Motor blocks Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift. Overview, properties

Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift engine block. Overview, characteristics, reviews

The Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift Motoblock is one of Aurora’s heaviest and most powerful models. The scope of its application is really very wide, it is suitable for large plots, as well as for cottages, gardens, kitchen gardens and home gardens.

Aurora 1400 Multishift engine block

The power of the Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift walk-behind tractor is increased by a powerful engine, the equipment is not afraid of difficult terrain and is used for both virgin land and soft soils.

Purpose of the Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift engine block:
  • Agriculture;
  • hills;
  • Attachment (engine block is supplied complete with cutting unit);
  • staggering;
  • harvest potatoes;
  • planting root crops;
  • traction function;
  • Irrigation;
  • snow removal;
  • sweep the area;
  • tillage of soil with fertilizers, mixing of fertilizers with soil;
  • transportation of a passenger (you can connect an adapter to a seat);
  • Transport of goods on a cart;
  • Using a mower to harvest hay, clearing weeds.


The Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift engine block is equipped with an Aurora AE-13 four-stroke engine. Its power is 13 hp. Engine options: air-cooled, cast-iron sleeve block, overhead valves. There is also an oil level sensor in the crankcase. The “Easy Start” system allows the farmer to start the walk behind tractor at any temperature with one turn of the start button. Recommended brand of gasoline for refueling: AI-92.

Aurora AE-13 engine

Other characteristics of the engine: Fuel consumption – about 2 liters per hour. The capacity of the gas tank is 6.5 liters, this capacity is larger than any other Aurora series walk behind tractor. The displacement is 389 cm3, single-cylinder engine. The capacity of the gas tank allows the Aurora Country walk-behind tractor to work for a long time without refueling – about 6-7 hours, depending on the power and load of the unit.

Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift engine block complete kit

Locking differential Wheels support pin cutters

Polycarbonate greenhouses for crop protection and growth

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This Aurora Country model can work with such additional devices from the manufacturer Aurora.

Plow mower Grass 750 potato harvester Grouser

Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift engine block features:
  • the presence of a hypoid transfer;
  • the ability to work with a reinforced hitch, a wide range of available attachments;
  • “Easy Start” system for ease of use and quick start at any time of the year;
  • hexagonal axles;
  • PTO shaft;
  • cast iron gearbox;
  • a great resource of work, endurance and maneuverability;
  • mass sufficient to overcome any terrain and work with any type of land;
  • 6-speed gearbox plus low gear;
  • comfortable large wheels with relief;
  • The PTO shaft is disengaged by the clutch lever;
  • the ability to adjust the position of the steering wheel to the height of the operator;
  • moderate vibration during operation;
  • well balanced center of gravity;
  • simple instruction manual, availability of spare parts.


Technical characteristics of the Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shif walk behind tractor:

  • The total dimensions of the Motobobes Aurora Country 1400 Multicifs are 180 cm long, 110 cm wide and 80 cm high.
  • The total weight without sound devices is 162 kg.
  • The depth of the immersion of the eharrows/grinding/plow in the soil is up to 30 cm, the width of the cultivation width is 80 to 140 cm.
  • The maximum speed of the walking area is 12 km/h. This allows you to deal with sufficient distances, e.g.

Important ! The device is not intended for movement on city roads!

  • The transmission of the Aurora Country Motoboblock 1400 Mult i-Shift is equipped with a reduced gear.
  • The reinforced gear – in this way the motblock can perform the most complex tasks without overload.
  • The reduced equipment simplifies working with the binding equipment, and even with such transmissions, the torque for labo r-intensive operations remains sufficient.
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Unmounted equipment

Aurora Country Motoblock 1400 Multishift can work with different attachments. The fuel consumption remains within the specified standard due to the possibility of movement and working with a small torque, but maintain a high driving speed.

Pfluggrass 750 Aurora Transporter 300 Aurora Transporter 333 Snow Blower Blower Double Hopper Adapter Icon Potato-tank-tank Lobate highlight PNM 1-20

Technical service

Serve and operate the Aurora Country Motoboblock:

  • Motoblocks of this kind are often sold by the past. This nuance must be clarified during the acquisition.
  • If the run is not complete, carry them out for 20 mothers (during the runtime of the run the load of the motor 2/3 of the maximum).
  • Replace the oil after running;
  • Use seasonal oils, hig h-quality gasoline;
  • Perform this motoblock in time;
  • Perform the engine’s capital prevention once a year and adjust the carburetor with the same frequency.
  • When working in a dusty point, clean the air filter, the cooler ribs.

