Motor cultivator Champion.Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motor cultivator champion. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Champion cultivators from the American company Champion have gained overwhelming popularity among users since their appearance on the market in 2005. They regularly come out on top in the polls. Motor cultivators Champion are manufactured by one of the largest companies in China.

Champion BC 4311 Champion GC 252 Champion BC 6611

Durability and good quality, decent quality combined with a reasonable price – these are the main criteria influencing the choice in favor of the Champion brand. The machines are capable of effectively cultivating, loosening the soil, clearing beds, weeding, digging up potatoes – in a word, the most physically difficult work in the country.

Features of the Champion cultivators

  • Most models have a reverse gear, which makes operation easier.
  • Intuitive, comfortable controls.
  • Wheels are included for easy portability.
  • The detachable handle makes it easy to transport and store the cultivator

The preparation

The company produces a solid range of cultivators with different technical characteristics, in a wide price range and for different purposes, allowing the consumer to make the best choice based on specific needs.

Honda GX160 engine Briggs&Stratton Champion G 200F engine

Champion petrol cultivators are equipped with Honda, Briggs & Stratton engines and Champion own production with power from 1.7 to 7 hp. The weight of the models is directly related to the power of the machines, it varies from 16-50 kg, the number of knives can be 4-6.

The design uses gears:

  • fan belt,
  • Worm,
  • Chain.

Light cultivators

The Champion group of light petrol cultivators with a single-speed gearbox includes models BC 4311, BC 4401. They are characterized by power of 3.5-4 hp, weight up to 31 kg and a plow width of 20-40 cm versions BC 5511 and BC 6611 are considered medium, their weight is up to 50 kg, the width of the plow is adjustable 30-85 cm. They are used in the country, a small personal plot of 7-10 hectares.

Champion BC 5511 cultivator Champion BC 4401 cultivator Champion GC 243 cultivator

The two-stroke modification is the lightweight Champion GC 243. It is equipped with two wheels that can be adjusted in 3 positions, tills the soil to a width of 24 cm, a depth of 22 cm and has forward speed.

According to reviews, the Champion GC 243 is one of the most popular models due to its good functionality and low weight – only 15 kg. The motor cultivator Champion GC 252 with 1.9 hp has similar properties, which thanks to a 2-stroke engine can be easily operated on steep slopes.

Champion for medium and heavy cultivators

A group of more powerful petrol cultivators 5.5-6.5 hp: Champion BC 5602/BS, BC 8713, BC 6612N, BC 5712, BC 7712. The machines have a large plow width up to 88 cm, equipped with one or two forward gears . have a mass of up to 70 kg. Reverse speed provides good maneuverability.

Cultivation Master Sun 7712 Cultivation Master Sun 5712 Cultivation Master BC 6612 H Champion Champion Supporter 8713 Cultivation Master BS 5602 BS Cultivation Master BC 6712

Cultivating Champion Sun 6712

Champion Sun 6712 – A popular model, differing in a capacious fuel tank, has 6 grinders. Due to the 6.5 HP capacity, it works effectively with various mounted tools in large areas.

The Cultivation Master’s Device, Main Nodes, and Controls:

The price of such models starts from 16,000 rubles.

The Cultivation Master’s Device, Main Nodes, and Controls:

Dimensions d x w x in (mm) in a transport condition 600x420x740
Dimensions d x sh x c (mm) 1240x820x870
blade speed (RPM) 130
Capture width (MM) 300-550-850
Depth Capture (MM) 330
type of transmission belt+chain
Front/reverse transmission 1/1
weight (kg) 49
The volume of oil in the crankcase (l) 0,6
reduction gear ratio 30:1
model G200F
Type of Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, horizontal shaft, upper (OHV)
Rated power (KW/HP. at 3600 il./min) 4.1/6.5
The maximum torque (NM/ at 2500 countless/ min.) 12.4
The volume of the fuel tank (l) 3,6
Fuel consumption (g/kWh) ≤ 395
Idle (column/min.) 1400±150
Piston diameter/ movement (mm) 68*54
Motor operation (cc) 196
compression 8.5
type of lubrication spray
type of start Manual
type of ignition Electronic
spark plug F7RTC or its equivalents (Champion-RN6YC, NGK-BPR7ES, BOSCH-WR5DC)
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Electric growers

Separately, it is worth getting involved with Champion Electric Cultivators, since every popular brand necessarily has such units in its arsenal.

