Motor blocks Fermer FM 702 PRO-SL. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motor blocks Fermer FM 702 PRO-SL. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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At the moment there are two modifications of this equipment: walk-behind tractor and cultivator.

The cultivator is called Fermer FM 702 PRO-MSL and works the land with special cutters.

The walk-behind tractor is called the Fermer FM 702 PRO-SL and, thanks to the PTO shaft, can be used with both cutters and other implements.

Cultivator Fermer FM 702 PRO-MSL Motoblock Fermer FM 702 PRO-SL

The width of a single handle during milling can be controlled within 80 – 100 cm by installing or removing additional milling cutters.

Thanks to the low gear, starting work is smooth and jerk-free.

Technical characteristics

Type of motoblock
PTO shaft There is
engine 4-stroke, petrol
Engine power, hp / kW 7.0/ 5.2
Displacement, cm3 210
cutting width, mm 800-1000
mounting depth, mm 150-300
Processing speed m/min 04/06/12
number of speeds 3 forward / 1 back
transmission type gear
Fuel tank, capacity, l 3,6
Reducer, oil filling, l 1,0
engine, oil filling, l 0,6
wheel size 5.00-12.00
shaft diameter, mm 26 (hex)
Assembled dimensions, L*W*H, mm 1400*850*1100
net weight / kg 95

application features

Fermer FM 702 PRO is mainly used in private dachas and small farms. The power of 7 hp is enough to cultivate the land in medium ranges.

It is necessary to firmly fix the knives (for the MSL cultivator) or other attachments (for the walk-behind tractor) so that they do not break off and fly away during operation and when hitting a stone.

The simplest method of tilling soil with a Farmer 702 walk-behind tractor is plowing:


Fermer FM 702 PRO MSL is a motor cultivator. It has no PTO and no wheels, just built-in cutters. Therefore, its use is somewhat limited.

Motoblock Fermer FM 702 PRO-SL has a wider range of uses thanks to the PTO.

The Fermer 702 PRO has a height-adjustable handlebar that can be adapted to the height of each operator.

Soldering tools - make a choice in favor of high-quality equipment!

An additional support wheel is installed at the front, which gives the device more stability during operation.

User Guide

Before using Farmer 702, you must read the instructions for use. It contains basic data on the assembly process, running-in and operation of the Fermer FM 702 PRO.

If something is not clear in the user manual about the assembly process of the Fermer FM 702 PRO, you can watch the following video:


In order for the device to work as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of it and maintain it according to the instruction manual.

The main thing is to choose quality oil and gasoline.

  • The oil should be used with an SAE rating of 10W-40 or 15W-40 and an API rating of SF or higher.
  • The use of Tap-15V or TAD-17i oils is recommended for the gearbox.


Forums are the main place where people share information. Here is what they write about the Fermer FM 702 PRO walk behind tractor.


“The purchase is 100 %fulfilled. First I took the neighbor to try it, I liked it and bought the same model. The engine is excellent, it is not necessary to press during operation and there is an additional wheel and a universal coupling. You can attach any problems. Obedience and manual, even the woman who goes with the administration of them. “

Checking the engine blocks Fermer FM 702 Pro-SL. Review, characteristics, application features

FERMER FM 702 Pro-SL is a representative of a class of light hinge in the installation farmer. There are two models with similar parameters: it is a FMER FM 702 Pro MSL engine (also known as 702 MSL) and directly the FMER FM 702 Pro SL engine.

Both models belong to a simple class and are only designed for soft floors. With their help, the treatment of virgin floors and frozen, density, tone floor is not carried out.

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Fermer FM 702 Pro-MSL engine

The difference between the 702 per model of 702 MSL is that the motblock is equipped with a power selection shaft and can perform many functions that are not accessible to the motor cultivator. So if you need an assistant with a wide range of technical features, choose a tractor for a walk behavior.

If the task is only to cultivate the country for plant cultures, they prefer the motor cultivator. Both models are easy to control, have low weight and work on petrol engines.

