Motor cultivator Prorab. Lineup, Features, Reviews

Motor cultivator Prorab. Model range, characteristics, owner reviews

The Prorab brand is a relatively young brand, but it is known for its quality products. The Prorab company is part of the Russian holding A-Class Group, which produces more than 1,000 types of garden equipment, electrical equipment and construction tools. Motoblocks, trimmers, cultivators Foreman are worthy representatives of this class of equipment.

features and benefits

  • Used in the manufacture of motor cultivators from stainless steel and particularly durable plastic.
  • Durable collapsible gear.
  • Use of high-quality Fuji drive belts.
  • Supplied with heavy-duty spring steel blades, assembled with reliable black nuts and bolts.
  • Possibility to fold the cultivator, which is convenient for transport.

The preparation

Motor cultivators Foreman gained fame due to excellent technical characteristics, high performance and durability. All models of the brand are distinguished by exemplary build quality, the optimal combination of performance and reasonable prices, they are used for processing medium and large plots.

Depending on the size of the property, the condition of the ground and the expected loads, the potential owner can choose the right modification. The model range is represented by units with a capacity of 2.2 hp. to heavy, powerful machines with a 13 hp petrol engine. It is most rational to use Foreman cultivators on soft soil in areas up to 15 acres.

petrol cultivator

Prorab GT 22 and GT 21

Motorized cultivator Prorab GT 21 Motorized cultivator Prorab GT 22

This group includes the Prorab GT 22 and Prorab GT 21 motor cultivators, which have a low weight (14 – 15 kg) and a power of 2.2 hp. Compact machines are equipped with 4 knives, thanks to which it is convenient to perform loosening and weeding between rows with a width of up to 38 cm. No attachments are installed on these cultivators.

Motorized cultivator Prorab GT 40T Motorized cultivator Prorab GT 55T

Cultivators Prorab GT 40T and GT 55T are designed for tilling light soils in medium areas. The models are maneuverable – they are equipped with a gearbox with speeds of 1 forward / 1 reverse, they differ in some technical characteristics.

The power of the machines is 4 hp each. and 5.5 hp, tillage parameters (width/depth) are 38/20 cm and 60/30 cm, which allows you to choose the right model for your specific conditions.

Prorab GT 65 BT series

Prorab GT 65 BT series motor cultivators are known for their good assembly, ability to work with various attachments. The power of the machines is 6.5 hp, during operation the processing width is up to 85 cm with a sufficient depth of 33 cm, the number of gears is 1/1, they are equipped with 6 knives.

Prorab GT 65 BT engine

A transport wheel is provided for transporting the Prorab cultivator.

The line of motor cultivators Foreman GT 65 BT is represented by three models, differing in engine brand:

Cultivator model Foreman, characteristics GT65BT GT 65 BT (T) GT 65 BT (BS)
engine Loncin 170F prorab Briggs & Stratton 130G 950 series
Engine volume, cm³ 196 196 208
Prorab GT series with 7hp engine.

Prorab GT 709 SK engine

These powerful machines are designed for plowing targets in areas up to 20 hectares, perfectly grouped with additional weapons. The models are equipped with a 4-stroke engine, pneumatic wheels and six 4-blade label cutters.

Versions are distinguished by floor processing parameters, some technical and design features. In modifications of cultivators PRORAB GT 709 SK and GT 715 SK gearboxes are made of cast iron.

Motoblocks Don. Review of the list, properties

A comparative analysis of cultivators is presented in the table:

Characteristics of Cultivators GT 701 SK GT 705 SK GT 709 SK GT 715 SK GT 718 SK GT750SK
Processing width, CM 80 83 80 83 100 85
Processing depth, CM 10 30 10 30 15 10
speed/reverse speed 2/1 2/1 2/1 2/1 2/1 4/2

heavy growers

The PRORAB GT 73 2-SK model has a power of 9 HP, equipped with powerful grinders (8 sections 4 knives), which ensures soil processing with a detection width of 105 cm with a depth of 10 cm.

PRORAB GT 732 SK Moto r-Cultivator Prorab GT 742 SK

The Motor Culture GT 742 SK in terms of technical characteristics approaches the wandering loss tractor – a power of 13 hp, equipped with ten mills, a width of the earth in a pass with a solid depth of 30 cm.

