Motor blocks Brait – reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

Best Brait Motobobloks: Technical descriptions, owner reviews

The modern, bright 7-liter Wander tractor is quite worthy, which allows it to occupy a leading position in the ranking of manual agricultural machines. The Brait 105G unit is designed to perform a wide range of duties in the field and house territory. The machine is the embodiment of advanced technologies, assembly quality and reliable materials. The Brait 105 price at a price model is available even to buyers with a low income level. Reviews of the owners indicate that motblock with an engine power of 13 hp. Easily cope with the heaviest soil. The presence of a power selection shaft can greatly expand the capabilities of the bright 80 motblock if you equip them with a variety of options. The Brait Br Motoblock can be used on the farm all year round, minimizing hard manual labour.

Technical characteristics

Brait 68 Motoblocks and subsequent models are made in Russia. The assembly of the engine block is carried out from parts manufactured at domestic industrial enterprises. This makes Brait 75 repair, maintenance and modernization an easy and cost-effective event.

Units enter the sockets after the quality control of multi-stage quality and the conduct of bench and field tests. The probability of buying a defective product is practically eliminated.

Brait BR-105G engine block

The Heavy MotorBlock Bright-105 has the following technical characteristics:

  • Motor carbon, 4-stroke with a vertical cylinder sleeve;
  • Power – 7 or 13 HP;
  • cylinder volume – 340 cm³;
  • cooling – air, forced;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters;
  • Gear – gear;
  • Number of speeds – 3, front (straight and lowered), back;
  • Type of clutch – disk;
  • current selection shaft – located on the front of the body;
  • Wheels-Rubber, pneumatic 6.00-10;
  • Weight weight – 125 kg;
  • Recommended Fuel AI-95 Gasoline;
  • fuel consumption 1.5-2.0 l/h;
  • Dimensional dimensions (length/width/height) – 1850 x 830 x 1400 mm.

Brait BR-135G engine block

The Brait 135G Walk tractor is equipped with mulching cutters that deliver soil treatment at a depth of 15 cm. Immediately after driving in can be used as motor breeders to foot handicap motors. A technical description, operating instructions, raw material inspection and a warranty card are attached to the product. A set of tools also allows you to disassemble, assemble and serve the equipment on site. The price of various motblock models is 23000-30000 rubles.

On economical models, such as bright 58 an d-68, engines with a capacity of 7 and 9 hp are installed, which makes it possible to reduce gas consumption when performing work with a maximum load. So, model 58 consumes no more than 2 liters of fuel for plowing virgins.

additional options

The Motoblock 80 Brait 80 is adapted to work in combination with trendy and trailing equipment of domestic and foreign manufacture. Because of this versatility, the scope of BR 80 expands to the level of a modern full-fledged mini-tractor.

On the BR 75 and 80 model you can install such types of additional devices:

  • Heufeld. The power of the engine is 13 hp surplus enough to give a sufficient rotation moment for a rotary mower with two knives. With a capture of 135 cm, the hay manufacturing cleaning of grass and bushes of up to 0.2 ha per hour.
  • Plow. Depending on the special features of the task carried out, plows with one or more Sravanes are used. In the individual Hubborn tools, virgin areas, trenches and loosening of the soil are used when arranging pits.
  • Helper. On the bracket of the bright models with 75, 80 and 105, slopes and wheelbags are attached. Arrow cake, which fascinate 1 or 2 lines, are used to create and weigh the beds.
  • Snow writer. Leaf snowbrisses and brushes are connected to the power supply to the power supply. To clean the paths and paths, you can use a front dump with adaptation of the angle of attachment.
  • Devices to improve continuousness. The extension of the wheelbase is carried out by installing extensions of axes and pads on the wheels. You can increase the clutch with the floor with wheels and external weighting. It is better to use steel soil.
  • Follower. The most affordable device in this series is an adapter with which the operator can control the tractor of the hood on the trailer chassis. More complex and expensive units are freight and combined carts. Training equipment has 1 or 2 bridges.
  • State sets. You can attach a potato ballloon and potato to the bracket of the engine block and the breath of the trailer. With these tools you can process up to 1 ha per day
Soil in the garden - how to prepare it for winter?

