - description and properties

Mulch instructions with a lawnmower

Mulating the lawn mower should work so that:

  • The grass was exposed to a simple haircut for 1/3 of its height. In the drought, part of herbs and plants that are cut off by the lawnmower decreases.
  • for mowing mulchen in preference, not in high grass;
  • The power of the lawn mower should be at its maximum, as should the mowing frequency. Lawn mower blades must be sharp for mulching;
  • When mulching in the lawn mower, if the cut grass has not been processed, the model is cleaned and then used.
  • With a lawn mower with step mower mulching function, you can chop the grass evenly;
  • When mowing grass, the direction of the mowing equipment changes. Simple dried grasses are easier to cut with a lawnmower, and the cut grass is evenly distributed;
  • Unsuitable equipment should not be used for cutting and mulching. The mower model must be bought with a preference for power and frequency;
  • Mulching and mowing of dried grass with a lawn mower is carried out at regular intervals.

When is the best time to do this?

Simple mulching and mowing starts dry. When mowing wet grass urgently, the frequency and power of the lawnmower should be used minimally, as should the speed of the lawnmower when mulching.

Gardeners claim that mulching mowed plants will be difficult unless they are recycled in good weather.

It is preferable not to mulch cut grass in hot weather or dry autumn. If there is not enough moisture, the bacteria cannot process the dried cut part of the grass.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

A well-cut lawn is only mulched by experienced gardeners. Others don’t see the benefits of mower mulching.

  • in favor of using nutritious mown raw material for mowing mulches;
  • it becomes easier to work with the mulching function and there is no need to clean the mowing container from waste plants;
  • the treated layer is evenly distributed with fertilizers and protected from drying out;
  • Weeds grow less.
Grape processing in early spring

Based on the advantages, the negative aspects of mulching can be identified:

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