Motor blocks Zubr Z-15. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock petrol ZUBR MTB-400 7 HP

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Reviews about Motoblock gasoline ZUBR MTB-400 7 HP

Advantages: Large wheels – good cross-country ability, controllability and maneuverability.

Comment: price, quick and easy assembly.

Pros: Good flotation and build quality, easy to use, 5 year warranty, high performance, manageable and manoeuvrable.

Cons: Not found

Comment: Good choice.

Pros: In March, the Zubr MTB-400 walk-behind tractor was purchased and from that moment entrepreneurial activity began, all the neighboring gardens were plowed, it worked the whole spring without a break. For the summer, a trolley has been adapted for transporting manure, firewood and getting around the village

Disadvantages: The equipment is incomprehensible, I would wish that engine oil was included in the kit in addition to transmission oil

Comment: The device is quite reliable, easy to assemble and operate.

Pros: This novelty is 19, which means the party is well done. 4 speeds, one back, three forward, and most importantly, one of the speeds descends. runs fast, but now I’ll give it full throttle for a moment, because on entry plus points Chegunin transmission, gear lever on the right side and very soft, no crackling and no effort. The engine along the Lifanovsky 170-7 horses works a fairy-tale whisper straight in a soft bass.The cutters are excellently springy, which is good! the only sharpen

Grape varieties from America

Cons: Rolls would be at least ten larger or there would be a choice of 8, 10 or 12 sizes to go with

Comment: Complete set of cutters, the front adapter is a solid tube and not hollow like some, a clutch, transport wheels, a share, a screwdriver, a candlestick, gear oil 2 liters. As I walk in a cart, driving a small cargo. . Something similar to Veima 900-3. We have a positive temperature in the Flax region, so there’s an opportunity to drive in and test the walk-behind tractor’s performance for yourself. I am happy

Cons: Came with a bent share. When assembling, the holes of the parts don’t match, I had to drill my own. There is no oil level check in the engine, you can overfill it. Pour about 0.5 liters, otherwise it will be spent through the muffler with the engine running. Do not pour more than the specified 1.6 liters into the gearbox, otherwise oil will leak through the cover. It digs shallowly, about 10 cm, 35 cm is not even mentioned. Cannot dig, lacks weight and strength. During the first pass, the share bent at all, almost broke. On the second day, the clutch belt pinch roller broke at the weld with the bracket. All.

Comment: I am very disappointed. There are very few seven horses, or there is no declared power.

Pros: Light enough, easy to use, easy to move.

Pros: The walk behind tractor is quite powerful.

Cons: I noticed an incompleteness during assembly, the engraver and washers were completely missing, the bracket for the shifter was poorly welded (there is no alignment with the holes for mounting the shift knob)

Comment: I’ve done a little bit of editing so far, as a suggested break-in, quite acceptable. I don’t know about other assembled units that I haven’t bought yet.

Pros: performance, guarantee

Cons: Haven’t found one yet

Comment: I like this brand for its reliability. The walk behind tractor is easy to use, big wheels, powerful and the 5 year warranty says a lot.

Overview of a hand-led tractor with electrostart Tselina MB-902F. Technical parameters, advantages, video work, owner reviews

Pros: This product is very easy to use, powerful and passable.

Comment: We bought it for a summer house, we have been using it for a few months. No wonder Bison was recognized as a “people’s brand”, I advise everyone who is looking for a good manufacturer. The husband is happy, we are waiting for the harvest.

Pros: Easy to use, price. engine power

Cons: not found

Comment: excellent walk behind tractor for the money was totally satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages: price, 5-year warranty, good performance (can handle 10 hectares without any problems), for walk-behind tractors – versatile, large wheels – good cross-country ability, Russian assembly (better materials).

Cons: Few attachments

Comment: Good value for money

Pros: hassle-free excavation of the whole dacha, extended 5-year warranty, assembly in the Russian Federation

Cons: not found

Comments: good machine for the money

Comment: Another two. The coupling on the weld immediately broke during transportation – poor quality seams, I had to go to digest the seams on the chip. Filled with petrol, found a hole in the petrol tank. The manufacturer, when making threads with a tap, made a hole in the gas tank in the engine-side bracket. I had to remove the gas tank, look for a hole, get glue. I didn’t bring it under warranty, I decided to fix these defects myself, since I had to take it a long way and again I had to disassemble and assemble everything. I sealed the tank with two part glue until it leaked. I started it in half a turn, the clutch works well, the speed shifts with difficulty, with a scuff, the steering wheel is welded a little crookedly. He began to cultivate (grind the earth), passed a bed three times. It cultivates a maximum of 17 cm, immediately put a hiller (for testing), went through a rut – the rubber wheels do not pull, they turn over as if the weight is not enough. After 20 minutes of operation, the shift lever broke. Spat, started digging by hand. We have to ask the welder again to weld the part, this time the shifter. The woman doesn’t put it in ZUBR, that’s a species of beaver.