Cultivating EC 750 (7 kg) Cultivating EC 1400 (11 kg)

Champion EC 750 (7 kg) and EC 1400 (11 kg) with a capacity of 0.75 kW and 1.4 kW, respectively, are equipped with 4 million, which distinguish low cost, environmentally friendly and convenient for work in a limited space , Greenhouses , require a minimum of physical exertion at work.

Equipment not assembled

The Champion is recommended for light engine cultivators to install bottom and cummer cummers. A group of champion champion formation works effectively with a variety of clatter.

  • Treens (sabers and “goose legs”) are used to cultivate all types of soil. The number of knives on floors can vary from 3 to 4.
  • The walk-in tractor with an adapter turns into a mini-drive, the owner of the device does all the work.
  • With the coupling to the device, you can attach all fastening devices.
  • Stretchers are rotation and segment types. They are used for mowing grass and haymaking.
  • Caterpillar brackets are used to improve traction with the ground, especially in winter.
  • Ground spaces are large metal wheels with ground metal ribs. They are carried instead of transport wheels.
  • Plugs are used in the primary processing of virgin lands. In all other cases it is better to use Soiline and not damage the fertile layer of the soil.
  • With the help of hinge devices (potato tanker, potato break and cun), the motor cultivator can land and land collecting, weeding and mounding of potatoes:
  • In addition, Champion cultivators of a heavy subgroup can be operated together with a trailer. The main purpose is the transportation of bulk or piece cargo with a carrying capacity of up to 500 kg. The trolley joins the wanderlust tractor with a hook.
  • Depending on the type of soil to facilitate cultivation, cargo rangers are installed.
  • Swole pushing and cumberrs plow the floor and make holes for planting seedlings and mountain plants.
  • Transport handles help manage the unit.

operation and maintenance

The main consultant of the owner of the motor cultivator is the operating instructions that contain all practical recommendations. Champion cultivists are not an elite clas s-technique, they are reliable in daily work and are pretty easy to wait.

When carrying out repairs yourself, however, you should critically evaluate your own knowledge and skills, serious engineers and gear interventions and gearboxes should be entrusted to experts.

Instructions for the operation of the petrol cultivation master BC 671 2-download.

Heating oil

In the two-stroke models of the Champion GC 243, the Champion GC 252 cultivating, a mixture of 92 petrol and TC-3 or Jaso-FD oil is used in a ratio of 50: 1 as a fuel. AI-92 petrol should be used for 4-bed engines, since air-cooled engines are not designed for gasoline with additives (AI-95, AM-98) and the valve system and the piston group spoil.

Champion Sae-30 Oil Jaso FD

Some owners believe that it is quite possible for the cultivator to use the best oils for cars, but this is an incorrect opinion. In the warm season, the manufacturer recommends the SAE-30 API SG/CD oil for the cold Porte-the SAE 5W30 API SL for petrol engines from motor breeders.

You should always monitor the oil – its amount should be at the level of the last thread of the Gossenloch when the engine is horizontal. This protects against many problems.

The new cultivation master is commissioned with a gear that is filled with factory lubricant. Therefore, after washing the parts of the gearbox with diesel fuel or kerosene, it must be changed in fresh. The type of lubricant is champion EP-0 or another similar.


The operating instructions for each model indicate the requirements for running. In addition, it should be taken into account that the piston system is exposed to a considerable load with the first cold start. Due to increased revolutions, the engine can become unusable. It is therefore recommended to operate the champion cultivator at 50% load and the start is carried out by 30% of the water.

Champion BC 9714 engine blocks. Application, video work and reviews

Since the air-cooled engine does not like the idling, you first have to heat it for 1-2 minutes. During the period of the beginning, it is necessary to take breaks after all 25 to 30 minutes of continuous operation. At this pace, the engine has to work for 4-5 hours, according to which the oil is replaced.

Possible malfunctions

In general, the champion cultivists are quite reliable, successfully fulfill their functions, differ in improvement, affordable repairs. According to the owners of the equipment, some disadvantages include an unstable quality of the factory assembly. Before you start the company, you should definitely make sure that all components and mechanisms are in the corresponding sympathy.

Some models can have inadequate panels that are affected by flying lands and other steeps under the cutter.

Important! There is a lot of trouble in the engine due to the improper operation of the master cultivator!

