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The tractor is designed so that it is energy-intensive agricultural work in pulling and pulling modes as part of broad-grip and combined units, including strong coupling; main and presowing tillage; sowing grain and other crops; fodder feeding; harvesting root crops, cereals and industrial crops; transport work; stationary work; performs in construction and industry.

Model: Caterpillar C9.
Power, kW (s.): 268 (364)

  • Technical Specifications
  • Basic configuration
Type Diesel with Common Rail injection with turbocharger and charge air cooler
model C9CPXL08.8ESK (Caterpillar)
Engine power, kW (HP) 268 (364)
Rated rotational speed of crankshaft, rpm 2100
Number of cylinders, pcs. 6
Working volume, L 8,8
Maximum torque n – m 1694
Specific fuel consumption for working capacity, g/kWh 243
Torque coefficient, % 39
Fuel tank capacity, L 650
Clutch Dry, dual-clutch
transmission Hydromechanics with friction clutches
Gearshift Electro-hydraulic
Shift speed: forward/reverse 36/24 with driver
Speed of travel: forward/reverse 0.34-40/0.43-20.8
Available: Independent, two-speed with hydromechanical control system
Independent I, rpm. 1000
Independent II, rpm. 1450
Max. Front Power, kW (s.) 58 (79)
Max. Power in back, kW (s.) 219 (298)
Vom control Hydraulic
Differential lock Hydraulic
Hydraulic Power Tractor System
Universal hydraulic system for farm implements control with service pump, electronically controlled dealer and possibility of programming input/output sections sequence, flow rate, costs, operating time by reading signals from two sensors. With power, position and mixed methods of depth control, 4 pairs of independent outputs.
Maximum load capacity per hanger axis, kg: Pnu/Su 5000/10000
Maximal pressure, МПА 20
Pump capacity, l/min. 0-160
Hydraulic system. 100
Dimensions and weight
Overall length (with ballast), mm 6500
Width, mm 2740
Cab height, mm 3350
Tractor frame, mm 3000
Gauge, mm
At front wheels 2000, 2150
On rear wheels 2130-2220, 2316-2636
Agricultural Approval, mm 450
Smallest turning radius, m 6,5
Service weight, kg 12300
Front tire 600/65R34
Rear wheels 710/70R42
Formula of motorcycle 4×4

Suggestion for rear wheels, driver, air conditioner, front unit (PNU), front power wave (from).

Tractor MTZ-3522 pros and cons Belarus

As you know, Belarus is a country of tractors, every tenth “steppe bogatyr” in the world is produced in this country. After the collapse of the USSR, many plants and factories lost to imported manufacturers. Thanks to its proximity to Europe, Minsk Tractor Plant was able not only to preserve its developments, but also to integrate the best achievements of its competitors into its designs. MTZ engines feature high environmental performance, increased efficiency, and low noise levels.

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C:  user  krohotulka  desktop  mtz-3522_belarus_3.jpeg

Extensive and aggregate skills

The Belarus MTZ-3522 is a heavy all-wheel drive tractor, an excellent performer among its classmates. The heavyweight performs a wide range of agricultural work, weighing about 700 kg. At the same time it is distinguished by excellent cross-country ability and reduced fuel consumption. Versatile model with power up to 350 hp. Second hand:

  • For locomotion;
  • in the stadiums of cultivation;
  • during harvesting;
  • in the stages of forage use;
  • at work in the fields;
  • in forestry enterprises;
  • at construction sites.

“Muscle” Belarus is designed for energy-intensive work on any floor. It is compatible with all types of vehicles not equipped with an engine. It is ready for all field tasks, easily works in team with other following agricultural devices: plows, cultivators, ridgers, seeders, press peers, scythes, freezers and other units.

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Seeder with three sections CRC-9-01
Manure transport trailer MJU-20
Devices for soil treatment ADA 6 AKD
Widespread sulfuric game in pneumatics SPS-9
Small soil tillage device L-114A-02
Ice railroad for rolling stations KP-12
Universal trailer PMF-18

Images by request of Belarus-3522

Technical Specifications

Belarus-3522 is the flagship of agricultural machinery of the 5th traction category.

