MTD power tillers. Review of series, properties

Cultivator MTD

MTD cultivators have proven to be reliable helpers at work on small plots. Their high performance and balanced design make the machines of this brand suitable for working on all types of soil. MTD models feature high working speeds when plowing heavy clay and sandy soils. They consume little fuel and do not require frequent lubricant changes.

MTD T/240 cultivator – design and advantages

At the heart of this machine is the MTD ThorX 55 four-stroke engine with air cooling. An electric starter, electronic ignition and a diaphragm carburetor make it easy to start the internal combustion engine in difficult weather conditions.

Cultivator MTD T 240

It comes with 4 forged metal cutters. The device allows you to quickly replace the cutting blades without disassembling the entire structure. The speed of rotation of the blades reaches 120 rpm.

The device is equipped with a folding wheel for easy transportation on the construction site. Ergonomic V-shaped handles can be adjusted in height or angle. The large fuel tank allows the machine to be used without unnecessary stops.

Thanks to the MTD T/240’s solid torque capacity, the owner can work with a wide range of attachments. The model can be equipped with a plow, ridge former, potato planter, adapter with a seat.

The main characteristics of the model include:

  • Power – 5.5 hp;
  • Tank capacity – 1,4 l;
  • Plowing width – up to 61 cm;
  • Working depth – 32 cm;
  • Weight – 42 kg.

All the internal parts and mechanisms of the tool are protected by a reliable cast aluminum housing. On the sides of the cultivator are fixed steel plates, preventing damage to the stems and leaves of the plants.

Cultivator MTD T/380 – model description

This MTD cultivator is designed for fast deep tillage, inter-row weeding and cultivation of medium-sized plots up to 30 acres.

MTD T 380

The machine is equipped with MTD ThorX 55 series 4-cycle internal combustion engine with a displacement of 179 cm3. The top position of the valves makes this engine economical and durable. The engine noise level is significantly reduced by the use of an effective muffler.

A manual gearbox is responsible for transferring the torque of the vehicle’s internal combustion engine. Its device allows the tool to move at forward and reverse speeds. The professional belt clutch and chain reduction gear are designed to withstand high loads during operation in difficult weather conditions.

The technical characteristics of the MTD cultivator include:

  • Power – 5.5 hp;
  • Tank capacity – 2.7 l;
  • Tillage width – up to 81 cm;
  • Working depth – 32 cm;
  • Weight – 58 kg.

The tool set includes durable metal discs, which protect the plants from damage.

Cultivator MTD T / 245 – features and equipment

Gasoline cultivators in this configuration are in demand among owners of small and medium-sized plots. The T/245 model efficiently copes with the cultivation of heavy clay and virgin soils, as well as beds and crops.

MTD T 245

The tool is equipped with a reliable Mtd Thorx 55 4-stroke engine with a 173 cm3 displacement. The engine has a high service life, modest fuel consumption and easy repair.

Pines in landscape design

During operation, the MTD cultivator can move with only one forward speed. The reliable chain transmission withstands considerable loads in the form of increased friction and work at high temperatures.

The machine is equipped with four forged tines. When working, they rotate at speeds of up to 120 rpm. Steel plates are installed on the sides of the model to protect the plants.

The characteristics of the cultivator include:

  • Power – 5.5 hp;
  • Tank capacity – 1,4 l;
  • Plowing width – up to 61 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 30,5 cm;
  • Weight – 39 kg.

For easy movement around the site, the MTD machine includes a small folding wheel.

MTD T/330 cultivator – advantages of the model

MTD T330

This MTD machine is characterized by endurance, resistance to shocks, efficiency and ease of use. The tool copes well with the cultivation of heavy wet soils, milling, planting of bulbs and harrowing. If necessary, the cultivator can be equipped with an adapter.

The machine is equipped with a reliable MTD Thorx 55 engine with manual starter, gearbox and 4 steel cutters. All spare parts are made of rugged metal alloys that are resistant to corrosion.

Machine features include:

  • Power – 5.5 hp;
  • Tank capacity – 1,4 l;
  • Plowing width – up to 61 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 31 cm;
  • Weight – 45 kg.

The tool is equipped with folding handles and a folding wheel, which facilitates storage and transportation.

MTD T/205 cultivator – characteristics and parameters

This tool is equipped with a reliable MTD Thorx 45 series engine with a capacity of 139 cm3. For its fueling, it uses gasoline AI-95, and for lubrication – engine oil SAE 10W30.

MTD T 205 Cultivator

The MTD model includes 4 forged cutter blades with quick-change blade function for tillage. Working speed of the tools is up to 120 rpm. The handle of the tool can be adjusted in inclination or height.

The MTD T/205 with its high working speed and excellent ploughing quality. The demountable construction of the engine facilitates its maintenance and repair.

The features of the model include:

  • Power – 4.5 hp. С;
  • Tank capacity – 1,4 l;
  • Ploughing width – up to 40 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 30,5 cm;
  • weight – 34 kg.

