Motor cultivator NEVA MK-100. Overview, rules of operation

Cultivator Reviews – Instruction, Specifications

MK 100R NEVA power tiller user manual, technical characteristics

Motocultivator NEVA MK100R-B & S (CR750) is designed in such a way that it attracts the cultivated soil.

This small equipment performs a range of agricultural work (cultivation, plowing, cutting furrows, hilling, removing weeds, digging root crops). And thanks to the high traction (66 kg), it does it effectively.

In addition, the high maneuverability of the product allows you to work the ground around bushes and trees, in seedbeds and greenhouses.

Backwards (reverse movement)

The rear aisle is in the loop, which increases the reliability of the machine. The NEVA MK100R-B & S (CR750) power tiller lasts longer. In addition, the location of the rear gear in the gearbox makes it easier to engage the equipment. Also provides easy maintenance of the product.

Which can:

MK 100R NEVA motocultivator - manual, technical specifications

Operating Instructions – download.

The most important technical features

Overall dimensions: length × width × height, mm max. 1590 × 920 × 1360
Cutter diameter, mm 320
Number of blades up to 24
Grinding depth, cm min. 16
Grinding width (4/6 cutters), mm 640/920
Weight, dry (4/6 mills), kg max 45/50
Number of gearbox output shaft revolutions for engine speed 3600 rpm (max. engine power), revolutions First gear 117; Rear gear 55
Ambient air temperature °C. minus 5 to plus 35
Angle of transverse static stability, deg. 15
clutch permanently disengaged, switching on – tension rollers for V-belt
transmission Mechanical transmission structure
Belt AH39
Number of gears A-Gear – forward; A-Gear – reverse
Steering gearing Stepped with the possibility of installing intermediate taxes in the vertical level
engine 4-stroke, carburetor, single-cylinder, air-cooled, hand-started gasoline engine
Shaft speed, rpm 87-125
Fuel consumption, l/h 1.45
Fuel and oil, gas stations:
engine Fuel notes, engine oil and fueling stations – depending on engine treatment
transmission Fueled with permanent lubricant.
Fuel tank, l 3,6
Fuel type Pure gasoline AI-92, AI-95

Cylinder 4-stroke engines operating on pure automobile gasoline with octane number not less than 80 and respective brands of engine oils are used as power units on MK.

Engine cultivator spare parts:

Spark plugs engine - cultivator Neva MK 70

Engine Cultivator

Long and reliable operation of the engine cultivator is guaranteed by proper operation, timely maintenance and correct operation in the first days.

The first 25 hours are the period of production and operation of transmission parts. During this time it is not permissible to operate the MC with full load and especially with overload.

Till the soil during the enema period with 4 tillers in several passes and to a depth of no more than 10 cm per pass. Do not overload the power tiller if you work on heavy and stony soils with the tillers.

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During the running-in period, change the engine oil in accordance with the engine manual and check and tighten the threaded connections.

After 25 hours of operation, check the tension of the drive belt and adjust it if necessary.

WARNING Remember that insufficient or poor running-in of the engine and transmission significantly reduces the total service life of the cultivator.


Most faults that occur after the warranty period has expired must be repaired by an authorized service center. However, some faults can be eliminated with experience.

Please refer to the table below for typical problems, their symptoms and solutions.

Motor cultivator NEVA MK-100. Overview, rules of operation

The best choice for dacha owners, small and medium-sized landowners is a lightweight cultivator, not a tractor with a walker. Motor cultivator Neva MK-100 5 hp effectively treats the soil on plots of 10-15 acres, performs almost any agricultural work, carries loads. Hanging additional agricultural equipment, an adapter with a seat, a mini-trailer, the cultivator can be loaded with work all year round.

Neva MK-100 motocultivator

model description

Lightweight 5 hp cultivator Neva is characterized by great technical capabilities at a very affordable price.

