MTD-32 Smart E electric lawnmower. Parameters, specifications, purpose of the device

MTD-32 Smart E electric lawnmower. Parameters, specifications, purpose of the device

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The electric lawn mower Mtd Smart 32 is designed to perform simple works on mowing the grass near the suburban areas, on small areas in front of residential houses. Due to its low noise level, it can also be used near schools, kindergartens, in public areas, such as parks, squares, recreation areas, recreation zones. The power of the electric motor is 1000 W.

MTD-32 Smart E electric lawnmower

It works on 220 V mains, and its work is environmentally safe, because the device does not leave any harmful exhaust gases after the combustion of fuel. The technique is also very easy to maintain. Cooling is mandatory, so the equipment can be operated even during the hot summer months. The MTD Smart Line mowers are designed to operate with the utmost comfort and with the least amount of effort on the part of the operator.

basic equipment

With the MTD Smart 32 E mower, you get the following components:

  • device unit with motor;
  • power cable for connection to the mains;
  • control pin;
  • plastic wheels (4 pieces, rear wheels with increased diameter);
  • grass catcher box with perforated sides;
  • instructions for assembly and operation of the device;
  • Fasteners and the necessary assembly tools.

Technical Data

The technical features of the product are as follows:

  • Grass side discharge function or collection in the grass catcher box;
  • Grass catcher box capacity is 28 liters;
  • Mowing width is 31 cm;
  • Network refers to the non-self-operated, controlled;
  • Mowing height is adjustable from 26 mm to 60 mm;
  • Rear wheels with a diameter of 160 mm;
  • front wheels with a diameter of 130 mm;
  • The weight of the mower is 12 kg;
  • Housing material – polypropylene, insulates the engine from moisture and debris, protects the blade from excessive damage;
  • The handle is foldable, which allows you to store the mower in a minimal area.
  • Despite the fact that the mower needs to be pushed forward, rather than doing it yourself, the advancement of the technical product is easy due to the large rear wheels and reduced front wheels.
  • The manufacturer offers a 24-month warranty on the MTD 32 E mower.
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Features of operation and maintenance

The mower must be operated in accordance with the following rules:

  • Use only with care, straighten the tilt cable before turning it on.
  • Do not work in the rain to avoid locating and igniting the engine.
  • Clean the grass catcher box of collected debris in a timely manner;
  • Clean dust, debris, and grass from the mower housing;
  • Do not allow children to use the lawnmower;
  • Do not allow children to use the mower;
  • Do not use this model to trim dense branches, bushes – only for lawns, tall grass and weeds.

advantages and disadvantages

According to owners, the advantages of the 32 E model are the following parameters:

  • low noise level during operation;
  • low weight;
  • no harmful emissions from the combustion of gasoline;
  • affordable price;
  • easy operation, maneuverability, easy position change;
  • Cutting height adjustment in three positions.

Feedback on the minuses:

  • Low power (purely domestic purpose of the lawnmower);
  • the need to work near a power source.

Video review


Alexander, Poltava:

“An excellent budget mower from MTD.

From the pluses I will note a little remote weed collector. The container, of course, is small, quickly fills up, but the mower itself is light and small. I don’t expect any records from it. It is a good product for very little money. I am satisfied with the work and possibilities. The height adjustment is a little uncomfortable, because with all budget models MTD it is done manually, I take off the wheel and move the axles and fix them. Nothing complicated, but wastes time.

The rest of the parameters satisfy me. I recommend a cottage small lawn mower for mowing lawns in the garden. “

Mtd Smart 32 e lawn mower

MTD Smart 32 E lawn mower photo

The color in the photo may differ from the actual sample.

Rating is based on the opinions of 4 customers

Manufacturer month
engine electric
performance 1000 watt
Battery operation no
Number of Wheels four-wheeled
Methods of vine bush formation

Average price in stores: 6,790 ₽.

Technical Specifications Mtd Smart 32 e lawn mower

General properties

Full information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical characteristics and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

product description

4 ratings for the Mtd Smart 32 e lawnmower

Experience: less than a month

Compact advantages, took for a summer apartment, completely satisfied with their duties cope with hurrah

Experience: less than a month

Advantages 2 years warranty

Disadvantages assemble China with all the ensuing consequences.

Commentary Someone wrote that MTD imported asynchronous motors in the mowers. I don’t know, I can’t figure out what kind of motor it is, but even if it is, this plus is completely crossed out by the fact that the cooling goes through the holes at the bottom, like all mowers that break down in the first year. Because the holes are instantly clogged with debris, the engine and bearings quickly overheat and fail quickly. Even if the spare can be pulled out, but it’s usually pressed in, there’s no guarantee that it hasn’t rebuilt the plastic socket, which is usually the case, then you can toss in a mitt. The belt gear usually kicks out quickly too, both the belt and the plastic pinion it spins. I think this mower is a waste of money no better than pure China. But pure China is at least cheaper.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages: easy to use and easy to move.

Disadvantages no disadvantages

Comment Courier delivered the next day after ordering. Order was placed in the evening. I thought I would have to wait a few days. It was a good lawn mower for my country house. It is convenient to mow, the main thing is that my arms don’t get tired. The price is great, the quality of the mower is great! I will order the same one for my parents.

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Experience: less than a month

Pros: Makes my lawns look great.

So far so good.

Comment Don’t forget the power cord! You need it with one outlet or some kind of t-shirt adapter.

Number of reviews: 4

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MTD Smart 32 E lawn mower: whether to buy, description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories, machine assembly, test report.

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