MTZ snow plows. Snow blowers: overview, specifications, reviews

Snowblowers for MTZ. Specifications and Operating Regulations

Snow plows come in various types and shapes, so the owner can directly choose the model that suits him according to the specified requirements. The main classification is the division of snow throwers into augers and shovels. They differ in the type of cleaning and the principle of joint work.

Snowblower ST-1500

Snow thrower ST-1500 is suitable for MTZ 320 mounted on a hitch in front of the tractor. A reliable and large unit helps tackle large mounds of snow along roads and sidewalks, removing not only the snow itself but also the debris it contains.

Snowblower ST-1500

The auger snow blower for the MTZ 320 has a height of 50 cm and a width of 150 cm. Thanks to these dimensions, you can throw a wide strip of snow up to 20 meters. For an hour of active work, the snow blower at MTZ 320 processes up to 80 tons of snow, which is 2250 m2. In addition to the MTZ 320, the ST-1500 snow blower can be used with any power unit with a power of at least 26 hp.

Snow plow CO 2.5 with hydraulic rotation of 60º

A wide blade of 2.5 meters cleans roads, streets, curbs and yard areas without throwing snow a long distance. The snow blower CO 2.5 for MTZ has a number of advantages, the most important of which is a higher cleaning capacity thanks to a blade rotating left and right by 30º in each direction.

Snow plow CO 2.5 with hydraulic rotation of 60º

This snow thrower is suitable for MTZ 80 and 82. It is controlled by the driver from the control cabin using hydraulic cylinders. Universal brackets and installations allow you to change the snow thrower to MTZ and replace it with others, for example, SU series snow throwers. If the CO 2.5 snow blower is supplemented with the SU 2.1 unit, the width of the cleaning strip can be increased to 4 meters.

The blade is equipped with rubberized steel blades that allow you to remove jammed and icy snowdrifts.

Snow plow SU 2.1 OM

The snow plow for the MTZ model SU 2.1 OM is a whole complex designed for effective cleaning not only of fresh, but also of stale, icy snow from larger areas and roads. The complex consists of a rotary cutter, a blade and a device for throwing snow. The nozzle locking feature allows you to more accurately designate snow masses by locking them at 30, 45, or 60 degree angles.

Snow plow SU 2.1 OM

Universal mounts allow you to vary and add to the snow plow mechanism. Thanks to the snow blower, you can load it onto truck trailers and cars. The compact size of the SU 2.1 OM snow thrower allows it to be used with MTZ 80 and 82 tractors and to be used on city streets or rough terrain.

Snow removal complex SU 2.1 OPM – “Clean City”

The improved model of snow blower SU 2.1 OPM for MTZ differs from the previous model in that it has a special chute that allows you to load the collected snow onto trucks or throw it away up to 20 meters. A large complex that found its application in the cleaning of large roads and highways.

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Snow removal complex SU 2.1 OPM – “Clean City”

This model of snow plow is very popular, since the universal mounts allow you to change the configuration of the snow plow, equipping the MTZ with other units. A snow blower in cooperation with a blade makes it possible to remove snow up to 4 meters wide at a speed of up to 7 km / h. Large dimensions and high power allow you to remove 500 tons of snow per hour.

Snowblower SRK 2.0

Snow blower for MTZ, which is a powerful and reliable unit for clearing snow even in severe frosts, reaching up t o-40 degrees. The large size and high power of the snow blower allow the SRK 2.0 snow blower to be used for cleaning sidewalks and paths, roads, yards and industrial areas, as well as paving roads through snowdrifts and snowdrifts.

Snowblower SRK 2.0

Fresh, dead or icy snow is easily collected by two large metal cutters, can be compressed with compressed air and thrown by a blade up to 20 meters away. Also, the high location of the MTZ landfills allows loading processed snow onto trucks and trailers with a height of no more than 3.1 meters.