13 HP is enough electricity to offer har d-t o-station devices. The tractor of the walk behavior is used as a drive for the spray unit, water pump, multicore and electrogenerator.

Advantages of the Brayete engine

When developing the unit, all successes in this area, reviews and consumer requests were taken into account. The created motoblock can perform the most difficult tasks under the most difficult conditions in every season.

The advantages of the brand brand brands brand are as follows:

  1. Large security edge. Even with maximum loads, the machine is not defined and is not deformed. The engine works stable and evenly. It is not particularly difficult to start under winter conditions.
  2. Ergonomics. The case of the machine has a low center of gravity, well stated. The employee does not make unnecessary efforts if the tractor of the walk behavior is managed.
  3. Multifunctionality. The Wal k-Brand tractor is adapted to cooperation with almost all types of strikers, inpatient and trailer devices. The device can be used all year round.
  4. Simple operation. All engine control levers are located on the steering column. Switching speeds and clutch squets are carried out quietly and quickly without jerking and delay. Noise and vibration from the operating machine are deleted with special devices.
  5. Compactness. The steering column is folded or removed for transport and storage. Without wheels, the device housing is laid freely in the trunk of a car or in a small trailer.
  6. Simplicity in maintenance. All manipulations with the engine and the chassis can be carried out independently without including specialists. Runnin g-in does not last longer than 10 hours. The preservation is to clean the device from dirt and Öler set. You can keep the product in a cold room.

The takeover of a model from the brand Bright Bright brand is a promising and profitable investment. The manufacturer guarantees at least 8 years of the tractor of the walk behavior under the rules for operation, maintenance and storage.

Reviews of owners about bright motblocks

Light motor blocks are reliable and inexpensive agricultural technology. Among the products you will find devices in every capacity, including professional motor blocks 9 hp. – 15 PS

Bright received numerous positive reviews from the owners. Under the main advantages, we can highlight the price-quality ratio and the fact that Bright creates engine blocks with a power selection shaft. In this way you can use a wide range of attachments that contribute to getting to know each other on the official Brait website.

Light models, for example, Brait 58 7 HP are perfect for a summer residence. This tractor for walk injuries has a sufficient performance for the processing of the soil or the transport of small goods, while its weight is only 70 kg. It is useful to work with such devices for people at all ages and every complexion. The adaptation of the vertical and horizontal handle also contributes to the convenience of the operator. Bright 68 and Bright 80 have similar properties and performance. Bright 65 is equipped with a motor of 6.5 hp and its weight is only 51 kg. Such a walk tractor is ideal for working with hinge fuckers or a lawnmower, but the low weight and the diameter of the wheels do not allow you to plow heavy or virgin soil.

Hell 105 7 PS It has greater weight and traction, it fits well with adapters or carts, the method of transporting heavy charges. The owners find that this model has a hig h-quality assembly that works without complaints and are practically excluded. The maintenance consists in the timely change of the oil and the lubrication of fastening elements and the main nodes to avoid corrosion.

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Motoblock Bright 135 13 PS: Reviews of the owners show that this is one of the brand’s most popular motoblock. There are several models under the line of 135, which differ from each other with electricity, engine type, weight and wheel diameter. This line has petrol and diesel models.

The BRAIT 135 GA motor block operates 7 hp based on a petrol engine of four stroke. The advantage is large pneumatic bikes that offer high cros s-sectional ability. Owners observe the low fuel consumption and the versatility: the attachment of devices can be selected from plowing on snowbrikers.

Which model from Brait Motor Blocks did you use? What advantages and disadvantages can you highlight?

Checking the bright motor blocks

The first rehearsals of the garden and agricultural equipment with the Brait logo appeared on the market in 2012. At this point, the new Russian brand began producing various types of tools and devices for household and industrial use. Consumers are particularly popular with Brights, cultivating, lawn mowers, chainsaws, petrol cutting, snowball spaces and other manufacturing devices.

