Motokosa Hammer MTK52 Flex. Review, instructions, reviews

Trimmer petrol hammer MTK52B

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The most profitable trimmer offers petrol hammer MTK52B

Reviews about trimmer petrol hammer MTK52B

Advantages: a reliable protective shield. Great meeting. Easy maintenance. Inexpensive. Comfortable handles.

Disadvantages: not yet noticed.

Comment: I took Motoko with me at the beginning of April and regularly worked with it all spring, summer and early in autumn – no comments. The engine is reliable, in itself never stalled, it was easy to serve, there was no collapse.

Advantages: The braid was bought before the summer season. I selected myself from several models and I was stopped with it. The expensive network did not look. This is both reliable and simple engine. The force is enough. There is a knife and a trimmer in the kit. With a knife I got rid of the old raspberry and the shrub.

Disadvantages: no complaints.

Comment: The petrol mix is ​​not picky. It even digests a mixture of 95 and 92. gasoline.

Advantages: a comfortable design, electricity is sufficient, the protective cover is also extremely useful.

Disadvantages: The weight of the braids for my dimensions is suitable, but someone can be difficult.

Comment: The model fits me completely in every way, the site cleaned for itself and its parents, he cut all the old raspberries and the Blackberry. I do not regret the purchase, such an order on my website was not yet over the entire time of its existence.

Motoblocks Centaur MB 2071b. Review, characteristics, reviews

Disadvantages: The coil is hard, open with difficulties

Comment: a little heavier 7.1 kg, but also only 2 horsepower. With weeds and grass copes with a bang

Advantages: great motorcycle. Very powerful. Films, the majority of the vegetation without tension. I tried fishing and 3 and 2.4. Stop 2 mm, asterisks. It seemed to me that it mowed the most efficient and breaks. The braid is not easy, but the weight is somehow distributed and the weight is almost not felt. The bike handle is very practical. However, if you have to mow in a cramped room, it is difficult to turn between the cherry.

Disadvantages: Quality is satisfied, there are no complaints. Good braid.

Advantages: The trimmer is comfortable, simple and reliable. I bought it in the cottage and looked particularly in such a way that a knife in the kit + gave the opportunity to set a bitch there. I had no complaints all the time. It usually starts, even cuts young trees with a knife.

Disadvantages: The belt width can be referred to from the defects – it dug into the shoulder under the weight of the trimmer.

Disadvantages: the starter failed and bought a new one. Enough for two days. I’m looking for a new 980 R, I don’t know for a long time

Advantages: The costs are fully justified. I have not exchanged cheaper options. I bought that and didn’t miss it. My summer house almost quickly and there I have up to 25 hectares. There are no problems in general. I didn’t give the money for nothing.

Advantages: cutting width 25 cm, the presence of a belt on the shoulder, light.

Disadvantages: I didn’t meet.

Comment: I bought it in the middle of the middle and used it all summer 2017 and have never lifted us carefully, everything is carefully both low and high grass. There is enough strength, well collected, the protective cover protects the legs from grass well. I recommend!

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2010d. Review, features, reviews

Advantages: reliable, inexpensive, qualitatively collected and perfect execution of the functions of a motorcycle.

Disadvantages: I can’t say anything seriously about the shortcomings. I got stuck a few times, but it was more likely that my guilt will win greatly overgrown websites, so this can be explained, and so – justify the costs.

Comment: I can do the light weight, the good assembly, nothing apart and do not rotate a long work without separating, so to speak. I think you won’t miss it.

Advantages: comfortable, easy to adjust, with a long bar, reasonable handles and a belt. Swimming reliably, there is not a single complaint for work. And he carefully cuts, including a knife.

Comment: more than normal for me, but actually 7 kilos, you have to take this moment into account for yourself.

Advantages: light and powerful network. The wave can be folded together and suitable for transport. The engine starts very easily, works stable. As a durable shoulder strap, it is very comfortable to work with a scythe.

Disadvantages: I didn’t find

Comment: I use this motorcycle for the second season. It pulls well on the underside, above is generally excellent.

Advantages: The handle is perfectly adjustable in height and keeps it comfortably. This is excellent with my low growth. The bar is straight and also comfortable, even though I first had the curved curved benefit, it is good that I didn’t take it. There is enough strength, the width of the mowing is excellent, because my section is for more than for more than more suitable.

Comment: With a Skythe for more than a year, I don’t regret that I took it. I never broke and never let myself be doubted, even though it cost much cheaper than many other analogues.

