Motor blocks Fermer FM 811MX. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motor blocks Fermer FM 811MX. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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Motoblock Fermer FM 811MX does not have high performance. It is intended for use in small summer cottages, the area of ​​which averages 15-20 hectares.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 811MX

Fermer FM 811MX has a single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with a power of 7.5 hp.

Technical characteristics

type of engine 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, petrol engine
Engine power, hp (kW) 7.5 (5.5)
Engine volume, cm 3 208
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
shaft diameter, mm 23 (hex)
trailer hitch Universal
drive unit belt / chain
cutting width, mm 950
mounting depth, mm up to 300
cultivation speed, m/min 6 – 10
Fuel tank capacity, l 3,6
Oil crankcase capacity, l 0,6
PTO (power take off) no
Tailor included There is
wheel size 4.00-8.00
Weight (net), kg 90

application features

Fermer FM 811MX successfully copes with the automation of a large amount of manual work in the garden. It can work with a plough, till, chop, cultivate potatoes, plant and dig potatoes, act as a pump to pump water, transport goods, etc.

Video about the operation of the Farmer walk behind tractor with cutting table:


This machine has no PTO shaft and all attachments are directly connected to the universal hitch.

The wheel size of the Fermer FM 811MX is 4-8k, not to be compared with the more powerful Farmer models, but completely sufficient for private use.

Protective wings are provided to protect the operator from dirt and dust flying from under the blades and wheels.

User Guide

Before using the walk-behind tractor Fermer fm 811mx, be sure to read the instruction manual, because improper handling can not only damage the device, but also seriously harm the health of the operator.


In order to extend the service life of the walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to conduct scheduled technical inspections in accordance with the operator’s manual and monitor the quality maintenance of the equipment.

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For the crankcase, it is recommended to use oils of the SAE 30 series, the volume of which is 0.6 dm 3.

Also, do not forget about the quality of the fuel. It must be clean, fresh, and AI-92 or AI-95 brand.

We present a video on how to change the oil in the Fermer FM 811MX walk-behind tractor:


There are mixed opinions about this device on the internet. Some owners are satisfied with the performance of the Fermer fm 811mx walk behind tractor. Others note poor build quality.


“I bought this model in winter. The package is compact and easily fits in my station wagon. I made the cleats myself, bought a hitch and plow, put differentials on the axle shaft. Heavier wheels and bumpers. Now it plows to a depth of 15 cm without any problems, starting the engine is no problem.

Multifunctional cultivator Fermer FM-811MX

The FM-811MX of the cultivating, FM-811MX, belongs to the category of light motor devices that are supposed to perform a wide range of agricultural work in a small area. The product is manufactured in China and is very popular in private farms and supply companies for its reliability, essential and reliability. The motor cultivist is easy to work, wait and repair. With low costs, the equipment is an indispensable assistant for farmers in earthworks.

Model FM-811MX


Motoblocks are carried out with modern devices with electronic controls.

Products are subjected to technical control and tests.

FERMER 811 providers have the following advantages:

  • Excellent balance and stability;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Environmental security;
  • Compactness;
  • Business;
  • Adaptation for all types of strikers and trailer devices.

Approach for hinge devices

  • Chassis. They consist of an axis and 2 pneumatic bikes with a diameter of 40 cm and a width of 10 cm. The deep diagonal profile “Christmas tree” gives the machine a good clutch and high cros s-sectional ability.
  • Frame. From hardened steel, resistant to mechanical tension and corrosion. Developed for the placement of knots and mechanisms.
  • Power Point. It is a fou r-cou p-single cylinder petrol engine with air cooling.
  • Transmission. Motoblock Farmer 811MX is equipped with a dry disc coupling. The transmission is tough, reliable and durable. The power selection shaft with the belt drive offers the transmission of the rotating moment to stationary and fortifications.
  • Line bodies. They are buttons and levers that are on a folding handle. By setting in 3 positions, you can set the steering wheel in a position suitable for the operator.
  • Additional options. With the presence of the front and rear brackets, you can turn the engine block into a functional mini actractor. It is possible to install an awning to protect against sun and rain.
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Technical characteristics

Fermer cultivators are designed for the processing of light and medium-sized floors, the transport of goods, planting and cleaning work. The technology is very maneuverability and performance.