The most typical breakdowns and malfunctions can be avoided if they take certain rules and recommendations into account:

  • The engine does not gain power – the air filter may be clogged, the carburetor settings are violated, insufficient compression, the muffler is clogged.
  • Excessive heating of the engine – violation of air access for cooling.
  • An open fuel valve with the engine off will flood the spark plug.
  • Stopping the engine under load – clogging of the fuel filter, carburetor settings are violated.
  • The knives do not rotate when the engine is running – the appearance of defects in the clutch mechanism.

Maintenance of Champion electric cultivators is minimal – due to the small number of moving parts in the worm gear, only the lubrication in the gearbox needs to be checked.


Stepan, Nizhny Novgorod:

“We already assemble cultivators, so don’t be too lazy to check and tighten all the fasteners yourself. Last year I bought a Champion cultivator BC 5712 strong. Moderately difficult. The main thing is to adapt and not give him full throttle, then he won’t run away. But now I no longer work manually.”

Anton, Surovikino, Volgograd region:

“I bought a Champion 4311 cultivator model. There used to be no gardening equipment, so I didn’t want it to be very heavy, but strong enough. Just this one came up – 2.3 hp, weighs 31 kg. I liked it at work, at first I was torn or, on the contrary, buried in the ground, but now I have learned and I usually do weeding, loosening. It’s a great car for the money.”

Mikhail Kharkov:

“I have had a Champion GC 252 cultivator for 3 years. The plot is not big, we have 25 hectares, about half under the garden. If the land is cultivated from year to year, it is quite normal, although we have black earth type land, oily. Of course, he will not drive through new territory, the power of 1.9 hp is not enough. But it works great uphill. Montage, so-so, I double-checked everything myself, knowledgeable people guessed. It also turned out to be very sensitive to the quality of the fuel.”

Model range of motor cultivators Champion. Operations and maintenance features, video reviews and ratings

Today, tillage without the help of tools or special equipment is hard to imagine. Champion motor blocks and motor cultivators have long enjoyed great popularity among owners of summer cottages and gardens. Not everyone on the farm needs a powerful walk-behind tractor or a large tractor, and with the help of a compact Champion cultivator, the tedious manual labor in the country can be greatly eased.

Due to the fact that the production facilities of the American company Champion are located in Taiwan and China, the manufacturers manage to keep the price of the cultivators at a completely democratic level. The low cost of production of the equipment, the use of economical engines, a modernized transmission and modern composite materials allow the popular brand to consistently maintain its position as a world leader.

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Model range of the cultivator Champion

The family of motor cultivators is represented by models from ultra-light to heavy modifications, equipped with gasoline and electric engines. Only the GC 243 and GC 252 are fitted with 2-stroke petrol engines, the remaining versions are fitted with economical 4-stroke engines from Briggs & Stratton, Honda or our own production engines.

Features and benefits of Champion cultivators:
  • Working width and working depth are adjustable.
  • The recommended processing area is 10 acres to 1 ha.
  • Chain or worm gears, belt or clutch couplings can be used as gears.
  • The medium and heavy models of Champion cultivists are equipped with reverse, which means that they can maneuver well.
  • Cycling and empty models are manufactured.
  • Thanks to the distant handles, the transport and storage of machines are facilitated.

Electric growers

Electric Angumde EC 1400

Electrical models are shown by the cultivating champion EC 750, EC 1400. The units have a very small mass of 7 or 11 kg, an output of 0.75 kW and 1.4 kW are equipped with four mills, which provide a width of 32 cm and 40 cm when cultivating. At a depth of 20-21 cm.

Thanks to electric motors, the units work almost silently, differ in high maneuverability and simple care, environmentally friendly and convenient for working in small rooms, in narrow corridors, in greenhouses and greenhouses. Low costs, the ability to work for people with weak physical education, are the essential advantages of these machines.

Light petrol planter

GC 243 Champion Motor

The latest model is popular due to a low weight of 15 kg. The Mini cultivator is equipped with 4 mills, which delivers the width of the floor frame 24 cm.

GC 243 Champion Motor

With the setting of the bikes in three positions, you can reduce the processing depth to 15 cm. The power of the device is 1.7 hp. It is equipped with a chain drive and a belt coupling. The start is carried out by a manual starter. It only has 1 front speed.

