Motokosa Daewoo DABC 4pcs. Daewoo DABC 4ST petrol trimmer review, reviews

Trimmer petrol Daewoo DABS 4pcs. Specifications, videos, reviews

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A distinguishing feature of the Daewoo DABC 4ST from most similar models is the built-in 4-stroke petrol engine. It has great power, reliability and durability.

A special system is installed on the brushcutter to absorb outgoing vibrations and noise.

The scope of delivery of the lawnmower now includes a saw blade with 40 teeth, which is used to clean coarse plants, bushes and tree shoots.

A semi-automatic coil is used to clean soft grass.

basic equipment

The trimmer comes with the following configuration:

Petrol engine, drive shaft, steering rod, belt kit, protective cover, cutting disc, tool kit, instruction manual and warranty card.

Technical characteristics

perfomance 1.5L With.
engine manufacturer daewoo
engine model 4 stroke 33 series
engine volume 33.5cc
fuel tank capacity 0.65L
fuel type Gasoline, not lower than AI-92
oil type SAE 30, 10W-30 (all year)
mowing width of the line 420mm
disc mowing width 255mm
blade set Fishing line + saw blade
split wave +
operator grip U-shaped
Dimensions (L×H×W) 1050×260×260mm
The weight 7.8kg


The most important controls for operating the device are located on the handle.

The belt equipment is made of a material that allows comfortable work over a long period of time.

The protective housing of the trimmer head is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. It is able to protect the operator from flying stones and other solid objects.

Bicycle grip ensures natural movement and grass clippings.

All elements of the trimmer are balanced to give it maximum stability.


Before starting work on the Daewoo DABC 4ST lawn mower, it is necessary to check the presence of the fuel mixture and the tightness of the bolted connections.

During operation it is recommended to wear protective clothing: suit, boots, gloves, goggles and earmuffs.


The petrol trimmer Daewoo DABC 4ST has a separate fuel and petrol supply. Therefore, high octane AI-92 or AI-95 fuel should be used for operation.

Recommended lubricant for use with a 10W-40 rating.

User Guide

New owners of Daewoo DABC 4ST lawn mowers must read the instruction manual before operation to understand the principle of operation, starting, stopping and maintenance of the unit.

Электронный вариант данного документа приведен здесь—>.

advantages and disadvantages

Daewoo DABC 4ST Benzokosa is designed for private use on small lawns and plots. The owners of this lawnmower highlight the following advantages:

  • Ease;
  • Perfomance;
  • Easy administration;
  • Excellent engine start;
  • Sufficient facilities;
  • Separate fuel and oil supply.

However, the disadvantages include the following:

  • Thin hoses on the control handle;
  • A small amount of information in the instructions for use.

Video review

Below is an official rating of the manufacturer of Daewoo DABC 4ST lawn mowers:

owner reviews

And here is what they write about this technique on thematic forums:

Alexey: “I am satisfied with my acquisition. The lawn mower of the DAU can handle bushes of one and a half meters high. I used to have two stroke, and I would like to tell you noticeably. It comes from a smaller vibration and noise, more power. And the lifespan of such mower is bigger “

Daewoo Power Products DABC 4ST reviews

I liked to work with a hard drive. The feeling that you can cut everything. The slice resembles a disk of a circular saw. There is nothing to compare. Compared to the electrator, the beast is a car. It seemed to me that such a network should have for large overgrown locations. For small gardens, 6-8 tomorrow are better limited to an electric shock and an electric gas leaf.

How to cut grapes in Siberia

The assembly requires at least some technical knowledge. After assembly, you must definitely adjust the compensation and move the hook for the belt along the oval. Ideally, the braid should hang on the belt and touch the floor slightly so as not to load your hands during work.

I will say again that this is terrifyingly powerful. To clear the overgrowth area, there is simply a necessary thing. But she won’t be able to mow the lawn every day. A lawnmower is still required for the lawn so that it lifts the lies grass. The network for his tasks is great. But it requires experience.

Moody, casual! I really didn’t even work, then the oil is not enough (the instructions are nothing at all) and we are on idling, then the stars did not agree, and the oil became black, we just get up. All questions from the service center, and there is every word as a favor. You are a fool and we are smart, but we will not tell you anything at the same time, but we will be happy to tell you that all breakdowns have no guarantee.