  • It can be equipped with the economical Kasei (168F) budget group engine or the American B&S RS750 engine equipped with an overhead valve cylinder liner.
  • The transmission consists of a two-speed oil-filled chain and a reduction gear providing one gear. The machine has no reverse, but this is not a particular disadvantage – with a low equipment weight of 44 kg. The cultivator is easy to operate for a worker-operator even with average physical training.
  • Thanks to the two-stage arrangement of the gears, high traction is provided, the maximum is 115 rpm. The speed adjustment lever is ergonomically positioned on the tiller arm.
  • A lower center of gravity makes it easier to control the machine.
  • In addition to tilling, the power tiller can also be used for weeding, hoeing and potato digging.
  • The ergonomic handle adjustment allows the tiller to be adjusted to the operator’s height – the handle can be adjusted in three positions.
  • Due to the low weight of the machine, high maneuverability and driving comfort are ensured, which is especially important when agricultural work is carried out in confined spaces – in a greenhouse, greenhouse, in narrow seedbeds, near garden trees and bushes.
  • The front transport wheel on the folding frame makes moving the cultivator much easier.
  • Thanks to its modest dimensions, the cultivator can be easily transported to the place of work in the trunk of a car.

Cultivator Neva MK-70

Neva MK-70

Neva MK-100 range of power tillers

There are several modifications of the “Neva” hundredth model, which are distinguished by the brand of the installed engine, technical features and functionality. Versions equipped with engines with increased power have been developed, these modifications are especially in demand among gardeners and dacha owners.

Motoblocks Rusich. Series overview, properties

The following models are currently on the market:

Neva MK-100 02

The younger version of the cultivator is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine. It is considered outdated, although it has a fairly large weight and a powerful engine.

NEVA MK-100 04, MK-100 05

Obsolete models with Honda GC135 engines with overhead timing. Due to small weight, small volume of fuel tank are not very popular.

NEVA MK-100 06
NEVA MK-100 07

The most popular is this version of the cultivator with the Robinsubaru 5-PS engine, the aggregate motor service life is 2,000 motor-hours.

NEVA MC-100 06 NEVA MC-100 07 NEVA MC-100 08 NEVA MC-100-05

NEVA MC-100 07

The MK-100 07R model has identical properties to the previous version, which is also equipped with protective cuts to prevent weeds from getting into the gearbox or engine of the cultivator.

NEVA MK-100 08

The device is equipped with a Robin Subaru EX13 engine with a cast-iron hub. Extended attachments with additional tools explain the high demand of this model, unlike basic models: a rocker, a self-tiller, a metal base-carrier, a potato digger, a set-up, a plow. Further marking of this model is a mini NEVA MK-100.

NEVA MK-100 09.

One of the latest models is equipped with an upgraded Japanese Motorhonda GX120 engine.

Reviews of owners

What evaluations has the NEVA MK70-B5.0 RS motocultivator from owners? Let’s find out by getting acquainted with the opinions of farmers who have already purchased and tested this technique.

Anton, Transcarpathia:

“I bought the MK70 because of its compactness, small size. During the season, even my wife worked on it, and she says that it is easy to handle and my hands don’t hurt after using it. Our plot is small, only 10 acres, but it works great. The cultivator motor does not loose in the ground, on the surface without bias. The speed is not enough, but it does not bother me – I ignite the technique itself, the weight of the device allows. I recommend to buy, good, powerful and excellent power tiller for its price. “