Snow removal complex SU 2.1 “Snow Fighter”

Snow plow SU 2.1 can be called a real complex for cleaning city streets, rough terrain, yards, industrial or storage areas, highways and secondary roads. Maneuverability and ease of use are facilitated by the snow thrower’s small size and the versatility of its mounts. This allows you to vary the configuration of the snow blower at MTZ.

Snow removal complex SU 2.1 “Snow Fighter”

Powerful flexible cutters not only cope perfectly with fresh, large snowdrifts, but also with solid, icy snowpack. The lightness of the snow plow design and its versatility allow it to be connected to the front of the MTZ 80 and 82, and the build quality and materials allow it to work even in the lowest ambient temperatures.

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Minsk Tractor Plant offers consumers a wide range of agricultural, construction and utility equipment. The snow blower based on the MTZ tractor is used for high-quality and powerful work. With its help, you can clear more than 500 tons of snow in one hour of work.

MTZ 92P with Butterfly snow plow

Includes MTZ 92P 1,490,000 rubles. Blade butterfly 120,000 rubles.

Snowblower FRS-2.0

The snow plow is attached to the tractor on the rear linkage or at the front

ShRK 2.0 snow blower auger

Basic tractor – MTZ Belarus 82 traction class – 1.4

Snow plow SU 2.1 OM – “Clean City”

Blade, loader, thrower, universal hitch NU2, front PTO.

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Ground tractor MTZ traction class 0.6

Snow plow SU 2.1 “Snow Fighter”

In a set for hanging on the tractor. Universal coupling NU2, front PTO.

Aggregation (tractor class) -1.4-2.0 Coverage width M: With a straight shove l-2.5 with a rotary angle of 30 ° -2.1

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Snow kipp with 2.5 with a hydraulic cabin 60º

Contained for hanging a tractor. The deposits of hydropower, the universal Well2 hangs.

Snow brawling with a screw mechanism are perfect for cleaning streets of different types as well as more impressive areas such as airfields, industrial locations, etc. The device can be dealt with independently of one another or used as one of the options for comprehensive cleaning.

These machines have high technical properties. You can easily deal with both fried and icy snow and snow water porridge. All units correspond to the standards and gosts. They are designed for all climatic conditions and carry out the tasks up to minus 40 degrees even at temperatures. Schrekorotor snow spaces can be used in areas where a large number of snow lids fall. Snow attacks on the MTZ tractor are maneuverability, simplicity of the company and the ability to work in every corner. This is ideal if it is necessary to remove snow in hard places in a limited area. Snow) from high quality and proven materials are manufactured.

Every detail of this equipment has given control over production. Therefore, they differ in high performance. Snow cleaning machines based on the MTZ tractor have a hydraulic drive that is characterized by reliability and simple control.

  • MTZ 1221
  • Belarus 82
  • MTZ 320
  • MTZ 622

Areas of application of snowbruffles at MTZ

Snow) on the MTZ are indispensable assistants when they clear large areas, urban and industrial sections, sidewalks, streets and motorways. The MTZ with every unit of snow removal is easily cleaned by the snow blocks of the street and the intersection area. In addition to snow dumps, some complexes also load them on cargo trailers and cars, which makes the process of cleaning the city considerably easier and accelerates.

Large garage cooperatives, warehouse areas, villages and cities can now quickly and quickly get rid of excess snow.

Snow removal equipment MTZ

The winter season in Russia not only brings with it picturesque landscapes with sno w-covered forests and fields, but also inappropriate snow lifts that cause problems for the movement of people and machines. Rapidly and efficiently remove snow drifts on sidewalks and streets, squares in the city as well as the preparation of a cleaned surface for parking and exhaust strips help modern snowboard equipment.

Since the special equipment for cleaning snow is a lot, many owners of MTZ tractors prefer to use additional devices for the tractor base and use the machine as a snowball player. The line of the special devices includes rotating and screw brhises, garbage copies and rejecting the different tasks:

  • Clean the surface of the snow lock without throwing it aside,
  • They are thrown back to the side to simplify cleaning.

