Motorized cultivator CHAMPION BC 6612H with Honda engine. Model advantages, operation, video and test reports

Motorized cultivator CHAMPION BC 6612H with Honda engine. Model advantages, operation, video and test reports

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construction and operation

These motor cultivators are designed for use on small groomed areas.

It is only used for milling the floor. The processing width can be adjusted by installing additional knives.

It can be 30, 55 or 85 cm.

This model differs from others with a high-quality engine. This walk behind tractor is equipped with a Honda GX 160 engine.

Its power is 5.5 hp. The engine runs on 92 petrol.

These engines have gained wide popularity due to their low fuel consumption combined with excellent performance.

It is powered by a manual starter.


Engine power, (kW / hp) at (rpm) 4.8/6.5 (3600)
detection width, mm 300-550-850
Plow depth, mm 330
Drive mechanism of the mill Chain
transmission 1 forward / 1 back
Engine Type/Fuel 4T/Gasoline
Engine volume, (cm3) 163
Fuel tank volume, (l) 3,6
The volume of oil in the crankcase, (l) 0,6
Idle Speed ​​(RPM) 1400
weight (kg 45


All control levers of the Champion 6612 H walk behind tractor are located on the handlebar, which allows you to configure the device directly during operation.

The belt drive is considered to be the most vulnerable part of the device. It often breaks and falls out.

This becomes particularly clear when foreign bodies or dust buildup penetrate. A protective cover is attached to protect this part.

Technical service

In order to properly use the Champion 6612 H walk behind tractor, you must read the operator’s manual. This will not only help extend the life of the walk-behind tractor, but also give basic tips on caring for the device, its characteristics and nuances that may interest the owner.

An electronic version of the user manual is available here

In order for the Champion 6612H Walk Tractor to last as long as possible, care and maintenance should be performed.

Scythes and trimmers or how to create the perfect lawn

Since this is a technique, and the duration of the device’s operation depends on the owners.

In motor cultivators Champion 6612 N, it is important to timely change the oil, remove adhering dirt, fill in high-quality fuel, monitor the condition of filters and spark plugs according to the instructions in the instruction manual.

video ratings

Motoblock’s Champion 6612 H are so easy to use that even the fairer sex can handle them, as the following video review will confirm:

owner reviews

Here are some reviews from the forums about the operation of Champion 6612 walk-behind tractors:

Stepan: “I use a walk behind tractor on my 6 hectare property. Not an engine, but a dream. It starts easily, pulls steadily, but the assembly is C-class. The handle is adjustable in height with great stretch, I have a feeling that the plastic gears will fall off soon, it is clearly not suitable for riding air wheels.

Description of the Champion 6612 walk-behind tractor – engine type, model features, purpose

The Motoblock Champion 6612, which is also mentioned under the name Champion VC 6612h, is a garden unit that is used on light floors. It can deal with tasks such as cultivation, loosening, weeds, mulches, hills, with a plow.

Cultivation champion BC 6612 H

The appointment of a Walkover champion 6612 is domestic, not for industrial use.

The engine on a walk tractor is a standard for such a technique, a cylinder, a fou r-story, engine line, 5.5 hp. Motorstarke – Honda GX160 Oh.

The engine of the Japanese manufacturer is known for its characteristics: endurance, durability, sufficient motorized resource. In addition, such units are reliable and burn the fuel as far as possible in the fuel chamber, so the gasoline consumption by the engine block is very modest.

Features of the model

  • can be used with hinge devices such as plow, cumlen and more;
  • slightly assembled;
  • Available instructions in Russian;
  • Grinders in the kit;
  • The silencer ensures a decrease in the sound of the tractor of the walk behavior;
  • There is a bike for more comfortable transporting the device along the location.
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Evaluation of the owner’s owner for a motorcycle master 6612

Technical properties Champion 6612

Checking the basic technical features of the Motobobok champions 6612:

  • Cultivation width 85 cm;
  • Depth 30 cm;
  • The checkpoint consists of two dizziness with a repentance;
  • Motor block weight 51 kg;
  • Dimension dimensions in mm: 610x740x420;
  • Chain gears;
  • Belt drive.

Cultivation champion BC 6612 H

User Guide

Basic equipment of the motor block champion 6612:

  • Cleaned cutter;
  • Fastening elements (screws, nuts);
  • Instructions (to the engine, motorcycle unit);
  • Protective panes for grinding plants;
  • Sublight Wings to protect against corners of the earth.

Features of the Walkover Champion 6612, maintenance and operating rules:
  • Turning the axis and controlled control;
  • A wel l-placed focus – the device is stable, does not lean on the sides;
  • Average noise and vibrations;
  • The handles are removed. Therefore, the technology occupies less storage space.
  • Regularity – the recommended frequency at least every six months – every three months;
  • The new device expires in a time of at least 10 motorcycles, it is recommended – 20, after runnin g-In the same manipulations as with the planned, namely the Öler set, the inspection of the engine unit and the fuel is added;
  • Petrol for tanking AI-92;
  • Oil for the season for 4-stroke petrol engines;
  • Do not operate incorrect devices, make sure that all connections are properly assigned.

Video check of the work of the Motor Block Champion 6612

Overview by the owner – The girl works with the Motblock Champion 6612

owner reviews


“In the video, the girl obviously forgot that there is something like a voucher! Use it and you can work well. If the floor is very soft, you can handle without snobber meters. I have the same motoblock and has been working since 2013, while everything is fine. The car as a whole in management is simple, small, I don’t inspire at work, I’m afraid.

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Advantages: You can drive something like this anywhere, from personal experience it is a race in a greenhouse, a flowering Rewwoman.

Disadvantages: The frame is thin, the metal parts of the structure are soft. It is necessary to treat carefully. This wal k-in tractor does not come from the category of immortal, still not the union, the costs. “

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