Motor blocks Zubr JR-Q78. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Engine block Zubr 8 hp

Zubr 8 is a diesel-powered walk-behind tractor that is in great demand in agriculture. The full name of the model is Zubr JR-Q78. The equipment is distinguished by its balanced characteristics, does not differ in high performance, but has a good supply of traction, which is much more useful when driving on difficult terrain. The model has proven itself in Russia, CIS and other developing countries where agriculture is one of the key industries.

general information

The walking tractor in question is in demand in agriculture – primarily because of a good margin of safety, impressive performance, as well as a simple and unpretentious design. The model found its application not only in agriculture. In addition, the bison is quite capable of transporting cargo with limited carrying capacity. Please note that in terms of its characteristics, the Zubr-23C 9.0 Pro is even comparable to the flagship model Neva MB-23C 9yu0 Pro.


The two-wheel tractor already has good off-road mobility in the basic version, so it is not surprising that this model is in great demand among farms. The cultivator is subject to significant overloads, which allows you to perform the following types of work:

  • plowing ground
  • weeding
  • twist
  • Dig up root crops (then they are harvested by hand)
  • Planting of certain crops
  • Mowing grass, etc. The cultivator can be used in a certain area depending on what equipment is installed on it.


The motoblock received a lot of additional equipment, thanks to which it can be turned into a multifunctional vehicle for transporting various pieces of luggage. In addition, the options make the car more versatile. So, among the most common devices one can note a plow, a potato digger (there are two types – vibration and passive), a potato planter, pumps, as well as a hill, potato digger, mower (there are two types – segment and rotary).

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The two-wheel tractor in question can compete with a row cultivator in terms of its capabilities.

Engine and technical data

The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a liquid-cooled diesel engine, a three-speed gearbox and reverse gear. The power of the power plant reaches 8 hp. The efficiency of the transmission is complemented by the reverse gear. It is also possible to shift up and down depending on the traffic situation. The Bison will be indispensable in large areas, since the equipment has wide potential and universal capabilities.

The engine is a four-stroke engine with a working volume of 0.4 liters and a rated power of 8 liters. With. The built-in condenser is responsible for cooling all components and systems of the internal combustion engine. Also available is a gear pump whose job is to lubricate parts by spraying. The engine is started by a starter using a Z-shaped handle. Motor dimensions – 740x400x560 mm. The power structure also includes a drive consisting of two B1700 V-belts. The volume of the fuel tank is 8 liters, and the volume of the oil boat is 1.5 liters.

The engine can reach a maximum of 20 km / h, which is more than worthy for this type of equipment. The track width is 730 mm and the ground clearance is a record-breaking 235 mm.

The gearbox contains a gear and a conical transmission. Cup – frictional stirring a-Disc.

The market presents only three configurations of the change of the Jer Q78 bison.

Fuel consumption

In view of the fact that the cultivator is equipped with a lo w-powerful diesel engine, he has high efficiency. The average fuel consumption in the monoblock is 10 2-3 liters per hour. In general, the operating data specified by the owners are largely converged with the manufacturer’s pass data. With additional equipment, fuel consumption can increase slightly. For example, with a wal k-in tractor together with a charged trailer, it consumes about 3 to 3.5 liters per hour.

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Prices in Russia

The bison 8 has been on the market for a long time. In high demand, as new, but also supported copies. So far, the costs of a new machine in the basic configuration are 27,000 rubles and can exceed 35,000 rubles together with additional attachments. The prices on the secondary market are much more modest, but in this case the risk of buying a bad copy. The design of the tractor for walk injuries is simple and reliable, and yet they should not be carried out to be tempting to be tempting. The optimal average market price of the supported MOTBLOCK ZWR 8 is in the region of 15 to 20,000 rubles.


First of all, it must be said that the CST 8 is an average modification compared to other models of the same name. So there is still “bison” with a capacity of 6 and 12 liters on the market. With.

The cultivating NEVA MB 2 can be distinguished from the next analogues of the CADN 8 family.

Motoblocks bison JR-Q78. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Motoblock Diesel bison JR-Q78 (electrical starter) 8 hp. It is a representative for heavy agricultural devices for farms and areas of medium and large sizes.

Motoblock Diesel bison JR-Q78 (electrical starter) 8 hp

It is difficult not only the unit class, but also its weight – 186 kg.

The following agricultural work can be carried out with the JR-Q78 hiking tractor:

  • Cultivation of all types of soils;
  • Plants of different plants;
  • Hilling plants;
  • Weed struggle;
  • Irrigation;
  • Harvest;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Snow cleaning;
  • Transport small goods.

In order to use all the ways that the ZUBRYR diese l-engineized block offers its owner, you have to take care of the corresponding and follo w-up devices, some of which can be sold with the unit (e.g. Soilofors) or separately.

Four years ago, I bought a “bison” motor block four years ago and drove it as it should and went: plowing, landing, now jumping ... I am busy with potatoes, four years ago. so the best. Throughout the time I cost small breakdowns - I changed the camp, a wedge belt. I am satisfied with the car.