The only disadvantage of MTD cultivator is the absence of the reverse function. For this reason, in the case of the cutter, the machine has to be pulled out of the ground manually.

MTD T/240 – basic configuration

Among the main advantages of this machine MTD allocate simplicity of construction, unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel and lubricants and high working life of the engine.

MTD T 240

The tool includes a reliable MTD Thorx 55H series 4-stroke engine with a forced-air cooling system and overhead valves. The volume of the ice drill is 173 cm3. The dismantling of the engine allows quick removal and replacement of worn parts. The engine is lubricated with SAE 10W30 engine oil.

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The MTD machine has four forged cutters, two on each side. They are covered with steel plates that protect the plants from damage. The knife speed is 120 rpm. The cutting blades can be replaced without complete disassembly of the working elements.

MTD Grubber features include:

  • Power – 5.5 hp;
  • Tank capacity – 1,4 l;
  • Plowing width – up to 61 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 30,5 cm;
  • Weight – 39 kg.

The operator only needs to install or remove one or more cutting sections to adjust the working width. The handle of the machine can be folded down over long distances for easy storage and transportation of the tool.

This MTD model has proven to be a reliable helper in small to medium-sized areas. Thanks to its strength, the cutters successfully cope with hard clay and virgin floors. The engine torque reserve gives the operator the possibility to use a chuck, plow or hill together with the machine.

Mtd Motoblocs. Overview of the model range, features, attachments, instructions

MTD motorblocks are made in Germany, and the main attention is paid to quality. Therefore, MTD tractors with manual control have caught on with people who do not buy the device for the season, and count on their long-term use.

The German factory offers a variety of modifications of their devices, let’s consider each of them in detail.


Mt 240

This is a representative of lightweight motocultivators, the only purpose of which is milling the soil.

MTD 240

  • MTD 240 is equipped with a 5.5 PS gasoline engine. The engine is started with a manual rope. It drives the blades with up to 120 revolutions per minute.
  • The MTD 240 weighs only 42 kg.
  • The tank has a capacity of 1.4 litres of petrol.
  • Four 30.5 cm diameter cutters are included.

MTD T/240 OHV 600

This is a modification of the MTD 240.

The engine can easily be separated from the frame and gearbox. No special tools are required for this work. It will take the owner no more than 1 minute to assemble.

MTD T/240 OHV 600

The T/240 OHV 600 is notable for its low fuel consumption. The unit requires only 0.8 liters per hour of operation.

It can perform work with additional attachments.

The T/240 OHV 600 weighs just 39 kg and has a maximum working width of 88 cm.


This manually operated tractor is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Power Build 5.5 hp four-stroke gasoline engine.

MTD 330 Cultivator

  • MTD330 is a manual start-up tractor.
  • Maximum cutting width is 61 cm.
  • Diameter of wheels for this unit is 20 cm.
  • The fuel tank volume is increased to 2.8 liters.
  • A set of blades and pneumatic wheels are included as standard equipment.
  • The weight of the MTD 330 is 45 kg.
  • The MTD 330 can only be driven forward.


This manually operated tractor is equipped with a 5.5 HP Thorx 55 gasoline engine.

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Mtd 380

  • It comes with six blades which can be used to increase the working width to 81 cm.
  • The MTD 380 also has a reverse gear which can be used to drive to the rear.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 2.2 liters of gasoline.
  • The weight of the model is 57 kg.


MTD motorcycles are in demand due to their versatility. With additional attachments you can automate a variety of agricultural work.


This is the basic cultivation device with which all MTD hand tractor models are equipped.

The tiller can be used to mix the topsoil and make it homogeneous.

The working width and plunging depth of the tiller vary with each MTD model. Therefore, when choosing a unit, you should pay attention to this.


MTD power tillers are robust and can handle targets. However, a plow is still recommended when the soil is stony.

It goes into the floor and turns it over and over again. Reversible plows have a special Leme design that allows you to roll the ground several times, break up large piles of floor and only then toss it aside.


You can attach a mower to MTD power tillers. You can use it to mow areas with large weeds or in parks, squares and lawns.

Rotary mower

The most common version of the mower – rotary, they cut the grass with rotating blades.


If potatoes are grown, they need to be weeded regularly to increase yields. MTD motorcycles will help to carry out this work.

The manufacturer offers Cerckens discs, which convert and throw soil into crops when the unit moves.

Cigns hot discs.

If you don’t have a plow at hand, you can use a regular plow. In this case, however, you need to be extremely decent, as there is the possibility of digging over the crop before it matures.

Potato streets.

Motoblocs from MTD can dig potatoes with potato planters. In appearance, it resembles the most common plow with welded steel bars.

Potato digger Potato digger KKM-1

As it moves, it picks up a layer of soil and brings them to the bars, where they break and leave only the fruit on the surface.

water pump

In order for crops to grow and not wipe out, the vegetable garden must be watered regularly. In the past, special pumps were used to water the land.

Now, an MTD power tiller with a pump can water from a distance of up to 50 meters.