Brand owners do not hide the fact that the production of shining products focuses on the company’s Chinese factories. All devices are manufactured in the factory via new devices with the latest technologies. The quality of the bait technology is particularly important. All tools and equipment of this brand are certified in many European and Asian countries and meet modern quality and security requirements. Perfect service should also consider both in the guarantee and in the pos t-back period.

The company pursues a suspended price guideline thanks to which every owner can choose equipment that meets its needs and income. Today on the official Bright website you can buy a walk tractor at a price of 250 to 850 US dollars.

Model of the Motobobes BRAIT

In its history, Bright produced several dozen motblock models. Some of them have already been discontinued today, but most are still relevant and available. Below you can get to know the description and technical properties of the most popular bright motifblock.

Petrol models

Motobobloks Brait BR-105 descriptions and selection

Brait 105. (photo) Multifunctional Walk behavio r-Stractor for use in the household. The device is powered by a four-stroke-lylinder-170F petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp. Due to the presence of a performance selection shaft, a tractor with a walk behavior with different types of attachments can work. The device is equipped with tires with an aggressive profile that offers an excellent trailer coupling with a floor and can transport the load and weighs up to 500 kg. The Bright 105 model is characterized by high reliability, performance and maintenance. Nowadays, this tractor was set with the abandoned, although it can still be bought in shops at a price of $ 410.

Brait BR-80. The mi d-range motor is operated not only in the personal economy, but also by employees of supply companies. The device is equipped with a powerful (7 hp) 1 cylinde r-fou r-stroke engine with a modernized heat transmission system and an enlarged resource. The engine differs not only in high performance, but also in economic fuel consumption. When designing a tractor for walks, it was possible to connect many types of attachments, including a car. Thanks to the large weight and the bikes with an aggressive profile, the unit sensibly feels in different types of soil. The device is equipped with a tw o-speed transmission with which the operator can select the optimal operating mode depending on the devices used. On the point of the manufacturer Motoblock Bright BR-80 can be bought at a price of $ 380.

Bright BR-75. Another mi d-range motor from the Russian manufacturer. The design features of the device offer the possibility of a quick connection to most types of attachments. The device is in motion with a modern four clock petrol engine 170L-2 (analogue from Honda GX210). With a capacity of 7 hp. The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with an effective mechanism to connect the fastening devices. For the selection of the optimal operating mode, the presence of a tw o-speed gear is provided (two speed speeds, one back). In the configuration “Without wheels”, the bright BR-75 model is delivered at a price of $ 255.

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Brait 135 Gd. A multifunctional engine block with a powerful fou r-stitch engine for 15 HP. The device is equipped with a shaft of the performance selection and a tw o-speed box (two forwards, one back). To start the engine, a hand starter is used, reliable clutch with the surface through a wheel of 5*12, the tires have an aggressive profile. We notice the considerable weight of the motblock – 148 kilograms, while it can transport a car with a weight of 700 kg. The model is characterized by high reliability and maintenance, simple maintenance and operation. Today, the engine prices of 135 GD motorcycles of 570 US dollars begin.

Brait BR-135GEE. One of the most powerful, durable and heaviest walk-behind tractors in the manufacturer’s range. The unit is powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with an output of 17 hp. Large wheels (5 * 12) with an aggressive profile ensure excellent traction, the walk-behind tractor can work on different types of soil and transport a trailer weighing up to 700 kilograms. Gear selection is via a two-speed gearbox with disc clutch. The engine has sleeved cylinders, which significantly increases service life and provides high maintainability. The model is compatible with many types of attachments, which provides a wide range of applications. Today you can buy a Bright BR-135GEE walk behind tractor for $850.

diesel models

Brait 135 GDD (15 hp, with a differential): buy, price c.

