Mtd Lawn Mowers – Overview of MTD MOWERS line of self-evaluated reviews, owners

Metal Medical Root Mtd. Description, properties. instruction manual, maintenance

MTD is a manufacturer of gardening equipment and machinery for garden maintenance. The home of the brand is considered the United States (if we talk about newer models – Hungary, Germany), depending on the location of the manufacturer’s production facilities. Deciphering the name of the brand is very simple and means “modern tools and company. The year of creation of MTD is considered 1932. From this year until 1958, the company was mainly engaged in the production of various stamps and radiator grilles.

Since 1958, the brand range has expanded with gardening equipment, then the world saw the first rotary lawnmower. Currently, the production facilities of the American company are located in such countries as Germany, Hungary, China, Mexico, Canada, USA. Plastic components for your lawnmowers and trimmers, including Coille bodies, the manufacturer releases from its own raw materials. This approach to production ensures high quality and durability of the components.

Under the brand MTD domestic consumer is familiar with many models of mowers with different types of engines. The branding can be found on the products of such companies as Cub Cadet, Bolens, Yard Machines, Yard Man and White Outdoor Plant.

In addition to lawn mowers and trimmers, the product range includes equipment such as bodies, saws, drills, garden vacuums, roller garden tractors, snow blowers, cultivators and power tillers. In the following review, we will look in detail at the types of lawn mowers, their technical characteristics, varieties and features of operation in the farm.


For convenience, you can apply the division of MTD lawnmowers into such categories:

  • For medium and large lawns;
  • Smart series (small and medium lawns);
  • Optima series (optimal) can be divided into subcategories SPO, SPB, SPH (small and medium lawns).
  • Junior series (small lawns).

It is impossible to rationalize lawn mowers solely by names and series, as the manufacturer offers a global division of this equipment into the following types:

  • self-fueled gasoline;
  • non-self refueling gasoline;
  • electric

Below, we take a detailed look at each category and the available lawn mower models in those categories.

Basic self-igniting lawn mowers.

The category contains the following models:

  • MTD 46s;
  • Mtd Smart 395 SPO;
  • MTD 46BS;
  • Mtd Smart 46 SP;
  • Mtd Smart 46 SPO HW;
  • Mtd Smart 46 SPBS; ;
  • Mtd Smart 53 SPO HW;
  • Mtd Smart 53 SPBS;
  • MTD Optima 46 SPB HW (4 in 1);
  • Mtd Smart 46 Spee;
  • MTD Optima 53 SPB HW (4 in 1);
  • MTD Optima 53 SPH HW (4 in 1);
  • MTD Advance 53 SPKV HW;
  • Mtd Smart 42 SPO;
  • MTD Optima 46 SPH HW (4 in 1);
  • MTD WCM 84 E (the weight of the mower is more like a wheeled garden tractor, develops more power, high performance and its weight is 125 kg).

Mtd Smart 46 PO Gasoline mower MTD-53 Smart Spo Gasoline mower

Kamaz 55111. The most important operational and technical features

Gasoline non-self-propelled lawn mower

The following models are available:

  • Mtd Smart 51 Bo;
  • Mtd Smart 395 PO; ;
  • Mtd Smart 42PO;
  • MTD 42 B;
  • MTD 46B;
  • Mtd Smart 46 Pb.

MTD 32 Smart E electric lawn mower MTD Optima 42 e model

Electric lawn mowers

Represented by the following items:

  • Mtd Smart 38 E;
  • Mtd Optima 34e; ; .

The best lawn mower models

According to reviews on farmer forums, as well as comments on online videos and numerous article reviews about Mtd Lawn Mowers by Mtd Lawn, these mowers are the most popular with owners:

  • For large lawns: the self-propelled Smart 46 SPO, Smart 53 SPB, Smart 46 ESP, 46 HWM.
  • For medium-sized lawns: Optima 46 SPH HW; Optima 53 SPB;
  • For small plots: Optima 32 E and 34 E and the Smart 39 E, 46 PB models.