The functional additions are:

  • revolutionary plow;
  • Hiller;
  • Discs;
  • Floors;
  • Mower;
  • Pump (pump);
  • Tracky;
  • Snowman;
  • Potato cake and potatoes.
Soldering tools - make a choice in favor of high-quality equipment!

Many craftsmen prefer to make these equipment with their own hands.


The switch of the JR-Q78 modification is equipped with a powerful one-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 8 liters. With. With a function of water cooling (overheating protection).

The cooling fluid moves through its channels and cools the engine that is undergoing in the operating process. Thanks to this cooling, the duration of the no n-top operation of the unit increases.

The start of the engine block engine can be made in two ways:

  • manually (there is a handle);
  • From an electric steamer (a special “Start” button is planned).

A large container of the fuel tank (8 l) and the economic fuel consumption enables the owner to carry out agricultural work without being distracted by refueling. Zubble JR-Q78 has a multi-gear transmission:

  • 6 front speeds;
  • 2 back speeds.

Strong protectors on the wheels of the device offer a reliable handle of the machine with the floor, the lack of slippers and a confident train. The rotary moment is transmitted by hig h-rental worm transmission (engine – working body). With a wedg e-cut gear, the moment is transferred to the gear. There is protection against overload. The high maneuverability of the hiking loss tract takes place through the differential lock function. Due to the bilateral handle setting, the operator can control the machine more conveniently.

Technical characteristics

The technical features of the Jers-Q78 bison presented in the table help to evaluate the unit on the dignity and make the right choice:

model Zubr JR-Q78 (8 hp)
engine Horizontal town diesel fou r-stroke engine 180N with water cooling
Cylinder diameter: 80 mm
Piston hub: 80 mm
Engine volume: 402 cm 3
Maximum Performance: 8.8 PS
Rated capacity: 8.0 PS
Nominal speed: 2200 rpm
Cooling system: capacitor
The rotation direction of the fly wheel: Against clockwise
Lubrication: Spray the gear pump with a lubricating system
Motor start: Hand starter (z – figurative handle)
Injection pressure: 12753 KPA (130 kgf/cm 2)
Fuel uplouder angle: 22 ± 2 to the upper dead point
The gap of the inlet valve (cold engine): 0.25 ± 0.05 mm
The gap of the exhaust valve (cold engine): 0.30 ± 0.05 mm
Motor mass: 70 kg
The total dimensions of the engine are 180n, mm: 740*400*560
Total dimensions, mm: 2180 x 890 x 1250
Fuel: diesel
Drive unit: Two wedge belts B1700
Transmission: Gearboxes with a conical transmission, pane friction clutch
Starter: Manual
Fuel tank: 8.0 l
Fuel consumption: < 282 г/кВтч
Oil Carter: 1.5 l
Number of programs: 6/2 forward/backward
Speed: 2.3-20.5/3.8-12.7 forward/backward
Speed ​​from: 2600 rpm
The maximum cultivation width: 80 cm
Work depth: Up to 10-18 cm
Fahrwidth: 650-730 mm
Floor clearance: 234 mm
Dimensions: 214/90/117 cm
Differential wheels: There is
Cycling size: 6.00-12
Dimensions D/W/B: 2140/905/1175 mm
The weight: 186 kg
Gear: 3 types of configuration
Manufacturer: Zubr, China
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User Guide

The main features of the device, its maintenance, executing devices as well as a description of possible malfunctions and options for solution are shown in detailed instructions for the operation of the device.

It is important to examine the instructions in detail and to fully meet all recommendations. In the first operating times of the device (initially at idle), the further maintenance of the tractor of walking depends.

It is also important to examine the cases in which the oil replaces and the procedure is understood for exchange. Don’t forget to monitor the amount of fuel in the tank, the oil in the crankcase and the fastening elements – you can get out of the blue and turn out a problem.

Every time before working with the device, carry out inspection and tightening of screws and other fastening elements. Cleaning the engine block of dust and dirt is the necessary effect of the owner.

We offer a small video overview of the Zuby Motor Block, JR-Q78 models:


The best criterion for evaluating a specific technology are the checks of people you have already bought and use them completely. In principle, the JR-Q78 Bison received positive reviews from its owners?

Alexander, 32 years:

I bought a “bison” motor block four years ago and drove it as it should and went: plowing, landing, weeding, jumping … I am busy with potatoes, so the best possible. Throughout the time I cost small breakdowns – I changed the camp, a wedge belt. I am satisfied with the car.

Igor Vasilievich, 55 years old:

I read reviews on the Internet, wrote down with suppliers and decided to buy JR-Q78 “Bluepfuss” for personal needs. The purchase was made in April of this year. Motoblock turned out to be hardy and reliable. Spring worked all summer and autumn – there was no collapse. Maybe little time has passed? Only tailors were included in the kit. I bought wheels, a hip, a hay, I think of a snowman, I’ll look.

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