So far it works, I like it, but I don’t work. An intelligent instructions for commissioning and a clear note are required how much, what and where you have to pour grams, what to do when the oil becomes black when you should look when it comes to standstill. The probe is generally a kind of misunderstanding, decides a risk itself. This is a minimum or maximum. I wanted to buy Makita. But there was none in the warehouse. There is no knife in the kit.

The engine is powerful, oil and gasoline separated (do not mix), the belt is comfortable, the disc is like that of the circular.

This is my first network, and after the instructions I found out how to do it for a few hours. of the 4-stroke engine. Minutes about 15 6 hundred. I sighed, went beyond the fence (test of the panes), even young animals (6)~8) See – like clockwork. For price and quality – a good braid

Chinese assembly, plastic devices and other little things. The instruction is not informative, it was possible to write how much oil pour into the gram in the crankcase and how often it changes. In addition, no comfortable probe is not entirely clear which oil level is needed.

3 braids in 6 years have something to compare as these were Solo 111b., Huyndai Z525. Each was enough for 3 years, although most likely it was not in pigtails, but in merciless operation with me. Now I decided to try 4-stroke braid. Previously, a quiet light economic 2 tanks was satisfied with 20 hectares. I can’t say anything about reliability yet. I use the shoulder strap and spool from the old braid. Given the cost of 10490, in 3-4 years I will change the braids better than Khuskvarn for 34,000 rubles. P.S.S. The second season of the merciless trawl left. Kosha once a month by hundreds of 30-40 weeds. I really like the fact that now you don’t stink with burning oil as 2 dashes. I try to change the oil more often. With a knife, I don’t use the whole cat with a fishing line. With a probe and volume I didn’t figure it out, I pour it on the neck when it smokes a little drain oil. In general, I am very satisfied and did not expect this quality from Daewoo. I bought a high pressure of the Daewoo Daw 5 expert last week and am also very pleased.

Guarantee and plus and minus. To turn 3 years old, you need to register, and then every year in the service for diagnostics. Luckily there is an SQ. Perhaps the truth will serve longer that way.

Soldering tools - make a choice in favor of high-quality equipment!

Pretty light and compact for its power. I like that the gas and petrol dressing are done separately. So it’s better for the motor, I understand. The work is not whimsical, the main thing, as I read it, there is no need to tilt much to the sides when working, so that there is no oil fasting. Otherwise the device is for hard 4 stars! I didn’t put it 5 so I’m working for 5 other brand braids at a cost of 20,000.

Although there are no particular complaints, I am satisfied with the work of the braid. It happens that it starts not the first time, but from the second – always. Not a very big problem so I didn’t even contact service. The braid is quite weighty and unfortunately the belt doesn’t solve this problem. Over time, to make the job easier, it pays to buy a professional belt. These are perhaps all shortcomings. There are many more advantages for me. The braid works really quietly, despite the powerful petrol engine. The disc in the kit cuts branches, bushes and young animals very easily. The price is more than reasonable. It is very easy to assemble, there is a collapsible shaft. I recommend.

I have worked well and only have fun! Thank you for such goods. Koreans in front of the planet. I’m glad the progress is moving and the braids are already dealing with four stroke engines. The model is successful, I advise.

The instructions include delicious oil tanks. The service said they would fill your throat to the max.

Nobody used to mow on motorcycles before, so I did not know many nuances. Maybe the ignition switch broke on the first day. I went too far too far during the switch and moved outside of the nest he walks on. We went to repair. Vibration while working

It started perfectly! Half an hour of work, then touched and breastfed more that day, it was not possible to start. The next day I started well, but after some interruptions in work started, the performance comes out again from zero. Worked for a few minutes in the united revolutions, but then there was no strength, then history repeated itself. After the first 10 minutes the work was leaked black, the impression it worked for a couple of years. Impressions are the north. Waiting for the end of the holidays, Hello Service Center. It’s a shame the expectations didn’t materialise.

The problem was simply solved, thanks YouTube. Replaced the spark plugs of the price of a question 170 rubles, changed and the braid became life on the same gasoline that was in the tank. Ai 92 Better I don’t think I think, even though the Gazprom petrol station, but 95 I think it will be what is necessary.

