Motor cultivator CHAMPION BC 7712. Features, videos and reviews

Motor cultivator CHAMPION BC 7712. Features, videos and reviews

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Model description and operation

These motor cultivators have gained popularity in our country due to the golden mean in terms of cost and quality.

Motoblocks Champion VS 7712 are equipped with a 6.5 HP petrol engine. It is powered by an electric starter.

The device weighs approx. 52 kg.

The recommended cost for the basic model is 23,500 rubles.

Technical characteristics

Engine power, (kW / hp) at (rpm) 4.8/6.5 (3600)
detection width, mm 550-850
Plow depth, mm 330
Drive mechanism of the mill Chain
transmission 1 forward / 1 back
Engine Type/Fuel 4T/Gasoline
Engine volume, (cm3) 196
Fuel tank volume, (l) 3,6
The volume of oil in the crankcase, (l) 0,6
Idle Speed ​​(RPM) 1400
weight (kg 52

Design and application features

  • The basic implement for cultivating the soil and increasing its fertility is a plow. To get a flat track, the first track is made first. Then a wheel is inserted into the installed ditch, the steering wheel is turned to the side (for more convenient operation), the plow is lowered and plowing continues.
  • A tiller is used for deeper tillage. Knives can be fitted instead of standard pneumatic wheels.
  • The cutting width can be controlled by installing or removing a blade set. It can vary in the range from 55 to 85 cm. The knives are driven by a chain. It’s much more practical than a belt.
  • A support wheel is installed on the front, which gives the device additional stability during operation.
  • When cultivating alongside crops, it is important not to damage them. For this reason, special protective discs are attached to the sides of the knives.
  • Protective wings are installed to prevent dirt and dust from flying towards the operator.
  • The height of the wheel on the Champion BC 7712 walk behind tractor can be adjusted for easy handling.
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User Guide

Before you start working with the motor cultivator Champion 7712, you should study the operating instructions.

It contains basic information on assembly, running-in, commissioning and maintenance of the two-wheel tractor.

You can find the user manual at this link


To prolong the life of the Champion 7712 Walk Tractor, you should take proper care of it.

  • An important point is the timely replacement of engine and transmission oil, cleaning the device and attachments from dust and dirt after the end of work, replacing filters and spark plugs.
  • The schedule for carrying out all work is given in the operating instructions.

Video reviews of work

This video report provides an overview of the Champion 7712 walk behind tractor:

Overview of the assembly and commissioning process of the cultivator:

owner reviews

This is what their owners say about the Champion 7712 walk-behind tractors:

Alexey: “I bought a fathe r-in the lute for a gift. In 15 minutes without problems, everything is intuitively clear, it starts stable, gives out big turns, works with any type of soil. The handle is adjustable in height, the speed is both forward and reverse, dust is easily washed off with Kerher. If you do not know how to handle such a technique, you will quickly become a sprinter. “

Description of Walkover Champion 7712. Features of Applications, Engine Type, Model Features, Purpose

The Motblock Champion 7712 is one of the popular universal soil density technology models. It can easily cope with simple work on the lawn, mowing grass, various jobs in greenhouses, in open ground and even on the virgin lands.

According to the manufacturer, the motorcycle block can certainly replace more expensive mini applications. The cost is especially pleasant – the new model will cost the owner from 22 to 25 thousand rubles.

Champion BC 7712 motor cultivator

The appointment of a walkover champion 7712: community work (cleaning of snow, leaves, garbage, twigs), watering lawns, transporting goods on carts and trailers is possible to work with the adapter connection. Agricultural work such as ploughing, hilling, loosening, weeding, mulching, planting rooters, digging potatoes, etc.

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Given the cost of the unit, we can say that it will be difficult to find a more universal assistant in any section of any area. Please note that the interaction of the walking tractor with virgin lands requires the ground and execution of several “passages” one by one in a row.

Champion G200F engine

Motobobloc k-Engin e-Champion 7712 – Fou r-Strok e-Gasoline with air cooling Champion G200F. Engine power is 6.5 hp, engine volume is 196 cm. Gasoline tank capacity is standard for models of this weight and 3.6 liters. Oil crankcase 0.6 l.

The position is not equipped with hinged devices, due to which the cost of new models is much lower than the analogues, including, for example, a plow or active soilofrez.

Video about the first start of the Motoboblock champion 7712

Technical characteristics Champion 7712

Review of the basic technical characteristics of the Motobobo k-Champion 7712:

  • chain gear;
  • belt clutch;
  • cultivation width 80 cm;
  • Frasing – diameter 32 cm;
  • tillage depth up to 30 cm;
  • The rotation speed of the cutter is 130 revolutions per minute;
  • The weight of the wander loss tractor is 52.5 kg;
  • Two-speed checkpoint, there is a reverse train;
  • The dimensions of the Walk behavior tractor in MM: 780 x 830 x 430.

User Guide

Basic equipment of the Motor Block Champion 7712:

  • cleaned cutters;
  • jockey wheel;
  • a set of documents, a warranty card;
  • protective discs on the lateral parts of the axles;
  • fasteners;
  • Protective wings (2 units).

The main advantages of the Walkover Champion 7712 and the features of the application:
  • can work within 2-3 hours without power off;
  • Certified has passed production tests that meets safety requirements.
  • easy to manage;
  • Light, takes up little space during storage or transportation;
  • can interact with any soil;
  • Powerful Champion brand motor;
  • Maneuverable, due to the presence of backwards;
  • It is recommended to only use a tractor in good condition, seasoned with fuel fluids.
  • The slope of the floor during operation is allowed, but it should reach 15 degrees.
  • gas gasoline AI-92;
  • The deadlines are standard – at least 20 hours in total when working in different load modes in all gears.

The owner of the tractor of Walk behavior is obliged to follow the safety rules when working with equipment: do not smoke near a work tractor, use overalls during operation of the device, wear reduce vibration.

Video review of the work of the Walk behavior tractor

Video about the Motoboblok Champion 7712 – An overview of the unit’s characteristics for future owners.

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owner reviews


“The owner of the Champion 7712 since 2017. The experience is still small. But in general I have an idea of ​​u200bu200bthe work of light and heavy motblocks, I can compare.

Pros: Easier Wal k-Abandoned Tractor for me is definitely better! Such a technique should be an aid. And in order not to bow, you need to take a min i-Actractor. Champion parameters are quite happy with me, power, speed, good sharpness and strength of milling clothes.

Cons: To increase the target I can’t imagine how much time it takes. And this, of course, is a model, not professionals.

I did not set the tasks of cultivating desert areas and for gardening it is spot on! “

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