Snow-Core-Sprk-2.0-01 Snow Plifier

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Schrekorotor SprK-2.0-02 Snaybogower

SchRK-2.0-02 screw snail coexes (with a mechanical curve) is equipment for cleaning the road surface from the snow, remove the cast snowms …

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Snow-ONfer Rotorny SNT-2500

The design features of the SNT-2500 enable the possibility to reject snow to the right and to the left relative to the movement of the tractor …

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Rotor-800-01 (02) simulator with hydraulic drive

The snowking is made by the EM-800 turbine in climate design in category 1 according to GOST 15150 and is designed for working at ambient temperatures up to minus 40 ° C.

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Snow) SS R-2.0 (Rückhub)

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MTZ’s modern snow removal equipment is multifunctional and comfortable devices that are used in strong snowfalls both in the city and under other conditions. The following factors contain their undeniable advantages in the company:

  • With the common use of garbage copies and cutters in many devices, you can easily get rid of the snow mass of every state, including loser, poet, coded, glass stations and wet condition.
  • A high accuracy of the drop removes snow and simple car control.
  • The simplicity and convenience of installing the device or its exchange by another device.
  • The ability to load snow into different trucks and trailers.
  • Compactness and maneuverability, performance.

The catalog contains various models of the snow removal devices marked by a technical design, functions, dimensions, functions and other properties. The proposed products correspond to high quality and performance, are convenient and practical in the cold season. With such devices, you save yourself in front of longer manual sno w-lived in the field of streets, airfields and parking spaces.

You can clarify the information about the selected device and create an order with the delivery of devices by contacting the manager by phone or online.

Characteristics of new snow brits for MTZ

As with any technology, new copies of the snow pipe are strong power, strength and durability. Over time and improper maintenance, the quality of the snow on the MTZ is significantly reduced.

For active use, it is of course preferable to buy a new snow stick. However, it is worth noting that the pleasure is not cheap because snow plow is an expensive product. For MTZ, snowball players are produced in local factories. For this reason, you have a cheaper price than your foreign colleagues.

You can buy snow spaces for MTZ both in specialized snow and garden equipment stores as well as in online shops. With a large selection of cleaning agents, you can select the model that is best suited for the tasks with a potential buyer.

Features of snow information at MTZ B/Y.

A distinctive feature of snow specifications for former MTZ from new ones is more affordable. It is almost impossible to find this type of product in ordinary stores. To buy snow surers from the used MTZ, you can look for private ads for forums and resale sites where individual owners, due to some circumstances, intend to sell the snowman.

Typically, their cost of new snowfall is almost double the market.

Snowmen for the MTZ Motornote. Review, characteristic, operating instructions

In winter, abundant snowfalls are commonplace in our country, which often complicates movement. You can remove snow with a shovel or special equipment.

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Thanks to the wide range of fastening devices, the MT Z-Motblock allows not only agricultural work, but also snow cleaning. Special snow trains do it efficiently and quickly.

In most cases, they are rotary – a special pulley selects snow in the bucket and directs it to rotating blades, and these, in turn, throw it to the side for a considerable distance.

The manufacturer’s website offers two options for spare parts carriers for the Belarus MTZ-09N MotorBlock:

Simple SM-0.6

SM-0.6 Snow for MTZ

  • This weight is small. The working snow cleaning width is 98 cm, and the maximum snow height for conquest at the same time is 45 cm;
  • screw diameter – 30 cm;
  • The maximum range at which Belarus can throw snow with the prefix SM-0.6 is 10 m;
  • Depending on the height of the snow cover, the movement speed can vary within 2 to 4 km/h.
  • The mass of the structure is 52 kg.

Snowman SN-1M

Snowman SN-1m

  • This model is designed to clean the thick snow cover. It has great productivity and is made of stronger material;
  • The width of the working part is 93 cm and its height is 35 cm;
  • The movement speed can vary from 2.5 to 5 km/h depending on the conditions;
  • Based on this, the performance of the snow pipe can be between 2300 and 4500 m 2 /h.
  • snow maximum can be discarded by 12 m;
  • And weighs Sn-1-92 kg.