Features of the device of the motor cultivator NEVA MK-100

Motor cultivator NEVA MK-100

  • All modifications of the cultivator are equipped with economical four-stroke engines with moderate fuel consumption and reduced emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  • Easy engine start is characteristic.
  • A toothed or V-belt transmission is used as a gearbox.
  • The focus of the cultivator is reduced, which improves the balance of the design as a whole and makes it easier to control the machine.
  • To ensure better cross-country ability on heavy soil, a special cargo conveyor status is structurally provided.
  • For transportation of NEVA MK-100 motocultivator there is a front folding bike.
  • Due to its low weight and modest dimensions, the cultivator fits in the trunk of a car.
  • It is possible to adapt the steering wheel for the operator’s height.
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Technical features of the MK-100 07R motor cultivator NEVA
Driven unit: Razor equipment
Transmission: Gearbox
Number of gears forward: 1
Number of gears reverse: 1
Cultivation width: 60 cm
Cultivation depth: 25 cm
Engine model: 4x push-button Robin-Subaru EY20-3D
Fuel type: gasoline
Starting type: Manual
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.8 l
Engine type: 4-stroke (cylinder)
Engine output: 5.0 l (3.7 kW)
Cooling system: Air
Weight: 51 kg

Properties of MK-100 cultivator

Balanced design makes NEVA MK-100 a solid medium-sized farmer in terms of price-quality. This is emphasized among the most important technical indicators of the model:

  • Engine power is 5 liters. С.;
  • Engine volume is 183 cm3;
  • Fuel tank capacity of 3.8 liters, which runs on gasoline AI-92 and gasoline AI-95;
  • Availability of sharp cutters with a diameter of 32 cm;
  • The physical weight is 51 kg.

With its modest size, the device tills the soil in small and abundant areas. The plowing depth is not more than 20 cm. The width of the covered strip is up to 60 cm.

The manufacturer does not recommend using the device on land with a lot of small stones. You can damage the gear and the clutch cable in the immediate vicinity of the milling systems. In addition, such soil creates additional load on the engine of the cultivator, which leads to its overheating. It is also not recommended to use the model on excessively wet soil to prevent the beginning of corrosion of the milling systems.

Attached equipment

It is possible to buy various attachments to the motor cultivator NEVA MK-100, which significantly expand its capabilities: milling machines, ridgers, potato harrows, groundhogs of various modifications, ploskrezy, plows and mini-harrows. The popular MK-100-08 version has additional implements for other models in basic configuration, which can be purchased separately.

Mass – premises.

Cargo carrier harrow



As experience of many owners says, to perform agricultural and household works to the “NEVA” motocultivator it is possible to connect other attached equipment. For this purpose a universal coupling mechanism is used, which allows you to attach an adapter and a trailer for transporting various cargo for snow removal.

Assembly harvester

Tailor unit

Blade for motoblocks Neva. Overview of the Neva attachments for snow removal

Floor tillers with a diameter of 32 cm allow the tillage of the soil with a border width up to 60 cm to a depth of no more than 20 cm. The working principle of the cultivator provides the installation of 4 tillers, two more are installed.

Checking the “Neva” power tillers

A variety of models of power tillers NEVA and Walk, taking into account the climatic location of Russia, provides mechanization of all agricultural works. It allows you to till the soil, make hay, remove hay, garbage or snow, etc.

Power tillers NEVA

For the cultivation of plots of less than 20 acres, the models of NEVA power tillers with dimensions of 174/130/65 cm are used. The basic parameters are given in the table:

model Weight (kg Cylinder volume, cc. Engine power, HP Tillage width, cm Tillage depth, cm
MB-2K 98 317 7,5 160 15-25
MB-2B 93-103 205-215 6-7.5 120 20
MB-2Z 103 270 8-10 80-170 20
MB-2N 107 196 6,5 168 20
MB-2S 88 211 6.5-7.5 170 25

Motoblok 2K

Motobloc NEVA in the basic configuration serves in gasoline A-92. On board engine developed by the Russian manufacturer DM-1K. Molded cylinder liners and forced cooling considerably prolong the tour of the power tiller.

Special lags with support on the knee shaft give the technique a good stability. The model includes an addition to the attachments for ploughing, weeding, planting, plowing, cargo transportation and garbage collection.

Cultivator MB-2K

MB-2K power tiller

Moto-cultivator 2b

Engine is four-stroke, single-cylinder, made in Japan or the USA. Based on several modifications, it is started by a manual kick-starter. Air cooling is forced.

