MTZ motoblock conversion into a mini-tractor. Description, stages, drawings

Make a mini-tractor out of a MTZ hand tractor

If you have to cultivate a small area, then this modification of the hand tractor will help you to solve this problem. Buying special devices for tillage and budgetary needs – a very expensive matter, and not everyone has enough finances. In this situation, you should use your ingenuity and design inclinations to assemble a mini-tractor with their own hands from the MTZ hand tractor.

Features of the selected unit

The hand-powered tractor, from which the mini-tractor is made, must meet a number of properties.

The most important parameter is the power of the device, which depends on the area of the plot on which in the future it will be possible to grow crops. Accordingly, the following applies: the more powerful, the larger the cultivated area.

Next, you should pay attention to the fuel, thanks to which our homemade tractor works. It is better to choose models of power tillers, which work on diesel fuel. Such units consume less fuel and are very economical.

An important parameter is also the weight of a single-axle tractor. Of course, more massive and powerful machines can process a much larger number of square meters of land. In addition, such models are characterized by increased cross-country ability.

And, of course, it is worth paying attention to the price of the device. We advise you to choose models made in Germany. This will allow you to save a lot of money and at the same time get a high-quality hand tractor, from which you can later make an excellent tractor.

The most suitable MTZ models

The MTZ series units are all very large and have the right features to turn them into a tractor. Even the old MTZ-05, which was produced during Soviet times, is suitable for this purpose and is a sufficiently high-quality model.

Based on the design, it is easiest to make a tractor on the basis of MTZ-09H or MTZ-12. These models have the highest weight and the highest productivity. However, it should be noted that MTZ-09H is better suited for modification.

If you think that you can build a three-wheeled machine from the MTZ hand tractor, as well as from other hand tractor models, then you are mistaken. Only 4-wheeled tractors should be built from these hand tractors. This is because these units have a two-cylinder diesel engine.


If you need to assemble a tractor from a hand tractor, the following sequence of actions must be followed:

  • First you need to put the device in a certain mode, so that it can work in the presence of the mower.
  • Then you should disassemble and remove the entire front platform of the unit;
  • In place of the above group, elements such as the steering wheel and the front wheels should be installed, and then secure everything with screws.
  • To strengthen the assembly and increase stiffness, it is necessary to fix the adjusting rod in the recess located at the top of the frame (where the steering linkage is located).
  • assemble the seat and then fasten it with electric welding;
  • now it is necessary to form a special platform on which will be located such components as a hydraulic valve and an accumulator.
  • attach to the rear of the machine another frame, the material of which should be steel (this manipulation will help organize the adequate functioning of the hydraulic system);
  • equip the front wheels with a handbrake.
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About how to assemble a mini-tractor from an MTZ tracked tractor, see the video below.

track-mounted attachments

All-terrain attachments will help to significantly increase the cross-country capability of the tractor produced. It is noteworthy that this is not particularly necessary to change anything in the design or its individual parts. It is enough to remove the regular wheels and install chains instead. This will significantly increase the performance of the homemade brake tractor.

This modification is indispensable, especially for our harsh winters, if you add an adapter in the form of skis.

Among other things, the track attachment is indispensable for use after rain. This is due to the fact that the standard wheels do not behave the best when driving on wet ground: they often slip, get stuck and go into the ground. Thus, chains significantly contribute to the tractor’s passability even in not the most favorable conditions.

The most suitable for MTZ power tillers are tracks made at the domestic factory “Krutets”. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they can easily withstand the weight of fairly heavy walking tractors MTZ.

How to turn MTZ tractor into a mini-tractor?

Human thinking does not stand still and is constantly evolving. To make their work easier, many farmers decide to buy a walking tractor, which not only allows them to work the land faster, but also to cope with the work more efficiently. But just walking behind a walking tractor is difficult, because you have to put effort into maneuvering it. And this affects the overall performance, so some masters came up with the idea to convert the walking tractor MTZ in a mini-tractor.

There were more and more positive points. Now there is no need to go behind the device, you can sit comfortably on the seat and control only the steering wheel. Maneuverability has increased because it does not depend on the efforts of the farmer. You can’t drive on public roads, but you can take detours to get to the field or home. And the ability to hitch a trailer and haul cargo is invaluable.

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Suitable for MTZ model conversions

If you’ve decided it’s time to convert an MTZ tractor with a walk-behind into a mini-tractor, you’re no doubt wondering, “What’s the best MTZ model to convert?” The answer is obvious – any, up to the 05 model Belarus, which is well preserved and also faithfully serves its owners.

The advantage of Belarus models over other manufacturers is that all of them are powerful and heavy, which means that they steadily behave on the ground like a tractor.

The latest models MTZ 09H and MTZ 12, which have excellent technical characteristics, are best suited for conversion. However, success can be achieved only if the drawings and systems are followed. Otherwise, the mini actuator will not stand the test. The most popular model is considered the MTZ 09H, but it is best to make a four-wheeled design out of it, as three-wheelers are unstable.