Advantages: Motokosa is very comfortable and this is the main advantage. The pole is quite long, a cut well wide and high quality, the belt is very reliable.

Disadvantages: There are no serious disadvantages at all what expected – I received it. Not even areas have to go through twice, but that’s with everyone, I don’t see any problems.

Overview of the petrol motor block Virgin MB-901. Technical features, instructions, videos, reviews

Comment: With two flue stones I take an action of ten acres. I have been using a sense and no comments for about a year, I think there will be no disappointments at all.

Comment: The season worked without complaints. When they bought a property for the building, grass waist. So I decided to take motokos. In her price category, it was primarily in the properties. I didn’t buy and wrong. Immediately gave her a good cargo. 10 tomorrow mowed for an entry. The grass is not wounded and nothing is blocked. Spitting with a knife. Of course, he fell on the stones and the glass, but the knife did not damage. In general, I am satisfied.

Motokosa Hammer MTK52 Flex. Review, instructions, reviews

Recommend: 100%


Motokosa Hammer MTK52 Flex

The Hammer MTK52 Flex motorcycle is used to beg grass on lawns and wild vegetation: shrubs and trees. The trimmer is equipped with a motor with 2 horsepower. The starting process is easy thanks to the primer for pumping fuel.

Motokosa hammer MTK52

Basic equipment Hammer MTK52 Flex

Tool set knife hammer girdle

Advantages of the hammer lawn mower MTK52 Flex
  • Excellent model for home use;
  • Great strength;
  • The presence of a primer;
  • High quality assembly;
  • Low price
Disadvantages of the lawnmower Hammer MTK52 Flex
  • Rapid fatigue when operating without a belt;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Protective cover made of plastic.


The lawn mower Hammer MTK 52 has a working width of 43 cm, which is the standard size for slight mowers. The cutter is equipped with three blades and enables you to edit up to 23 cm of the surface in one pass. The fuel tank has a volume of 1 liter, which is sufficient for 1 hour of continuous operation.

The Hammer MTK522 Flex can work with fishing cords with a diameter of up to 3 mm.

The bicycle handle has an optimal grip width that can offer the best control. Its length can be adjusted to the height of the owner.

Rules for the propagation of grapes with cuttings

Hammer start system

The safety of the device is guaranteed by a starting system with two buttons, which must be pressed at the same time. This minimizes the probability of starting the engine.


perfomance 1.47 kW (2.0 hp)
engine 2-stroke
Motor volume 52cm³
tank 1.0 l
Editing Fishing cord – 430 mm, knife – 255 mm
dumbbell just
Handle T-shaped
Cutting system Line, knife
Maximum cable diameter 3mm
Maximum number of knife teeth 80
fuel AI-92

User Guide

The work of new owners of the Trimmer Hammer MTK 52 should begin with studying the operating instructions. This can avoid damage, both for the equipment and the owner.

Hammer lawn mower device

The Trimmerhammer MTK52 can work with 2 types of cutting tools: a knife and a fishing line. The fishing line is used when necessary to edit a location with small vegetation.

The cutting knife is recommended for cutting large bushes and young trees.

When using the gasoline lawn mower Hammer MTK52 Flex, wear protective clothing: rubberized gloves, overall, closed shoes and safety glasses.

Protection overall ear protection plastic glasses

The operating instructions also contain the rules for maintenance, minor repairs and preservation of the machine. An electronic version of this document is available here. Your browser does not support frames. Download the Hammer MTK52 Freibneider user manual

Technical service

Trimmer Hummer MTK 52 run with a mixture of fuel and oil. If you have to work over a longer period of time, it is advisable to prepare the fuel mixture in advance. To do this, mix fuel and oil from the AI-92 brand for two-stroke engines of small garden tools in a ratio of 1:40.

Proper preparation of the fuel mixture

When working on the hammer MTK52 Flex lawnmowers with a fishing line, this tears off regularly due to wear and must be pulled out of the reel.

Video review

Overview of the installation of knives on a trimmer

Owner reviews


Plant pest and disease control, i.e., winter spraying

“I thought about the choice of Motokosa model for a long time. As a result, I decided on Hammer 52. After the purchase, I filled in gasoline, it started from the second time. The primer was not used, it started without jerking and sudden movements to work. Many owners speak of an uncomfortable belt, which is normal for me. By the way, if you enter the data on the official website, extend the guarantee to three years.

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