Cultivation master GC 252

The device has identical technical properties and has a slightly larger capacity of 1.9 hp. According to the owners, it is very convenient to work on steep slopes thanks to an undue engine, the GC 252 Motor cultivator.

Cultivation master GC 252

Champion Motochanter Sun 4311

The agricultural machine is equipped with a 3.5 hp engine, has a weight of 31 kg, offers plow width 20-40 cm, maximum processing depth 23 cm, the rear speed is missing. The modification culture champion BC 4401 has a more powerful 4-PS engine.

Champion Motochanter Sun 4311

Medium models

This group of Champion cultivating is characterized by four Stroke engines, a gear at the front speed and vice versa.

Motokulture champion BC 5511

Motokulture champion BC 5511

A small household model of 5.5 hp, mass mass 50 kg, plot width 85 cm to a maximum depth of 35 cm, is used successfully in medium sections of 7-10 acres. Versions cultivation champions BC 5512, BC 6611 have almost identical properties.

Motokulture Champion BC 5602

The device is equipped with the Champion 1P 65F OHV petrol engine with the upper valve with a capacity of 5.5 hp. With the treatment of heavy soil in areas up to 20 acres, easy to master. The machine is characterized by the presence of a fuel injection, a simple oil level control system and a comfortable combination of a snoak. The mass of the unit is only 44 kg.

Motokulture Champion BC 5602

According to the owners, the engine is carried out very easily thanks to the installation of a swimmer carbisor on the cultivating and an increase in the intersection of the belt disk. Due to such a device, a mechanical decompressor can immediately put the engine into the maximum performance. Thanks to the production of a wave of composite materials, intoxication is significantly reduced during operation and the weight of the machine.

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Evaluation of an engine cultivator champion Sun 5602

Cultivation master 6612 N

This model is a constructive analogue of the TG 500 TG 500 cultivator. According to the owner, the agricultural sector is with difficult tone floors in the area of ​​8-10 acres. The power of the unit is 5.5 hp, the width of the edging during the cultivation 85 cm, the depth 30 cm.

Cultivation master 6612 N

With connected attachments, the motor cultivator champion effectively carries out row piles, now and eggs. Very agile, with a modernized silencer, he works quite quietly.

Grubber Champion BC 5712

The device is equipped with a powerful G200H petrol engine with 6.5 hp, a gearbox with speeds 2 forward / 1 backwards and transpo bikes for simple movement. The gearbox consists of a chain suspension gear and a strap. Weight – 57 kg. Six adjustable dikes offer soil processing in 3 modes 30/55/85 cm.

BC 5712 motorcycle

Thanks to the low center of gravity, the Grubber Champion can be controlled well when working on the slope. The plow depth can be adjusted comfortably via the crowd, the maximum value is 35 cm. The model can be optimally aggregated with different attachment devices.

Motor Grubber Champion BC 6712

This machine is an improved version of the BC 5712 model. With the same engine power of 6.5 hp. The ergonomics have been significantly improved: G200F OHV engine, adjustable removable handles. By using individual parts and assemblies from polymers in the construction, the weight has dropped to 49 kg.

Champion BC 6712 motor cultivator

The tillage width is 85 cm at a depth of 35 cm adjustable steering wheel, 2 forward/1 reverse gear, attached trailers bring this champion motor pitcher in closer to efficiency to a powerful hand-led tractor.

Video evaluation of the Grubber Champion BC 6712

Heavy motor pitcher

The machines are characterized by their high weight, extended functionality and the ability to not only carry out agricultural work in combination with attachments, but also to transport goods.

Motor Grubber Champion VS 7712

This 6.5 hp professional agricultural machine. It has a decent weight of 52.5 kg, with which you can work productively on heavy maiden and brach floors on areas of up to 20 hectares.

Motokulture Champion Sun 7712

It is successfully used by municipal services, in parks. The cultivator is equipped with an adjustable handle and enables plowing the floor to a width of 55-85 cm at a depth of 33 cm.

Grubber Champion BC 8713

The cultivator is equipped with a G200H-6.5 hp engine and a gearbox with 2 forwards / 1 reverse gear. Offers a working width of the tillage of 88 cm to a depth of 33 cm The machine is equipped with pneumatic bikes, which means that it can be used for the transport of goods.