The Fermer FM 702 Pro-SL Walk-Hinde engine has a four-stroke petrol engine, the power of which is 7 hp (or 5.2 kW). The volume of the engine is 210 cm3. The fuel tank contains 3.6 liters of gasoline. The oil capacity of the gear is 1 liter, the engine is 0.6 liters.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 702 Pro-SL

Date Fermer FM 702 Pro-SL:
  • Plow soft floors, Chernozem;
  • Transport of light goods on small carts;
  • Cultivation;
  • Hilling;
  • Work between rows, thinning;
  • Samensaat;
  • Grab potatoes;
  • Potato planting;
  • Soil leveling in the garden and summer house;
  • Spread fertilizer;
  • Cut made of grass and weeds (a mower is used).

Technical characteristics

The FM 702-Pro-SL trolley works with assembly devices thanks to the power selection wave. The standard range of agreements is 80 to 100 cm, the cultivation depth is also standard and is a maximum of 30 cm. Farmer FM 702 Pro S SL develops a cultivation speed of 4 to 12 m/min. The number of speed speeds is 4, including one.

The reduced gait provides the FM 702 Pro SLS for the motor drive with the walking behavior and smooth movement without jerking. Wheels on a medium-sized device: 5.00-12. The size of the device is 1400*850*1100 mm in the form collected. The weight of Fermmer FM 702 Pro S SL is 95 kg.

Functions and device

Technical functions Fermer FM 702 Pro-SL:

  • Small performance that is sufficient for the operation of the unit on soft soil;
  • the presence of a supporting wheel;
  • Universal Soshnik – the band that is necessary to adapt the immersion of the ground or the plow in the soil;
  • Strong clutch for devices for desires and stored devices;
  • Comfortable handles with holders on which the palm does not slip;
  • Stability;
  • Light weight that can be controlled by the operator of all size and weight with a machine operator;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Abbey for comfortable wearing a wal k-in engineer (is located above the support wheel);
  • Factory assembly, proven quality fittings;
  • recognizable light design;
  • Good quality of plastic and metal parts of the structure.
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Motoblock Fermmer FM 702 Pro-SL

The device of the Walk behavio r-Tractor FM 702 Pro S SL is classic: control levers and gearbox are located at tax limits. The gas tank, the engine and the oil crank are located in the upper part of the machine without housing. Therefore, access to the oil and all filters is made available.

The FM 702 Pro SL Farmer is equipped with two pneumatic bikes and a support wheel. There is a voucher in the lower part of the structure under the control handles.

Recommended oils for the engine: 10W-40 and 15W-40 for gears: TAD-17 and 85W-90. Fuel: AI-92 or 96 petrol.

operation and maintenance

The operating instructions for the Farmer FM 702 Pro-SL of the engine unit are included in the delivery of the delivery. In the cardboard box, the device itself, the wheels, all fastening elements, control handles, coupling, coupling and documents are supplied for a technical tool. Learn the instructions before putting together a tractor for a walk behavior. The assembly process is displayed in more detail in this video:

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Follow these maintenance and operating rules to ensure a long operation by Fermer FM 702 Pro-SL:

  • Choose petrol and oil of high quality quality for an engine, gear;
  • Replace flammable liquids in good time and use lubricant for moving parts of the tractor of the walk behavior.
  • Follow safety precautions if you work with a walk: Use ant i-vibration s-feasts, Berushi, closed clothes and entire shoes;
  • Use the control point, the braking system, the control system, check the maintenance capacity of the battery during 100 hours.
  • Keep the hiking loss tractor clean, do not let the earth hold onto the housing and wizards.

Video evaluation of the work

Video with plowing the engine Block Farmer 702

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Reviews of the owners

In the network you will find many reviews on various peasant models. The owners notice their functions, performance and high components. The minus – strong vibration and noise.

Evgeny, Pavlovsk:

“The farmer is very satisfied with the tractor for walking behavior.

Advantages: Light, elementary controlled engine power is sufficient for my small garden. I don’t pursue big machines that have the first, their costs are pretty high, I have to save a long time, and secondly, it is better to buy a small or moderate car and now invest in your health. Manual cultivation is a very hard work. I decided on a tractor for a walk for the ratio of costs and functionality.

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