Its parameters: length – 6100, width – 2820, height – 3350.

Directly from the factory the weight of the MTZ-3522 is 11.5 tonnes, with a full set – 12,3 tonnes, 14 tonnes allowable weight.

Producer MTZ, Belarus
Area of application 450 mm
Distance between front and rear wheels axles. 3000 mm
Front tire 2000-2150 mm
Rear wheels – track dimensions 2050-2744 mm
“Border to border 6500 mm
Fuel tank capacity 650 liters
Maximal speed 40 km/h.

The offered version contains a manual gearbox and wet disc brakes. The set includes rear wheels. You can buy an additional device for the front, which will be completed with a load of 1350 kg. The front spikes drive the vehicle’s steering system. Monolithic front axle, hydraulic system, allows the necessary manipulations from the workplace.

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Distance from the support area (country) to the lowest point of the tractor over the series of agricultural crops 550
Front tire size 600/65R34
Rear tire size 710/70R42
Floor pressure, KPA 180

Chassis and driveline

The design of the MINSK heavy hauler frame is durable, maintainable and versatile when changing wheels of different diameters. The model has 2 varieties of rear axle: shortened and standard axle. Driving all 4 bikes. Thanks to the different and deep level of the tires, increased cross-country ability and improved responsibility in front of any type of surface.

C:  user  krohotulka  desktop  694FBBBBB8EA93DB09C412936BD498454.JPEG

Reliably protected engine, high ground clearance, wide bikes and well enclosed body construction help to overcome serious obstacles encountered along the way.

A dual hitch with electro-hydraulic drive increases the unit’s traction, allowing you to take more weight with challenging terrain. The gearbox is reinforced with a choice of power from 500 to 1000 rpm and has 36 gears: 24 in the front and 12 in the rear. The large number of gears provides a smooth step, fast acceleration, better traction and fuel consumption.

The service brake is combined with the handbrake and is reinforced with the trailer brake. The set can be supplemented with counterweights for the front of the body. This addition provides good maneuverability and makes steering easier.

hydraulic system

Minsk is keeping up with the times, and for a long time now, the attachments have been controlled with a joystick in the cab of the machine. The same universal hydraulic system is started by a German Bosch axial piston pump. Germany has established itself as a loyal partner in the engineering industry, so there is no need to doubt the quality of this important part. Belarusian factory is committed to producing a domestic, and most importantly, high-quality engine and pump.

C:  user  tinytool  worktable  tractor hydraulic system --- mtz-3522 --- 1024x731.jpg

The pump runs 120 liters per minute, which increases the capacity to 8 tons. The three-point hitch distributes weight and traction to the rear. This makes the farm machine lighter and gives it extra maneuverability. To double the lifting capacity and output, you can connect an attachment at the front, which will pull an additional 5 tons of load, while the rear can handle 10,000 kg as standard.

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The volume of hydraulic fluid consumed by the displacement motor per hydraulic cycle is 45 cm3/rev. At a maximum pressure of 20 MPa, the capacity of the hydraulic engine is 110 liters. MTZ seals the distributor, the valve of which stops working at a pressure of 135 kgf/cm2.

The hydraulic system is protected from overloads by a safety valve, which disconnects the system at too high pressure and protects hydraulic elements from damage. Mechanism checks MTZ in production and sets its seal.

Fuel consumption of MTZ-3522

The tractor’s diesel engine consumes an average of 240 grams per kilowatt per hour. Autonomous operation with a full 650-liter tank is 12 hours. The German engine is more durable, economical and “environmentally friendly”, it has passed all modern tests and standards. Despite performing energy-intensive operations, the MTZ-3522 is known for its “moderate appetite” and durability.


The German six-cylinder Deutz diesel engine is the mechanical heart of the machine. Its volume is 7 liters, which is enough for 355 hp or 260 kW. Increasing the amount of fuel in the tank will not increase the power of the engine. It requires a sufficient amount of air in which the diesel burns and thus releases energy. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger and liquid cooling to ensure that no excess fuel is produced. Their work together protects the engine from overheating and increases the clarity of the exhaust.