Adapter and trailer

When working with MTD power tillers you get tired quickly because you have to move around behind them. And this is not always convenient, so to facilitate the work owners buy adapters.


They are special consoles with a seat that can be used to control the MTD tiller while it is seated.

If you need to transport loads, you can’t do without a trailer. The maximum payload of each MTD model has its own value – at least 300 kg.

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Engine Agromash

Experienced owners recommend the Sel f-Vital option. You will help when unloading. All you have to do is lift the trailer from the front.

Wheels, floor and tracks

MTD power tillers come standard with pneumatic tires for transport and milling. Wheels are also necessary for working with other attachments.

MTD motorcycles have a slight disadvantage. They are light, and the unit often slips.

To increase traction, floor plates can be used. The metal plates dig into the surface and allow the motions of the power tiller to be more stable.

Rad 4×10 loader floor wheel

In winter, MTD power tillers slip on the surface of ice. And in some situations it becomes almost impossible to cope with them. To remedy the situation, you can use the tracks. You increase the traction on the surface by having more contact area.


If you don’t have a floor on which you don’t carry soil, but need to increase the traction of your MTD power drill, you can do so by installing additional middle weights. They are made in the form of pancakes for the boom and are suspended from the wheel axle.

Owner’s Manual

Before new owners start using the MTD power tiller, you need to pay attention to the instruction manual. It specifies the unit’s features, parts, assembly, operation and maintenance.

Initial start up and operation

The key to long term use of MTD trimmers is to operate the unit properly during the first hours of operation.

Do not assume that you will be able to assemble your MTD tiller even without an instruction manual. Make sure that you will be operating it while it is in operation.

Next is to fill up with oil and gasoline, as these are not available in the factory.

Then there is the mileage on the MTD engine note. This is the time when the machine is running at minimum performance. This is to allow the engines to fully lubricate, get into the grooves and reach each other. If you put too much strain on your MTD tool right away, you may damage parts immediately because of the friction.

The machine should be run-in for about 6 hours. After this time, the engine oil must be changed, because a lot of grinding particles collect during this time.


The maintenance schedule is specified in the tractor operator’s manual of the walk-behind tractor.

  1. Engine oil should be filled in every 25 hours of operation. The manufacturer recommends the use of semi-synthetic versions for the season with a classification of 10 W-30.
  2. In the gearbox, the oil should be changed at 100 mater. TAP-15V or TAD-17i is recommended as a fresh lubricant.
  3. A depressurization should be performed before changing the oil.
  4. All MTD power tillers run on gasoline. You are running on AI-92 or AI-95 fuel. Water only with clean and fresh gasoline, as the units are sensitive to fuel quality.
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Main malfunctions and repair

Every MTD motorblock owner should know how to eliminate the most common errors:

The engine does not turn on:
  • Lack of fuel (add more if necessary);
  • Old gasoline (drain old gasoline and add clean, new fuel);
  • The throttle control lever is in the wrong position (it should be in the “start” position)
  • The choke control lever is in the wrong position (it should be in the “Throttle” position);
  • The high-voltage wire is loose from the spark plug (check the connection);
  • Spark plug is fouled or there is a gap between the electrodes (depending on the situation: replace the plug or set the correct gap);
  • Carburetor is pumping gasoline (set choke knob to operating position and start engine);
  • Engine control switch in “O” position (must be in position I to start the engine).
Engine is running irregularly:
  • The throttle control knob is in the “Choke” position (it should be in the “Run” position during operation).
  • Contact with the spark plug has lengthened (wires are tightened);
  • Dirt or water got into fuel tank (drain old fuel and clean).
  • Fuel tank vent is clogged (clean);
  • Dirt has gotten into the carburetor (clean the fuel system and adjust the carburetor).

Video reviews

So, the work of the MTD T 330 with a plow has taken place:

The following video review shows the assembly and operation of the MTD T-240 Motornout milling machine:

Owner Reviews

Here’s what those who have experienced the operation of the Mtd power tiller say on the forums:

Stanislav about the performance of the MTD 380:

“Bought it for myself eight years ago. I bought it for myself eight years ago, and since then I haven’t had any problems. The main thing is not to save money on oil (don’t buy basements) and gasoline (don’t fill up with mud and dust). I am satisfied with the work done on my 30 acres. With the help of the dipper I dip potatoes, milling, plowing and tillage.

Pros: Beautiful workmanship and high quality components, works flawlessly, no problems.

Cons: The only treadmill that stretches, of course can be adjusted, but I wanted to change for a new one. I have not found the original yet, and I do not want to buy a Chinese miracle. “

Igor or Mtd 330:

“I am completely satisfied with the car. I’ve been using it for two years now. It didn’t cost much at the time. But I needed an everyday helper, not a dressy exterior. So I did not save any money. The fuel consumption is economical because of its light weight. The engine runs quietly. The working speed is easy to regulate. In general, I recommend, reliable helper.

Pros: easy engine start, in two years not a single mechanical failure.

Cons: It would not fit in every trunk. For the virgin soil, the weight is not enough, you need to weight it down. “

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