When choosing a lawn mower, its purpose, power and engine type are important. Models with Thorx OHV engines are in demand. Thorx OHV engines have been specially developed by MTD for gasoline-powered machines (especially garden machines).

MTD ThorX 35 OHV garden tool engine

The engine type is indicated on the housing of the product. The classic emblem of this engine is a black oval with a red stripe and the MTD logo printed in white letters.

Owner’s Manual

Consider the basic rules of operation and maintenance of the MTD 3210E electric non-self-propelled lawnmower with rotary cutting system.

The package of this technical device includes the following elements:

  • Instruction manual and warranty (the manufacturer may provide a warranty of 12 to 36 months depending on the model and place of manufacture. Check the warranty period when purchasing).
  • Hard removable grass catcher box;
  • control handle;
  • power supply;
  • four transport wheels (larger diameter rear wheels);
  • tools for mounting the device, assembling;
  • Packing – cardboard box.

The mower is in a disassembled form. Assembly is carried out in accordance with the information in the technical documentation of the lawnmower.

Use only those tools and fasteners that are included in the kit.

This model has an instant cut-off option in case of critical engine temperature. In addition, if the engine overheats, the cutting part stops immediately.

If necessary, the grass clippings can be ejected automatically. The machine can also be cleaned manually by simply removing the grass catcher box. The cutting element in this model is the blade blade. The lawnmower weighs only 12 kg, the rear wheels have a diameter of 165 mm and the front wheels have a diameter of 135 mm. The cutting height can be adjusted manually by removing both wheels, and after setting the cutting height, the wheel is put back in place.

Lubricants and fuel

Lubricants and gasoline are not required for electric mowers. However, for gasoline models, the manufacturer recommends the use of gasoline AI-92 and engine oil SAE10W-30. Mowers or trimmers usually run on a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. This is due to the fact that a gasoline power trimmer is a two-stroke engine, not a four-stroke engine like full-fledged lawnmowers.

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SAE 10W30 machine oil transmission oil Tad 17i

commissioning and operation

The MTD lawnmower is started by an electric starter. As you know, the starter allows you to start the machine quickly, after which it is controlled by simply holding the starter lever.

If the starter motor malfunctions, you should contact a service center to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

What faults can the owner of the Mtd 3210e electric lawnmower encounter? See the table below for details on possible problems and possible solutions.

malfunction because troubleshooting
1. The lawnmower loses power. The grass catcher box is probably full. Empty the grass box and continue working.
2. 2. The unit shuts down and stops on its own. The power cord may have been unplugged or the power cord may be damaged. Check the power cord connection. If the plug is okay, check the cable for damage, cuts, twists, and bends.
3. The engine is overheating Operating the mower intensively without interruptions Take a break and let the engine cool down normally.
4. The mower cuts the grass unevenly Cutting height is not set 4. Mower cutting height is not evenly set Adjust cutting height, it may need to be lower

Video review

owner reviews

Vasily, Orel region:

“Took MTD OPTIMA 53 SPH HW, so that it had everything: and power, and productivity, and did not have to run every half an hour to refuel. It is a self-propelled petrol mower, 2800 watt engine, 70 liter grass bag. This device is needed only if you have large fields and trimming is not an option.

I highly recommend this device, it’s an excellent technique!

Don’t skimp on oil and grease, use regular oil and good quality gasoline, and your device will last for years.

Advantages: Honda four-cycle engine, 160 cu.m. volume, steel deck, accelerates up to almost 4 km/h.

Cons: Noisy, but with that kind of power (more than three horses) it’s not surprising that I put up with this minus.

MTD lawnmowers: a review of the model range, reviews and recommendations of owners

First of all, MTD garden tool is a huge choice. The model range is represented by electric and gasoline machines, the rational technical characteristics of which allow to keep in exemplary order a small lawn in front of the house, a beautiful lawn and a large golf course.