Electric Breeder Prorab

Compact, lightweight, low-power units with an electric motor have been developed for domestic use. This line is represented by two models of the Prorab ET 754 (0.75 kW) and ET 1256 (1.25 kW).

Prorab ET 1256 motor cultivator

Such a technique is extremely convenient when working in small rooms with limited access and greenhouses. The modification of the PRORAB ET 754 cultivator is equipped with 4 grinders and has a border width of 30 cm.

folding devices

For the successful operation of hinge mechanisms with a motor cultivator, a rational choice should be made so as not to increase the load on the motor and not aggravate the quality of work. Light, low-power models of PRORAB cultivators are not able to work with additional hinge tools.

The GT 71 SK motor cultivator works with attachments:

Unlike other brands, TM Prorab offers many different ways to combine the width/depth parameters when treating soil with cutters. Thanks to this, the owners have the opportunity to choose the optimal models of breeders of foremen, necessary for the cultivation of certain agricultural crops and the implementation of special works.

Cultivating a germination with petrol engines for 6.5 hp. And they successfully cope with a number of task s-they easily plow the target and are used with a two-plow, a wide harrow and a potato pod.

The cupcach in the aggregation with the cultivator of the GT 732 SK will work effectively when hilling potatoes and other bulbous plants. A single plow completes a deep plow of soil. The pump is used for pumping water and pumping plants for watering. It is convenient to cut the furrows with an egrow and prepare the beds.

Planting potatoes with a GT 71 SK motor cultivator:

On powerful models, installing adapters can make operation easier. With the help of a universal coupling, a wagon for cargo transportation is connected. Metal wheels with bottom surfaces and weighting means provide a PRORAB cultivator with good crossability. Brushes, shovels, dumps and other implements greatly expand the options of your cultivator.

Functionality also increases when using mowers, potato residents and cummers, as well as a snowman and caterpillars in winter.

operation and maintenance

Recommendations for the operation of the Prorab-Grubber, the first commissioning, entering and routine maintenance are listed in the operating instructions. Grubber engines are operated with high-quality AI 92 petrol, SAE 10W-30 engine oil is used.

Prorab GT 55 BT/ Prorab GT 65 BT Grubber operating instructions.

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Run in

Before you put the cultivation into operation, you have to check all components and connections and, if necessary, tighten the screws. Next, fill the car with fuel and lubricants. During the entrance time – a period of 20 hours – all components and mechanisms are vanished, and working games are calibrated.

When driving in, the device should not run at a maximum speed, after 2 hours of continuous operation, a break of 15 minutes is required so that the engine cools down. It is necessary to visually monitor the function of systems and to control the condition of moving parts and assemblies. At the end of the entrance process, the engine oil is replaced by fresh oil and the engine oil is changed after 100 hours.

With the onset of cold and the end of agricultural work, the cultivator must be mothballed, namely: thoroughly clean from dirt, wipe dry, lubricate parts with oil, cover the device and put dry.

Main disorders

Difficulties in the work of foreman cultivators often occur because the recommended operating modes violated, inferior fuels and lubricants are used and the schedule for preventive investigations are not met.

If the engine does not start, the cause can be:

  • Lack of gasoline or oil;
  • Constituted fuel or air filter;
  • Problems with the ignition system (the poles have moved away from the spark plugs or soot has formed on it);
  • Wrong carburetor setting.

When the machine vibrates heavily during operation:

  • Maybe they work with too heavy soil;
  • Loose screw connections of the device itself;
  • The clutch is not properly attached;
  • The drive belt failed.

Attention! Grubber engines from Prorab are extremely sensitive to overheating. If large areas with heavy soil have to be processed, the work/relaxation regime should be strictly observed. Only after the engine has sufficiently cooled may the cultivation be put into operation, if this condition is not met, a serious repair of the engine may be necessary.

When operating moto r-grubberers, owners are sometimes confronted with the fact that the machine digs into the ground. This can have several reasons.

