MTD Optima Smart 38E lawnmower. Parameters, technical properties, purpose of the device

MTD Optima Smart 38E lawnmower. Parameters, technical properties, purpose of the device

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The MTD Optimum 38e electric lawn mower is a versatile helper for the garden and countryside. The mower was specially designed for small areas, on which it is convenient to work with small devices. The MTD Smart 38E has an electric motor power of 1300 W. The device operates from a standard 230 V voltage. The lawnmower works from the mains and is connected to it through an extension cord.

MTD Optimum 38e electric lawnmower

This model is very popular and gets good reviews, especially because of its small size, low weight (only 14 kg) and quite capacious grass catcher bin. The weed catching corm has a capacity of 35 liters. The item is cleaned manually. The main purpose of this technique is mowing grass, mowing weeds, haying, clearing dense weeds from the site and maintaining ornamental lawns.

Use the MTD Optimum Smart 38E to work an area of 250-300 square meters. If necessary, you can connect the mower via an additional extension cable. The maximum permissible length of the extension cable is 50 m, subject to constant monitoring of the cable and the position of the plug in the socket.

Basic equipment

Components of the basic equipment of the device:

  • Transport bikes (4 pieces, larger diameter, reduced front);
  • Plastic housing;
  • Grass box;
  • Grass collection handle;
  • Turbine for stronger suction of mowed grass;
  • Documentation on mower, warranty card;
  • Tools and connectors.

Some online stores already sell the units. In principle, the owner collects and according to the instructions that came with the mower. Keep the manual for as long as the MTD Smart 38E is in use.

Technical data

The MTD Smart 38E has the following technical features:

  • Grass disposal options: back, collect in compartment;
  • Diameter of front wheel 130 mm;
  • Diameter of the rear wheel 160 mm;
  • Mowing width 37 cm;
  • Plastic container;
  • Adjustable cutting height (3 positions);
  • Capacity of the subject for mowed grass – 35 l;
  • The weight of the mower is 14 kg;
  • Handle is not adjustable;
  • There is a turbine for a more complete and effective collection of the mowed grass;
  • Mowing height can only be adjusted by extending the wheel, i.e. manually.
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Special features for operation and maintenance

Special features of the MTD Optimum Smart 38E lawnmower:

  • Protective wheels that do not damage the grass on the lawn;
  • Robust plastic housing that protects the engine from water, dirt and dust;
  • Availability of a turbine that pulls in grass, including wet grass, faster and more efficiently;
  • Three settings for cutting height;
  • High comfort of work – the lawnmower makes little noise, works quickly and does not burden the environment;
  • Low weight and dimensions of the device allow its use on small plots, small lawns, even a person far from technical peculiarities of construction can control such a mower.
  • The grass catcher box is easy to clean, has a convenient shape and location on the body;
  • The handle is not height-adjustable, but can be folded, allowing the mower to be stored in a small room.
Operating and maintenance instructions:
  • Do not turn the unit on in rainy weather;
  • Check the cable and plug for proper operation.
  • Straighten the mains cable before operating the mower.
  • Keep the equipment clean, regularly cleaning dirt, grass and dust from the housing of the mower.
  • Store the device in a dry place;
  • When assembling, use only the fasteners provided.
  • Observe the requirements described in the instruction manual.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the MTD Smart 38e:

  • Compactness;
  • lightweight;
  • quiet operation (can be used for lawn care in the city in kindergartens and schools);
  • moderate cost;
  • environmental friendliness.

Disadvantages of Smart 38e according to the owner:

  • Small useful working surface (limited by the extension cord, maximum 300 sq.m.).

Video review


Nikolay, Smela:

“Read the reviews, read a lot of things, but in general about MTD reviews are good, write a lot of good things about the mower. I’m still thinking about buying it, and if I do, I will definitely take it for a test run, from unpacking it to putting it into operation for the first time and mowing. I know from experience that any technique should be tested in person. From what I have seen on the internet I make the preliminary conclusion that it is a good mower. We’ll see if my opinion changes after purchase. “

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MTD Smart 38 E electric lawn mower

MTD Smart 38 E electric lawnmower

For more information about this product, call tel:

8 495 215-25-43 8 800 333-65-87

MTD Smart 38 E electric lawn mower is designed for cutting grass on small areas near the house. The compact size and cutting width of 38 cm allow to work in hard-to-reach places. The cutting height can be adjusted in three positions from 25 to 60 mm.

The MTD Smart 38 E lawnmower has two cutting modes: it collects the cuttings in the grass catcher box and throws them onto the lawn through the rear deflector. The grass catcher box is made of plastic, is lightweight and has a volume of 40 liters. The 1.4 kW electric motor is especially quiet and protected against overheating.

The mower, made of soft plastic, allows easy pushing and does not damage the lawn. The ergonomic folding handle makes it easy to store and transport. The sturdy polypropylene housing protects the internal mechanisms and components from dirt, moisture and dust as well as accidental damage. The MTD Smart 38 E electric lawnmower does not create harmful emissions, is simple and easy to use, reliable and long-lasting.

If you find a mistake or an inaccuracy in the text or in the product description, highlight it and press Shift+enter.


Side discharge no
Weight (kg) 14
Mowing height, mm 25-60
Deflector rear
Rear wheels, mm 160
body material plastic
Mulching kit no
Front wheels, mm 140
Drive unit Manual
Cutting height adjustment 3 products
lever Folding post
Fuel tank, l no
Water tank, l 40 heavy
Mowing width, cm 37
Engine type Electric
Engine power, kW 1.4
User manual: MTD Smart Series Lawn Mowers

A solid five for these mowers! The assembly is immediately visible, there is no Chinese plastic, the main parts are made of metal. Reasonable price fully justifies its cost. When mowing for the first time at the country house, my neighbor immediately ran to see what was sent to us and said that he had only this old model for 20 years without any problems.

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The disadvantages of such a machine, in which everything is done efficiently and break down in particular (motor, knife and grass catcher box) and can not.

The price, which is much lower at a noticeably higher quality than that of competitors. Can repair itself, reliability.

It is not easy to order the parts in the store.

It is a reliable car. I originally purchased it, but my brother needed it, so I decided not to look for it, rather than buy the same one. Mows a lot, you can say in extreme conditions for more than three years, sometimes only the blades are undermined. This year we started to change the brushes, nothing complicated there, but during the repair a heavy hammer fell on the lawnmower and left a small crack on the body, which we have successfully sewn up with wire. What we don’t know is that the problems continue. Perhaps the duds only go to reliable places.

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