Brand Description

In 1932, European immigrants – three German engineers – founded a small plant in Cleveland, Ohio, to produce various stamping products. The company was called Modern Tool and Die, which is short for MTD (Modern Tool and Die). A quarter of a century later, the successful development of garden tools began. The late 1950s marked the launch of the first rotary mower – a garden tractor on wheels.

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Today the American company MTD is the largest manufacturer of garden tools and has factories in more than 10 countries. The brand range includes: snow blowers and cultivators, tractors and trimmers, lawn mowers and aerators, saws and blowers, and other tools. Much of the machinery and components are manufactured in our own factories, which provides an exemplary level of products.

MTD machines are produced under GUTBROD, Cub Cadet, Yard-Man, Wolf-Garten, Yard-Machine and Bolens brands. The production specializes in different countries. Cultivators, lawn mowers, trimmers are assembled in Hungary. Garden and lawn tractors and drivers are made in Germany, and parts and accessories – in China.

Buying MTD consumer equipment means buying not only reliable tools, but above all innovation and modern technology, first-class quality and durability.

MTD lawn mower with gasoline engine

MTD petrol lawnmowers are great for large areas of more than 8 acres, where it is difficult to treat with mechanical or electric tools. The family of petrol versions is very varied: from 2.3hp to 12hp, self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The variety of functions of the 3B1 and 4V1 lawnmowers makes it easy to switch working modes: grass collection with side discharge or mulching, lawn edging.

MTD petrol lawnmowers are equipped with their own Thorx engines, which are characterized by stable operation, economical fuel consumption and easy maintenance. They are equipped with special systems: reducing toxic emissions, vibration and noise, protection from foreign objects in the engine.

Due to the high power, the wheel drive provides ergonomic handling and allows you to work long hours without fatigue. MTD petrol lawnmowers are in demand in park yards and are used professionally by public utilities.

As a rule, when maneuverability, high power, ergonomic handling, reliability and the ability to operate the equipment in an intensive mode are required, the owners opt for gasoline models. For greater clarity, we give the technical characteristics of the most popular models in the table.

As you can see, the features of their work, functionality and capabilities are clear from the labeling of MTD lawnmowers. In each of the subgroups with the same power, the difference in performance lies in a different engine model, equipment or additional functions.

Mtd Advance 53 SPKV HW gasoline mower

The self-propelled model belongs to the series of the latest developments of the premium class. The machine is equipped with an eco-friendly 6 hp Kawasaki engine and an ASC variator that allows you to select the speed of the MTD lawnmower. Thanks to the ergonomic handle with anti-vibration protection and adjustments, it is easy and comfortable to operate.

The cutting width is 53 cm and the cutting height can be adjusted in 6 steps from 28 to 92 mm. The large 70-litre grass catcher box lets you work for a long time without emptying the garbage can. Like all the machines of this series, Mtd lawnmower has a convenient functionality 4V1: collection of the grass leaf into the grass catcher box, rear and side discharge, mulching. The weight of the device is 44 kg.

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Mtd WCM 84 lawnmower

The most productive machine in MTD range of professional lawn mowers with 12 hp. It is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 3105 series engine, 4-speed variator/ 1-Zada, manual/electric starter.

The machine provides a large mowing width of 84 cm in one pass, which means that the mowing height is key. Functionality: 2B1, mulching and side discharge. Due to the rotating front wheels, the Mtd lawnmower is very maneuverable. The body of the machine is made of steel, weight 120 kg.

MTD lawn tractors and drivers

The MTD family of garden equipment includes about 20 modern, productive mini-tractors and lawnmowers. These devices contain many innovations not available from other garden equipment manufacturers. Thanks to the mechanical drive system with a belt transmission, smooth gear shifting is ensured. Mini-tractors have a zero turning radius, which means they can turn practically in one place without damaging the grass. Introducing one of MTD’s wheeled garden tractor models.

MTD LG 200 H mini lawnmower

The mini-tractor has a high power of 20 hp:

  • Ability to switch direction of travel without stopping.
  • The cut of the grass is adjustable in 5 height positions.
  • The pendulum mower optimally adapts to uneven terrain.
  • The small turning radius ensures high maneuverability.
  • The possibility of mounting an attachment allows you to use the wheeled tractor almost all year round.