  • Inconsistency of the overall weight of the culprit with cutting plants for soil quality. Light machines are usually equipped with 4 heavy knives, when working on loose ground there is immersion. In this case, you have to remove the outermost knives from the milling and install a load weight on the back of the cultivator for the balance.
  • Switching the machine into second gear is not always appropriate if you work on loose soil. If there is a reverse gear, you have to use it to pull out the culprit or do it manually.
  • By incorrect installation of cutting tools, the machine can also dig in. They should be r e-installed in a suitable inclination according to the instructions, whereby the direction of the knife must be taken into account.

Compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations contributes to effectively editing your location, preserving devices from premature failures, looking for spare parts and costly repairs.


Sergei Vasechkin, Samara:

“A very good Grubber Foreman 55, I bought it for an action, the price is normal. I use it to plow and weed in spring and autumn. Our property is small, the earth is loose, the power of 5.5 hp is enough. ”


“Grubber foreman 65 W (t). With normal maintenance, it works quite reliably. Clean the air filter, change the oil once a season. Plastic tooth bikes are hidden under the housing, I think there should be no wear. The engine runs smoothly. From the defects: the handles are not height adjustable, somewhat uncomfortable. And when they entered, the candle flew immediately.

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Everything about Prorab Grubber

The Prorab-Grubber is a popular agricultural device and a serious competitor of expensive hand-held tractors. The popularity of models is based on their high performance, versatility and their low price.


Motorgrubber Prorab are manufactured by a Chinese company that specializes in the production of mechanizations on a small scale for agricultural needs. The company’s products are characterized by a high quality of processing, the use of excellent materials and certified components. As a result, the company can compete with many European manufacturers at eye level and supply the international market with hig h-quality and durable devices. In contrast to the products of world-famous companies, Prorab models are inexpensive.

This is only due to cheap workers, but not because of the low quality of the units produced.

The area of ​​application of the cultivation is quite wide: the units are actively used to cultivate plots, hills of potatoes and beans, to form beds, to cut furrows, to pump liquids and to transport small loads. The mugber is compatible with most modern attachments, so there is usually no problems with his configuration. In addition, almost all of the models manufactured are foldable, which makes their storage and transportation considerably easier. The Grubber Prorab does a good job on clay and heavy soils and can be used to process areas with difficult terrain. However, the optimal conditions for the use of the device are surfaces of up to 15 hectares with soft soil and without stones.

advantages and disadvantages

Like every agricultural device, the Prorab Grubber has both strengths and weaknesses. The advantages are an economical fuel consumption that has a positive effect on the budget and a very simple control of the device. The device is very agile and running, and you can adapt it to your body size through heigh t-adjustable handles. In addition, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for the protection against accidental ignition of the device, which makes its use absolutely secure.

For use r-friendliness, the mugber is equipped with a lighting system with which you cannot interrupt the work after dark. Many consumers also notice the practical location of the main buttons and control levers on the handle, which enable to change speed, to control the gas and brake. One of the advantages is the ability of the cultivator to work at high and low temperatures – this means that you can use it in the range o f-10 to 40 degrees.

It is also pointed out to the device’s ability to be operated with a low octane number, the excellent maneuverability and the availability of spare parts.

However, such units have their disadvantages. This includes the low endurance of the mechanisms when working with virgin countries and a quick overheating of the engine when transporting goods with a weight of over 500 kg. For reasons of the judiciary, it should be noted that models of this class are not intended for particularly large loads, and in such cases it is better to use a tractor.

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Unmounted equipment

Prorab has established the production of attachments for motor cultivators that are presented in a huge range. Hiller. This device is particularly popular with owners of potato fields. This allows you to remove weeds and hills the potato rows while forming high and ordinary combs. Cardofelecal and potato dwellers are often used by summer residents when planting and cleaning potatoes. Devices facilitate the hard physical work with which the cultivation of this culture is normally connected.

Earth rooms are metal wheels with a deep slash that provides a reliable coupling of the cultivator with soil and the technology is not upset.

Schneider is designed to loosen the soil, to remove weeds and to process virgin countries. Sabl e-Shaped models are mainly used for motor breeders, although the use of “goose legs” is permitted for powerful samples. The adapter is a metal frame with a seat and is supposed to the operator to the seated cultivating tax. This function can be very useful when transporting goods and the processing of large areas. The braid is designed in such a way that it harvests feed for cattle, removing weeds and haircuts of lawns.

