MTD chainsaws: description, features and rules of use

MTD chain saws

MTD petrol chainsaws are popular with those who prefer economical and durable devices. In addition to their low fuel consumption, the models from this manufacturer offer the advantages of a quality branded assembly, reliable components and increased factory parameters. All this makes MTD chain saws suitable not only for garden and yard care, but also for more demanding work in construction and forestry.

MTD GCS 4100 40 – tool description

Domestic garden tool in this branded modification is available for demanding tasks of bunched up branches, sawing of hard protocols and removal of large wild bushes. The model is equipped with a durable gas engine that, after proper maintenance, can run smoothly for 3-4 years.

This MTD chain saw is equipped with an enhanced anti-vibration system, which was developed by the German brand specifically for comfortable operation of the devices when working with increased load. The properly positioned, comfortable handles are covered with an anti-slip fabric, which allows you to hold the tool for a more accurate and dignified cut.

MTD GCS 4100 40

The starting system of this MTD household chainsaw consists of a vented manual starter, which features a reinforced return spring, and a pump for pre-pumping fuel into a standard ice tank. For safer starting, the manufacturer has provided a final ignition system in the model unit, the parts of which are made of corrosive alloys.

Key factory parameters of this MTD saw include:

  • Power – 2 hp;
  • Fuel/chain oil tank capacity – 300/200 ml;
  • Manufacturer’s recommended bar length – 30-40 cm;
  • Weight complete with headset – 5.8 kg.

This household tool is exempt from its lower focus counterpart, which makes its company more convenient and long-lasting.

MTD GCS 46 40 chainsaw – features and equipment

This domestic model is well-suited to intensive work in heavy-duty conditions. The saw combines the sturdiness and reliability of a powerful professional tool with the low fuel consumption and easy operation of a lightweight household model.

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The branded equipment of the household garden tool includes a powerful chainsaw, high-quality Japanese carburetor, hand starter and improved clutch. A permanent ignition system is responsible for the spark formation in the cylinder of the MTD chain saw, which does not require regular maintenance or repairs.

MTD GCS 46 40

The MTD chain saw in this factory-fitted configuration, together with the saw adjustment, is characterized by high quality and intensive work in bad weather conditions. For chain lubrication, the chainsaw has a reliable oil pump, whose operation is monitored by an automatic control unit.

The parameters of the MTD domestic model in this configuration include:

  • Power – 2.6 hp. С.;
  • Fuel/chain oil tank capacity – 400/400 ml;
  • Manufacturer’s recommended bar length – 30-40 cm;
  • Weight complete with headset – 5.9 kg.

The manufacturer has included an effective inertia brake, which protects the operator from injury when the chain hits.

MTD GCS 46 45 chainsaws – tool functions

Stability and high performance under operating conditions are the main advantages of this budget chainsaw. The model is equipped with a long-lasting gas exhaust that is actuated by a manual starter. To start the internal combustion engine in freezing temperatures, the saw uses a hand starter with an improved low-resistance spring.

The sawing organs of this portable chainsaw are represented by a forged bar and a chain, which is lubricated under the control of an oil pump. The chain is adjusted using the tensioning mechanism on the left side of the tool.

MTD GCS 46 45 chainsaw

To protect internal parts, this MTD saw is equipped with a durable impact-resistant housing made of individual panels. By removing one of them, the operator is able to repair the failure without reducing the performance of the elements.

Technical features of this domestic model include:

  • Power – 2.6 hp. С.;
  • Fuel/chain oil tank capacity – 420/360 ml;
  • The manufacturer’s recommended bar length is 35-45 cm;
  • Weight complete with headset – 5.6 kg.
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Unlike most market counterparts, this chainsaw can work in severe frosts up to 15 ° C. At the same time, the frozen tool consumes standard amounts of fuel without reducing its operating parameters.

MTD chainsaw

MTD chain saw is a worthy competitor to other gas-powered machinery. The chainsaw is easy to use, highly efficient and economical. The features of the tool should be understood as the presence of control levers combined with an anti-vibration handle. This ensures safe and comfortable work.

MTD chain saw

The chainsaw is ideal for domestic use due to its low noise level. This unit is a reliable helper in gardening (sawing wood, trimming branches and bushes). Each model is equipped with a powerful motor of large volume, which guarantees a long life of the equipment.

MTD GCS 46/40

GCS 46 40

The MTD saw is powerful enough for domestic use. The tool can be used to cut firewood, fell medium-diameter trees, and trim garden trees. The tool is easy to care for and work with.


  • 1.9 kW engine;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 0,36 l;
  • Cylinder volume – 46,2 cm3;
  • Sump – 420 milliliters;
  • Chain pitch – 3/8 inch;
  • Tires – 400 millimeters;
  • Weight – 5,6 kilograms.

Advantages of the model MTD GCS 46/40:

  • Availability of anti-vibration protection of the handles. Provides longer work of the unit without feeling fatigue and tension;
  • Reduced working noise. Chainsaw can be used near residential areas.
  • Emergency brake system for cutting equipment;
  • Low saw weight;
  • Generously sized fuel tank for continuous operation;
  • Chrome-plated cylinder made it possible to increase the bike’s touring power.
  • It can reach up to 11,500 rpm.
  • Fuel pump and decompression valve make it easy to start.
  • No need to pay attention to the saw’s carlton – the saw’s resources do the chain lubrication and tensioning themselves;
  • Oil tap and gas tank with increased tightness.

MTD GCS 46/45

MTD GCS 46 45 chainsaw

This model is one of MTD’s latest developments. It was introduced in 2013. The MTD chainsaw is productive, economical, has a compact body and a guarantee of safe use. Spare parts and lubricants are less expensive, as it is less expensive to care for than its foreign counterparts.

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Technical Specifications:

  • 1.9 kW engine;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 400 milliliters;
  • Oil tank capacity – 0.42 liters;
  • Guide – 40 centimeters;
  • Weight – 5 kilograms.

Advantages of the model MTD GCS 46/45:

  • Reinforced cylindrical piston;
  • Reduction and vibration system;
  • The presence of a sturdy tailor Carlton with steel teeth;
  • Automatic oiling prevents rubbing and overheating of the rotating elements.
  • Availability of primer;
  • Easier starting thanks to reduced resistance of the starter rope;
  • Prevent accidental start;
  • Inertia brake system;
  • Possibility to clean the air filter, which allows to use it many times.

MTD GCS 4100/40

MTD GCS 4100 40

The model is powered by a dual lift engine with air cooling system. The closed type saw chain has a width of 40 centimeters, which ensures a high cutting speed and its performance at any level. The safety of working with the device is guaranteed by anti – vibration, reduced noise and the presence of a belt brake.

Technical indicators:

  • Engine power of 2.4 hp. С;
  • The sump – 0.3 liters;
  • Gas tank capacity – 300 milliliters;
  • Guide – 40 centimeters;
  • Number of links – 57 pieces;
  • Weight – 4.5 kilograms.

Advantages of the model MTD GCS 4100/40:

  • Economical consumption of fuel mixes;
  • High-radiation plastic body, protected from overheating and mechanical effects;
  • Electric ignition system speeds up the start of the device;
  • Inertia brake for cutting cycles;
  • The saw elements are lubricated automatically;
  • T rozema emphasizes high precision when sawing;
  • Chain input is necessary when the bar breaks or slips off.

The presence of a tool chain tensioner makes working with the device a little more difficult. Often there are difficulties when using it.

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