Technical characteristics
engine brand Briggs & Stratton
Engine power (hp) 20.0
number of cylinders 2
cutting width (cm) 107
cutting height (mm) 30-95
transmission hydrostat
Turning radius (cm) 46
wheel drive rear
Fuel tank capacity (l) 3,8
mulching option
grass emission side
weight (kg 198
warranty 36 months

MTD electric lawn mower

The line is represented by models in the range of electric motor power 1,0-1,8 kW. The self-propelled devices provide a cutting width of 30-42 cm. Low weight, made of high quality polypropylene, make the mowers very ergonomic and easy to use. The grass catcher box is made of thick plastic, does not get wet.

Technical characteristics of popular models are presented in the table.

As can be seen from the table, MTD electric lawn mowers are designed for the systematic care of small lawns, their deck is enough to process 350-400 square meters. The devices are equipped with a false-start lock and an engine brake to stop the blade abruptly. The turbine facilitates mowing wet grass and allows you to use the mower as a garden vacuum cleaner.

The SMART 32E is the lightest, least powerful, one of the top versions. The most productive machines are OPTIMA 42E and 4218E HW – the units are equipped with capacious grass catchers and provide a large cutting height. The best-selling models are the SMART 38E and 3412E HW.

Vesti Chopper - which one to choose?

More than ten models of MTD electric lawnmowers have been discontinued due to component upgrades to more modern machines: LE 3210, Opti 3210, 3813E, LE3814, 48E, 46E and several others.

recommendations for use

All MTD brand machines are characterized by exemplary technical properties. For the long-term stable operation of the lawnmowers, owners need to strictly follow the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations, as well as adherence to safe operation, depending on the category of the machine – electric or gasoline models.

Requirements for personal safety when working with lawn mowers are standard and are described in detail in the instruction manual.


Asynchronous electric motors require no special maintenance. Combustion engines installed in gasoline lawnmowers are serviced as recommended in the factory manual.

The engine crankcase is filled with oil at the factory and the oil level should be checked before operation. Change engine oil after the first 2 hours of operation, then after 25 hours. Once a season, lubricate all rotating parts, clean the spark plug, replace or sharpen the cutting tools. MTD lawnmowers use clean unleaded gasoline.

main malfunctions

Of the breakdowns and malfunctions, the most common are failure to start the engine, vibration and a sudden drop in power. The cause of such failures is mainly inappropriate work of the operator, violation of requirements of the Operation Manual. To avoid repairs and extend the life of the MTD lawnmower, it is necessary to carefully study the manual and learn how to operate and make adjustments.

  • Care must be taken when changing speed and direction of travel of the MTD lawnmower.
  • Check the tire pressure before working.
  • In mowing mode, set the throttle lever to maximum engine speed.
  • Always turn off the cutting unit before driving in reverse.
  • Maintenance of the mower must be performed in a timely manner in accordance with the preventive maintenance schedule: cleaning the cutting deck, grass catcher box, changing oil, spark plugs and other consumables.

MTD lawn mower with internal combustion engine User Manual

Video review

MTD lawn mower Overview

MTD SPB 53 HW petrol lawnmower

MTD Optima lawnmower

MTD Smart electric lawnmower

Read the owner reviews


MTD 51 VO gasoline lawnmower. It works very well, doesn’t choke. Very easy to use. My acreage is 42, I can easily mow it, even cut small bushes. Disadvantages: there is no basket to collect the grass, but basically this is not a problem for me. The mulch turns out even better. But the wheels wear out quickly and soon need to be replaced.

Svetlana Ivanovna:

I bought the MTD 395 PO lawnmower three years ago, assembled in Hungary. And now I learned how to deal with it by myself. Advantages: the work is quiet and without vibration, the fuel consumption is economical, maintenance is minimal. Even grass on the lawn. No disadvantages detected.

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