Chinese assembly, plastic devices and other little things. The instruction is not informative, it was possible to write how much oil pour into the gram in the crankcase and how often it changes. In addition, no comfortable probe is not entirely clear which oil level is needed.

3 braids in 6 years have something to compare, as this were solo 111b., Huyndai Z525. Each was enough for 3 years, although it was most likely not in braids, but in merciless operation with me. Now I have decided to try 4-stroke. So far, a calm light of economic 2 tanks was satisfied with 20 hectares. I can’t say anything about reliability yet. I use the shoulder girdle and the coil from the old network. In view of the cost of 10490, I will change the braids better in 3-4 years than KHuskvarn for 34,000 rubles.

MT Z-82 Belarus - description and properties

I bought the recommended oil in May 2017, everything according to the instructions, worked for two weeks. He arrived in the guarantee workshop for three weeks. As a result, they said that the case, no guarantee, they did not flood the oil. How did I work without oil for two weeks? I ask, we don’t know what has refused to contact the Deu office. I wrote a letter there, they didn’t answer there, I called for a week, hardly got through! As a result, they answered in the garden. So the guarantee for these manufacturers is a fiction, conclusions, they are not wrong.

Although there was no operating experience, I just acquired, but the market incorrectly summarized the configuration – I counted on the knife, but it was not included – just a saw blade. Remember when you decide. If you need a knife, you are better to order immediately.

A fairly powerful good hard drive and a good coil in the 4x picks engine should be more reliable than 2 tactiles

It broke off a few months after a few months) and did not work more than 10 hours for the entire period. There is no understandable lessons, the range is shown as an additional core and actually as very impractical compared to the usual on the shoulder

Bad service support (appeal not in Moscow). They refused. It turns out that there is really no reliability behind the declared brand. The Chinese brand mower has worked without any problems for several years and I would not work on the housing and other connections at the bar. I am sorry for buying Daewoo.

The problem occurred as soon as I had installed a hard disk with a fishing line instead of a coil with a skythe. Very strong vibration, I was 20 minutes long enough, it is good that the weed ended. The most important problem is a guarantee service! He just doesn’t. Through every truth and not really paid repairs.

I bought this model to replace a braid with a 2-stroke engine. For a long time I chose analogues, I chose the Daewoo brand and a relatively low price. First impressions, except for the belt, are good. It had only run a few engine hours when I put a disc on it to cut weeds along the road in our village. 20 minutes of agony, but cut down the weeds. I switched it back to a spool with line. The next day it didn’t start! I started looking for the reason, there is no spark on the candle! I did not disassemble the switch, guarantee! He brought the ASC, said the reason, they accepted it, they promised to find out in a week. A week has passed, with great difficulty I managed to call. I need another week! The next day I brought them a statement asking them to provide a similar braid as a replacement. They stirred and after 40 minutes they invited me to show the braid. I’m a fool! You poured a double portion of oil! They didn’t store it properly, it was on the wrong side! It is necessary to disassemble and clean the entire engine! The issue price is 3500 rubles. I pick it up without repair, I take it to the market, I give it to a private master for inspection. First question: did you touch the valves? No, I have not touched. Valves adjusted and it started right away! 40 minutes, 700 rubles and everything is fine! Here is such an authorized service of Power Equipment DEU in Moscow! It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth buying this brand, but I wouldn’t, god forbid, a serious glitch, it’s cheaper to buy a new one.

Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Salyut. Specifications, comparisons, reviews

I want to start right away with a minus – this is an instruction, I don’t know who compiled it, but it’s really difficult to figure out. I had to look for information on the Internet and for the first time collected it from video reviews. Here the cons end. This is a really cool braid. It’s a 4-stroke, which means it’s quieter, you don’t have to mix fuel for it. She mows like clockwork with a disc and fishing line. After work there is no fatigue and no buzzing in the hands. Of course it’s hard, but not so much that it’s a problem. I recommend.