Hell 135 DEB. (photo) The model is designed for processing heavy soils, can be used as a cultivator, mower, snow blower. The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a four-stroke diesel engine with a working volume of 418 cm 3 and a power of 10 hp. The unit differs in increased productivity and profitability. The designers of the model provided for the presence of a PTO shaft, the selection of the optimal mode of operation is carried out using a two-speed gearbox (two forward and one reverse). The engine is started with an electric starter. Today, the Bright 135 DEB diesel walk-behind tractor is available on the manufacturer’s website at a price of $720.

Bright 135 DA. Another diesel model. This walk behind tractor is equipped with a 7 hp single cylinder 4 stroke engine with a one piece cast iron gearbox. The device is designed for processing heavy and virgin soils and is characterized by high efficiency and endurance. The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a high-strength hitch that allows the use of many types of attachments, including a snow blower, mower and trailer truck. According to the owners, the Bright 135 DA model is very easy to maintain, and the diesel engine does an excellent job even with the most complex tasks. You can buy a Bright 135 DA walking tractor on the manufacturer’s website for $620.

Overview of attachments for Bright walk behind tractors

has been purchased for several years. The unit allows you to perform many farming operations and use different types of attachments. All years work without outcrops. In my opinion, the engine quickly warms up with intense loads: you need to monitor this. I am also not satisfied with the transmission: the device moves very quickly at the first speed, I can hardly keep up” />

Nowadays, the operation of any type of two-wheel tractor without additional attachments is hardly imaginable. The design of Bright Motoblocks provides for the use of many additional devices: a plow, an adapter, a mower, a potato planter and digger, a sprayer and other agricultural equipment.


One of the most popular and sought-after devices. Comes with most Brait tractor models. The cutter serves to loosen and mix the topsoil, which automatically increases its fertility. Two types of cutters can be used with the Bright engine block: “Crow’s Feet” and “Cutter-Cultivators”.

What to do with fallen leaves in autumn?

We draw your attention to the fact that you must carefully follow the instructions for assembling the cutting plotter. Improper installation of the device can not only cause damage to the two-wheel tractor, but also endanger the health of the operator.


The Bright Motoblock can be used with two types of ploughs: reversible and rigid. (photo) At the same time, the soil can be plowed with one-, two- and three-furrow ploughs.

The inverted design of the plow provides a preliminary crushing of the soil and its more complete processing. As a result of this process, the fertility of the site increases.

The motionless (classic) plow simply turns the floor and throws it into the furrow.

Adapter, trailer

We have already drawn your attention to the fact that all models of the light engine blocks can be used to transport goods into retrospectively carts. For this purpose, the designers provided the presence of a trailer device (adapter). This knot is equipped with this knot for all models. When choosing an adapter, you should take the power of your walk tractor into account and understand what weight you will transport in a car.

Most domestic and Chinese adapters are compatible with the motoblocks of this manufacturer. The main thing is to take into account the operational characteristics.


The most common is used lightly with rotary or segment mowers in the light engine. They are used both in the household for mowing grass and hayers as well as in the public supply company.

The rotary mower cuts the grass with rotating knives. This device delivers excellent results when you mow up, including shift, grass.

The segment mower cuts the plants with two rows of knife that are alternately opposite. (Photo) This tool is not too effective when mowing yoal grass, but is ideal for cleaning the field of large plants, including shrubs.

Before using one of these devices, the field of stones, metal and concrete structures must be prefabricated.

Wheels and floor surfaces

Most models of the bright motor blocks are delivered with large bikes with large bicycles on tires with an aggressive profile. However, even such bikes do not always offer a reliable handle of the floor unit. Most of the time, this situation occurs in the treatment of wet and heavy soil. An excellent way out of this situation is the installation of soil surfaces.

A hereditary cord is a nozzle that is installed on a walk tractor and offers a denser handle with the floor and the stable movement of the unit. In addition, the floor surfaces carry out additional grinding of the floor, which improves the quality of its processing and fertility. When choosing soil confessions, the design features of the motblock of this manufacturer should be taken into account or bought devices from Bright.

