Motor cultivator CHAMPION BC 9813. Features, videos and reviews about the work

Overview of the Champion 9813 engine block. Description of the model. Application functions, maintenance

Motoblock Champion 9813 is a medium-power model, the purpose of this equipment is to cultivate the soil, perform various agricultural and transport work.

Since the release of the first goods under the Champion brand, the company producing these devices has been located in Russia, in St. Petersburg. Then the company switched to the licensed production of motoblocks with Chinese components.

Motoblock champion BC 9813

Motoblocks Champion are very popular with farmers. The owners of these devices leave mostly positive feedback about the assembly, quality of work and general condition of the walk-behind tractors. The 9813 model is deservedly popular due to its ability to perform all the functionality of more expensive walk-behind tractors. The engine installed on the device also receives good reviews.

According to the company that produces these devices, all walk-behind tractors are certified, tested and tested in production.

The engine of the “Champion 9813” – like other models of the series, gasoline, four-stroke, single-cylinder. Engine brand G210-1HK. The volume of the engine is 212 cm3, power is 7 hp. 3.5 liter gas tank with an average gas consumption of 1.8 liters per hour. The consumption intensity is determined both by the fuel quality and by the load on the two-wheel tractor. The more intense the load, the higher the consumption.

The main purpose of the Champion 9813 walk-behind tractor is agricultural work, sowing, work, seasonal harvesting, transportation of goods on a wagon. It is also possible to work with an adapter that will be most convenient for the owner, because with it the walk-behind tractor can carry both cargo and passengers.

The following video shows the operation of the Champion walk behind tractor with a rotary mower

Specifications Champion 9813

Overview of the main technical characteristics of the Champion 9813 walk behind tractor:

  • Warranty period — 12 months;
  • Device dimensions in mm. are: 1390 (length), 800 (width), 1070 (height);
  • there is a reverse gear for easy maneuvering on the ground;
  • The gearbox is three-speed, there is one reverse gear;
  • gear chain reducer;
  • belt clutch;
  • adjustable steering wheel;
  • cutters with a diameter of 32 cm;
  • PTO shaft;
  • emitted noise equal to 78 dB;
  • The weight of the walk behind tractor is 78 kg.
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Overview of the components of the Champion 9813 walk behind tractor:

  • Cookie Cutters (collapsible set, 1 pack);
  • pneumatic wheels (2 units);
  • Instructions for the engine, for the two-wheel tractor (one copy each);
  • crowd;
  • ground cover.

It should be noted that the main purpose and application of the Champion 9813 is domestic work, preferably on prepared ground. Some feedback from farmers indicates that working with virgin soil requires additional weighting of the machine, but the device quickly processes soft soil. When working with virgin soil, use cleats and weights to eliminate slipping in the tightest areas.

Motoblock champion BC 9813

Consider the features of using a walk-behind tractor when transporting goods. Do not load the trailer or cart to its maximum capacity, particularly during the break-in period of the unit. When assembling cutters, use protective thick cloth gloves and wear hard-soled, closed-toe shoes.

Rules for maintenance, operation

  • use the two-wheel tractor for its intended purpose, depending on its performance and carrying capacity;
  • Only work with a working machine, if problems are found do not work with the device until the fault is corrected.
  • Fill the device only with high-quality gasoline, oil, use lubricants;
  • When working with attachments, follow the recommendations for the declared power of the walk-behind tractor to connect the attachment, especially for snow blowers, mowers and other heavy equipment.

Video review of work

If you are the owner of the Motoblocks Champion 9813, upload a link to your rating with a video in the comments to this material. The next video shows the operation of a walk-behind tractor from a common model line with an engine of the same power (7 hp).

owner reviews


“I have been using the Champion 9813 for two seasons. Despite the rather modest experience of using such equipment, I can say that I have already appreciated how convenient it is with a walk-behind tractor and how difficult it is without it.

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Advantages: enough power for 60 hectares, more powerful machines are heavier and therefore consume more fuel. Fuel consumption is pretty moderate, but I don’t remember him eating less than 1.5 liters per hour.

Cons: Loud, vibrates. That’s why I work with special gloves.

Motor cultivator CHAMPION BC 9813. Features, videos and reviews about the work

Recommendation: 100%


Model description and application

Motoblock Champion 9813 is designed to operate on relatively small areas up to 1 ha.

The Champion BC 9813 is equipped with a 7 hp petrol engine. The walk behind tractor runs on 92AI gasoline.

The average fuel consumption per operating hour is 1.875 liters. The engine is powered by a manual starter.

Application features and device

Motoblocks Champion 9813 are designed for use on small areas with prepared floors.

Before starting work with attachments, it is necessary to check the reliability of the attachment. In the event of strong vibrations, the coupling was incorrectly connected.

If it is necessary to plow or till hard soils (urland) at a long distance, cleats or additional weight should be installed.

A footboard is installed in front of the walk-behind tractor, which allows you to lean on the device during engine warm-up or a break during work.

There are protective wings above the wheels, which protect the operator from dirt and dust being thrown up while working.

The belt drive is protected from accidental damage by a protective cover.

The height of the steering wheel can be adjusted individually for the operator.

Technical characteristics

Engine power, (kW / hp) at (rpm) 7.5.3600
detection width, mm 1050
Plow depth, mm 300
Drive mechanism of the mill gear
transmission 2 forward / 1 back
Engine Type/Fuel 4T/Gasoline
Engine volume, (cm3) 212
Fuel tank volume, (l) 3,6
Maximum fuel consumption, (g/kW•h)/(l/h) 395/1.9
The volume of oil in the crankcase, (l) 0,6
Travel speed at 1/2/R, (km/h) 3.4/8.4/3.4
wheel width / disc diameter 4/8
weight (kg 82
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maintenance and operation

Before using the Champion walk-behind tractor, you must read the operator’s manual.

It contains basic information on the operation of the device, its technical properties and the terms of use.

In addition, the operating instructions contain the process of correct initial commissioning, assembly and entrance of the singl e-axle towing Champion VS 9813.

An electronic version of the user manual can be downloaded here.

In order to extend the lifespan of the han d-led Tractor Champion VS 9813, it is necessary to maintain it properly.

  • Oils of the 10W-40 or SAE 30 series are used for gearbox and crankcase, lubricants must be changed every 25 hours.
  • The gearbox should be filled with oil from the SAE 80W-90 series. It should be changed every 100 operating hours.
  • At the end of the field work, the one-axle tractor must be cleaned of dirt and dust residues.

Video review

The basic cultivation device for handmade champion BC 9813 tractors is considered a cutting device, here is a video about its assembly and installation:


On the Internet you can read ratings of owners of handmade tractors champion BC 9813. Users notice their versatility when working with additional attachments, high performance and low fuel consumption. Yaroslav: “I don’t have a large property of 20 acres. So I didn’t see the meaning in monsters for 9-13 hp. Took champion 9813 for 7 horses and happy. For two seasons, he plowed and ground, spat potatoes and cleared the snow. Generally a universal assistant. Great functionality. There was a problem with the oil, it started to drive, there was a problem with the filter, it was clogged “

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