MTD-46 smart po lawn mower. Parameters, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

MTD 46 lawn mower – the range of utility equipment at a glance

Modifications, characteristics, Mtd 46 lawnmower device

Lawn mowers are presented on the market in a wide range. Such utility equipment is used to keep park lawns, sports fields and gardens in good condition. These devices make human labor easier and allow you to do maximum work in the shortest possible time. Lawn mowers vary in size and type of drive. They come in gasoline or electric.

MTD 46

MTD 46 lawnmowers have been put into mass production by an American company with the same name. This company is positioned as one of the largest firms specializing in the production of garden tools. MTD Corporation has been operating since 1960. Over time, the range of products of the company tended to grow. Constant modernization of the production process qualitatively sets MTD apart from competing companies.

The American brand has its representatives in many countries around the world. In particular MTD plants are located in the U.S., Canada and some European countries. Gradually the geography of the company’s presence is expanding. The company specializes in the production of various garden tools. However, it should be noted that the production of lawn mowers has priority.

All products manufactured by the American company are characterized by reliability and high performance. At the stage of development, the company’s employees take into account all the needs of customers and the experience of the production of previous versions of lawn mowers. This approach helps to create a quality product that can be used for a long time.

MTD 46 lawn mower manufacturer's review

A distinctive feature of American MTD lawnmowers is the simplest possible search for components for such devices. As a result, the failure of a single element is not a big problem for the owner of the equipment. Repair work is not very difficult, so it is possible to solve the problem without the involvement of a specialist. MTD 26 PB lawn mower photo


The MTD 46 can be operated in three different modes. One of them is to throw the cuttings to the rear or to the side. It is also possible to mow the grass and then collect it in the grass catcher box. While the tank is full, the operator can clean up. The ample capacity of the grass catcher box makes such work unnecessary.

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The MTD 46 can also operate in mulching mode. During mowing, the grass is chopped up into very small pieces and dumped on the surface of the lawn as a fertilizer.

The engine of such a machine is started at the push of a button. At the same time, a compressed spring gradually turns the flywheel, which brings the lawnmower engine into operation.

The operator can adjust the mowing height as needed, solving the problem of removing a large layer of grass.

MTD lawnmowers have a very comfortable and functional control handle that can be folded. This significantly reduces the storage and transportation space of the machine. The wheels are equipped with lags that ensure the easiest possible movement and the utmost reliability of the entire construction during operation.

The lawnmower’s capacious grass catcher box is made of highly durable materials. The container is equipped with special openings that allow free movement of the air masses. The soft-material grass catcher box variant is only installed in the petrol version of the lawnmower. This compensates for the loss of airflow power. And the grass catcher box can be easily emptied.

Features and design features of the electric lawn mower Mtd 46 e

Sufficiently powerful power units ensure the high performance of gasoline and electric models. With their help, the device can perform a large amount of work in a very short time. Photo of the MTD 46 E electric lawnmower

advantages and disadvantages

Mtd 46 lawnmowers are characterized by increased productivity. Wide, large-diameter wheels exert minimum pressure on the floor, which means that the lawn quality always remains at a sufficiently high level. Depending on the characteristics of this or that model, the dimensions of the front and rear wheels can be different or the same. In the first case, you can talk about the good stability of the device and its good maneuverability.

The deep deck of the mower has high sides. This design feature ensures that the cut grass is transported precisely into the grass catcher box. As a result, the operator does not have to manually remove the cut material. The deck itself is made of aluminium, so it is not badly affected by corrosion. Such material is characterized by maximum durability at minimum weight.

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The rotating blades of MTD mowers are equipped with large blades, which give the airflow a high performance. They act as the main functional element.

The electric version of MTD lawn mowers has some typical problems with this type of machine. In particular, here we have in mind the limitation of functionality, which is determined by the length of the power cable.

At the same time, MTD gasoline lawnmower is characterized by an increased noise level during operation, which may cause complaints. Such models are somewhat more expensive. Their high cost is also noticeable during operation, as you have to constantly spend money on fuel.

Design and operating principle

Electric and gasoline versions of MTD lawnmowers have some design differences. The first is advisable to use, if you take care of the lawn with a small area. These models are aggregated with power units of different capacities. The performance limit ranges from 1 to 1.3 kW.

The width of the bevel can also be different. If we take into account the Smart 32E and 38E models, in this case this figure is 32 or 38 cm. In most cases, electric lawnmowers are equipped with a rigid grass basket, which is installed on the back of the device. After cutting, the cuttings go into the basket with a rotor blade.

Features, characteristics and construction of the Mtd 46 gasoline lawn mower

Gasoline lawnmowers are equipped with engines, the power of which ranges from 3 to 6 hp. With their help, a large area of u200bu200bt personal plot can be processed in the shortest time. The power plant components used are four-stroke, so there is no need to pre-mix gasoline and oil. The offered engines are made by famous manufacturers from the USA and Japan, so they work for a long time even with intensive use. MTD 46 SPB gasoline mower photo

Technical data

The MTD 46 lawnmowers in the self-propelled petrol version are equipped with a large fuel tank. This eliminates frequent refuelling. With the tank, a large area can be tidied up. To avoid possible problems during the further operation of the unit, it is recommended to resort to the use of quality fuel.

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The line of power units includes engines of its own production, as well as power units from the American company ThorX 35 OHV. In either case, we can talk about minimal emissions and moderate fuel consumption during operation.

All machines are equipped with a large grass catcher box with compact dimensions. The exception is the 46E, which has an 80-litre grass catcher box instead of the standard 60-litre one.