Universal motor cultivator

  • Engine power – 7.5 hp;
  • Drive frequency – 400 rpm;
  • Number of gears – 3 forward and 1 before 1;
  • Speed ​​on a flat street forward/back – 10.0/3.2 km/h;
  • Track – 80 cm;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 6 l;
  • The capacity of the oil crankcase – 0.6 l;
  • Fuel consumption 1.7-3.1 l/h;
  • The depth of loosening and plowing – 30 cm;
  • The cultivation width is 90 cm;
  • Rader-4.00-8.00 all weather;
  • Weight – 90 kg.

The price of the unit varies between 27500-29000 rubles. Depending on the region, the configuration, the payment method and delivery. Technical features can improve because they are contained in the products of modifications.

Instructions for instructions and maintenance

The tractor for walking behavior has a minimal number of components and a simple device.

When working with equipment, the following rules must be followed:

  • Perform the run after buying. Before that, you have to turn the engine over several times to grease the rubbing parts. The ru n-I n-i n-in is carried out for 12 hours at a load of a maximum of 50% of the nominal value.
  • Check the oil and fuel level before entering the field. Check these indicators regularly. The lack of lubricant can lead to overheating and motor tests.
  • Do not let the water enter the power plant. It is impossible to carry out work in the immediate vicinity of reservoirs and deep puddles.
  • After the excavation ends, the technology is the inspection of mechanical damage. Clean yourself from dirt, grass, chassis branches, fastenings and a cooling grille.
  • For the period of the low season, if it is not planned to use the machine in winter, nature conservation. It is necessary to unscrew the candle, pour oil into the cylinder and close the hole with a cork. Cover the metal parts with fat and separate the terminals. In order to protect against pollution, birds and ultraviolet radiation, a dense fabric case should be placed on the device.
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Unmounted equipment

A motorcycle block can be used with additional options in China and Russia.

Cultivator with a mill

The machine works with such folding equipment:

  • Hiller. 2 blades are attached to the rear holder. It is used to create beds, to lower grooves and trenches during sowing.
  • Frases. A tool in the form of a chain wheel with long curved rays. Developed to loosen the floor, cut small and extract large roots on the surface.
  • Hayfield. It is possible to install segment and rotor devices. It is used to harvest hay and prepare the website of tops and weeds.
  • Potato and potato cap. Putter that were developed from the ground for planting and extracting tubers.
  • Snowman. The rotary mechanism, which collects snow from the tracks and throws it into a distance of up to 5 m. It is possible to attach the frontal pads to the front bracket.
  • Adapter. It is a single axis car that is fixed on the rear holder. Developed to reduce the load on the hands and back of the operator.
  • Follower. You have a page or a tipper with a base for 1 or 2 axes. Developed for the transport of goods with a weight of up to 300 kg.
  • Mass rooms. Devices have a wide edge with transverse hooks. Developed to increase the clutch with unstable soil.

A engine block can transmit a torque to stationary crusher, motorcycle, sawmills and generators.

Malfunctions and their elimination

Checks via the Wanderbaue r-Traktorbauer describe the malfunctions and methods for removal.

Reliable motoblock

Reduction of the power of the engine:

  • Moisture came during storage – warm at idle;
  • The carburetor was blocked – rinse the product;
  • The fuel supply hose was blocked – for cleaning;
  • Nar on the silencer – clean or burn the soot;
  • Dirty air filter – replace or clean;
  • Weak compression – replace the piston group.

The engine does not start:

  • The filter blocked – blow or replace;
  • The device is inclined – horizontally set;
  • Petrol ended – fill in the tank;
  • The spark plug has failed or flooded – replace or wipe;
  • Magneto broke – replace them.
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If you cannot remove the malfunction yourself, the equipment must be handed over to the service center.

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