NEVA MB-2B tiller is adapted for heavy loads on soils of any composition, virgin soils. The basic set includes: half-wave extensions, 4 sequences, rubber wheels.

NEVA MB-2B B. Hitching equipment for a walking tractor

NEVA MB-2B attachments for tractor-walker

Motoculture 2Z.

This model is designed for frequent use in gardens, virgin lands. Offers a clutch for attaching any accessories.

There is a basic modification and a variant with the addition – a headlight and an electric starter. Different four-stroke engines from Subaru, Honda, Briggs & Stratton.

The 2n power tiller

This manually operated NEVA tractor is easy to use and wait on. Available functions:

  • Chop food;
  • Chop;
  • Mowing;
  • Loosening;
  • Pumping water;
  • Snow removal;
  • Transporting weights up to 0.4 tons.

Equipped with Honda four-stroke engine, cast-iron sleeve and air cooling system.

Power tiller Neva 2n

MotoGobloc Newa 2n

Motobloc 2s.

This type is equipped with a Japanese engine with an outboard valve arrangement. MB-2S is simple, the kit includes:

  • Ball;
  • Pneumatic wheels 4,5 * 10 inches;
  • 4-section pile driver;
  • Fuel tank – 2.8 liters, which guarantees uninterrupted operation for two hours;
  • Optional transmission (4 in the front, 2 in the rear);
  • reversing;
  • Ability to disengage the wheel for better maneuverability.
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Control functions

The tiller NEVA MK-100 consumes gasoline AI-92, AI-95 as fuel. The manufacturer recommends engine oil SAE 10W-30, transmission oil SAE 85W-90. A new cultivator must be retracted, the procedure is carried out for 20 hours in a fine mode at about 2/3 of the capacity. Scheduled maintenance of the unit is performed after 100/200/500 hours.

Routine inspection of the device is not different from the standard work in the operation of similar devices: mandatory checks before work, checking the reliability of connections, cleaning after work, routine preventive maintenance with the replacement of consumables. Observance of rules of operation and maintenance plan significantly extends the life of the gritter.

Operating rules

The basic rules of operation of the Neva MK80 gruelrushka will help you to correctly select the treatment of this type of equipment.

Changing consumables: oil, fuel, wear parts

SAE 10W30 engine oil

Manufacturer’s recommendations for engine and transmission oil MK80: for gearbox any manufacturer, for engine oil SAE 10W30 API SF/CC, SAE 30 API CD/SF Depending on the season you need synthetic oil (in winter) switch to semi-synthetic (in summer).

Fuel recommendations: For the MK 80R-S5.0 and MK80 R-B5.0RS, the manufacturer recommends using high quality gasoline 92ai and 95ai.

Check the fuel and air filter for clogging and wear every 100 hours of operation. Replace the filter if necessary. Any outside parts of the collar that are damaged, turned over, or corroded should be routed and repainted as intended by the manufacturer.

The engine should be disassembled and cleaned every 500 operating hours (approximately 1-1.5 years of operation), this improves the performance of the cultivator and increases the overall life of the engine.

The motor cultivator does not move

If the newly purchased cultivator does not want to go, it may have the following reasons:

  • Too great an angle of inclination (put the unit on a flat surface);
  • Low oil level in the transmission, engine (check and fill the tanks);
  • “Not warmed up” engine (before you start working the soil, let the culprit work for 5-10 minutes without load);
  • Check the operation of the gearbox;
  • Make sure that there are no large foreign bodies (stones, etc.) between the grate blades.

Correct starting of the roadster is carried out:

  • with a full tank of fuel;
  • After warming up the engine at idle for a short time;
  • At integrity and tightness of all threaded connections.

Possible malfunctions, repairs

Malfunctions in the work of the cultivator often occur due to carelessness in the operation of equipment and disregard of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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