C:  user  krohotulka  desktop  mtz-923-belarus-dvigatel-600x600-e53.jpg

The manufacturer’s standard kit includes additional parts such as an electric starter, turbocharged injector, preheater and dual-cleaner filter. These components make it possible for the vehicle to run smoothly even in harsh weather conditions. The passport has a maximum value of 1498 Nm, which allows the truck to accelerate up to 40 km/h, without losing its main performance characteristics.

weight and dimensions

Weight of the tractor is the most important performance indicator, which largely determines the traction characteristics of the equipment. The Belarus-3522 weighs 11 tonnes and comes straight from the factory. The weight with the attachments specified by the manufacturer is 500 kg more, with a fully filled fuel tank, hydraulic system, etc. it is 12.3 tons.

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The maximum weight of the hero with all types of attachments will not exceed 14 tons. The weight of the base machine put into service is distributed on the front and rear axles. In this case, a load of 80 kN on the front and 140 kN on the rear is allowed. The trailer also has a limit of 40 tons, because traction depends on slipping. And in agriculture, slipping negatively affects the soil and further growth of plants, MTZ developers have calculated the optimal ratio of weight and dimensions.

base 3000 mm
Dimensions 6 100×2 820×3 350 mm
front wheel track 2000-2150mm
Rear wheel track 2050-2744mm
“Border to border 6.5m
ground clearance 450m

device features

Model MTZ-3522, improved in the main parameters, differs from its analogues:

  • improved appearance;
  • sophisticated system for easy repair even in the field conditions;
  • more robust frame;


The workplace is considered a separate item. It is very important that the driver feels safe and comfortable, and everything is on an intuitive level. Productivity depends on the operator not being distracted or tired. The glazed single seat cab is equipped with an adjustable seat. Two axles provide a comfortable workstation for drivers of all sizes and complexities. The cabin is lockable and the left door can be opened with a key.

C:  user  krohotulka  desktop  mtz-3522-kabina-1024x741.jpg

The basic package includes mirrors, wipers, climate control, and an additional comfortable seat. Now you can work comfortably in any weather. The problem of air pollution is solved by the installation of filters that clean the air inside and outside of the unit. No smoke is formed in the cabin. Sound and heat insulation manufacturers have thought about with improved glazing. Additional frame on the cab protects the driver from tipping over. And additional glass windows have a positive impact on visibility, while increasing the level of safety.


As described above, modifications are possible regarding the transmission and rear axle difference. Depending on the price and convenience of the transmission, you can choose: hydromechanical or manual. Among these options: Belarus-3522C with 364 hp, Belarus-3522 with 355 hp, Belarus-3522.5 and Belarus-3525.6.

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If now not everyone can afford such an iron horse, we hope that its twin brother will appear at a nice price in the near future. The Minsk plant intends to switch to domestically produced engines to make the Belarusian machinery more affordable for the CIS countries.

advantages and disadvantages

Based on the reviews of the owners of agricultural machinery Belarus-3522, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

advantages disadvantages
Price and quality in relation to the European manufacturers. The frame design makes the iron horse heavier. More weight means that the machine requires more fuel to move around.
Calculated for sudden repairs on the spot. Factory tires wear out quickly.
The tractor is cheap to maintain, all spare parts and service center are easily found in the former Soviet Union. If used improperly in summer, overheating of the engine is possible.
The owners are satisfied with the productivity.
For power-intensive works it is not necessary to squeeze all the juice out of the engine. The tractive effort is enough for all complex tasks.
The reverse gear in the cab.

Most of the negative feedback is often due to the incorrect use of technology. New technology requires new knowledge. Before the first trip, carefully study the operating instructions.


This model has no twins, but there are several similar machines in use and, if possible, aggregated. The competitor “Kirovets”-“K-744” wins in price due to the domestic engine, but loses in fuel consumption. There are reviews that in summer it overheats very quickly.

Belarus-3222″ and “Belarus-3022” have similar features. However, it should be noted that these models have weaker engines. And according to MTZ claims, the Belarus-3522 is considered the most powerful agricultural machinery in Europe.

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