Motokulture champion BC 8713

Motor cultivator Champion вс 9713

This device is a novelty in the Champion series. The performance of the mugber has increased – 7 hp, the extended gearbox offers 3 forward / 1 reverse gear. Due to the large weight of 70 kg, the grubber effectively processes large plots of up to 1 ha with heavy new floor, equipped with air wheels. The plow width is somewhat lower than with the previous model – 80 cm.

Champion Motochanter Sun 9713

Equipment not assembled

Champion engine tilters are transformed into multifunctional units with additional attachments. Agricultural machinery offers with connected additional devices:

  • Miss – Depending on the number of installed milling cutters, the width of plowing the soil is regulated. The installation of mills with different diameters is possible.
  • Pflug – is used to process virgin land and complex soils.
  • Potato rotor coupling is used to mechanize potatoes.
  • Okuchnik – the Hillen of plantings carries out, cuts furrows.
  • Weedtecher – it is necessary if weed rows distances are fed to loosen the ground.
  • Stege – serve to improve the continuousness of the unit when plowing.
  • Carrows, miniopecks – are designed for the transport of different loads.
  • Ochsen extension cables are devices for expanding the wheelbase for the breeder of master.
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Gruntosepa cigarette to bunk potato cutters plow grinding

Characteristics of operation and maintenance of motor types

Champion Motor Cultivators are characterized by a simple design and reliable assembly. Cars are able to work on all floors for a long time at an intensive pace. The worthy quality of the components and the pricing policy of the units are undoubtedly pleasant for the owners.

The costs for reliable imported devices are within 9,000 rubles. – 22,000 rubles. It’s pretty acceptable.

Champion cultivating with two-active engines when fuel consumes the fuel mixture (50: 1) AI 92-petrol and TC-3 or Jaso FD OIL. Four stroke engines are seasoned with pure AI 92 petrol. Motor oil is used by the SAE 30 class in the summer in Winter-SaE 5W30. A systematic check of the oil level should be a rule for the owners of the breeders – according to the last round of the threads of the Gossenhole.

2-stroke al-Ko Jaso FD Oil TC-W3 Sae 10W3 machine oil

First start, runnin g-in

A new technology enters the sale with a gear with the lubrication, which is sufficient for 150 mothers. At the end of this time, the fat of the Champion EP-0 brand should be replaced by a new one. It is necessary to find 4-5 hours in an economical mode with a load of no more than 50% of the maximum performance on the champion cultivating. You should take breaks every 30 minutes. After completing the procedure, the Öler set is carried out.

After completing the active work of the active work, the cultivator must be preserved. To do this, it is cleaned by dirt, washed and caught dry, smacked working parts with oil to avoid corrosion, covered and put in a dry place.

Possible malfunctions, repair

Despite the fairly young age of the Champion Brand-13 years, the forums have many positive reviews about motor cultivators and tips on how easily and quickly something can repeat something in design. Sometimes there are complaints about poor meetings, poor functionality of protective signs. But in general, farmers are reliable, productive and repair because the slogan of the brand is not for nothing the slogan “power and strength”.

The manufacturers of manufacture for the operation of the Champion cultivate contains comprehensive information about possible malfunctions and opportunities to eliminate them. Let us think with some of the most important points:

  • The operating manual should be carefully examined, since there are often information based on the equipment of the equipment.
  • The cultivator does not receive any performance – check the condition of the air filter, coordinate the carburetor and the cleanliness of the silencer.
  • A sudden stop of the engine can occur due to improper adjustment of the carburetor or air filter pollution.
  • The engine overheats with impaired ai r-access.
  • If the clothes have stopped when the cutter is running, the clutch device should be checked.

You can familiarize yourself with the functions of the device, operation and maintenance of the motor cultivator champion by link:

Reviews of the owners


“Motokulture champion 252 I’ve been working for 3 years. For my farm, almost 2 horsepower is sufficient for its power. The device is very comfortable to work. An aluminum gas handle is carried out on the steering wheel, the button for switching on and switching off the practical, the cutting cutters are installed, there are transport bikes. When the floor is firm, I exist 2 times and no problems. A good unit, you can take it, you won’t regret it. “


“I bought an electrical cultivator from the EU 750 champion with a capacity of 0.75 kW for a greenhouse. The configuration contains 4 mills, each processes a strip of 32 cm and simply sets up such a width of the line distance. The depths of 20 cm for the weeds and looseners are also sufficient. The car is very easily 7 kg, we again work with his wife. A reliable, comfortable cultivator sometimes makes work easier. “

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