MTD 790 petrol brushcutter. Parameters, specifications, purpose of the device

MTD 2-Stroke Gasoline Trimmer (790 AST Prime & Pull Series). Instruction manual.

Mtd plate trimmer

Depending on the model – description of parts – Fig. 7-9.

Description of parts – fig. 10-13.

Description of parts – fig. 14-16.

Description of parts – fig. 17-19.


Fig. 21 Figure 22 Figure 23.

Description of parts – fig. 24-26.

Description of parts – fig. 33-34.

Description of parts – fig. 38-39.

For your safety

Use the product for its intended purpose. The product is used:

  • in accordance with the technical specifications and taking into account the safety regulations specified in the instruction manual;
  • For use in the garden;
  • For trimming lawn edges, mowing grass in small areas and for tending, for example, in hard-to-reach places under bushes;
  • For mowing weeds and small bushes.

Use of the product for other purposes is a violation of the operating instructions. The user is responsible for personal injury and property damage caused by unauthorized persons as a result of improper use of the product. Only use the product in a serviceable manner. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by unauthorized modifications.

Basic safety instructions

  • Read the instruction manual carefully before using the product. Familiarize yourself with the rules of operation and use of the product.
  • Do not operate the product while you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.
  • Do not use the product by persons under the age of 16 or persons who have not read the operating instructions.
  • Before each use, check the product carefully for damage. Do not use the product until all damage has been repaired. Check for fuel mixtures. Check that all parts of the product, especially the trimmer line reel and cutter, are correctly installed and secure to prevent unauthorized persons and breakage, to avoid injury to the user. Make sure that the blade guard is correctly positioned and installed. Failure to do so could result in serious injury to the operator, unauthorized persons, and product damage.
  • Use only a 2.41 mm diameter trimmer for fishing. Do not use oversized line, ropes, cables, etc. as a cutting element. Failure to do so may cause the product to break and create a hazardous situation.
  • Watch out for possible head, arm and leg injuries.
  • Press the throttle control lever and check that it automatically returns to its original position. Make any necessary adjustments or repairs before operation.
  • Carefully inspect the area to be worked on. Remove foreign objects (stones, glass, nails, cables, springs, etc.) that could get under the blade of the trimmer fishing or cutting blade, and discard them while the product is working. Make sure that there are no children, bystanders or animals in the intended work area. Make sure that there are no bystanders or animals within 15 m of the area to be worked on, as bystanders can injure you under the working organ. Wear safety glasses when observing a person working. Stop the engine if bystanders approach you.
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When operating a chain saw.

Important: Gasoline is highly flammable and its vapors are explosive. Observe the following precautions:

  • Store fuel mixture (gasoline and oil) only in special canisters designed for storing chemically active substances.
  • Do not create ignition sources over spilled fuel mixture. Do not start the engine until the remaining fuel mixture has completely evaporated from its surface.
  • Before refueling, stop the engine and let it cool down. Never open the fuel cap or add fuel mixture while the engine is running or hot. Do not operate the product without the fuel tank drain installed. Carefully open the fuel tank cap to equalize the pressure inside and outside the fuel tank.
  • Prepare fuel mixture and pour it into the fuel tank in a clean, well-ventilated area away from sources of spark and fire. After stopping the engine, slowly unscrew the fuel tank cap. Do not smoke when handling gasoline. Wipe off any spilled fuel mixture with a rag before starting the engine.
  • Move the product to a distance of at least 10 m before starting the engine. Do not smoke, and stay away from sources of sparks and fire.
  • Do not start engine in an enclosed area. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, which is hazardous to health. Work only outdoors.
  • Use safety glasses and earphones to protect your ears when working. Use a face mask (respirator) when working in dusty conditions. It is recommended that you wear a shirt with long sleeves.
  • Wear sturdy rubber shoes. Do not work barefoot or in open shoes. Gloves and long pants are recommended.
  • When using the product with a trimmer line reel, always install the blade guard. A trimmer line of the recommended diameter must be installed in the reel. The two ends of the trimmer-fly must be released from the holes of the trimmer-fly spool from the holes of the spool of the maximum allowable length. The ends of the trimmer-jaw must not protrude beyond the protective cover.
  • The product is equipped with a clutch. When the engine is idling, the trimmer-fish reel or the cutting blade (operating device) must not rotate. Contact an Authorized Service Center if the implement rotates while idling.
  • Before starting the engine, make sure that the trimmer line/cutting blade does not come into contact with any foreign objects.
  • Adjust the position of the control handle for maximum comfort during operation.
  • Make sure that the trimmer line reel or cutting blade does not touch the working surface when you start the engine.
  • Use the product only in daylight or in good artificial light.
  • Care must be taken when securing the anchor cable to prevent the motor from being switched on accidentally. The user and the product must be in a stable position when starting the motor. Follow the instructions in the section “Starting the motor”.
  • Only use the product if it is in good condition. Use the product only for its intended purpose.
  • Stay close to the product.
  • Always stand in a stable position. Always hold the control with both hands.
  • If the product is equipped with a shoulder strap, use it when working.
  • Keep hands, face and feet away from moving parts of the product. Never touch the trimmer line reel or the cutter blade while the product is operating or try to stop it.
  • Do not touch the engine or muffler. These parts become hot during operation and remain hot for some time after the engine has stopped.
  • Do not set the engine shaft rotation speed higher than required for mowing the grass, and do not operate at high engine shaft rotation speed when there is no load on the implement.
  • Do not use high engine speed when not mowing.
  • Always stop the engine during operation or when moving from one work area to another.
  • Stop the engine immediately and inspect the product for damage immediately. Do not start the engine again until all damage has been repaired. Do not use the product with damaged or missing parts and assemblies. Always stop the product before servicing, repairing, replacing the trimmer line reel or cutting blade. Disconnect the high voltage wire from the spark plug.
  • Use only original replacement parts recommended by the manufacturer. Original replacement parts are available from an Authorized Service Center.
  • The use of non-original spare parts and accessories may result in serious injury to the user and damage to the product. In this case, the product will not be covered by the warranty.
  • Clean the product immediately after use. Grass clippings or other objects may remain between the trimmer line reel or cutter blade and the blade guard.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, replace the defective muffler. Clean the engine and muffler surfaces of grass residue, grease residue, and carbon deposits.
  • Have repairs and maintenance performed by qualified personnel from an authorized service center.
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Follow national/local regulations regarding the time of day that the product may be used (if necessary, contact your responsible institution for information).

With cutter knife
  • Before using the product with a cutter blade, carefully read the requirements of this section.
  • Always keep the control handle between the user and the implement.
  • Never lift the rotating cutter blade more than 30 inches off the ground.
  • During operation, recoil may occur if the cutter blade comes in contact with solid foreign objects. If this occurs, you may lose control of the product. A bent or dull cutter blade can contribute to kickback. This situation is more likely to occur in hard-to-reach areas.
  • When using a cutting blade, the thickness of grass clippings or small bushes must not exceed 12,7 mm, otherwise a sharp kickback may be felt.
  • Do not stop the rotating cutter blade.
  • There is a risk of injury from the surface of the cutter blade while it is rotating. Be extremely careful until the blade comes to a stop.
  • Do not use high engine speed when not mowing.
  • If the cutter blade accidentally strikes a foreign object during operation, stop the engine immediately and inspect the product for damage. Do not start the engine again until all damage has been repaired. Never use the product with bent, blunt or cracked cutting blades. Replace a bent, deformed, cracked or broken cutting blade with a new one.
  • Do not pull out the cutter blade. Sharpening the cutter blade can cause it to become crooked and indelible. This can cause serious injury. Replace the blunt cutting blade.
  • Stop the engine immediately if excessive vibration occurs. Excessive vibration is a sign of product malfunction. Check that the bolts and nuts are in place and securely tightened before continuing operation. If necessary, repair the product or replace defective parts.
  • Use any household detergent to clean the product’s cutting blade of dirt. Lubricate the blade with machine oil to prevent rusting.
  • Store the cutter blade out of the reach of unauthorized persons.
  • Do not store the product with the fuel mixture in the fuel tank in an enclosed area near sources of sparks and fire.
  • Let the product cool down completely before storing and transporting. Hold the product securely during transportation.
  • Store the product in a dry, closed location out of the reach of bystanders and children. Work outdoors only.
  • Do not put the product in water or any other liquid. Keep the handles clean and dry. Clean the product after each use (see section “Cleaning and storage”).
  • Use gasoline, oil and other wastes in accordance with regulations.
  • Keep this manual for the entire life of the product. Refer to it as necessary. Use the manual to train other users. Pass the manual when the owner changes ownership along with the product.
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Keep this manual for the entire life of the product.