The weight of the product ranges from 22-40 kg. These figures are not too low, but at the same time, all MTD lawnmowers are characterized by the highest level of practicality.

Such high-quality equipment does not require any special maintenance. They easily withstand frequent use without a subsequent reduction in performance potential. With these devices, you can easily manage overgrown areas in the yard, garden or backyard.

Technical data of the MTD 46 and its variants:

Specifications 46 P.B. Smart 46 SPB 46 BS 46S 46 SPO 46E
detection width, mm 460 460 460 460 460 460
total weight, kg 29 39 22 29 39 25
Front tire size, mm 180 180 180 180 180 180
Rear tire size, mm 180 200 180 200 200 180
cutting height, mm 90-20 92-28 90-20 92-28 92-28 60-30
engine model B&S 450 E-Series OHV ThorX 35OHV ThorX 35OHV ThorX 35OHV ThorX 35OHV MTD
engine type petrol petrol petrol petrol petrol electric
engine power, HP 3,5 3 2,3 2,3 3 2,1
Engine power W 2600 2200 2200 1700 2200 1600
grass-collector volume, l 60 60 60 60 60 80
body type steel steel steel steel steel steel
shear system central independently central central independently independently

Video review of the MTD 46 PB self-propelled gasoline lawnmower:

MTD-46 smart po lawn mower. Parameters, technical characteristics, purpose of the device

Recommendation: 100%



MTD-46 Smart Po Optimum gasoline lawn mower is a small lawn mower that allows you to get a quality mowing in minimum time. It is recommended for mowing areas up to 800 m².

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there is no fishing line, only one cutting part – the knife.” width=”500″ height=”500″ />

MTD smart 46 po lawnmower is equipped with a four-stroke ThorX 35 gasoline engine with 3 hp (2200 watts), this power is enough to do all the work in the garden and in the cottage, namely:

  • pruning small bushes, thin branches;
  • Cutting dense weeds and reeds;
  • Mowing grass in open spaces or under trees;
  • Mowing tall grass for making hay.
There are attractive options in the model:
  • Floor mulching option;
  • Adjustable height of grass section;
  • Large grass catcher box;
  • Manual starter for easier starting;
  • 36-month manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Easy-to-maintain engine (air-cooled);
  • Low weight considering the performance of the mower and the capacity of its grass catcher box.

There is another modification of the MTD-46 Smart Po Optimum das lawnmower – MTD Smart 46 SPO SPB Mitch. This device has many functional differences compared to the 46 PO. For example, the 46 SPO SPB is equipped with two blades rather than rear drive, a larger compartment for mowed grass, and this mower is homemade and has no mulching function.

For those who trailer electronic devices, there is a counterpart to the MT D-46 Smart P o- electric 46e lawn mower. The power of this technical tool is 1600 watts, which is about the same as a gasoline mower model. Among other things, the 46e is a medium petrol mower, has an adjustable cutting height and a large compartment for the cuttings.

Basic equipment

The MOWEN MTD Smart 46 PO comes with the following components:

  • Plastic wheels (4 pieces);
  • Control handle;
  • Lawn mower with engine;
  • Owner’s manual;
  • Fixing elements (set);
  • Collection of soft grass cloths;
  • Tools for lawn mower assembly.

The MTD 46 SPO SPB lawnmower package is similar.

Technical data

Technical parameters of MTD-46 Smart Po Optimum gasoline lawnmower:

  • The fuel for refueling is gasoline;
  • Oil for four-stroke engines – semi-synthetic or mineral;
  • Mowing width – 46 cm;
  • Manual start;
  • Adjustable height of the grass – from 20 mm to 90 mm;
  • 6 cuts;
  • Each wheel is attached separately;
  • Capacity for special debris – 60 liters;
  • Steel construction;
  • If necessary – possibility of mulching;
  • Diameter of wheels is the same and is 180 mm;
  • Weight of the mower – 34 kg;
  • Number of blades – one;
  • Front drive;
  • Central cutting system.
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Features of operation and maintenance

According to the instructions, the mower should be operated only on dry ground. Allow the grass to dry a little after the rain and only then start working.

Instructions for use:

  • Keep children away from the mower;
  • The cutting element rotates at high speed – make sure that the area to be mowed is free of debris, glass and stones. When the blade rotates, all foreign objects fly away at high speed;
  • Use high-quality fuel, such as 92. Gasoline;
  • Push the mower gently while mowing the lawn, do not try to steer the unit at a given movement.
  • Watch the gasoline level in the tank and add fuel only when the engine is off.

Maintenance Instructions:

  • After operation, clean the housing, grass catcher box, and outer parts of the mower;
  • Change oil every 100 hours or more often if necessary.
  • If a decrease in effort is observed, check the degree to which the grass is completely mowed.

advantages and disadvantages

The positive features of the Mtd Smart 46 Po lawn mower are undeniable, as this model gets a lot of praise both in online stores and on farmer forums.

Advantages of MTD Smart 46 PO:

  • Roomy herb waste theme;
  • Easy and quick to start;
  • Attractive price;
  • Long warranty period;
  • steel body.

Disadvantages of MTD 46 PO:

  • Noise during operation;
  • No fishing line, only one cutting part – the blade.

Video review


Gena, Saratov:

“Mows so fast that I don’t have time to throw grass! For my kid. Good technique for reasonable money, the best option if you have not saved up on European monsters. No performance complaints, and I heard from a friend that MTD rarely break down. Well, let’s see, time will tell. “

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