The trailer or car is used to transport goods, the mass of which does not exceed 500 kg and is attached to the cultivator by a universal coupling.

A plow with a row enables you to plow virgin countries and be able to penetrate the soil by 25 to 30 cm into the ground. The use of two-row options is permitted for stronger samples. Bor serves to align the earth in preparation for sowing or wintering. The pump is required for pumping or pump fluids and is often used in combination with irrigation plantations.

When choosing a motor cultivator, however, it should be taken into account that most of the above attachments with models with a capacity of more than 6 liters can be used. With. This applies to plow, adapter and car. Before buying a motor cultivator, the volume and the type of work and only then both the device itself and the fastening equipment must determine.


The classification of Prorab motor varieties is carried out according to several characters, of which the basic type of the type of unit engine is. According to this criterion, two types of devices are distinguished: petrol and electrical.

Motor breeders with an electric motor are shown by two models: Prorab ET 1256 and ET 754. Differentiate devices with a front gear and are equipped for use in greenhouses, greenhouses and other small rooms. In addition, it is convenient to process small flower beds and front gardens with the Prorab ET 754. The Prorab ET 1256 model is suitable for loosening light soil in previously treated small areas.

Petrol models are much wider and divided into three species: light, medium and heavy.

Light breeders are equipped with 2.2-4-liter engines. With. And weigh an average of 15 to 20 kg. The advantage of the LIGHTGREGATE sold is the PRORAB GT 40 T. This device is equipped with a fou r-stable engine with a capacity of 4 liters. S., has the front and rear gear, can immerse yourself in 20 cm and capture the room to 38 cm wide. The device is only intended for working with soft soils. A 140 cm3 engine has a cylinder and starts manually.

Distance between grapes

The mi d-range breeders represent the largest model category and have a capacity of 5 to 7 liters. With. One of the purchased is the Prorab GT 7 0-BE engine with a capacity of 7 liters. With. The device has a chain gear, a string clutch, the front and rear gear and weighs 50 kg.

The diameter of the functioning milling systems is 30 cm, the volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters, the engine type is manually. The width of recording the functioning bucket is 68 cm.

The diese l-professional model Prorab GT 601 VdK is no less popular. The device has a gear gear, the power selection wave ensures the connection of the pump, the pneumatic bikes are equipped with a “Christmas tree” hand and the rotary handle can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The power of the device is 6 liters. S. and the engine volume reaches 296 cm3. The gearbox has two front and a rear speed, the weight of the device is 125 kg. You can also observe the Prorab GT 65 BT (K) model with a capacity of 7 liters. With. and engine volume 208 cm3. The device is able to plow the floor into a depth of 35 cm and has a detection width of 85 cm. The Prora b-GT 6 5-HBW model has similar properties.

Heavy options are shown by powerful devices that can process 1-2 ha and work with all types of attachments. The most popular in this class are the Prorab GT 732 SK and Prorab GT 742 SK models. Their strength is 9 and 13 liters. With. Accordingly, they can be used together with powerful motifs. The width of taking the units is 105 and 135 cm, and the depth depth in the soil is 10 or 30 cm.

User Guide

Immediately after the purchase, the Prorab Motor cultivator must run into it. As a rule, the equipment is completely sold for the company. However, there are cases in which valves are set that is required for belt tension and stretching the thread connections. The device can be used immediately after purchase. Before the first start, the engine and transmission oil must pour and season the fuel tank with gasoline.

Then you should start the engine and leave for 15 to 20 hours at low speeds.

During the run, the parts are batal and the work gap are calibrated. The engine is recommended every two hours to be padded for 15 minutes, and after it cools down a little, it starts again. While operating the engine, it is necessary to ensure that there is no unnecessary noise and rattling – the engine should not touch, vibrate or stand. After running, the exhausted engine oil must be drained and new. In the future it will have to be changed every 100 hours.

The following positions can be distinguished from the general recommendations:

  • When working as a cultivating on heavy soils, it is necessary to jerk off the engine regularly and let the car rest.
  • In the case in which the unit is buried in the ground, weapons must be used;
  • To process soft floors, the second, faster gearbox should be used.

Only the oils provided for this have to be poured into the engine and the gearbox as a motor 10W30, and TAD-17 or Litol as a gear.

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