Other options for snowy nozzles

Not always the equipment presented by the factory is satisfied with the customer. This can be insufficient power, small power or doubts in components. If you decide to buy a snowman from another manufacturer, then you need to pay attention to the fastening.

A similar mount is presented in the Agro Motornote. That said, you can buy hinging devices for the MTZ-09N Motornote from this manufacturer.

The installation principle

The working screw is attached directly to the power select shaft through the wedge reproach gear.

For more reliable fixation in snow there are special holes suitable for the Belarus towbar. Here it is necessary to fix the position of the device with a pin.

Instructions for use

Motoblock MTZ-09N

There are several nuances that should be taken into account when working with snowball players on Belarus MTZ-09N engine blocks:

  • Before starting work, the engine should be warmed up for 10 minutes.
  • It must not find people in front of the walking tractor;
  • There should be no living things or glass objects in the direction of the snow ejection;
  • Before cleaning snow, you should clean the area of ​​hard objects (stones, ice, etc.) as much as possible, because if it hits the screw, it may fly out and cause damage.
  • It is necessary to fix the adhesion of the Belarus and the trailer to prevent the collapse during operation.


  • In the old versions of Belarus, there was a problem with the drive belt that constantly broke off when the loads were increased. In new models, it was replaced by a wedge-in gearbox and also protected by a special housing to prevent the influence of external factors on its work.
  • The fact that the snow plastering nozzle is in front of the MTZ-09N motor note and the control takes place comfortably with a standard steering wheel. It is not necessary to buy additional devices.
  • It is also worth noting that an extended screw that is the main work component affects. If ice or stones go in earlier, it has failed, now it is made with laser cuts and thus more resistant to collapse.
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Production of a snowman made at home

General scheme of the snowman

In our country, people try to save as much as possible. Buying a new snow plow costs 20,000 rubles. You can search for used options, but in good condition you are 15,000 and there are no guarantees for your performance. The production of the snowman alone will cost much cheaper alone.

Each Snowpock mechanism consists of 3 main elements:

  • Screw
  • Rotational mechanism
  • frame

A steel tube is used for its homemade production, and 8 half of the steel are welded.

It is recommended to use steel of at least 2 mm. The screw is turned with closed storage to prevent snow from entering. To turn the pipe, a transport tape is used that connects the screw and a competitive.

Schemat mechanism for a snowman

Rotational mechanism

A steel sheet is used up to 3 mm thick for its production, on which the circuit is outlined with a circle with a diameter of 2 to 3 cm and carefully cut out. Then the axis is welded along its middle. It serves as the basis for the transmission of the rotation to the blades. The blades should be in the amount of 4 parts and the same distance. Important! A hig h-quality bearing should be placed because a rotor made at home vibrates and puts a lot of pressure on it.


The last detail is the production of the case. Typically, the frame is made of metal corners, moved with steel leaves and all details are connected. On the rotor, a screw should be installed with a shaft. Next, keep everything on the case with a ring and a few screws. To send the outflow snow to your side, you can install a sewage pipe.

Video review

Snow cleaning of Motoblock MTZ-09N

Reviews of the owners

Different changes in the snow ears are regularly discussed in the forums. Here are some reviews of you.


“After the active use of his Motzblock Belarus 09n in summer and autumn, it came to” change “him. I put a snow surface for the winter. Since we have known our snow, which falls one meter and higher, your cleaning has still been a problem. And so he started, warmed up and went without excitement and quickly cleaned up. “


“I live in the village and have no additional money, but I thought of the snowman. I had an MT Z-Motoblock and decided to build such a equipment. There was a lot of metal in the garage, and I can handle it. So I found a video with detailed instructions, looked at drawings in the forums and could do everything in 10 days. It works well that makes snow. And a plus can be considered that he cost me a cent. “

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