Important. Floor surfaces are installed exactly with the manufacturer’s recommendations and corresponds to all safety regulations. The most common mistake: installing the right wheel on the left case and left right.

Caterpillars and weighting

Floor surfaces cannot be used to transport goods or when driving with extreme of f-road: ice, dirt, snow. In this case, special caterpillars can be installed on the Brait engine. Your installation takes place on the wheel axle. Due to the larger clutch area with the surface of the caterpillar, you can move through the tractor of the hiking trail through any of f-road. They are not delivered in the standard configuration of the head of the caterpillar broom.

Often, owners of motoblocks do not want to spend money on caterpillars and use special weight aids to increase the continuousness of the unit. They are easily mounted on a walk tractor and have low costs. The weight average is generated in the form of a metal pancake, has compact dimensions and does not interfere with other excluded devices.

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Snow officer, dumpling lopat

We have already mentioned that the Parma engine block can be used to clean snow. A dumplings are most often used for the rooms of courtyards, access roads and paths. With this device you can align the areas with the gravel coating. The installation of devices does not take much time, does not require any special skills and tools. When choosing a blade-lopata (they differ in width and height), we recommend that you take into account the performance of the engine of your walk-in wing.

If you not only want to push the snow, but also want to throw it out of the yard at a certain distance, we recommend that you buy a standard snowman. The installation of this device doesn’t take much time and your garden will always be clean from the snow.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Motobobes light are most frequently used with the type of sponsor potatoes. When planting potatoes with this device, tubers from the tank are delivered to the conveyor and in the ditch, whereupon they are buried with two numbers in the ground.

A ROAR type is used to dig tubers. This device first cuts the floor with a special knife. Then the earth is delivered to the roar, where it is broken and crushed. Potatoes remain on the surface of the floor.

Purchase, delivery, assembly of a tractor for walks

  • Check the completeness and availability of all accompanying documents when buying a Bray block.
  • Some models differ in impressive weight. The delivery of goods from the shop can be carried out in supporters or minibuses.
  • Read the operating instructions carefully before assembling a walk behavior and read the technical features of the device and safety regulations.
  • The installation of the device is carried out in accordance with the instructions for operation and compliance with all security standards.

The first start of the Brait Motor Block

  • Check the oil level in the crankcase and season the tank with petrol or diesel fuel (depending on the type of engine).
  • Pour the gear oil into the gear;

Important. Use only transmission and motor with high quality (for single cylinde r-fou r-stroke engines). Avoid random petrol stations, only use petrol and diesel fuel in high quality.

  • Place the air damper lever in the “closed” position;
  • Set the gas lever into the medium position;
  • Make sure the neutral gear is activated.
  • Switch on the ignition;
  • Run the engine;
  • Open the air damper lever.

The main deformation of the Brait Motor Block, possibilities for removal

Symptoms Malfunction The method of elimination
The engine does not start The spark plug is faulty

The tank does not give fuel in the tank

Pour fuel into the engine of the engine

The teeth of the stars broke or worn out

Motoblocks bright: video evaluation

Motoblock light – plowing virgin tailors:

Motoblock bright for 17 hp:

Motoblock Hell 135GD – the first impressions:

Reviews of the owners of motor blocks Brit BR-135GEE

Alexander Semenyakin, Altai Territory, 36 years old

I own the bright 135 Deb Motor note and used the fourth year. I especially acquired such a powerful model to carry out work on heavy soils and streets. The unit has proven very well in our weather conditions. The engine begins without any problems, with this force it can be described very economically. Of course, a bit expensive for the price, but it costs this money.

Vladimir Tursunbaev, Buryatia, 45 years old

For a few years I purchased a Brait 105 motorcycle block with VOM. The unit allows you to perform many farming operations and use different types of attachments. All years work without outcrops. In my opinion, the engine quickly warms up with intense loads: you need to monitor this. I am also not satisfied with the transmission: the device moves very quickly at the first speed, I can hardly keep up

Pros: price, versatility, starts well in any weather, three years without outcrops;

Cons: A very fast first speed can overheat the motor during loads.

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