There are stitches with different symbols (iconograms) attached to the body of the product, the meaning of which will be described in this section. Read this manual and familiarize yourself with safety, assembly, operation, maintenance and repair information.

MTD 790 petrol brushcutter. Parameters, specifications, purpose of the device

Recommended: 100%



The MTD 790 m gasoline trimmer is a small to medium-sized lawn care device that can be used in the garden to trim branches, small shrubs such as raspberries, and to thin out thickets of other thorny crops. The trimmer is the beginning of the EZ-Pull system.

Mtd 790 petrol trimmer

Motokos MTD-790-Two chump engine parameters, Ryobi engine brand, the engine power is 1 hp or 800 watts. The device is ideal for simple work for short periods of time. The trimmer is very compact and can be stored even in the smallest of spaces.

basic equipment

The basic equipment of the MTD 790 includes:

  • Dumbbell;
  • The lever;
  • Cutting part with safety guard;
  • fuel tank;
  • Engine;
  • Basosokos MTD-790 operating manual;
  • fastening spare parts;
  • The trimmer is shipped unassembled with the box packed.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics of the trimmer:

  • Maximum rpm: 7000;
  • engine cylinder 31 cc;
  • fuel tank with 0.53 l of gasoline;
  • flexible drive shaft;
  • straight, non-driven boom;
  • Two-stroke engine that runs on a mixture of motor oil and gasoline;
  • Comfortable d-shaped handle;
  • The cut part of the power tiller is represented by a fishing line. It is also possible to change the fishing line with a four-pound pulley.
  • Overall dimensions of the chainsaw: 1100 x 300 x 320 mm;
  • The correct weight of the brushcutter is 6.4 kg.

Features of use and maintenance

Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight, the trimmer can be easily stored, transported and carried without taking up much space.

Features of the MTD-790 790m:
  • With the Trimmer Plus system, you can quickly change attachments, e.g.
  • Quick start system AST;
  • electronic ignition;
  • chrome-plated engine cylinder;
  • Vibration-recovery system (facilitates fatigue-free operation of the power tiller);
  • connecting rod and shaft made of gasoline-resistant steel.
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Design and operation of MTD-790 gasoline trimmer:
  • Use plenty of fuel and oil, the ideal ratio of mixed oil and gasoline is 1:40.
  • Keep the device clean, clean the surface and cut some of the grass after finishing work.
  • Do not leave the Benzo Coat in storage with a tank with gasoline left in it.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the MTD-790 790m:

  • Lightweight, compact, takes up little space;
  • Quick accessory change without tools;
  • Instant start thanks to the EZ Pull system.

Disadvantages of MTD-790 790m:

  • Low power (suitable for simple work for a short time);
  • Vibration during operation.

Video evaluation

Reviews about the mower MTD-790

Sergey, Zhytomyr:

“I have two mowers from MTD-790, bought different years at the beginning of the two thousand years of different releases. My opinion is negative. Both models had the petal valve ruined, as I understand the crank was to blame. The bobbin was constantly clogged with grass. If you put a blade, only native, from other manufacturers it does not roll at all. I think the starter system is not very good. I can say that other models from MTD-790, 790 and 890 I liked more. “

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