Review of hinge devices for engine blocks Agro

Pros: the walk-behind tractor is powerful, perfectly copes with 10 hectares, as he understood, it was made in Russia, logically it should work for a long time, but the season began to rock the cart on it, while everything was good, there are no complaints

Cons: Didn’t find any cons

Pros: powerful device, the presence of switching speed.

Cons: None found yet

Comment: Looks pretty solid. while on the run.

Pros: Extended Warranty

Cons: Digs less deep than advertised, poor quality welds, gear reduction was noticed during assembly. weak engine

Comment: So far there is a raw product, but when correcting all posts is a good choice for an ordinary gardener

Motoblocks Z-15. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

The petrol bison of Z-15 (6.5 hp) is designed in such a way that they cultivate all floors in small areas (up to 0.5 hectares). The tractor for walks will fit perfectly into a small private sector, will be an ideal solution for summer residents and residents of the villages.

Motoblock petrol Bison Z-15

With the help of this severe multifunctional unit (in the presence of appropriate trailer devices), the following agricultural work is carried out:

  • Soil cultivation;
  • Plant cultures;
  • Weed struggle;
  • Plant bill;
  • Harvest;
  • Bloodpoint for cattle;
  • Snow cleaning etc.

In order to carry out this work, the following equipment must be bought:

  • Floors (the active type is already in the kit, “goose legs” are sold separately);
  • rotating plows;
  • Pollen;
  • Cigns;
  • Rotor braids;
  • Flatzneider;
  • Coupling;
  • Floors;
  • Pump;
  • Follower;
  • Weight agents etc.


The Z-15 motor block model is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 6.5 hp. The air cooling of the engine does not leave it to overheat and increase the operating hours several times. The engine is introduced manually.

Small weight (65 kg) and the size of the device enable you to easily transport it into the trunk of a car. Despite its compactness, the Z-15 bolt engine blocks can cultivate the soil up to a depth of 25 cm. The gearbox has three speeds, two of which are the front and a backward goods.

Overview of the DT-175 tractor "Volgar". Characteristics, elimination of problems, video work, reviews

The torque transmission is carried out with a wedge gear. High-quality petrol A-92 is used as fuel. Adjustable handles make working with the device more comfortable.

Technical characteristics

Motor type: 4 tact
Cooling system: Air
Drive unit: Brishmous equipment
Forward the number of programs: 2
Number of programs back: 1
The width of the cultivation: 900 mm
The depth of cultivation: 250 mm
Type of fuel: petrol
Start type: Manual
Work motor volume: 196 cubic meters
Engine power: 6.5 L.S.
The size: 810x765x715 mm
The weight: 65 kg
Warranty: 12 months
Country of Manufacture: China

User Guide

When buying severe agricultural devices for personal needs, it is necessary to examine the instructions for this technology that are necessarily included in the unit itself, the soil and the coupling.

In these instructions you may be interested in the following points:

  • The device of the Walk behavior.
  • Operation.
  • Maintenance of the device (the process for replacing oil, fuel, maintaining winter time, etc.).
  • Break, causes of their occurrence and their correction methods.

In order for the device to be served properly and start from the first start, you must carefully monitor the cleanliness and lubrication of each part of the device. Bad fuel or end oil can lead to a walk.

Without knowing the tractor of the Walk behavior, you cannot carry out the maintenance and repair of the machine. A proper run in the unit increases the operating features of the tractor of the walk behavior.

Focusing (after sound, appearance, vibrations, etc.) In the possible malfunctions of the unit and the reasons they have caused, you can replace the damaged part independently, tighten the fastening elements, replace the oil, etc.


Owners of the BS-15 motor block are satisfied with their unit and emphasize its functionality and quality of the work.

Stepan Sergeevich, 54 years old:

I bought this Chinese equipment two years ago. During that time she has never failed me. Treens, coupling were in the kit, I had to buy wheels and cigns potato equipment a little later. Before buying, I thought for a long time and couldn’t decide: do you choose a diesel or petrol model? Stopped on gasoline, there are no complaints, I’m happy with the Chinese.

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Igor Vasilievich, 47 years old:

I’ve been processing my 80 acres with a Z-15 bolt for the past six years. The device is not very heavy, the control is perfect to hear, starts from a banded. During the entire period of the operation there were several glitches – he changed the wedge-shaped belt, as it was and was everywhere, feeding the carburetor (it didn’t look and flooded dirty gasoline – I had to sweat). In the winter I carefully cooked, always appears in full readiness, there were no more problems with the start.

Alexey, 29 years old:

An excellent summer option, if in a short time (you come to the cottage for the weekend), you will have to redo a lot of work. Manually processing 30-50 acres in two days just isn’t realistic, and you can easily cope with that task with the Z-15 Bison model. A wide range of attachments allows you to fully automate all gardening work. However, this is what you need to spend a little to buy all these excavators. Perchnikov, etc. Motoblock worth attention, easy to control, I like it.

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