Wobbly shoulder strap, the fishing line in the kit sometimes snaps at the root, doesn’t shut off as it should, oil from the factory spills into the box

I have been mowing on a 25 hectare property grass, my first trimmer for 3 days, the first gas device, before that I only worked with electric. According to the instructions, the tank is 80% filled with gasoline, which is not lower than AI-92. I decided to fill him with AI-95 because he was in a canister for the car. The oil was filled with SAE30 mineral, I did not find synthetic in the next shops, the instructions do not indicate which mineral or synthetic is required, only the viscosity depending on the temperature. I did not fill in the oil under the cap, but to the middle of the oil measuring tape between the marking and the cap – as I understand it, the risk on the oil measuring rod is the minimum oil value. It always starts on the second or third train. It does not smoke, but is quite loud and vibrates a little. The belt only got me angry – the straps go out of the clips all the time, I only tied some of them to a knot to fix them. Mowing is fine, a full tank is enough for 40 minutes of work and several hectares. It cuts ordinary grass and dandelion with a bang, even takes up thin branches like hedge roses with the fishing line. I haven’t tried the saw yet, but I will definitely take it to cut old bushes. The fishing line broke off several times at the root and there was a noticeable vibration. There is a problem when switching off – if the switch is switched to stop mode, it continues to work as if nothing had happened. I closed the damper for the first few times – it was stalled, it didn’t help the third time, I just had to mow until the gasoline went out. Update in a month: I tried the saw – a beast. I cut a shrub from fifty finger thicknesses like a clockwork. However, it can be felt that it is difficult for the engine to turn the pane, and when it turns, the cut is more likely to take place. I found the shutdown – it was a marriage, the red cable that led to the control button was torn off, I didn’t go to the service, I soldered it myself, now it turns off normally. The fishing line from the kit was not enough for the entire construction site, I bought a new one with a square profile – it cuts better and rarely breaks at the root. The mechanism for adjusting the fishing line is pretty tight, but that should definitely be. And fundamentally satisfied

Overview of chainsaws Sturm: description, characteristics and rules of use

Four stroke engine, run only with gasoline, comfortable control lever, partition, minimal vibration.

The shop advised me to take a fou r-stroke – they fill petrol separately, oil separately. It works quieter, the engine is more reliable and the resources are 4 times higher than with 2-stroke engines. At the same time, you can easily work on it for several hours at a time – the vibration is also lower. In addition to the coil, a special disc cutter is supplied. She cuts everything that comes across, every shrub and young growth. In principle, he even tried to saw off branches on a tree. The only thing is that you work very carefully with the disc and absolutely have to wear glasses.

The first 4-stroke braid after working only 2-stroke. First, it works much quieter, and secondly, the fuel mixture does not have to be prepared. Thirdly, it is powerful and mowed much faster, so that you don’t have to let the engine run in when backwards. To the disadvantages: – disgusting instructions, wrote, clumsy, collected from your own video on YouTube – much clearer and more vivid. – Pretty difficult, after 20-30 minutes of work your back gets tired enough. – I read on the Internet that it is impossible to tip the engine too much during operation so that the oil does not leave the piston. This is more about the ban on working with a high cutting unit or mowing on the side. Everything is perfectly lubricated for normal mowing. The model is well processed. It’s all ok. Many Thanks.

I bought in early June to replace a broken 2-stroke spitting. I liked that they don’t have to mix gasoline with butter every time. The oil changes like in a car. The first replacement was made after 10 hours of work. The oil was in normal condition. The braid is definitely worth its money. With a difference of 20%, the price with 2 strokes for work and resource is many times better.

4-stroke engine with low vibration and even operation. The wave can be folded together, the control handle is clator. Pilno hard drive is of good quality.

A worthy network with a very good configuration. What I made aware of the meeting – that all details are of high quality after the assembly is nothing everywhere and not amazed and not<не гуляет>. The line of fishing, disc, belt is also very decent. The braid starts easily, works quietly enough. If we use it according to the instructions and take breaks during the time, there are no problems. He is good with his task.

I liked the network very much. Despite the fact that the engine is full, 4 times, weight and dimensions are very small. The braid works very smoothly, the vibration is also very low.

Infus information on the required oil level. My braid had an examination in the oil, but in the shop they explained that this was the remaining oil after a technical check in the factory. It is necessary to fill the oil according to the maximum level of the probe. It is good that the seller was sufficient, otherwise I could work without oil.

The braid has the main advantage – a complete engine. I read that the resource is 3-4 times higher than that of 2 strokes. So far I am very satisfied with the strength and smoothness of the work. Incidentally, a very cool saw blade is like a circular saw. Sät/saw everything that was possible on the website. I recommend this network to only buy with the oil level, be careful.

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