The design of the mini-tractor: important details

So, let’s take a closer look at the details with which our future tractor should exist.

Frame and body

The main part that holds everything together is the frame. The body part is part of the frame and gives the structure its integrity and rigidity. Therefore, the material for these parts must be as strong as possible so that your tractor does not simply fall apart during operation.

The most suitable material for creating a frame is an iron channel No. 5 or 9. For the body it is best to use high quality steel 3 mm thick. If you fear that the design will be complicated and the walking tractor will not be able to finish its movement, the device can carry loads up to 500 kg.

Seat and steering wheel

As a seat for sitting you can take any available option. Comfort and ease of movement depends on the seat you choose. You can use a simple version made of plastic like a real car. It is installed on the frame behind the engine.

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The steering part requires an upgrade. A car or motorcycle steering wheel is ideal.

Farmers who have already been involved in the modernization of the chassis, say that it is best to use the steering wheel from a motorcycle.

Wheels and tire quality

When installing bikes, special attention should be paid to tires, because the quality of ride and surface responsibility depends on them. Since your safety depends on the quality of the tires, you should not install old or patronized tires. It is better to get prudent ones, as you will usually have to ride on the street.

Control Unit

When creating a mini-tractor, keep in mind that the controls have to be transferable. Since everything in a camping tractor is done with levers, this unit is subject to modification. What can be changed:

  • Position the throttle and brake from the knobs to the tractor pedal.
  • Shift the gears in the usual way – with the lever.
  • Change the location of the ignition button.

Helper programs and blueprints

There are many topics on the various sites devoted to power tillers, revealing the secret of the change. In addition to a detailed description, you will find diagrams and drawings, which indicate how to properly assemble a mini action from the Belarusian motoblock. At the heart of it is a kinematic chain.

Read more: Check the brand MTZ Belarus. Description, properties. Types of connectable devices.

To make the design not only look good, but also work, first try to develop a plan of action, then assess the likelihood of success and only then get to work. Below is a drawing of the location of all the important cable housings in the future mini-excavator. This is one of the options

Be careful to assemble the base as a frame, which is the most important part and should carry the entire structure on itself. As an option, you can consider buying a ready-made frame, but it is quite possible to make it yourself.

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Observe the order when creating the frame:
  1. Cut the steel channel according to the drawing and connect all the parts.
  2. Attach all the steel plates in front of the engine and on the side, so that it is too convenient.
  3. Drill holes for the screws.
Continue with the assembly:
  1. Connect the chassis to the wheels with the welded frame.
  2. Install the motor. Experts recommend installing the drive on the front wheels, which gives the tractor maneuverability when walking and reduces slippage when driving uphill.
  3. Weld a plate for the seat and steering wheel.
  4. Connect the steering wheel to the chassis to provide control of the MTZ.
  5. Move all levers to the front so that they are easy to reach. Refer to the above diagram when wiring.
  6. It is desirable to use all options and equip the Mini Contract Lawyer with a battery to which the car ignition is connected. With its help, the device starts with ease and in winter at low temperatures. You can also install headlights and move around in the dark.
  7. It is possible to install fenders, which detain silt staples flying from under the wheels under the wheels.
  8. The work of a walking tractor is precisely the use of attachments. Therefore, it is very important to pay enough attention to the clutch and linkage mechanism. It is necessary to extend the power shaft and place it behind the unit.

Transmission diagram

Caterpillar .

As an alternative method of travel, a track can be used. This is especially suitable for areas where there is a lot of snow in winter and it is difficult to move on wheels. You don’t have to change anything in the mini-tractor itself to do this. You just have to remove the pneumatic bikes on which it normally travels, and replace them with tracks.

Travel speed is greatly increased when the wheels on the trailer are replaced with skis. No snow drifts can stop him from reaching his goal.

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The Allrain tracks are also useful on wet ground, because during the rainy season it is difficult to cope with driving on flat ground. With the Allrain crawler, it is easy to move around on any floor. Similar tracks are the work of “Krutets” of Russian production. The caterpillars are adapted to the MTZ mot units in such a way that they can withstand considerable weight of the units.

Such caterpillar attachment can be combined not only with Belarus, but also with other manufacturers. The attachment is 140 cm long and 54 cm wide. The weight of the caterpillar attachment is 71 kg.

Video review

Below is a video evaluation from Caterpillar All vehicles converted MT Z-Terrain vehicles

Video evaluation shows how to make a mini-excavator out of a MTZ motoblock

Owners reviews

In order to find out all the necessary information about how you can get a mini-excavator from a walking tractor, you need to read the reviews of owners on thematic forums.


If you feel the strength and desire to do something yourself, then go ahead. But remember that it will not be easy. I have been spinning iron since I was a kid, so the idea of building a mini actuator was taken independently as a matter of course. After checking what was available in materials, I bought everything I needed at a disassembly shop and set to work. I found all the necessary drawings on the forums and came up with them myself. It turned out to be a great unit.

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