Video review

Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift.

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews on the Internet from the owners of this model. They notice its functionality and performance and from minus – strong vibration and noise.


“Aurora Country Motoblock is really cool. And these are only the costs of the defects! Now the new ruble costs 60,000 rubles, it can be a little cheaper, but over the price. With such a technology, it simply won’t work to work on the dump. It is necessary to understand both the mechanics and the farm. I would also recommend beginners from Aurora to take a little easier. But for experienced farmers, such a device will even go for work! “

Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 33%



Aurora Country 1400 Multi Shift is a professional motblock that can be completed by treating a section of all areas and ground density. This model is equipped with the largest fuel tank among everyone in the line and its capacity is 6.5 liters. The petrol engine is considered a real giant because it has an output of 13 hp.

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Aurora Country 1400 Multishift

It is not difficult for the Aurora 1400 Motor note to process even the virgin land, since the manufacturers have equipped them with 6 speeds (4 front and 2 behind). One feature is that 2 speeds (front and back) are reduced because a more efficient plowing occurs.

Thanks to reduced gears, it became easier to start from one place and melt from. In particular, such a device will be useful when using a trailer and transportation of cargo, as well as when climbing the mountain.

Below is an official video review of Traktor’s Walk behavior:

With a manual starter, you can easily start a device without making any special efforts. Large pneumatic wheels easily overcome irregularities in the ground. The weight of Aurora 1400 Mult i-Shift is 168 kg, which allows not to use weight means when working on the virgin lands.

The gearbox is protected by a reliable case that protects the internal parts from mechanical exposure and dirt penetration.

Technical characteristics

engine volume 389 мл
engine power 13 LS
engine type petrol
coupling disc
speed stream 4-day, 2-hazard
Reverse (back) There is
The volume of the oil crankcase 1.1 л
The volume of the oil gear 2.0 л
fuel tank capacity 6.5 л
The breadth of processing 900-1700 мм
The depth of processing 300 мм
launch system hand launcher
The diameter of the axis 32 мм
net weight 162 кг
gross weight 178 кг
Dimensions 1800x1100x800mm мм
Manufacturer aurora

Features of the application

Before starting work, the engine should be run. The main goal of this event is to develop all parts not only for the quality of the device, but also to increase its uptime.

Important! Do not use the engine at maximum speed for the first 8 hours.

2 stages can be distinguished which are carried out during the ongoing Aurora Land 1400:

  1. Immediately after purchase, the first stage of the run is carried out. It consists in starting the engine according to the instructions. Roughly 15-20 minutes of idle work with possible gear-ups that require you to push the fuel supply lever until it reaches maximum speed. A similar gearbox of 20 seconds is replaced with idling work in 15 minutes.

Important! Do not allow the engine to run when idling for more than 15 minutes. It is necessary to conduct regular censuses.

  1. After 4 hours, the next 4 hours must drive a walk with a minimum load. To do this, it is enough to install the wheels and move the tractor of the Walk behavior. However, you cannot use attachments from devices at this time. Only after 8 hours of running you can use the device in full power.

Important! After the ru n-i n-i n-in, the replacement of engine oil must be completed. Repeat the process after 20 hours of work. Another exchange will take place according to the schedule.

You can familiarize yourself with the instructions for the Aurora 1400 Walk behavior tractor at the link.

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Content of delivery:
  • The Aurora Country 1400 multi-shift motorcycle unit comes with a set of grinders (10 pcs), rubber 5×12 wheels (2 pcs), and operating instructions.

video ratings

To find out how to assemble the Aurora Country 1400 Walkover, we recommend watching the video below:

And this video contains a detailed review with recommendations for operation


There are not many reviews about this model on the network. Owners note its performance, and not large fuel consumption (according to its functionality), however, frequent connections are noted, which indicates the poor quality of the assembly of the machine.


I bought an Aurora 1400 walking tractor and was happy. The reliability of the design was especially pleased, despite the increased operation. However, I would like to note that there is a weak metal in the mills, which quickly becomes stupid. But when it’s sharp, plowing goes perfectly and without tension. I think a significant role in this is played by a significant weight of the walk.

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